“Even a moderate Muslim who reads the Koran must read that the Jews are the sons of apes and that the infidels must be killed


“Even a moderate Muslim who reads the Koran must read that the Jews are the sons of apes and that the infidels must be killed”

Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a West Bank Hamas leader. Mosab Hassan Yousef is a convert to Christianity. In this interview he speaks about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as not being one over land, but over Islamic doctrine, which is intransigent and can never allow for the existence of an Infidel polity, much less a Jewish State, on what Muslims consider to be Islamic land. He speaks about the problem being rooted in the Qur’an.

This is what we have said here many, many times, and so it should come as no surprise to longtime Jihad Watch readers, or to anyone who is fully informed about the motives and goals and beliefs of the jihadis. But it will come as a total surprise to the learned analysts who dominate the discourse in Washington, and they will dismiss it out of hand. “Israel’s spy in Hamas (Part II),” by Avi Issacharoff for Haaretz, February 26 (thanks to Mladen Andrijasevic):

[…] “Many people think the terrorists’ motivation is the Israeli occupation, the corruption, but all that is just the backdrop. It is not the root of the problem. The occupation is like the rain that falls on the soil in which the seed has been planted, but it is not the seed itself. The root of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does not lie in security or politics: It is a war between two gods, two religions. Between the God of the Torah and the God of the Koran. The Koran teaches that this is Waqf land – a sacred endowment which must not be given up. The Torah taught the Jews that this is their land and must not be given up.”It follows that there will be no peace in the Middle East. Israel’s problem is not with Hamas or with any other organization, nor with the interpretation Hamas reads into the Koran. It is with the god of the Koran. After all, even a moderate Muslim who reads the Koran must read that the Jews are the sons of apes and that the infidels must be killed. The Palestinians must stop blaming Israel, or the West, for all their problems. If they want true freedom, they must free themselves from their God.”

You sound completely pessimistic. What about a Palestinian state?

“That is not a solution. Today we do not have a leadership worthy of ruling, not Hamas and not Fatah. The Palestinians move between the corrupt leadership of Fatah, and the Hamas leadership, which sends them all to die. Besides, Hamas cannot make peace with the Israelis. That is against what their God tells them. It is impossible to make peace with infidels, only a cease-fire, and no one knows that better than I.

“The Hamas leadership is responsible for the killing of Palestinians, not Israelis. Palestinians! They do not hesitate to massacre people in a mosque or to throw people from the 15th or 17th floor of a building, as they did during the coup in Gaza. The Israelis would never do such things. I tell you with certainty that the Israelis care about the Palestinians far more than the Hamas or Fatah leadership does. Israel withdrew from Gaza, and instead of the place being built up and cultivated, look what happened there. We need to take a break from these leaders. And I call on the government of Israel: Never accede to Hamas demands, not even about Gilad Shalit. They will not hurt him – he is too important to them. Even if it goes on for 10 years, Israel must not give in and release all those people from prison.”

This is a must watch and very scary

This is the most important email I’ve ever posted WATCH ALL OF IT
then forward it to all those that need to know the truth

Subject: This is a must watch and very scary

This is not a joke. Must watch!!! and forward!!! 

I wish that I could look at this and NOT believe it.




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Iran Wants To Kill Millions To Usher In Imam al-Mahdi – With Video

This is interesting coming from a hispanic. A lot of good ideas.

This is interesting coming from a hispanic.  A lot of good ideas.

SAN DIEGO, California (CNN) — In a recent commentary, I spelled out what bothers many Hispanics about the immigration debate. In response, many readers demanded to know — for all my criticisms — how I would go about fixing our broken immigration system. I thought they’d never ask.

Ruben Navarrette says Congress doesn’t have the appetite to reform the immigration system.

First, let’s keep it real. Congress doesn’t have the appetite to reform the immigration system — no matter which party is running the show. It’s always the same story. After all the huffing and puffing, any workable solution needs to have two components: employer sanctions with teeth and a tamper-proof identification card for all U.S. workers to tell employers who is eligible to work. Republicans won’t allow the first; Democrats won’t allow the second. Game over.

