Form the blog author I’m Back From a nightmare Please Read

You may not even noticed I was not blogging from July 7 to Aug 18. I had sudden infection of the Gall Bladder. Boy did that hurt. I was in the hospital for 8 days part of it on the critical list. The infection affected other organs. After 8 days in bed very ill (critical list several days I lost all of my muscle tone. They wanted to remove the gall baldder but I am over weight, have Atrial fibrlation, sleep Apnea, I have bad knees so I walk with a walker, I am 76 years old and Asthma so surgery was too riscky,at that point drain was put into the gall bladder to keep everything under control, they put in a Chatheter for urine control They sent me to a Rehab center for 5 Weeks. My infection was cured and my other organs bounced back. I went to grueling Physical therapy and occupaional therapy every day. I’m still not back to my old self yet (a long grind). The surgeon decided to just remove the drain since I had no previous gall bladder problems.

The main reason I’m writing is a warning for overweght people. I am Morbidly Obese I weighed 350 pounds when I entered the Hospital I lost 35 pounds during the process. My Obesity put my life at risk and greatly complicated the rehab. Had I been at a reasonable weight none of this would have been no problem. This frightenend me enough that I’m getting back to the ATKINS Diet ( I lost fom 400 t0 300  a couple of years ago on this ) I know that being Obesity is a fatal disease. I would encourage any of you that are overweight to re-evalute the risk. I almost died from stupidity. I spent 8 days in the hospital in excruciating pain and the rest of the time in continual pain from intense therapy and dealing with catheter problems. I was fortunate to have exceptional Doctors. The rehab center run By Volunteer Of America was outstanding I’m sill weak and will undergo more in home therapy I used up a great deal of my heath benefits and had to pay $125 per day for the last part of my care.

Dont gamble like I did It almost most cost me my life and used up  a lot of my madicare benefits.  If Obama has his way I might have been denied any care at all


The Euthanasia Drumbeat Gets Louder

The Euthanasia Drumbeat Gets Louder

By Mark P. Mostert

Across the world, the inexorable push for accepting the new culture of death continues unabated.
It’s not a pretty picture, because whichever way you turn, there is pressure for assisted suicide and euthanasia to become an acceptable and even hallowed part of the social fabric.
While the roots of assisted suicide and euthanasia are hardly of recent vintage, the contemporary ground zero in our lifetimes is the Netherlands.
The Dutch pro-death story is the exemplar by which all pro-death efforts should be gauged because it shows how quickly a social taboo can be reversed in the public consciousness to being a desirable and even obligatory behavior.
By the late 1980s, the Netherlands had a problem. It was clear that in medical facilities across the country, hundreds of patients were being euthanized behind closed doors. The rising evidence of medicalized killing was problematic because euthanasia was then (and still is) illegal in Holland.
Predictably, rather than prosecuting medical personnel who were in effect executing their patients, the authorities’ hand-wringing led to the Remmelink Report, which verified that illegal medicalized killing was a fact. Just as predictably, the Dutch solution was to regulate euthanasia rather than prosecute the killing as a criminal offense.
This was the beginning of the end. What started out as a set of guidelines to control euthanasia soon morphed into the current Dutch take of horror:
Initially, euthanasia was meant only for adults who were terminally ill and in unbearable and uncontrollable physical pain.
Soon, euthanasia became available for those with unbearable physical pain, even if it could be controlled, and even if they were not terminally ill.
It got worse. Soon thereafter, euthanasia was allowed for those who were not only not terminally ill, but for people in no physical pain whatsoever — psychological pain, controllable or not, was enough.
And then came the nasty canard that if euthanasia was available for adults, it should be made available for teens. Promptly, the age limit to request euthanasia for just about any reason was lowered to 16.
So the current state of affairs in the Netherlands is that euthanasia is available on request and after meeting some very vague criteria: if you are 16 or older, in some form of (undefined) “unbearable” pain (not necessarily physical), and if it seems that things won’t get better anytime soon.
But that’s not the end of this macabre story.
Under the current Dutch guidelines, euthanasia is reported only after the patient is dead, so there’s no way of knowing whether all incidents of euthanasia are reported. Chances are that there are many more medicalized killings than are actually recorded.
That’s not the end: It’s officially reported that hundreds if not thousands of patients in the Netherlands are killed even though they never requested euthanasia. Furthermore, the euthanasia figures do not include those who die via assisted suicide or the number of newborns with disabilities that are routinely euthanized under the Groningen Protocol. Both of these groups are reported separately.
It’s not surprising, therefore, that as the legal constraints preventing medicalized killing in the Netherlands have been loosened to the point that current criminal statutes are routinely ignored, there has been a corresponding collapse of popular opposition to euthanasia.
For example, a recent Dutch campaign by euthanasia advocates garnered 100,000 signatures petitioning that euthanasia be allowed for anyone over the age of 70, even for the flimsy reason that they are simply tired of living.
Also, “official” euthanasia is on the rise: Government figures from 2008 show a 10% rise in the number of incidents of euthanasia and then another 13% rise last year. The Dutch ministry of Health is apparently “concerned” about the rising kill rate. Given the euthanasia push over the last twenty years, I’m surprised the Dutch are surprised that euthanasia is out of hand.
The slippery slope has gone the same way in Switzerland and Belgium. I predict it will soon be the same in the U.K.
And in the U.S., the story is beginning to mimic these matters overseas. Oregon and Washington both have seriously flawed assisted suicide laws that invite abuse and exploitation, and now there’s word that a psychiatrist is proposing an assisted death clinic in Oregon along the lines of the infamous Dignitas assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland.
Let’s hope looking at the Netherlands will bring us to our senses long before death on demand or involuntarily are considered dignified, brave, and obligatory.
Dr. Mark Mostert lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He can be contacted at his news blog Alive and Kicking or at

