Saudi Succession Threat

Saudi Succession Threat

By Ryan Mauro On December 21, 2010 @ 12:10 am In FrontPage | 16

Saudi Arabia has been a part-time
ally of the U.S., crushing Al-Qaeda
terrorists trying to overthrow the Royal Family in its own territory but
promoting radical Islam outside of it. The U.S. has made the largest
arms sale in history to the Saudis but these weapons could end up in dangerous
hands, especially if Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz al-Saud
becomes king.

King Abdullah
is 86 years old and in poor health. His designated successor, Crown Prince
Sultan, is 82 and widely thought to have cancer. Aware that he and his
successor could die in a short period of time, King Abdullah made Prince Nayef
the Second Deputy Prime Minister in March of 2009, a position which is viewed as being the slot
just below the successor. A cable from the U.S. embassy in Riyadh released by WikiLeaks
is dated May 2009 and reports
[1] that “Crown Prince Sultan has been incapacitated by illness for
at least (the) past year.” This means that Prince Nayef effectively becomes the
king when Abdullah passes.

Prince Nayef
is already extremely powerful. As Interior Minister, he oversees the security
forces including the religious police that enforce the Sharia law on the
country. He is also the chairman of the Supreme Committee on the Hajj, making
him the manager of the most important trip for Muslims all around the world. He
also exercises power over foreign policy, such as by leading [2] the delegation to the Gulf Cooperation
Council summit this month.

Nayef is
understood to be an ally of the Wahhabist clerics and an opponent of the more
reform-minded elements of the Royal Family like King Abdullah. His role in
promoting extremism is so deep that in 2003, Senator Chuck Schumer wrote a letter [3] to the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. requesting that Nayef
be sacked because of his “well-documented history of suborning terrorist
financing and ignoring the evidence when it comes to investigating terrorist
attacks on Americans.”

According to
former CIA case officer Robert Baer’s book, Sleeping with the Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi
Nayef bluntly said shortly after the 9/11
attacks that “the great power that controls the earth, now is an enemy of Arabs
and Muslims.” He was also the head of the Saudi Committee for Support of the
Al-Quds Intifada and told [5] a Saudi newspaper on November 29, 2002 that “It is impossible that 19 youths carried
out the operation of September 11, or that Bin Laden or Al-Qaeda did that
alone…I think [the Zionists] are behind these events.” In May 2004, he reiterated
[6] this belief, saying “Al-Qaeda is backed by Israel and Zionism.”

In his
capacity as Interior Minister, Nayef has ruled with an iron fist. He is known
to jail activists for reform and has power over the clergy that regularly spews
radical Islamic doctrine. He is thought to be the one behind raids by the
religious police on shopping malls, resorts and other institutions that are
viewed as promoting moral corruption. On the other hand, there are some
encouraging things about Nayef. If for no other reason than self-preservation,
he has been effective in combating Al-Qaeda elements in the country. In
November 2002, he said
[7] “All our problems come from the Muslim Brotherhood.” And in
October 2008, he slammed [8] the clergy for not combating extremism,
saying “the imams have failed miserably.”

This limited
and self-serving support should not be mistaken for a genuine commitment
against terrorism and radical Islam as a whole. As a cable from Secretary of
State Clinton from December 30, 2009 states, [9] “Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most
significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.” She complains,
“It has been an ongoing challenge to persuade Saudi officials to treat
terrorist financing emanating from Saudi Arabia as a strategic
priority.” This supply line could certainly be severed if Nayef wished.

Nayef’s past raises the question of what a Saudi
Arabia under King Nayef will act like. Dr.
Ali H. Alyami, the Executive Director of the Center for
Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia
[10], doesn’t
expect any changes to the relationship with the U.S

“No matter
what king rules Saudi Arabia, he will be obliged to
maintain close ties to the West, especially the U.S. Regardless of the Saudi
royals’ overt complaints and criticism of the U.S. and its policies, they
don’t trust any other country to protect them and defend their country,” Dr.
Alyami told FrontPage. He said that there is an increasing desire for freedom
and the U.S. preservation of ties
with the Royal Family at the people’s expense is causing anti-Americanism.

Schwartz, Executive Director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism [11], agreed that
there is a “conflict between the younger generation seeking reform and the
Wahhabi clerics.” He told FrontPage that Nayef’s ascent to the position of king
could spark “serious social upheaval” because of his opposition to reform and
hardline views. He also said that it is “probable” that Nayef would roll back
or eliminate current Saudi anti-terrorism programs.

“Nayef is an
extreme Wahhabi and it is hard to imagine his fanatical support for that
doctrine decreasing,” Schwartz said. “Saudi Arabia has ‘exported’
Al-Qaeda to Yemen. Nayef would likely
bring them home.”

Former CIA
case officer also foresees an increase in support for Wahhabism.

“One thing we
can count on is a resuming of funding to Wahhabists—the takfiris and the
attendant Sunni terrorism. It is taken as a fact among Arab governments that
Nayef is currently funding the takfiris in Lebanon and Iraq, as well as places
like Iranian Baluchistan,” Baer told FrontPage.

The sale of
$60 billion of arms to Saudi Arabia must not be done just
with King Abdullah or Iran in mind. It seems
likely that Prince Nayef will become king and as he promotes Wahhabism and
staffs his regime, groups like Al-Qaeda and other extremists will have a
growing number of sympathizers in the Saudi government and military. The U.S. must be aware that by
arming today’s part-time friend it may be arming tomorrow’s enemy.