But, if it were so inclined, here’s what Congress should do:

1) By way of enforcement — stiffen penalties against employers with a “three strikes” law (first offense, a warning; second, $10,000 fine; third, 10 days in jail); revise the 1996 Immigration Reform and Control Act by removing the word “knowingly,” as in employers only face punishment if they knowingly hire an illegal immigrant; create an identification card; instead of adding more border patrol agents (the agency can’t meet hiring goals as it is), give the agents already on the line better tools, including tunnel detection equipment; extend the deployment of the National Guard on the border, now set to expire on July 15; continue workplace raids but, for heaven’s sake, arrest an employer every once in a while; and speed up deportations.

2) By way of legalizing the undocumented — make it contingent on meeting enforcement goals, or “triggers”; establish a cutoff so that only those who can prove that they’ve been in the country for five years or more are eligible to apply for legal status and deport more recent arrivals; require applicants to learn English, pay a $5,000 fine, undergo criminal background checks, return to their home country to be processed, and take their place in the back of the line behind all those who are trying to enter the country legally; and, for those who are eventually given legal status, institute a lifetime ban on receiving welfare, Medicaid or food stamps but allow them to collect what they’ve contributed to Social Security.

3) By way of reforming the system for those who immigrate legally — increase the allotment of green cards and work visas, including H1B visas for highly skilled workers; triple the number of legal immigrants currently admitted from 1 million to 3 million, or 1 percent of the total U.S. population; abandon the current system of using family reunification as the main criteria for admitting new immigrants but don’t adopt the silly and offensive idea of a point system that rewards education and skills; instead, let the market drive the process by making labor demands the major criteria so (how’s this for radical?) we always have jobs for those who come here instead of admitting engineers and doctors if what we really need are teachers and nurses.

This isn’t brain surgery. But some of this will take courage and common sense. The bad news is, those can be scarce commodities in Washington.

Ruben Navarrette Jr. is a member of the editorial board of the San Diego Union-Tribune and a nationally syndicated columnist. Read his column here.

Horror In Hamburg

Horror In Hamburg

By Stephen Brown
FrontPageMagazine.com | 5/30/2008

A young female form lying crumpled on a sidewalk. Blood flowing from multiple stab wounds. Police cars. Ambulances. Flashing lights. Emergency personnel working frantically to save an innocent life that had barely begun.  

It is a scene that is becoming all too common in Western Europe with its growing Muslim population, as the northern German city of Hamburg experienced in May yet another horrifying honor murder of a young female.

Morsal Obeidi, barely 16, arrived in Hamburg from the war-torn country of Afghanistan when she was three, probably barely remembering her country of origin in her new homeland. The German Muslim student, who had won a prize in her multicultural school for tolerance and peaceful co-existence with others, was stabbed 20 times by her 23-year old brother, Ahmed, who ambushed her at a commuter train station.The reason for Morsal’s murder is a common one for female Muslim victims of honor killings who emigrate to the West with their families and grow up between two cultures: she was living too western a lifestyle.

 “She had a different life than the family wished,” admitted Ahmed, who assaulted his sister so severely that he wounded himself and had to be treated in hospital.

 According to one report, Ahmed’s younger sister started her teenaged rebellion when she was 14. The schoolgirl was tired of living by the rules of the family’s Afghan-Muslim culture that see the daughters confined at home and made to do housework when not at school while the sons have all the freedom they want.

 Such girls from South Asian and Muslim communities are also monitored very carefully after reaching puberty, as the male members of the family are very concerned that they remain virgins until marriage, since this involves their “honor.” One German Muslim woman wrote that the physical attributes she developed upon turning 13 filled her Turkish father with “deep worry.” This male obsession with virginity is manifested in the expression, common in these traditional cultures, that “…a man’s honor lies between a woman’s legs.”

Ahmed was most likely one of those male family members concerned about his sister’s chastity. It was reported he watched Morsal very closely and, when he was not available, he had cousins, uncles and aunts do it for him.

