The latest from the People’s Republic of Chicago ( the cradle of gangster governing )

The latest from the People’s Republic of Chicago

Phil Boehmke

Dirty Dick Daley the Secretary General of the People’s Republic of Chicago is nothing if not resilient. Comrade Leader quickly regrouped from this weeks SCOTUS decision which found his city’s handgun band to be unconstitutional and fired a fresh volley at the second amendment. A mere hours after three people were stabbed at the city’s annual “Taste of Chicago,” Daley’s Politburo rubber stamped his latest attempt to deny the people their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

The new law would continue the city’s ban on gun shops and would require all handguns to be registered with the police. In addition gun owners would have to complete a five hour training course and pay registration and permit fees. According to the Chicago Sun-Times “Within 100 days, anyone who wants to keep a gun in the city will have to register, get their training and pay the fees.” Those who fail to comply with the new regulations would be subject to fines and possibly imprisonment.

Other totalitarian regimes have found that strict regulation and registration of firearms has been a necessary first step in the confiscation of privately owned weapons. Visionary leaders like Adolf Hitler and Joe Stalin employed similar tactics to those endorsed by Comrade Daley.

Chicago’s all powerful leader has long been opposed to the second amendment as applied to ordinary citizens and often engages in out-of-control rants against firearms from behind his protective screen of armed police guards. Newsbusters reports that this past May during a press conference in the secure environment of Chicago’s City Hall, Daley went off again.

“If I put this up your-ha!-your but-ha ha!-you’ll find out how effective this is!” Daley told Mick Dumke of the Chicago Reader. Dumke had posed the very sensible question of how the city’s draconian restrictions on gun ownership had helped, given that firearms are still widely accessible, and used in violent crimes throughout the city.

Daley didn’t seem to understand the question, he went on about how many lives the confiscation of guns saves, while ignoring the reporter’s point that gun control doesn’t take firearms out of the hands of criminals. Or, for that matter, politicians peeved with reporters for asking inconvenient questions.

Daley’s ludicrous rant became national news and inspired Christopher Fox of San Jose’ California to respond in kind to the mayor. Mr. Fox allegedly left a “threatening” voice mail in which it is said that he echoed the mayor’s threat to Mick Dumke. The mayor’s security forces traced the call, had Fox arrested, extradited and jailed in Chicago in short order. WGN reports that.

He was charged with threatening a public official.

Fox admitted in court that he made a call to the mayor but denies he made a threat.

On Sunday, Fox’s attorney said he intended to push for a reduction in the $ 1 million bail. Defense lawyer Tony Eben called the bond “unreasonable,” stating that “nothing was said that was to be taken seriously.”

The lesson here is that Mayor Daley can threaten a reporter on video with a bayoneted rifle in a room full of reporters and well armed body guards and face no legal consequences whatsoever, but an average citizen expressing outrage over such egregious behavior will be subject to the full weight of the regime’s legal system. Just another Daley dose of hypocrisy in the People’s Republic of Chicago and Christopher Fox remains behind bars.