Saudi Textbooks Continue to Radicalize Youth

Saudi Textbooks Continue to Radicalize Youth    


from IPT News   
Sunday, 04 July 2010 22:25
It isn’t yet known whether President Obama raised the issue of educational reform when he sat down with Saudi Arabian King Abdullah this week. [NOTE: Let us not forget that Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia and praised him for his wisdom!!!] Those who monitor Saudi textbooks say the President should have used the opportunity to press Abdullah to work faster in fulfilling a promise to rid schools of books teaching Saudi schoolchildren to hate the West and to engage in violence towards Christians and Jews.

(Americans must realize that what is Saudi Arabia is also within our institutions, read this for more info)

Such textbooks are used in every school within Saudi Arabia four years after the Saudi government assured the U.S. that it would initiate a policy of educational reform. Those reforms were meant to erase the passages promoting violence and hatred from the curriculum.

That was supposed to take two years. In 2008, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom noted that only minor reforms had been made to the textbooks for the previous school year. Even today, the situation remains largely unchanged. It appears that while the Saudi government has removed many overt references to violence and jihad, the texts still remain largely intolerant.

In a letter to the President, Commission Chair Leonard Leo praised a recent Saudi fatwa against terror financing. For that to take hold, though, the Saudis need to do more to prevent radicalization. It noted the government’s pledge on textbook reform “remains unfulfilled.” Leo wrote:

“The Saudi government’s ideology of extreme religious intolerance, including violence, is propounded in Saudi textbooks and other educational materials … the most recent State Department reports on human rights and religious freedom confirm that inflammatory content remains in the textbooks.” [NOTE: The Saudis are only following standard Islamic doctrine. This is not just some arbitrary whim of the “Saudi government”!]

The National Review Online reported that the State Department’s 2010 report on human rights “concluded, with diplomatic understatement, that Saudi Ministry of Education textbooks continued to contain ‘some overtly intolerant statements’ against various religious groups, that they ‘provided justification for violence against non-Muslims,’ and that reforms remained ‘incomplete.'”

The Institute for Gulf Affairs translated and analyzed the 2009-2010 editions of the textbooks. It found an array of intolerant and violent lessons. The 12th grade textbook teaches, “It is part of God’s wisdom that he made the clash between truth and falsehood continues until the Day of Resurrection. As long as this clash endures, jihad continues.” [NOTE: This is straight from the Koran.]  The 9th grade textbook teaches, “The hour [of judgment] will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them… There is a Jew behind me come and kill him.” It also says, “God will help Muslims… The Jews and Christians are enemies of the believers.” Similar messages appear in books used by first graders. [NOTE: This is a saying of Muhammad which is considered sacred by all religious Moslems. It is also part of the Hamas Charter. ]

These textbooks are used throughout the Muslim world, reaching as far as the Saudi Islamic Academy in Fairfax County, VA. As of 2008, the Saudi government directly ran 19 international schools. These schools receive funding and Wahhabi extremist education, identical to the education that students in Saudi Arabia receive.

Elementary and high school education in Saudi Arabia remains intolerant, and inspires violence and extremism. It shouldn’t take four years to fix the problem.

TV presenter gets death sentence for ‘sorcery’

NOTE: As is typical, CNN, like other media, do not even attempt to enlighten their readers as to why this happened. Here is what you need to know in order to understand this article:

  • The constitution of Saudi Arabia is the Koran.
  • The laws of Saudi Arabia come from the Koran, the sayings of Muhammad and Sharia law.
  • Under sharia law, “sorcery” and any other form of “predicting the future” is forbidden because only Allah determines the future. Therefore, sorcery is considered a form of blasphemy and unbelief, which is punishable by death.
  • Sharia law specifically forbids sorcery: “Sorcery is an enormity because the sorcerer must necessarily disbelieve, and the accursed Devil has no other motive for teaching a person witchcraft than that he might thereby ascribe associates to Allah. [note: this is the Islamic crime of “shirk”, the greatest possible sin in Islam].  The manual of sharia law, Umdat al-Salik, cites two verses from the Koran: 1) “A sorcerer will never prosper wherever he goes” (20:69); and 2) “… But the devils disbelieved, teaching people sorcery” (2:102).
  • The manual of sharia law lists six categories of “unlawful knowledge”, among which are “sorcery, philosophy, magic, astrology, materialist science, and anything that is a means to create doubts (in the eternal truths).
  •  In Islam, “sorcery” constitutes “disbelief in destiny” and destiny is the province of Allah alone.
  • Saudi Arabia is, supposedly, our friend and ally.
  • Our president bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia.
  • Saudi Arabia, like all Moslem countries, rejects our Universal Declaration of Human Rights. When will Amnesty International and other human rights organizations take a stand on this? When will America bring this up at the United Nations?

TV presenter gets death sentence for ‘sorcery’

By Mohammed Jamjoom, CNN
March 19, 2010 10:30 a.m. EDT

Ali Hussain Sibat pictured with two of his five children.

Ali Hussain Sibat pictured with two of his five children.


  • Ali Hussain Sibat faces death sentence for predicting future on TV show
  • Sibat arrested, tried and sentenced during pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia
  • Reports say case is due to return to appeals court

(CNN) — Amnesty International is calling on Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah to stop the execution of a Lebanese man sentenced to death for “sorcery.”

In a statement released Thursday, the international rights group condemned the verdict and demanded the immediate release of Ali Hussain Sibat, former host of a popular call-in show that aired on Sheherazade, a Beirut based satellite TV channel.

According to his lawyer, Sibat, who is 48 and has five children, would predict the future on his show and give out advice to his audience.

