Bush warns of ‘holocaust’ if Iran gets nukes

Bush warns of ‘holocaust’ if Iran gets nukes

US President George W. Bush warned Tuesday that letting Iran acquire atomic weapons risked putting the Middle East “under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust.”

“Iran’s active pursuit of technology that could lead to nuclear weapons threatens to put a region already known for instability and violence under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust,” he told a veterans group here.



The iron fist of diversity

The iron fist of diversity

Thomas Lifson
Retired CNN anchor Bernard Shaw made some peculiar remarks addressing National Association of Black Journalists at their convention in Las Vegas, accepting a lifetime achievement award from the group. David Paulin of the site The Big Carnival, who actually used to work at CNN, calls it a “Don Imus moment.” From his report:

Addressing the group, Shaw issued a warning to the main villain of the post-modern left: white males. He declared, “Beyond this ballroom tonight, white males – wake up. Globally, you are an island speck in an ocean of color. The reins of power will weaken and so will your grip – if you do not faithfully support our nation’s greatest strength, diversity.”

Paulin avers that Shaw seemed like a very decent man:

Not long before he retired as one of CNN’s star anchors, Bernard Shaw used to pass me in the hallways of CNN in Atlanta. I was a writer at CNN.com in 2000: I was a nobody. Yet the affable Shaw always made eye contact and murmured a friendly “hello.” In the television world of big egos, he seemed like a genuinely nice guy.

I am not certain that Imus is the proper comparison. For one thing, nobody ever accused him of being a genuinely nice guy. But more importantly, Imus was just doing his job: cruelly mocking people in the news. His mistake was in applying his methods to everyone on an equal opportunity basis.
In contrast, Shaw appears to have let the mask slip, revealing genuine animus, a sense that white males collectively have great crimes to answer for, and an expectation that all other groups are owed some sort compensation. Get with the program or else….
Shaw is now out the newsroom, retired at a comparatively young age. Perhaps he thinks that is because he is black, while others like Dan Rather or Mike Wallace were able to work well into their senior years. If he thinks this, he should say so, rather than threaten white males.

The Ayatollah on Sex with Infants:

The Ayatollah on Sex with Infants:


“A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby.
However, he should not penetrate.  If he penetrates and the child is
harmed then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life.
This girl, however would not count as one of his four permanent wives”. 
  (Arabic Source – 12th item under the title “Ketabonnekah”)  


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Failing Schools

Failing Schools

By Christopher Chantrill

For six generations, writes the military historian Victor Davis Hanson, the government has been educating his family in his hometown in California.  But things are not going well on the hometown education front any more.

“[A]fter a haircut, I noticed that the 20-something cashier could not count out change. The next day, at the electronic outlet store, another young clerk could not read – much less explain – the basic English of the buyer’s warranty. At the food market, I listened as a young couple argued over the price of a cut of tri-tip – unable to calculate the meat’s real value from its price per pound. “

It’s not just California.  In Washington State Bruce Ramsay writes in the Seattle Times:

“At community colleges, half the students take remedial math. At the University of Washington, atmospheric-sciences professor Cliff Mass says, ‘I saw a profound drop in math skills starting in the mid-’90s.’ New-age math, he says, has created ‘a whole generation of students who can’t do fractions.’

“The official measure of math skills is the Washington Assessment of Student Learning… a new-age test…  [C]onsultant Michael Cohen, who has reviewed the WASL, says the actual math in it is seventh-grade level.”

So, in left-coast Washington State half the kids entering community college can’t do seventh-grade math. To Hanson what’s needed is some top-down authority.  “We should scrap… sermons on race, class, gender, drugs, sex, self-esteem, or environmentalism,” and encourage the rational ability to make sense of the presence from a knowledge of the “abstract wisdom of the past.” We should allow teacher credentialing from academic subjects as well as teaching credentials.  And we should end lifetime tenure.
But Rep. George Miller (D-CA) has another idea.  According to Debra J Saunders, he wants to broaden the mandatory testing of students under the federal No Child Left Behind Act to provide

“multiple measures of success. These measures can no longer reflect just basic skills and memorization, but rather critical thinking and the ability to apply knowledge to new and challenging contexts.”

You mean like in new-age math? This top-down political centralization is exactly the problem, according to David Green, Director of Britain’s conservative think-tank Civitas.

“Some services just can’t be subject to remote central direction because, by their very nature, what makes for success is local and personal.”