Morsal’s rebellion against such strict control included such normal, western behaviour for teenaged girls as wearing “uncovered hair, makeup and jeans” as well as smoking, drinking and staying out late, all of which brought her into conflict with her family. But all in all, it was reported the young schoolgirl simply wanted the same freedoms her German classmates had.

Like in many families where honor murders occur, violence was already extensive in Morsal’s. Before her death, the teenager had suffered numerous assaults at the hands of her father, Ahmed and a 13-year-old brother, who had once knocked her tooth out. An older sister is also suspected of mistreating her.

 “You dress like a tramp,” Ahmed said to his sister once before beating her up, his sense of moral superiority being somewhat misplaced, since he himself has an extensive criminal record, starting when he was 13. This ‘man of honor’ is a thief and had already knifed others in fights, once being stabbed eight times himself in an argument involving prostitutes outside a brothel.

 Such domestic violence had caused the tormented Afghan-German girl to spend nights at youth shelters. But like many immigrant teenagers from traditional cultures, with their deep sense of family which they do not want to give up overnight, she always returned home. But the final straw leading to her tragic death may have been the young girl’s staying away from home for three nights in a row.

 Sadly, Morsal’s was not the only honor murder to occur in Germany this year.

 Last March in Berlin, an 18-year old boy stabbed his grandparents to death after his German mother had separated from his Turkish father and got a new boyfriend. The murders were carried out at the behest of the father, according a newspaper report, to restore his honor. The father and son had already assaulted the grandfather and boyfriend earlier in separate instances, while the father had threatened his wife’s family many times with death, causing his spouse to flee to a women’s shelter.

 The wife’s unavailability is probably what caused her parents to be targeted as well the fact the grandmother approved of the separation (no surprise there). The son carried out the killing, since, like in other honor murders in Germany, the Muslim families often get the underage sons to do the killing because the maximum sentence for a minor for murder is only ten years, and often less.

 Like in the Berlin case, a Kurdish man from Iraq murdered his wife for leaving him, for which he received a life sentence at his trial last fall in Munich. Leaving the husband can often be a death sentence for the wife in traditional Muslim families.

 This particular killer showed no remorse whatsoever and was even smiling in the court room. Only three hours after a successful divorce court hearing in 2006, the murderer ambushed his ex-spouse on the street, stabbed her twelve times (the knife broke, stopping the assault) and then poured gasoline over her prostrate body lying on the sidewalk, burning her alive. This was all done before the eyes of their five-year-old son with the sadistic killer telling the court you can’t take children into consideration when it concerns honor.

 Also at his trial, the Kurd said he had killed his wife because she had betrayed him and that his “religion and culture” forbid that. Laughably, he also partly blamed German laws for his murderous rage. He whined that in Germany “…only women have rights. So they become stuck-up and believe they can do whatever they want.”

 The killer also admitted he first received permission from his wife’s father in Iraq to murder his daughter. When it is believed a woman has dishonoured the family, even if married, it is usually her birth family that kills her, since it was responsible for her upbringing and thus it is the one “dishonoured.”

 This ongoing clash between the religious and cultural values of Muslim societies with those of western civilization manifested themselves in two other honor murder trials in Germany.

 In Monchengladbach, a city in the Rhineland, a Turkish immigrant received a life sentence last February for shooting his wife and daughter to death on the street in 2007. Again, it was a case of a wife leaving her husband with their children after years of brutal treatment that included rapes and beatings.

 Like the Kurd in the Munich case, this criminal also showed no remorse and also murdered his wife in dramatic fashion. After she had fallen to the ground with the first shot, the ‘man of honor’ put his foot on her and fired twice more directly into her head. One female Muslim lawyer at the trial said such theatrical executions are meant to show “…that the man is doing everything to restore his honor and that he defended himself against the rebellious wife.”

 And last March in Bonn, a father was facing a life sentence for having murdered his 17-year-old daughter in 1993. The native Syrian, along with two nephews, strangled the young victim with a cord because, like Morsal Obeidi, she wanted to “live like German girls.” They later buried the body in a wood.