The attorney, May El Khansa, who is in Lebanon, tells CNN her client was arrested by Saudi Arabia’s religious police (known as the Mutawa’een) and charged with sorcery while visiting the country in May 2008. Sibat was in Saudi Arabia to perform the Islamic religious pilgrimage known as Umra.

Sibat was then put on trial. In November 2009, a court in the Saudi city of Medina found Sibat guilty and sentenced him to death.

According to El Khansa, Sibat appealed the verdict. The case was taken up by the Court of Appeal in the Saudi city of Mecca on the grounds that the initial verdict was “premature.”

El Khansa tells CNN that the Mecca appeals court then sent the case back to the original court for reconsideration, stipulating that all charges made against Sibat needed to be verified and that he should be given a chance to repent.

On March 10, judges in Medina upheld their initial verdict, meaning Sibat is once again sentenced to be executed.

“The Medina court refused the sentence of the appeals court,” said El Khansa, adding her client will appeal the verdict once more.

The case has been covered extensively by local media. According to Arab News, an English language Saudi daily newspaper, after the most recent verdict was issued, the judges in Medina issued a statement expressing that Sibat deserved to be executed for having continually practiced black magic on his show, adding that this sentence would deter others from practicing sorcery. Arab News reports that the case will now return to the appeals court in Mecca.

CNN has not been able to reach Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Justice for comment.

The Saudi Pedophile Chronicles

The Saudi Pedophile Chronicles

Posted By Jamie Glazov On February 19, 2010 @ 12:00 am In . Positioning, Column 2, Lifestyle, Middle East, Sex, World News | 38 Comments

The Saudis really need to get an infomercial out there — and the Nation magazine and other leftist sites that apologize for Islamic gender apartheid [1] can feature it on their webpages. It would go something like this:

A Saudi sheikh dressed slickly in Saudi garb would be sitting confidently in a chair, looking into the camera with an excited smile. He would then begin asking, with earnestness and an encouraging tone:

Are you a pedophile? Do you like underage girls? Would you like to rape one of them — or several? And get away with it? Even have it legally sanctioned? Then Saudi Arabia is for you.

The screen then shifts to a shopping mall filled with niqab-covered women (only the slit of the eyes showing) walking up and down in front of stores. It remains unclear what message this is supposed to denote, but the camera stays focused on these shrouded women for about ten seconds. Then a warning appears that all infidels who are interested must first convert to Islam. This is followed by a phone number appearing over a black background, indicating a contact person who can be reached. A voice then explains that this person lurks within the Saudi religious police and that he will connect interested parties to Saudi fathers intent on selling their underage girls into marriage — a standard practice in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi fathers, you see, they know what’s up: it’s better to sell one’s daughter at a very young age to get raped under the sanctioning of Islamic law than to risk her getting older and bringing shame to the family — which can happen in a million ways in Saudi Arabia (i.e., she might go outside without permission or attempt to run out of a burning building unveiled [2]). This all gets too needlessly complicated — as you then have to kill her. So why go through all the trouble when you can make some cash while she’s young and get rid of the problem?

After the phone number is flashed on the screen, the infomercial ends with a little talk from Jasem Muhammad al-Mutawah, Saudi Arabia’s infamous “expert” on Islamic “family matters.” He’s holding one of his favorite rods [3] and begins to explain and gleefully demonstrate with it how a husband should use it to beat his wife — as he has done on Saudi instructional TV programs on wife beating [3] on Iqraa TV.

These kinds of Saudi infomercials could really capitalize on a grotesque, barbaric, and nightmarish reality within the kingdom — to which the international community responds with a deafening silence and shameless paralysis. The other day, for instance, a typical news report emerged out of Saudi Arabia: a 12-year-old girl was sold [4] by her father into marriage with an 80-year-old man. The Saudi father sold her to his cousin, who had previously married three other young girls, for the equivalent of $22,600 U.S. currency.

After the “wedding,” the girl was taken to the hospital because of horrible physical injuries she sustained in the rape that followed the “festivities” — which involves the “wife” and all women forced into a closet and the men “celebrating” in a large room, spending most of the time staring into each other’s eyes. If an outsider was present at this function and didn’t know the “culture,” he would definitely think that a gay wedding, of one form or another, was underway. But not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Eman Al Nafjan, a Saudi blogger and women’s rights advocate, is one of the few courageous voices speaking out against this vicious injustice of child rape in Saudi Arabia. Her voice fills the void left by the shameless silence of the “progressive” left in the West, which dares not speak a word of criticism against Islam, lest doing so might put its anti-Americanism and solidarity with jihadists [1] into jeopardy.

Eman Al Nafjan comments on the case [4] in her blog:

Where else in the world can a man openly say that he is in a polygamous marriage with four underage girls and not get arrested? At this rate we might as well start a tourism industry to attract rich Muslim pedophiles.

Well, yes indeed, and the industry, which really already exists in one way or another, would get the backing of Saudi judges and religious clerics. In April of last year, after all, a Saudi judge refused to grant a divorce to an eight-year-old girl who had been forced into marriage by her father with a 47-year-old man as part of a loan repayment [4] agreement. In August, a 10-year-old “bride” ran away [4] from her 80-year-old husband, seeking safety at her aunt’s house. After several days, she was forcibly returned to her rapist by her father.

Saudi religious leaders obviously come to the vehement defense of these child “marriages.” How could they not, when they have the conduct of their own prophet to serve as a shining example? Indeed, the founder of Islam married Aisha when she was six [5] and “consummated the marriage” with her when she was nine (Bukhari 7.62.88 [6]).

