Islam —– A Wakeup Call

Islam — A wakeup Call

Recent events with Hezbollah raise many questions about the real intent of Islam. Islam is an ideology an Islamic revolution hiding in the guise of a benign religion. Lebanon is under the control and influence of Iran and Syria. This puppet regime is now being used to destabilize the region and divert attention from Iran’s atomic weapons program. With the region in turmoil the western media focus is successfully diverted from Iran and its weapons program.

This current Islamic revolution began in the 1970’s under Ayatollah Khomeini. Islamic operatives were sent to universities all over the world to feign seeking higher education and to disappear into the fabric of the society, build an Umma (Islamic community), and to wait for instructions about how to embed Islam in the politics of foreign societies.

Ayatollah Khomeini knew the formula that would launch his Islamic Revolution successfully:

• An ideology that radically mobilizes young, restless, and unemployed Muslims.
• Older mature leadership that personifies the ideology – i.e., black turbans signifies a direct descent from Muhammad himself. Grand Ayatollahs as well as Hasan Nasrallah wear black turbans.
• Military know-how to arm the revolution.
• Funds and weapons in ample supply.
• Supporting states that provide safe havens for training.

One of Ayatollah Khomeini’s pet Islamic Revolution programs, launched in the 1970s was terrorist training schools in Iran. One of the most important was several Iranian airports dedicated to training pilots to fly large airplanes into tall buildings. Syria too became involved then under the leadership of the late Syrian leader Hafez al-Assad, father of Bashir al-Assad.

Though Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad holds the spotlight for his daily insanity, he does not really hold the power reigns in either Iran, nor in areas where the Islamic Revolution has stretched its tentacles. The term Ayatollah might be better understood by the Western mind by thinking of Catholicism’s Pope who calls himself the “Vicar of Christ.” Ayatollah could be translated as Allah’s Sign upon the earth. If so, then, Grand Ayatollah would be “The Shadow of Allah passing across the Earth.” The black turbaned Ayatollahs of Iran claim a direct genetic line to Muhammad. These are the power brokers of the Islamic Shi’ite Middle East. President Ahmadinejad may posture for the West, but he receives his marching orders from Iran’s Ayatollahs. The nerve center for Iranian spiritual leadership is Qom, some 60 miles southwest of Iran’s capital city of Tehran. Qom is the Shi’ite University that turns out Ayatollahs. However, it is important to understand also that the title of Ayatollah is not just a graduate degree . . . One must be commended by peers and ordained as an Ayatollah.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has spent $20 million US renovating the Jamkaran Mosque in Qom in preparation for the coming of Islam’s Messianic figure, the Mahdi. A prerequisite for the arrival of this Islamic Messiah is chaos in the earth. Just today, Ahmadinejad announced that he is ready for World War III and that it may begin next week. Iran’s real plan in giving Nasrallah the go ahead to attack Israel in a shocking unprovoked manner is simply to gain Iran time to accomplish their nuclear ambitions without the West’s media spotlight shining on their plans. This has been accomplished in grand manner and Iran and Syria are more than willing to keep supplying Nasrallah’s fighters with every manner of rocket they can smuggle to them. As a matter of fact, Israel has found Iranian made rockets capable of reaching Jerusalem and Beer Sheva.

We are naïve in the extreme if we believe that negotiation is going to work with the countries involved in this revolution. Mohamed himself made treaties that he later broke when it suited his desires. If the prophet of Islam was untrustworthy how can we trust any of its adherents?

We must recognize that this is an ideology that wants nothing less than complete world domination by any and all means.

All Islamic institutions should and must be under the closest of scrutiny and subject to be held accountable for seditious acts. Do not be fooled the mosques in the U. S. teach that Islam must conquer the west. The mosques have already discussed putting in Shira law to replace our system of justice. All it takes is for Muslims to become a majority in a community.

No other religious group would be allowed this freedom it would fall under the hate law conventions.

Islam is militantly anti-Semitic and what is not commonly known militantly anti Christian. In actual fact any non Muslim is subject to attack.

Even opposing sects of Islam are not recognized by other adherents Ie. Shiites and Sunnis are in opposition. The most orthodox of the Muslim groups are the Wahabis of Saudi Arabia . The only reason that the Suad regime is friendly to the U. S. is for oil revenue and protection from takeover by the Shiites.

We can no longer keep our naïve attitude about Islam it is not a religion but an ideology that makes communism and fascism look benign.

Wake up it’s a new and frightening day. We must be alert and get the correct facts. Do your homework get the facts. The western news media has shown Israel to be the aggressor , that is far from the truth.

Bud Simmons

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