Planned Parenthood Missing Over $1 Billion Taxpayer Dollars

Planned Parenthood Missing Over $1 Billion Taxpayer Dollars

2010 June 23

What is Planned Parenthood Doing With Our Money? 

Ever misplace over a billion dollars?  What do you think would happen to you if you did?  How long would your prison sentence be?  Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is missing around $1.3 billion of government assistance.  Where’s the outrage?  Where are the investigations?  Where is the congressional hearing?

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) just released a new report on Planned Parenthood’s handling of money given through federal grants and programs.  Between 2002 and 2008 the government funneled 2 billion dollars to PPFA.  But the GAO audit on the organization shows only $657.1 million of that money has been spent during that time.

That leaves over $1.3 billion taxpayer dollars unaccounted for!  Where is it? Just under 33 percent of the money given to PPFA by the federal government has been spent.  And as of right now there is no account of where the rest of the money is.

“Why the discrepancy? These numbers don’t add up and from an organization with a track record like Planned Parenthood’s, the American people deserve an explanation.” – Rita Diller, American Life League

This report was done after 31 U.S. senators and representatives asked for it.  In the last year many reports have come out in the press of various local Planned Parenthoods being involved with illegal abortions, covering up rape cases, and lying about what an abortion does to the fetus.  Just today a news story came out about a Planned Parenthood in Iowa teaching 8th graders how to do graphic sex acts.

Such a report should shock Americans when you realize what ObamaCare will fund.  Obama’s health care overhaul will give “health centers” like Planned Parenthood over $11 billion.  So you are going to give a lot more money to a group that can’t account for 70 percent of its funding.  Most of that funding that PPFA did spend was to woo women into their facilities for free health care, then they give them free birth control, and when that fails they are ready to provide abortions.  How many abortions?  PPFA admits that between 2002-2008 they aborted over 1.8 million unborn babies.

“At a time when the majority of Americans consider themselves pro-life, Planned Parenthood rakes in over two billion of our tax dollars, inconsistently reports how they spent our tax money and then admits to killing 1,803,302 preborn babies between 2002 and 2008 alone.  A growing number of Americans are fed up. It’s time to defund Planned Parenthood.” – Diller

I agree with Diller (who wrote an op-ed on this issue in the Washington Times).  Recent polls over the last couple of years have consistently shown that most Americans are pro-life and are definitely against government funding of abortion and abortion clinics.  How in the world can we continue to fund Planned Parenthood with the American tax dollars?  If we thought ACORN was bad then we should unite together as citizens and demand that government support for PPFA stops today!