But, alas, perhaps I have gone too far. These aren’t really politically correct things to talk about or to condemn in our society. In our mainstream culture, in which the boundaries of discourse are set by the liberal-left, it’s legitimate to endlessly deride and dehumanize Sarah Palin with sinister insults founded on misogynist hate, but to utter even the slightest criticism of Islamic gender apartheid — and its mass crimes against humanity — is really going overboard. Who are we, after all, as my leftist feminist colleagues explained to me for over a decade in academia, to judge other cultures and see them through the eyes of the Western cultural lens? Surely there is no universal standard to judge anyone on anything. Cultural relativism is the way to go. Well, except, that is, when it comes to judging Western civilization in general and American society in particular. That’s when cultural relativism really needs to go out the window.

So don’t be looking for any particularly harsh judgments, let alone even a mentioning, in our liberal-left media about 80-year-old Saudi men raping 12-year-old girls. But do look for lots of insults to be directed at me from leftists who will be more indignant about this article than about the horrific reality it describes — and because I wish to have something done about it (i.e., rescue and protect real suffering innocent little girls). For the left, acknowledging the vicious nature of Islamic misogyny — and coming to the defense of its victims — is unthinkable, since it leads to a recognition of the pernicious nature of adversarial cultures and religions. This, in turn, by necessity leads to an acknowledgement of the superiority of Western civilization and, therefore, most horrifyingly of all, of the legitimacy of defending it. For the left, this is simply anathema [7].

The Nation magazine, therefore, with its writers like Naomi Klein, who dreams of Muqtada al-Sadr’s killing fields [8] coming to New York, is not the place to search for a condemnation of the rape of underage girls in Saudi Arabia — and of the Islamic theology that institutionalizes and sanctions [9] it. The left’s long tradition is to sacrifice human lives on the altar of its utopian ideas [1], and so suffering Saudi women and the rest of the millions of Muslim women who are brutalized under Islamic gender apartheid must, tragically, be a part of that heartless and hypocritical progressive ritual of hate.

Article printed from Pajamas Media:

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[4] a 12-year-old girl was sold:

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[6] 7.62.88:

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Look who’s teaching Johnny about Islam

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Look who’s teaching
Johnny about Islam
Saudi-funded Islamic activists have final say in shaping public-school lessons on religions

Posted: May 03, 2004
1:00 am Eastern

By Paul Sperry

WASHINGTON — A top textbook consultant shaping classroom education on Islam in American public schools recently worked for a school funded and controlled by the Saudi government, which propagates a rigidly anti-Western strain of Islam, a WorldNetDaily investigation reveals.

The consultant, Susan L. Douglass, has also praised Pakistan’s madrassa schools as “proud symbols of learning,” even after the U.S. government blamed them for fueling the rise of the Taliban and al-Qaida.

Douglass, routinely described as a “scholar” or “historian,” has edited manuscripts of world history textbooks used by middle and high school students across the country. She’s also advised state education boards on curriculum standards dealing with world religion, and has helped train thousands of public school teachers on Islamic instruction.

In effect, she is responsible for teaching millions of American children about Islam, experts say, while operating in relative obscurity.

WorldNetDaily has learned that up until last year Douglass taught social studies at the Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria, Va., which teaches Wahhabism through textbooks that condemn Jews and Christians as infidels and enemies of Islam. Her husband, Usama Amer, still teaches at the grades 2-12 school, a spokeswoman there confirmed. Both are practicing Muslims.

Susan L. Douglass, CIE consultant

The Saudi government funds the school, which has a sister campus in Fairfax, Va.

“It is a school that is under the auspices of the Saudi Embassy,” said Ali al-Ahmed, executive director of the Washington-based Saudi Institute, a leading Saudi opposition group. “So the minister of education appoints the principal of the school, and the teachers are paid by the Saudi government.”

He says many of the academy’s textbooks he has reviewed contain passages promoting hatred of non-Muslims. For example, the eleventh-grade text says one sign of the Day of Judgment will be when Muslims fight and kill Jews, who will hide behind trees that say: “Oh Muslim, oh servant of God, here is a Jew hiding behind me. Come here and kill him.”

Al-Ahmed, a Shiite Muslim born in predominantly Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia, says the school’s religious curriculum was written by Sheik Saleh al-Fawzan, a senior member of the Saudi religious council, who he said has “encouraged war against unbelievers.” Al-Fawzan has authored textbooks used in Saudi schools.

A report released last year by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom found that the Saudi Ministry of Education publishes texts presenting Islam as “the only true religion” and denouncing all other religions as “invalid” and “misguided.”

“Christians and Jews repeatedly are labeled as infidels and enemies of Islam who should not be befriended or emulated, and are referred to in eighth-grade textbooks as ‘apes and pigs,'” the report said. In addition, it found that “some Saudi government-funded textbooks used in North American Islamic schools have been found to encourage incitement to violence again non-Muslims.”

Critics complain that Douglass, who taught at the Saudi academy for at least a decade, has convinced American textbook publishers and educators to gloss over the violent aspects of Islam to make the faith more appealing to non-Muslim children. The units on Islam reviewed by WND appear to give a glowing and largely uncritical view of the faith.

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Asked about it, Douglass referred questions to the Council on Islamic Education, which did not respond. CIE’s website lists her in its staff directory as a “principal researcher and writer.”

CIE is a Los Angeles-based Muslim activist group run by Shabbir Mansuri, who has been quoted in the local press saying he’s waging a “bloodless” revolution to fight what he calls anti-Muslim bias in public schools and promote Islam in a positive light in American classrooms. Mansuri, who consults with Saudi education ministers at his center, claimed in a 2002 op-ed piece that Islam has been on American soil “since before this nation was founded.”