 The father’s undoing was that he made his other daughter witness the murder as a warning as to what would happen to her if she ever decided to determine her own life.

“If you don’t behave according to our rules, the same thing is going to happen to you,” she was told.

 Racked by guilt that made her life a living hell, the surviving sister informed the police of the honor killing 14 years later.

 Like after the Hatun Surucu honor murder in Berlin in 2005 that awoke Germany to this social horror in their midst, German politicians and authorities are again falling all over themselves after the Morsal Obeidi killing in Hamburg. They say they will examine the youth shelters’ role in failing to prevent the tragic murder (as if they are to blame), as well as nebulously promising to do more to protect women facing such danger as well as explain to them their rights.

 In reality, while these measures will help somewhat, much like a band aid, the real problem has to do with the values the murderers acquire in their countries of origin. As long as these men believe they have a cultural and religious right to control women, determine their lives (especially their sexuality), treat them like eternal minors, and even murder them when they transgress some archaic, tribal code of honor, then it appears there is not much Western countries can do after they arrive within their borders, since they despise our culture and, like the Kurd in the Munich trial, hold our laws in contempt.

 The problem is exacerbated by the fact that parts of western European cities, where Muslims form the majority of the population, are now ruled by sharia law where these anti-civilization values can grow and spread.

 But every voice, especially those of victims like Morsal, makes a difference. A spirit of change exists in every culture, including the Muslim. It is the Muslim women that have to be compulsorily educated in massive fashion if honor murders are ever to be stopped. Making Muslim womens’ visas and those of their family members’ contingent on this understanding of compulsory education would benefit enormously in this effort. No half measures. More Muslim women would determine their own lives if they were not so afraid of honor killings. And a real sense of urgency is needed to deal with this social nightmare facing these young female souls.

 But in the end, it is we Westerners who have to stand up for the life-affirming values we hold dear and change our laws substantially to reflect this. Western legal codes were written when the predatory and barbaric practice of honor murder was unknown due to the absence of these immigrant groups. This must be rectified and the new reality reflected in new laws, since the bottom line is that we cannot have women being killed at sixteen if we are to call ourselves human

Stephen Brown is a columnist for Frontpagemag.com. A scholar and former news reporter, his field of expertise is Muslim forced marriages and honor killings. Email him at alsolzh@hotmail.com.

Muslim Mafia and the Media

The media has been doing an excellent job in ignoring the
spectacular revelations at the trial against the Holyland
Foundation, once America’s largest Muslim charity organization, now taking
place. Evidence is being revealed that shows a hidden agenda and
widespread conspiracy amongst all the so-called “moderate” major
Muslim groups in America to totally destroy the country, the
culture, Western values. The information below came from
Homeland Security’s own website, followed by an editorial in
Investor’s Business Daily.
I’d like to hear what U.S. presidential candidates have to say
about this. If any of you get a chance, ask them.

The The Holy Land Foundation Case; What you are not hearing in
the Media
Submitted by Lan Lamphere on Fri, 2007-08-10 18:59. Podcast

Aug 10, 2007: Yesterday ended the second full week of trial
testimony in the case against The Holy Land Foundation for Relief
& Development, once the largest Muslim charity in the United
States . After a lengthy investigation by U.S. federal
authorities that resulted in the organization’s assets being
frozen in 2001, and the filing of a 42-count criminal indictment
in 2004, prosecutors have been methodically presenting their case
against the organization and seven named defendants in a downtown
Dallas , Texas courtroom.

Trial Watch, a special broadcast of The Homeland Security Report
hosted by Doug Hagmann, brings you important information about
the trial that is not being covered by the mainstream media.
Listen to Doug Hagmann – an investigator with over 20 years of
experience in civil and criminal cases – as he recaps the case
against the Muslim charity as presented by the prosecution,
carefully sorts through the mountain of evidence presented by the
prosecution linking the charity and the defendants to the Islamic
terrorist organization HAMAS. Doug Hagmann describes the
testimony of lead FBI agent Lara Burns in her presentation of
hundreds of documents that link HLF funding directly to HAMAS
terrorist operations in the Middle East . This segment of Trial
Watch identifies members of the Council on American Islamic
Relations (CAIR), including executive director Nihad Awad,
who is purported to have direct knowledge that the giant funding
apparatus known as the Holy Land Foundation was financing
terrorist operations in the Middle East.

