Obama: Birth Certificate A VERY, VERY INTERESTING. READ.

Obama: Birth




I have never felt
this idiot was ever born here & he never should have been elected.

He should not be
President since he never grew up in the United States.

What follows should
be considered since they are inconsistent with the “Birth

It was brought to
light that back in 1961 people of color were called ‘Negroes.’ So how can

this ‘birth
certificate’ state he is ‘African-American’ when the term wasn’t even used back

This isn’t over! This
is interesting!



Here is a comment
from a reader to George Ure at UrbanSurvival.com : “As you all know,

Trump made a big deal
about Obama’s birth certificate.



Recently, the White House released Obama’s birth certificate. I will tell you
right now that I had never

given this
“birther” issue any credit. I watched the hype and the
“crazies” come out. I completely dismissed

the entire ordeal



In fact, it was not until the White House released the birth certificate that
it had gained my attention. I am

the studious sort of
guy, and I have plenty of time on my hands. So, I took a close look at this



While I would have thought that this issue would have been closed for good
(and, got the crazies to

crawl back into their
holes), I found two extremely strange inconsistencies that merit some



First of all, the birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama’s
birth as August 4, 1961.

It also lists Barack
Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, right? At the time of Obama’s birth,

also shows that his
father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama’s father was born in ” Kenya ,
East Africa “.



This wouldn’t seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not
even exist until 1963,

two whole years after
Obama’s birth, and 27 years after his father’s birth. How could Obama’s father

have been born in a
country that did not yet exist?



Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the “British East
Africa Protectorate”.

But, this is not the
only thing that I found that just does not jive. The other item that I looked
into was the

hospital that Obama
was born in. On the birth certificate released by the White House, the listed

place of birth is
“Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital”.



This cannot be,
because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called “Kaui Keolani
Children’s Hospital”

and “Kapi’olani
Maternity Home,” respectively.



The name did not change to Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital
until 1978, when these two

hospitals merged. How
can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961
if this

name had not yet been
applied to it until 1978?



Go ahead, look it up. I am not talking crazy talk, these are the facts. Like I
said, I thought that this

was a non-issue until
the actual certificate was released.



Now that it has been released, of course I had to look into it. I have found
these issues, now I know that

something is up. If
you doubt me, just look at the following resources:



Sure as hell, the hospital part is true, as you can read about the 1978 merger


Post-colonial history (from Wikipedia)









The first direct elections for Africans to the Legislative Council took place
in 1957.

Despite British hopes of handing power to “moderate” African rivals,
it was the Kenya African National


Union (KANU) of Jomo
Kenyatta that formed a government shortly before Kenya became independent

on 12 December 1963,
on the same day forming the first Constitution of Kenya.



Perry Will Win Big

Perry Will Win Big

By Bruce

You read it here first: Rick Perry will amble to the
Republican nomination and will win the presidential election easily.  In June I
wrote an article — “Is
Perry the One?
” —
suggesting that Rick Perry may be the best nominee for Republicans.  His
personal life is spotless.  His policies reflect his political beliefs and have
worked the way conservatives intend.

Talking like a tough Texan is the worst thing anyone
can say about him, but that attack will fail.  The unpopularity of George W.
Bush in his last two years created a false notion among leftist elites that
America does not like cowboys.  Wrong: we love leaders who look confident and
act decisively; we love our frontiersman and cowboys.  We like straight talk and
straight shooting.  Most Americans also sense that we desperately need a tough
hombre in the White House in 2013.

We also want heart.  Perry’s long and happy marriage
shows that heart.  His hard work on the family cotton farm shows that too.
Perry’s honorable and significant service in the military shows the courage of a
true patriot.  His love of America’s most noble private organization, the Boy
Scouts, shows that heart too.  Perry’s unabashed faith in God will hurt him only
in Manhattan or in San Francisco.

In stark contrast is our current president.  Has Obama
ever really worked a day in his life?  Did he walk out of church when Reverend
Wright damned America, as Perry would have done?  Can anyone even picture Obama
as a Boy Scout?  Does anyone believe that Obama, who did not give an Easter
measure and who in private parties sneers at Americans clinging to their faith,
believes only in anti-Americanism?