Also, he spoke at a 2001 Islamic conference with several Muslim extremists, including an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, according to a speakers schedule for the event obtained by WND.

The three major U.S. publishers of world history texts – Houghton Mifflin, McGraw Hill and Prentice Hall – have all let Mansuri and Douglass review their books. In fact, Houghton Mifflin’s seventh-grade text, “Across the Centuries,” was republished according to CIE’s suggestions.

In the past, most K-12 texts devoted no more than a few pages to Islam. But thanks to CIE’s efforts since 1990 – including lobbying state education boards – grade-school text units on Islam have flourished. “Across the Centuries,” for one, spends more than 30 pages on Islam and includes colorful prose and graphics.

But it offers a sanitized version of Islam, critics say.

For instance, the text softens the meaning of “jihad” – a concept interpreted in Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s “The Meaning of the Holy Quran” to mean “waging war,” or “fighting in Allah’s cause” – with dying while fighting in the cause being the highest form of jihad.

Holy war is not part of the definition found in the “Across the Centuries” textbook, however.

“An Islamic term that is often misunderstood is jihad,” the text says on page 64. “The term means ‘to struggle,’ to do one’s best to resist temptation and overcome evil.”

One of CIE’s teachers guides lists quitting smoking as an example of jihad.

“It’s a sugar-coated definition,” said Edward White, associate counsel for the Thomas More Law Center, an Ann Arbor, Mich.-based public-interest law firm which has fought what it sees as Islamic indoctrination in U.S. public education.

Even scholar John L. Esposito, considered by critics to be one of Islam’s leading apologists, has written that “jihad means the struggle to spread and to defend Islam” – through “warfare” if necessary.

Houghton Mifflin’s high school world history textbook, “Patterns of Interaction,” used in Texas and other states, reportedly leaves jihad out altogether.

White argues Houghton Mifflin has published an unrealistic picture of Islam, and has been manipulated by CIE, which clearly has a pro-Muslim bias.

The Boston-based publisher denies it. A spokesman called the assertion “unfounded.”

However, its editorial director for school social studies told a Muslim website in 1999 that it’s also allowed CIE to critique its coverage of Christian history, and to add its view of what the Crusades were like for the Muslims.

The article, posted on Sound, a marketer of Muslim educational products, quotes Houghton Mifflin editor Abigail Jungreis as saying, “We’ve had a really good relationship with them (CIE) over the years. Their reviewers are knowledgeable.”

Jungreis singles out Douglass for praise in the article.

Douglass has argued for more in-depth coverage of Islam in classrooms, while at the same time advising that Christian principles, including historic facts such as Christ’s crucifixion, are clearly qualified with attributions such as “Christians believe.”

Houghton Mifflin is not the only major publisher influenced by CIE. Prentice Hall also collaborates with the group. And its “Connections to Today,” which is the most widely used world history book in the country, instructs students that jihad is an “inner struggle to achieve spiritual peace,” according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Also, CIE has helped write supplemental teachers materials that engage children in entertaining Muslim role-playing activities in the class. Parents say they make the study of Christianity and other religions seem dull by comparison.

A CIE-edited teachers aid used in California schools became the subject of a federal First Amendment case last year, as WorldNetDaily reported. The Thomas More Law Center sued a San Francisco-area school district on behalf of parents of seventh-graders who were required to “become Muslims” for two weeks as part of their world history unit on Islam.

However, U.S. District Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton, a Clinton appointee, dismissed the lawsuit against the Byron Union School District, arguing the Muslim unit does not promote religion, and therefore does not violate the First Amendment’s clause against religious establishment.

White, the lawyer in the case, says he’s filed an appeal to overturn the ruling.

The controversial role-playing module, which CIE helped write, requires kids to recite Muslim prayers and verses of the Quran in class. Students also are required to give up things like watching TV or eating candy for a day to simulate Islamic fasting during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

“From the beginning, you and your classmates will become Muslims,” the Student Guide portion of the Islam module instructs seventh-graders as an introduction to the material.

White notes that the module, titled “Islam: A simulation of Islamic history and culture,” also white-washes the meaning of jihad, calling it a “struggle against oppression.”

According to a copyright statement on page 91 of the module obtained by WorldNetDaily, its California-based publisher, Interaction Publishers Inc., agreed to allow CIE “to revise the original manuscript” after CIE protested “errors of fact and interpretation in Western historians’ presentation of Islam.”

“They had a hand in the revisions to this handbook,” White asserted.

The same page states that the publisher also incorporated suggestions by Yousef Salem, associate director of the Islamic Education and Information Center in San Jose, Calif. Salem, a former Saudi resident, has praised the Muslim terrorist group Hezbollah, and called Israelis “terrorists.”

The module mirrors parts of the middle-school religious curriculum at the Islamic Saudi Academy where Douglass taught, and where her husband still teaches.

For instance, the Islamic religion coursework for Grade 7 emphasizes, among other things, the “importance of reciting the Quran,” according to the academy’s website. Eighth-graders, moreover, study “fasting” and “pilgrimage.” (They also study Quranic verses that deal with “the Punishment of the Disbelievers.”)

The California Department of Education, which requires all seventh-grade world history courses to include a unit on Islam, approved the text and module. In 1998, the state overhauled its standards for its Islam unit to include more teaching about the Muslim prophet Muhammad and the Quran. Mansuri made numerous trips to Sacramento to lobby for the changes, and the department invited CIE to review its draft.

Many California parents say the state essentially is allowing Muslim activists to brainwash their kids into accepting Islam, while at the same time marginalizing Christianity.

In contrast to the seventh-grade Muslim unit, where children are first introduced to Islam, the earlier one on Christianity does not involve any role play. Students are not asked to recite Christian prayers or memorize Scripture.