Doug Hagmann also details the prosecution’s linkage between a
named defendant in this case to a spiritual advisor to at least
two of the September 11, 2001
hijackers. Also detailed in this broadcast is the 1993 meeting
held in Philadelphia between U.S. based HAMAS members and CAIR’s
executive director. The meeting was held to discuss ways to
improve funding for HAMAS, and derail the Oslo Peace Accords.


A Muslim ‘Mafia’?

By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Tuesday, August 14, 2007
4:30 PM PT

Homeland Security: Forget everything you’ve been told about
“moderate” Muslim groups in America. New evidence that U.S.
prosecutors have revealed at a major terror trial exposes the

Exhibit No. 003-0085 is the most chilling. Translated from Arabic
by federal investigators in the case against the Holy Land
Foundation, an alleged Hamas front, the secret document outlines
a full-blown conspiracy by the major Muslim groups in America –
all of which are considered “mainstream” by the media.

In fact, they are part of the “Ikhwan,” or Muslim Brotherhood,
the parent organization of Hamas, al-Qaida and other major
Islamic terror groups. They have conspired to infiltrate American
society with the purpose of undermining it and turning it into an
Islamic state.

Check out this quote from Page 7 of the 1991 document:

“The Ikwhan must understand that all their work in America is a
kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western
civilization from within and sabotaging their miserable house by
the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s
religion is made victorious over all religions.”

Sounds like the latest screed from Osama bin Laden. But it comes
from the Muslim establishment in America.

The secret plan lists several Saudi-backed Muslim groups as
“friends” of the conspiracy.

They include the Islamic Society of North America – the umbrella
organization – and the North American Islamic Trust, which
controls most of the mosques in America and is the forerunner to
the Council on American-Islamic Relations, this country’s most
visible Muslim-rights group.

All three have been cited as unindicted co-conspirators in the
case, with all three sharing membership in the Muslim
Brotherhood. Yet all have claimed, in the wake of 9/11, to be
moderate, even patriotic.

Another exhibit reveals their plan to create innocuous-sounding
“front groups” to hide their radical agenda.

Many in the media and politics have fallen for their deception
and helped bring them into the mainstream.

Now everyone knows the truth.

The Muslim establishment that publicly decries the radical fringe
– represented by Hamas and al-Qaida – may actually be a part of
it. The only difference is that they use words and money instead
of bombs to accomplish their subversive goals.

Over the past two decades they have constructed, with Saudi
money, an elaborate infrastructure of support for the bad guys –
right under our noses.

They even brag about putting “beehives” (Islamic centers) in
every major city.

These exhibits – which so far have been ignored by major media
outside the Dallas area, where the trial is under way –
completely blow the mainstream Muslim NGOs’ cover as pro-American
moderates. Many, if not most, aren’t.

This is their real agenda, spelled out in black and white. It
should help investigators build a RICO case to dismantle the
entire terror-support network in America.

Many have suspected it, but now we have proof that there is a
secret underworld operating inside America under the cover of
fronts with legitimate-sounding names.

It even uses charities to launder money for violent hits on
enemies. It’s highly organized, with its own internal bylaws and
security to avoid monitoring from law enforcement.

Sounds like the Mafia.

But unlike the mob, this syndicate is religious in nature and
protected by political correctness.

More evidence like this should put an end to such nonsense.

