Obama Declares War on Christians, Strips Conscience Clause from Pro-Life Doctors

Obama Declares War on Christians, Strips Conscience Clause from
Pro-Life Doctors

March 2nd, 2011

Kevin “Coach” Collins, CoachIsRight.com

In January 2009 Barack Obama and his Marxist Congress had a choice. They
could ram through the Freedom Of Choice Act (FOCA) appeasing the pro-abortion
Left or let it sit while they rammed through “more important items” like
ObamaCare and Card Check to appease their union masters. Their sense of the
situation told them they probably couldn’t do both.
Now after a series of stinging defeats on Card Check and the ever dimming
chances of ObamaCare actually happening, Obama has run back to safe territory.
He has decided to kill off FOCA’s Conscious Clause. Obviously, Obama’s political
handlers have concluded  there are votes to be had in a fight with Christians in
general and the Roman Catholic Church in particular over abortion.
No Conscious Clause
Obama has ordered Kathleen Sebelius the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to start
threatening medical professionals who, for reasons of personal conviction, will
not dispense drugs that cause miscarriages – in effect aborting fetuses.