Moreover, parents argue that neither the Islam chapter nor the role-playing module critically discuss the anti-Christian jihads of old, or new ones led by Islamic terrorists like Osama bin Laden. In fact, Byron teachers warned students against saying anything negative about Islam, U.S. court documents show.

And Islam is praised for tolerance and acceptance of other beliefs.

Yet the unit on Christianity is critical of that core American faith, particularly concerning the Crusades (which came on the heels of earlier Islamic invasions of non-Muslim territory).

One local parent, Jen Schroeder, told WND she worries California may be unwittingly producing more John Walker Lindhs. Lindh, who joined the Taliban, was a product of San Francisco public schools.

“John Walker Lindh is the fruit of California’s efforts. He was a young impressionable child, just as my son is,” she said. “How many more John Walkers before we stop promoting Islam in public schools?”

She and other critics charge CIE is not just interested in correcting factual or historical errors in textbooks. They say it has a hidden agenda: using public schools to promote Islam. And to do that, they say, it must first make it less threatening to nonbelievers, and more mainstream.

But in an October 2002 white paper, Douglass argued schools should respect the First Amendment and avoid indoctrinating students into religion.

“Teaching about religion should neither promote nor denigrate the ideals of any faith,” she wrote.

At the same time, however, she warned teachers against “presenting non-Western religions as static traditions whose unfamiliarity to students can make them seem irrational.”

And in the same article, “Teaching about Religion,” she defended Pakistan’s madrassas, which U.S. officials in the wake of the 9-11 attacks condemned as hatcheries for future bin Ladens.

According to Douglass, the Islamic schools, where young Muslim boys endlessly chant verses from the Quran, are “proud symbols of learning” which “have become confused in the public mind with symbols of ignorance.”

Douglass and other staffers at CIE have trained more than 8,000 public school teachers in America on Islam instruction, according to the article. The center has sold hundreds of copies of its teachers guide to public schools. Besides holding teacher workshops, CIE staffers also lecture at schools and colleges about Islam.

‘Islam an American religion’

Douglass is associated with another Muslim activist group, one that is under federal investigation.

From 1988 to 1994, she wrote K-6 social studies books for the International Institute of Islamic Thought, or IIIT, a Saudi-tied charity. Federal authorities in 2002 raided IIIT’s Northern Virginia offices on suspicion of terrorist ties.

Shortly after the raids, Mansuri defended the group’s officials as “law-abiding Muslims” in a column distributed by the State Department’s Office of International Information Programs.

IIIT president Taha Jaber al-Alwani once signed a copy of a fatwa declaring that jihad is the only way to liberate Palestine, according to a federal affidavit for the search warrant. He’s also close to Sami al-Arian, recently arrested on terrorism-related charges.

In the same 2002 column, “Muslims Due Place at Table,” Mansuri asserted: “Islam is an American religion,” adding that “Islam has been on this soil since before the nation was founded, having come over with African slaves.”

In July 2001, Mansuri spoke at the Islamic Circle of North America’s convention in Cleveland with New York imam Siraj Wahhaj, who was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and with Sheik Abdur Rahman al-Sudais, the senior imam at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, who has been quoted vilifying Jews as the “scum of humanity” and “the grandsons of monkeys and pigs.”

The previous year Mansuri also appeared with Wahhaj at a fund-raising banquet hosted by the Saudi-backed Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR. Mansuri received an award for helping to eliminate Muslim stereotypes.

Some CAIR officials recently have been arrested on terrorism-related charges.

Nonetheless, the Washington-based Muslim-rights group has launched a coast-to-coast drive to stock public libraries with Islamic books as part of its campaign to educate Americans on the “peaceful” attributes of Islam.

One of the books on its recommended reading list: “Beyond a Thousand and One Nights” by Susan L. Douglass.

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Saudi Inroads in U.S. Schools
by Hillel Fendel
Sarah Stern, who heads EMET, the Washington, D.C.-based Endowment for Middle East Truth think-tank, says the Saudi Arabians are using their petrodollars to make major inroads into the American educational system, from elementary school and up.  
Speaking with Eve Harow on Israel National Radio, Stern said the Saudis are making use of a clause in the little-known Higher Education Law called Title VI to train teachers from kindergarten through 12th grade with an anti-American, anti-Israel bent.

To hear and/or download the entire interview, click here.

Title-6 ‘outreach’ allows biased academics to bring in off-campus activists, and pay them lecture fees to propagandize teachers and the general public. All at the taxpayers’ expense.
Stern explained that Title VI was legislated in 1958, “in the midst of the Cold War, when it was felt that American youngsters did not know enough to deal with the Communist threat or to be succesful in the global market. So they set aside a pot of money, which has now grown to something like $120 million of taxpayers’ money, to fund college campus programs for regional studies, such as African studies, Asian studies, Middle Eastern studies, etc. That was fine, but in 1978, Edward Said of Columbia University wrote his simplistic and lies-filled book Orientialism, which stated that only people from a given region can talk or write about that region. And that became the prevailing dominant trend of thought in academic circles. So that if you go into a Middle Eastern studies program as a Jew or Zionist, it is almost impossible to go through it without being constantly pounded with anti-Israel rhetoric.”

The problem was succinctly summed up by Martin Kramer, a colleague of Stern, who wrote, “Title VI ‘outreach’ allows biased academics to bring in off-campus activists, and pay them lecture fees to propagandize teachers and the general public. All at the taxpayers’ expense.”