The LA tmes links below do not work they have sent the opinions  to the archves

From the Los Angeles Times
Misinterpreting the Mideast
Until they get past their mistaken assumptions, foreign envoys can do little
to calm the region.
By Moshe Ya’alon

August 26, 2007

After a few years of benign neglect, Israel is back on the itineraries of
well-meaning foreign emissaries. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair
visited the country last month in his new role as special envoy of the
“quartet” of Middle East peacemakers. Earlier this month, U.S. Secretary of
State Condoleezza Rice arrived. Each visit was concluded with a news
conference at which promises of progress were made. But before any lasting
on-the-ground movement toward peace can be achieved in the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict, foreign emissaries, as well as some Israelis,
will have to shake off some long-disproved tenets of the conventional wisdom
about the dispute .

There are four main misconceptions that diplomats bring with them to Israel.
Primary among them is the idea that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
is a prerequisite for stability in the Mideast . The truth is that the
region is riven by clashes that have nothing to do with Israel. For
instance, the Jewish state plays no role in the conflict between Shiites and
Sunnis, between Persians and Arabs or between Arab nationalists and Arab

The second misconception is that Israeli territorial concessions are the key
to progress . The reality is that an ascendant jihadist Islam believes that
it is leading the battle against Israel and the rest of the West. Given this
dynamic, Israeli territorial or other concessions simply fill the jihadists’
sails, reinforcing their belief that Israel and the West are weak and can be
militarily defeated.

True, a majority of Israelis supported Israel’s unilateral withdrawals from
Lebanon in 2000 and from Gaza in 2005 in the belief that meeting Hezbollah
and Palestinian territorial demands would nullify the cause of conflict
between them. We now know the results: The Hezbollah and Palestinian
reactions — concerted terror wars, kidnapped Israeli soldiers, rockets
fired at Israeli cities — made clear that the Mideast’s central conflict is
not territorial but ideological. And ideology cannot be defeated by

Emissaries also still believe that “the Occupation” blocks agreement between
Israelis and Palestinians. In the West, the term usually means the
territories Israel conquered in the Six-Day War in 1967. If the problem
between Israelis and Palestinians were just the 1967 territories, and the
solution were dividing those lands up between the two sides (as proposed,
most recently, in 2000 by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak), the
conflict would have ended long ago.

Instead, the heart of the problem is that many Palestinians — Fatah and
Hamas, in particular — and even some Israeli Arabs use “Occupation” to
refer to all Israel.  They do not recognize the Jewish people’s right to an
independent state, a right affirmed again and again in the international

Finally, the well-intentioned visiting diplomats believe that the
Palestinians want — and have the ability — to establish a state that will
live in peace alongside Israel. But they are not being clear-eyed. The late
Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, established a thugocracy that never
improved the basic living conditions of his people. Indeed, Palestinian
unemployment and poverty are worse today than they were before Arafat and
his cronies assumed power in 1994.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas did not take responsibility
for Gazans’ welfare, which in part led to Hamas’ electoral victory in 2006.
Now confined to the West Bank after Hamas kicked his Fatah organization out
of Gaza, Abbas has not moved to create a governmental structure.

A corollary of this fourth misconception is the belief that economic
development can neutralize extreme nationalism and religious fanaticism ,
thus clearing the way toward peace and security. David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s
first prime minister, had a term for such believers: “naive Zionists.” Those
who fit this description should demand that the Palestinians explain what
they did with the $7 billion in international aid they received over the
years . Seven billion reasons for economic progress — and yet, why did
Palestinian mobs destroy the Erez industrial zone, where Palestinians worked
and ran businesses for decades, on the Gaza border? Why do they attack safe
roads linking Gaza and the West Bank? Why is the Palestinian economy in

Shorn of these mistaken assumptions, the picture in the Middle East is
disturbing indeed. No wonder emissaries hold on to them. So what to do?

For starters, Western governments and their emissaries must refrain from
pressuring Israel for territorial or security concessions, which at best
produces only short-term gains and emboldens the Islamist terror groups.
Instead, they should try to persuade the Palestinian leaders to commit to a
long-term strategy premised on educational, political and economic reforms
that would lead to the establishment of a civil society that cherishes life,
not death; values human rights and freedom; and develops a middle class, not
a corrupt, rich elite. At the same time, these governments should set up an
international fund that would offer Palestinian refugee families aid — say
$100,000 to $200,000 a family — for their resettlement on the condition
that their acceptance of the money would signify resolution of their refugee

Under no circumstances should emissaries attempt to open a dialogue with
Hamas. For the sake of Palestinian society, Hamas and its ideology must be
defeated. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not the most significant
today; it’s the battle between jihadist Islam and the West, of which Israel
is merely one theater. To defeat jihadist Islam, the West must overcome the
regimes, organizations and ideologies that support and feed it — and Hamas
is foremost among them.