Perry, even at what more nuanced conservatives may
consider his rough edges, stands in dramatic contrast to Obama.  In a nation
which, according to Gallup, is more conservative than at any time in twenty
years and in which every state has more conservatives than liberals, the
Republican Party needs a conservative — not a “compassionate” conservative —
to run straight at Obama.

Why is Washington D.C. more economically upbeat
than any other part of our nation?  Our nation’s capital is doing so well
because politicians have made the federal government our biggest growth
industry.  The attacks on Perry by flacks like  David Axelrod
Texas’ economic growth is because oil — will backfire on the left: yes,
extracting oil, coal, and natural gas can create millions of high-paying jobs,
make the dollar stronger, and increase tax revenues without raising tax rates.
Yet that is what clueless leftists will accuse him of trying to

Perry is not Reagan but he is more like Reagan than
any Republican in the last fifty years.  He is physically strong.  He honed his
speaking skills as a young salesman, and those who worry about him talking like
Bush should listen: he sounds more like Reagan.

Perry, like Reagan, governed the second-largest state
in the Union for multiple terms.  He also has had the chance to connect with
other Republican governors, arguably the strongest force in the party.  Several
governors have come close to endorsing Perry already and more will openly
support him.  His message of genuine federalism is vital to these governors.
Strong support from conservative Republican governors will make winning the
nomination much easier.

Next year anyone touched with the deficit deal in
Washington will be damaged political goods.  Republican political leaders who
have created prosperity at the state level will look much better.  Rick Perry in
2012 will not just be able to run against Barack Obama and congressional
Democrats, whose leaders have appalling bad approval ratings, but Perry will be
able to run against the federal government itself.  He will run as the
longest-serving governor in America running a state (as large as a nation) which

Polls already show Perry leading the Republican
, ahead of a much better-known Romney who has been
campaigning for years.  Gallup shows a very
high intensity level
Perry as well.  As other conservatives drop out, their support will inevitably
gravitate to Perry.  A united Republican Party in 2012, led by a sitting
governor, will sweep to victory.  An America given the choice between an
unapologetic conservative and a clear liberal will give that conservative a

In 1979, enclaves of pundits were feverishly analyzing
the candidates.  It was very clear what would happen: the popular conservative
big-state governor would win the nomination fast and then crush the bitter but
smiling one-term leftist in the White House.  That is exactly will happen next
November 2012.

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Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) tells Don Imus this morning he thought ht would have been a “good President.” In fact, he added, “a great President.”

Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) tells Don Imus this morning he thought ht would have been a “good President.” In fact, he added, “a great President.” Transcript below:

DON IMUS: “I think you would have been a much better President than the guy we have now, don’t you agree with that?”

SEN. JOHN KERRY: “You’ve asked me that before. Every time I come on you try to get me to –”

IMUS: “–  I’m not trying to get you to do anything. I’m trying to get you to be honest.”

KERRY: “I’m always honest.”

IMUS: “Well, you would’ve been a much better President.”

KERRY: “I would have been a good President. Maybe even a great one. How about that?”

‘Obama’s Road to Nowhere’

‘Obama’s Road to Nowhere’

Rick Moran

The inestimable Mark Steyn writing at

“I’m not concerned about a double-dip
recession,” Obama said last week. Nor would I be if I had government housing, a
car and driver, and a social secretary for the missus. But I wonder if it’s such
a smart idea to let one’s breezy insouciance out of the bag when you’re giving a
press conference. In May the U.S. economy added just 54,000 jobs. For the
purposes of comparison, that same month over 100,000 new immigrants arrived in

So what kind of jobs were those
54,000? Economics professorships at the University of Berkeley? Non-executive
directorships at Goldman Sachs? That sort of thing? No, according to an analysis
by Morgan Stanley, half the new jobs created were at McDonald’s. That’s amazing.
Not the Mickey D supersized hiring spree, but the fact that there’s fellows at
Morgan Stanley making a bazillion dollars a year analyzing fluctuations in
minimal-skill fast-food service-job hiring trends. What a great country! For as
long as it lasts. Which is probably until some new regulatory agency starts
enforcing Michelle Obama’s dietary admonitions.