But there’s even more, Stern says: “The law says you have to have teacher training seminars on campuses, and these have a radical anti-American bent. There is a place in New Mexico called Dar el Islam, a giant 1,300-acre complex that has a mosque, a medrassah [Islamic theological school], a summer camp, a teacher training workshop, and a publishing house that publishes some of the most virulent translations of the Quran, as well as the materials for their teacher-training that are used all over the country – and all stamped with the fancy blue-green-white star emblem of ARAMCO, the state-owned national oil company of Saudi Arabia. They are very very stealth – I call this the ‘soft jihad’ against America.”


“So we are raising generations of Americans who feel that Israel is a liability to US,” Stern said, “though it’s not only anti-Israel, but also anti-American… The first question on their teacher-training guide is, Why was America attacked on 9/11? And the answer is because of American support for Israel. So the Saudis, with their millions and millions of dollars, have been penetrating into think tanks, and into the penal system where very Wahabi imams come in and teach and get them to convert to extreme-Wahabi Islam. And they are hiding behind the American constitutional rights to be able to do this in America.”


Asked what is being done and what can be done to stop this, Stern said, “I see my primary mission as informing and educating. Although, we were successful in making some small changes in Title VI – myself together with Martin Kramer, who wrote the seminal book on this called Ivory Towers on Sand about the failure of Middle Eastern Studies in America, and with Stanley Kurtz – we were able to make some small incremental changes, such as having the universities answer how many of the participants went on to serve in positions of national security interests as a result of these programs, which was the original purpose of the Title VI.”


First the Saturday People, Then the Sunday People
Stern says her EMET think-tank is “the first one that is unabashedly pro-Israel. There are others that are allegedly pro-Israel, but they basically follow the State Department line of land-for-peace, even though this has been proven to be a colossal failure. We talk about Israel’s security as the key to US security. We’re saying that patriotic Americans should support Israel, for America’s sake; after all, we’re fighting the same war. The radical Islamists say clearly, first the Saturday people and then the Sunday people.”

Lies, damned lies and Islam








In July of 2001, Dennis Moreno-Lacalle, a Filipino Christian residing in Saudi Arabia was arrested by the Muttaween. He was one of fourteen Christians caught praying or using his private residence for a prayer meeting. He was charged with engaging in ‘illegal Christian activities.’ He was told that if he converted to Islam he would be freed immediately. It was just a suggestion—there is no force in religion. But wouldn’t it be nicer to be a Muslim going about his normal routine than a Christian stuck in some God-forsaken jail cell for only Allah knew how long? Of course it would be nicer. But Moreno-Lacalle didn’t think so—he refused to convert. He spent six months in the slammer before he was finally released. During this period his family did not know where he was or what had happened to him. They were kept in the dark; the terror was complete.


In May of 2002, Jeddah police arrested ten Christians who had gathered for a weekly prayer meeting. It was a routine arrest. More Christians are jailed in Saudi Arabia for praying than for jaywalking, safecracking and armed robbery combined. And why not—in Saudi Arabia praying is a more serious crime.


In 2003, the Muttaween arrested four Pakistani Christians. No reason was given. Two were eventually released and expelled. The fate of the others remains unknown to this day.


In 2004, a religious policeman accosted Brian Savio O’Connor, a cargo agent for Saudi Airlines, near his home in Riyadh for ‘not attending prayer.’ A Catholic from Indian, O’Connor showed the officer his papers. He was a Christian—he did not need to attend prayer. Maybe Brian was too uppity. It was said he ‘resisted arrest.’ He was taken to a police station, hung upside down and beaten. He was told that if he did not convert to the Religion of Peace he would be killed.


Was it an isolated incident? Not at all! Saudi jails are full of Christians who have taken advantage of the Religion of Peace and Tolerance to engage in ‘illegal activities.’ These scofflaws are worse than the Jews that defiled the streets of Nazi Germany in the 1930s—so it is said.


On April 25, 2008, the Saudi Allah Squad made another routine neighborhood sweep. Joe Friday could have learned from these fellows.  They had everything down to a T. If Eliot Ness had followed the Muttaween manual Al Capone would have lasted one day and Prohibition less than a week.


This is how it goes down: Step one: an operative breaks down the gate. (Ness used a truck as a battering ram. This is now thought to be amateurish.) Step two: the first operative inside the prayer room sticks a gun in the face of the nearest infidel and demands his residency permit and cell phone. This is done quickly and efficiently. Once the infidels have been subdued, the house is thoroughly searched. The Allah Squad haul on April 25 included 20 Bibles, some religious tracts and the money in the Collection Box (500 Saudi Riyals—about $130). The infidels are then exposed to the jeers and taunts of their neighbors before being dragged down to the police station.


Eliot Ness should have been so lucky. Capone’s lawyer was always at the police station waiting for Ness with a writ of habeas corpus. “It’s legal beer, Ness, it’s legal beer! If you don’t stop persecuting my clients I’ll report you to the Mayor.”


The Christians arrestees on April 25 were charged with singing and preaching. That’s right—singing and preaching! Well, they should have known better than to sing, “I got you, Babe,” in a Muslim neighborhood. Oh—it wasn’t “I got you, Babe,” it was “Rock of Ages” or something similar but just as offensive, and they were not singing, they were humming, and there was no preaching, they were whispering—or maybe mumbling. One of them might have been saying, “Let’s flush a Qur’an.” No one will ever know what was going on in their minds—what they were thinking. Thinking…there does not seem to be much thinking in the Muttaween—certainly no more than in Herr Hitler’s Gestapo. Whatever.


