Attorney general says gun-walking ‘should never have happened’

Attorney general says gun-walking ‘should never have happened’

By Jordy Yager and Pete Kasperowicz – 11/08/11 10:20 AM ET

Attorney General Eric Holder admitted Tuesday that a federal gun-tracking operation was “flawed” and said it “should never have happened.”

In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Holder condemned the controversial Operation Fast and Furious, which has been under intense congressional scrutiny for its use of “gun walking.”


Holder said the effects of Fast and Furious will be felt for years to come as the thousands of firearms sold to known and suspected criminals are used in future crimes.


“I want to be clear: Any instance of so-called ‘gun walking’ is unacceptable,” Holder said.

“This operation was flawed in concept, as well as in execution. And, unfortunately, we will feel its effects for years to come as guns that were lost during this operation continue to show up at crimes scenes both here and in Mexico. This should never have happened. And it must never happen again.”


Holder faced questions Tuesday about whether he misled Congress on May 3 when he testified about Fast and the Furious to the House Judiciary Committee.


At the House hearing, when asked when he first became aware of Fast and Furious, Holder said, “I’m not sure of the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.”

On Tuesday, Holder clarified his remarks, saying that he first learned about Fast and Furious and its gun-walking tactics after news reports emerged based on the concerns of whistleblowers. He said he immediately asked for an inspector general (IG) investigation.


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