Obama:Screw Easter,Happy Ramadan!

Ben Johnson,The White House Watch

When he was elected president,Barack Obama expressed his desire to
“fundamentally transform America.”On an economic level,that explains his plans
to siphon wealth from productive citizens to the indolent,entrepreneurs to union
thugs,and Main Street to Wall Street (and 142nd Street). Spiritually,it means
redistributing respect from America’s majority religion to every splinter
religion in the world’s pantheon. Although he could not be bothered to write a presidential statement celebrating
or acknowledging the severity of the
Armenian genocide
,the president of the United States has publicly commended
(And he complains when no
one believes he is a Christian
.) He has praised the concept of umoja
(black racial unity) while celebrating the phony,racist holiday of Kwanzaa. Now,he would
like you to have a happy Ramadan. The president wrote….


Yes He Did; Obama Betrayed Christians on Easter

Yes He Did; Obama Betrayed Christians on

April 26th, 2011

Ben Johnson, FloydReports.com

On Easter Sunday, Barack Obama continued perhaps his least recognized
redistribution policy: the redistribution of respect. Not content to betray
Armenian Christians
, he insulted all their brethren in the faith. On Holy
Saturday, Obama issued a statement on the Armenian genocide that studiously refused
to admit the Muslim murder of 1.5 million Christians rose to the level of
However insufficient the proclamation was, it was better than
other American portions of the Body of Christ got. Barack Obama issued
no statement for the celebration of Easter
, the holiest Christian holiday,

Obama has made no similar slight against Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist,
Sikh, or Jainist holy days. He has not overlooked Nowruz, the Persian New Year
reflective of Zoroastrianism. But the Founding Founders’ faith and majority
religion of most citizens of the United States no longer merits written
recognition from the president.

Obama seems to have singled out Islam for special recognition and
approbation. Last August, he hosted an Iftar dinner, where he declared
his support
for the Ground Zero
. He released statements on Eid-ul-Fitr,
and Eid-ul-Adha.

A presidential
statement commemorated Passover
, which falls near the date of Easter each
year. Indeed, the president’s staff posted
Passover recipes on the White House website
. (Obama has held a
Passover Seder
since at
least his days on the campaign trail in 2008

Obama wrote out a
statement to honor
the Hindu/Sikh/Buddhist/Jainist festival of

Indeed, those celebrating the holiday need not be American to receive the
president’s undivided attention. He has spoken “directly to the people and
leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran” on Nowruz,
the Persian New Year. His 2009 message was particularly
, telling Iran’s leaders, “We know that you are a great
civilization, and your accomplishments have earned the respect of the United
States and the world.” This year, he posted a slightly tougher (sub)missive on
the White House website in both Arabic
and Persian.
(He has ended each message with the greeting, “Eid-eh Shoma

The president has no trouble taking pen in hand to recognize even the most
exotic festival of non-Christian faiths. But the holiest holiday of the
Christian religion got passed over.