And that applies in particular to education.  Politicians, tenured bureaucrats and organized special interests don’t do local and personal.  And yet “we should” do something. 
Given the manifest failure of education under compulsion, it is time to think about the very nature of education and the social environment under which it can flourish. Danny Kruger, a staffer fop British Conservative Party leader David Cameron, has done so.  In On Fraternity he analyzes the three enthusiasms of modernity: Liberty! Equality! Fraternity! Liberalism reduces everything to the individual and the egoic demand “I shall.”  Socialism with its ethic of equality reduces everything to coercion and “You must.”
Conservatism is the philosophy of society. Its ethic is fraternity and its characteristic is authority-the non-coercive social persuasion which operates in a family or a community.  It says “We should…” Our current education system is a blending of the individualist “I shall” and the socialist “You must.”  It reflects a social and political philosophy which understands only a bipolar world consisting of the individual “creative” will and centralized state coercion.  It hates the notion of authority and uses all its power to destroy the “non-coercive social persuasion” that lies at the center of conservative philosophy in Burke’s “little platoons” and Berger and Neuhaus’ “mediating structures.”  No wonder it is failing.
We conservatives know what needs to be done.  We know that the only way to solve the education crisis is to break the monopoly of government education and establish the principle of parental control and education choice. But even if school choice did not deliver better results than monopoly government education there is still the principle that a child belongs to its family before it belongs to the state.  Writes Danny Kruger:

“To the Right… the education of children is the supreme, almost exclusive responsibility of the parents who brought them into the world.  Not the state, not ‘society’ in the abstract–which is the state–but the family, is rightfully responsible for a child’s schooling. Parents should be in charge.”

And let us be clear about this.  This parental right includes the right to be wrong, even against the weight of the education experts. But a parent would have to be a real doofus to match the experts that are sitting around watching half of our high school graduates failing seventh-grade math.
Christopher Chantrill is a frequent contributor to American Thinker. See his roadtothemiddleclass.com/ and usgovernmentspending.com/. His Road to the Middle Class is forthcoming.

What Would Muhammad Do? (a checklist)

The Myths of Islam Eye opening must read

Domestic Genocide in Iran

A Muslim ‘Mafia’?

A Muslim ‘Mafia’?


Homeland Security: Forget everything you’ve been told about “moderate” Muslim groups in America. New evidence that U.S. prosecutors have revealed at a major terror trial exposes the facade.

Exhibit No. 003-0085 is the most chilling. Translated from Arabic by federal investigators in the case against the Holy Land Foundation, an alleged Hamas front, the secret document outlines a full-blown conspiracy by the major Muslim groups in America – all of which are considered “mainstream” by the media.

In fact, they are part of the “Ikhwan,” or Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of Hamas, al-Qaida and other major Islamic terror groups. They have conspired to infiltrate American society with the purpose of undermining it and turning it into an Islamic state.

Check out this quote from Page 7 of the 1991 document:

    “The Ikwhan must understand that all their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging their miserable house by the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all religions.”

Sounds like the latest screed from Osama bin Laden. But it comes from the Muslim establishment in America.

The secret plan lists several Saudi-backed Muslim groups as “friends” of the conspiracy.

They include the Islamic Society of North America – the umbrella organization – and the North American Islamic Trust, which controls most of the mosques in America and is the forerunner to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, this country’s most visible Muslim-rights group.

All three have been cited as unindicted co-conspirators in the case, with all three sharing membership in the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet all have claimed, in the wake of 9/11, to be moderate, even patriotic.

Another exhibit reveals their plan to create innocuous-sounding “front groups” to hide their radical agenda.

Many in the media and politics have fallen for their deception and helped bring them into the mainstream.

Now everyone knows the truth.

The Muslim establishment that publicly decries the radical fringe
– represented by Hamas and al-Qaida – may actually be a part of it. The only difference is that they use words and money instead of bombs to accomplish their subversive goals.

Over the past two decades they have constructed, with Saudi money, an elaborate infrastructure of support for the bad guys – right under our noses.

They even brag about putting “beehives” (Islamic centers) in every major city.

These exhibits – which so far have been ignored by major media outside the Dallas area, where the trial is under way – completely blow the mainstream Muslim NGOs’ cover as pro-American moderates. Many, if not most, aren’t.

This is their real agenda, spelled out in black and white. It should help investigators build a RICO case to dismantle the entire terror-support network in America.

Many have suspected it, but now we have proof that there is a secret underworld operating inside America under the cover of fronts with legitimate-sounding names.

It even uses charities to launder money for violent hits on enemies. It’s highly organized, with its own internal bylaws and security to avoid monitoring from law enforcement.

Sounds like the Mafia.

But unlike the mob, this syndicate is religious in nature and protected by political correctness.

More evidence like this should put an end to such nonsense.

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