And just three weeks ago, George W. Bush’s great friend, King Abdullah, who had visited the Texas Gunslinger at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, and had been kissed on both cheeks, had addressed an Interfaith Conference in Madrid, Spain, and had called for reconciliation between Muslims, Christians and Jews! Lions and Tigers and Bears—it sounds familiar.


“The image of al-Andalus made us hold this conference in Spain,” said Abdullah al-Turki, Secretary General of the Muslim World League.


Ah, yes, the fabled al-Andalus, Islam’s Shangri-La, a land that would have delighted Mary Poppins and Morey Amsterdam, a land of peace and tolerance, of unrestricted joy, a paradise without the 72 virgins, where the devotees of the three great Abrahamic religions, lived side by side in an amity so precious and amazing as to be incomprehensible to the modern mind. So they say…


But there are doubters—those who say al-Andalus never was. There is Andrew Bostom. Listen to Bostom:


In 711 or 712 Islam ‘subdued’ Toledo. In 713 the conquered nobles of Toledo revolted. The Religion of Peace responded with a heavy hand. Toledo was pillaged, the ranks of the nobles were decimated, their throats were cut and their property seized. In 730 the Bishop of Cerdagne was buried alive. Christians and Jews were separated from the rest of the population. They were not allowed to build new churches and synagogues. If one should happen to be destroyed—burned to the ground by a ‘careless’ caretaker—it could not be replaced. Christian peasants were given a choice between serfdom and conversion to Islam. Those who desired neither and fled to the cities were hunted down and mutilated or crucified. There were mass murders in Toledo, in Cordoba, in Saragossa, in Merida.


Ah, yes, let us return to those thrilling days of yesteryear when the cry of “Allahu akbar” sent shivers up and down the spines of al-Andalus’ terrified non-Muslim inhabitants.


One does not want to accuse King Abdullah or al-Turki of lying. That would be too easy. It is entirely possible that they are totally unaware of lying. Islam has been falsifying its History for 1,400 years, perhaps to escape its sordid past, to cover its crimes, to make it feel good about itself.


One should pay attention to the words of Vaclav Havel. “He who fears facing his own past must necessarily fear what lies before him,” said Havel. “Lying can never save us from the lie. Falsifiers of History do not safeguard freedom, but imperil it.” Havel has read “1984,” King Abdullah hasn’t, and if he has, he has learned nothing from it. There is a difference between Spanky and Alfalfa telling their teacher Spuds MacKenzie ate their homework and what King Abdullah said at Madrid. There are lies, damned lies and Islam.


The charges lodged against the Christians arrested in the April 25 sweep were reduced to holding a dance party and collecting money for terrorism. By then the guilty parties had already signed confessions. So what if they were written in Arabic—a language none of them could read or write—they had signed of their own free will, hadn’t they? They were released within three days. On August 5 they were expelled. The promises Abdullah had made at Madrid were ignored or forgotten.


But don’t despair. Being expelled from a Muslim country cannot be the worst thing that can happen to a Christian in Islam’s Twilight Zone, there is death and worse yet, the ultimate ignominy—forced conversion.

While Saudi king promotes interfaith dialogue, Saudi textbooks still teach hatred and intolerance of everything — and everyone — non-Islamic

July 16, 2008

While Saudi king promotes interfaith dialogue, Saudi textbooks still teach hatred and intolerance of everything — and everyone — non-Islamic

True enough. For all the Saudi king’s “gestures” of peace and goodwill, what Saudi children are being taught on a daily basis says it all. “New Report Shows Saudi Ministry Textbooks Still Teach Extreme Intolerance,” from Market Watch, July 15:

Today the Center for Religious Freedom of the Hudson Institute released a 90-page report (, 2008 Update: Saudi Arabia’s Curriculum of Intolerance, with a foreword by R. James Woolsey. It was prepared in consultation with the Washington-based Institute for Gulf Affairs. 

This report compares the 2007-2008 textbooks that are currently posted on the website of the Saudi Ministry of Education with those analyzed in our 2006 study, and shows that the same violent and intolerant teachings against other religious believers noted in 2006 remain in the current texts.

They assert that unbelievers, such as Christians, Jews, and Muslims who do not share Wahhabi beliefs and practices, are hated “enemies.” Global jihad as an “effort to wage war against the unbelievers” is also promoted in the Ministry’s textbooks: “In its general usage, ‘jihad’ is divided into the following categories: …Wrestling with the infidels by calling them to the faith and battling against them.” No argument is made here that such references to jihad mean only spiritual and defensive struggles.

Lessons remain that Jews and Christians are apes and swine, Jews conspire to “gain sole control over the world,” the Christian Crusades never ended, the American universities of Cairo and Beirut are part of the continuing Crusades, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are historical fact, and on Judgment Day “the rocks or the trees” will call out to Muslims to kill the Jews.

They teach that it is permissible for a Muslim to kill an “apostate,” an “adulterer,” and those practicing “major polytheism.” Shiites are among those identified as “polytheists.” One lesson states that “it is not permissible to violate the blood, property, or honor of the unbeliever who makes a compact with the Muslims,” but is pointedly silent on whether security guarantees are extended to non-Muslims without such a compact. Other lessons demonize members of the Baha’i and Ahmadiyya groups.

A lesson from a tenth grade text now posted on the Saudi Ministry’s website sanctions the killing of homosexuals and discusses methods for doing so.

In the lessons examined in this report, the Saudi government discounts or ignores passages in the Qur’an to support tolerance.

All of these textbooks have been reissued at least once and all but two of them reissued twice, yet overall the changes to the passages in question have been minimal, and the degree of substantive change has been negligible. Taken together, the report concludes, revisions in the currently-posted texts amount to moving around the furniture, not cleaning the house.

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