A couple of days later, Chet’s
announced it was closing after nine decades. “It was the economy and the smoking
ban that hurt us more than anything,” said the owner. But maybe he can retrain
and re-open it as a community-organizer grantwriting-application center. The
Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median period of unemployment is now
nine months – the longest it’s been since they’ve been tracking the numbers.
Long-term unemployment is worse than in the Depression. Life goes slowly waiting
for a fast-food job to open up.

Indeed. Read the whole


President to Renew Muslim Outreach

President to Renew Muslim Outreach

By JAY SOLOMON                And CAROL E. LEE

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama is preparing a fresh outreach to the Muslim world in coming days, senior U.S. officials say, one that will ask those in the Middle East and beyond to reject Islamic militancy in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death and embrace a new era of relations with the U.S.

MOHAMMED HUWAIS/Agence France-Presse/Getty ImagesProtesters in Yemen Tuesday continue demonstrations demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.



Mr. Obama is preparing to deliver that message in a wide-ranging speech, perhaps as early as next week, these officials say. The president intends to argue that bin Laden’s death, paired with popular uprisings sweeping North Africa and the Middle East, signal that the time has come to an end when al Qaeda could claim to speak for Muslim aspirations.

“It’s an interesting coincidence of timing—that he is killed at the same time that you have a model emerging in the region of change that is completely the opposite of bin Laden’s model,” Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser at the White House, said in an interview.

Since January, popular uprisings have overthrown the longtime dictators of Tunisia and Egypt. They have shaken rulers in Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen and Jordan, marking the greatest wave of political change the world has seen since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

But the push for democracy appears to have stalled in some countries. The street protests against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi have morphed into a civil war, with North Atlantic Treaty Organization backing the rebels. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Bahrain’s ruling Khalifa family have both met demonstrations with violence.

Bin Laden’s death gives Mr. Obama a chance to underscore the belief among many administration officials that the terror leader’s relevance had already begun to diminish during the so-called Arab Spring. Mr. Obama, who has made outreach to the Muslim world a cornerstone of his presidency, plans to describe the Islamic world as at a crossroads, said U.S. officials, making the case that bin Laden represented a failed approach of the past while populist movements brewing in the Middle East and North Africa represent the future.

Mr. Rhodes said timing of the speech remains in flux but Mr. Obama could deliver it before leaving on a five-day trip to Europe on May 23. The White House is already telegraphing the message of the coming speech to the Islamic world by placing American diplomats on Arab television and radio, according to U.S. officials.

The White House is still debating, however, whether Mr. Obama should lay out a concrete plan for revitalizing the stalled Arab-Israeli peace process.

Many Arab governments have been pressing Mr. Obama to publicly outline his own parameters for the creation of an independent Palestinian state as a way to exert more pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who visits Washington next week. These diplomats said the Mideast’s democratic surge is raising expectations among their own populations for an end to the decades-old Arab-Israeli conflict.

White House officials said they are still reassessing the monumental changes in the Middle East and whether an aggressive U.S. push to resume peace talks would likely be successful.

Last week, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas forged a unity government with the militant group Hamas, which the U.S. and European Union designate a terrorist group. Israeli officials have already cited Hamas’s role in the Palestinian Authority as the reason why Mr. Netanyahu is unlikely to unveil any major new overtures to the Palestinians during his Washington trip.

“We need to sort through these issues as we consider the next steps on a peace process,” Mr. Rhodes said. The May 20 Obama-Netanyahu meeting “is a chance for the U.S. and Israel to review the full range of issues, from Iran to the regional change to the peace process.”

Arab officials and Mideast peace advocates say there are major risks for the U.S. and Israel in delaying a return to talks.

Mr. Abbas is pressing the United Nations to recognize an independent Palestinian state during the September gathering of the General Assembly. He has specifically cited his frustration with the lack of progress in negotiations with Mr. Netanyahu, as well as the rising expectations among his own people as a result of the Arab Spring.

“There’s clearly a lot going on in the region, and there’s a case to be made and some are making it, that now is not the time,” said Jeremy Ben-Ami, founder of J-Street, a U.S. lobbying group that advocates Washington laying out its own peace plan, something Israel’s government opposes. “But we do believe that the only way to avoid U.N. action on a Palestinian state in a unilateral kind of way is for either the president or prime minister to put forward” a peace plan.

A number of lawmakers have cited Hamas’s new alliance with Mr. Abbas as reason for the White House to move slowly in restarting the peace process. Mr. Netanyahu is scheduled to address a joint session of Congress during his Washington visit as well the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the U.S.’s most powerful pro-Israel lobby.

Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s foreign minister, on Tuesday broke with Israel’s policy of keeping quiet on the regional turmoil, saying the international community’s response to repression of demonstrations in Syria, Lybia and Yemen has been “inconsistent” and “confusing.” In remarks delivered before Mr. Netanyahu’s scheduled White House visit, Mr. Lieberman added that the confusion sends a “damaging message to the people of the Middle East, and further erodes the path to peace, security and democracy for our region.”

Mr. Obama is also scheduled to meet Jordan’s King Abdullah II in Washington next week. The Arab monarch has been at the forefront of Mideast leaders calling for the U.S. to impose its own peace plan on the Israelis and Palestinians. Jordan’s population is 60% Palestinian, and the king has faced his own popular protests in recent months.

The ‘Good Work’ of Planned Parenthood

The ‘Good Work’ of Planned Parenthood



Fresh off professing
his faith at the National Prayer Breakfast, Barack Obama is taking a stand for
the “good work” Planned Parenthood does.  Despite undercover exposés
of Planned Parenthood workers supporting everything from prostitution to
underage sex trafficking, the President of the United States believes the clinic
on the corner deserves American taxpayer support.

Much to Obama’s dismay,
the US House of Representatives recently voted to “completely de-fund Planned
,” which receives about 1/3 of its $1
dollar annual budget from
government grants.

With the money of hard-working Americans, including
those morally opposed to abortion, at 820 locations across America Planned
Parenthood pays the salaries of clinic workers who are so committed to providing
confidential health
that they’re willing to overlook pimps exploiting underage
in the sex trade.  Then, if a pubescent girl should happen to
conceive, Planned Parenthood is also willing to maintain secrecy and, if need
be, administer an abortion on a 13 year-old child.

In fairness, the “Good Workers” at Planned
, ever concerned for the well being of all their clientele, do
speak on behalf of teenage sex workers by cautioning undercover pimps that to
avoid infection after an abortion,
little girls should spend time healing before returning to work.

Apparently Republicans with a conscience felt it was time to stop acting
irresponsibly and discontinue being a party, through
, to an organization unconcerned about illegal sex trafficking,
statutory rape, prostitution, and abortion.  Barack Obama

“Pro-life politicians have often gone after the abortion
provider, while pro-choice politicians like President Obama have rushed to [the]
defense” of an organization that claims to keep children safe despite failing to
report tragic incidents like the rape of an 11-year-old

In a recent NBC12 interview, committed
Christian/Planned Parenthood supporter Barack Obama was asked whether the most
recent video by the conservative activist group LiveAction,
exposing a “clinical supervisor” counseling a pimp on how to provide
reproductive health services to 7th graders, “warranted a review of
Planned Parenthood’s funding?”

In the interview, when confronted with the
damning evidence against Planned Parenthood, the President deflected the impact
of the video sting.  In an effort to “move the country forward,” an “unyielding” Obama,
America’s most ardent abortion advocate, defended the organization by saying “I
think sometimes these issues get manufactured.”

Is Barack Obama willing
to risk children’s lives based on what he “thinks?”  Doesn’t “sometimes” mean
only sometimes accusations are manufactured?  What about the times they
are not?

During the interview, master of redirection, Barack skillfully
turned the focus to what he considers the real threat to America:  the
blogosphere.  Obama’s
to “allegedly damning
videotape proof of a Planned Parenthood supervisor vowing to cover up a crime
was: “They get a lot of attention in the blogosphere.”

Is the threat of
the malicious blogosphere that vital a concern?  Because evidently, children
infected with STDs, being sold into sex slavery, being raped and impregnated and
put under the knife in an abortion mill is not that big of a deal to Barack.

Focused like a laser and determined to not get “distracted with these
issues” Barack Obama is encouraging America to concentrate on more pressing
topics like saving jobs, including those of Planned Parenthood workers who may,
on occasion, employ a rogue worker who offers helpful advice to sex

Obama’s defense of Planned Parenthood reveals a mindset that
the President of the United States believes the organization should continue to
be funded even though, on more than one occasion, clinicians have been caught
doing the “good
” of assisting pimps in the exploitation of underage girls.

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