The emissaries who travel to Israel must draw on their rich diplomatic
experiences, free themselves from misconceptions about the
Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the petty politics that flows from them —
especially the binds of political correctness — to lead us all toward
freedom, security and peace. Anything else is mere meddling.

Moshe Ya’alon is a fellow at the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies at
the Shalem Center. He served as the 17th chief of staff of the Israel

South Carolina: 2 Muslims charged with felonies in explosives scare

South Carolina: 2 Muslims charged with felonies in explosives scare

Megahed and Mohamed Update. “2 charged with felonies in explosives scare; Authorities tightlipped on what was found in car,” by Noah Haglund and Andy Paras for the Charleston News and Courier (thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist):

GOOSE CREEK — Two men pulled over Saturday in Goose Creek and detained for carrying explosives in the trunk of a car have been charged with possession of an incendiary device, Berkeley County Sheriff Wayne DeWitt announced today.If convicted of the charges, Youseff Megahed, 21, and Ahmed Mohamed, 24, could face between 2 to 15 years in prison.

DeWitt said the men were pulled over Saturday night on U.S. Highway 176 while driving more than 60 mph in a 45-mph zone. When an officer approached the car, he saw one of them men fold a laptop computer, which the officer believed was suspicious, DeWitt said.

The officer asked them if he could search the car, which the men agreed to. When he asked if there was anything in the car he should know about, the men said there were fireworks in the trunk.

DeWitt declined to say this morning exactly what was found in the trunk. However, the FBI has already said the men are not suspected of orchestrating a terrorist plot.

Then what were they doing? Why 2 to 15 years in prison?

CAIR’s Ahmed Bedier has picked up on this incongruity also:

And an Islamic community leader from Tampa, Fla., who’s been in touch with the families of the two detained college students, told The Post and Courier that Megahed and Mohamed are not troublemakers and that they a were simply on a weekend trip to North Carolina.Ahmed Bedier, executive director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil rights organization for Muslims, said family members have told him they think the materials were leftover fireworks Megahed kept in his trunk since July 4.

“Both of them are really naïve kids,” Bedier said.

He said Megahed is a permanent legal resident of the United States and Mohamed was the passenger. Mohamed’s legal status is not known.

“There’s a lot of unanswered questions,” Bedier said.

A terrorism task force, meanwhile is reviewing the evidence, said FBI spokesman Richard Kolko.

“At this point, it is too early in the investigation to say there is any link to terrorism,” Kolko said.

It’s time the Middle East grew up

Mark Steyn: The vanishing jihad exposés


Mark Steyn: The vanishing jihad exposés

Mark Steyn column



Syndicated columnist

How will we lose the war against “radical Islam”?

Well, it won’t be in a tank battle. Or in the Sunni Triangle or the caves of Bora Bora. It won’t be because terrorists fly three jets into the Oval Office, Buckingham Palace and the Basilica of St Peter’s on the same Tuesday morning.

The war will be lost incrementally because we are unable to reverse the ongoing radicalization of Muslim populations in South Asia, Indonesia, the Balkans, Western Europe and, yes, North America. And who’s behind that radicalization? Who funds the mosques and Islamic centers that in the past 30 years have set up shop on just about every Main Street around the planet?

For the answer, let us turn to a fascinating book called “Alms for Jihad: Charity And Terrorism in the Islamic World,” by J. Millard Burr, a former USAID relief coordinator, and the scholar Robert O Collins. Can’t find it in your local Barnes & Noble? Never mind, let’s go to Amazon. Everything’s available there. And sure enough, you’ll come through to the “Alms for Jihad” page and find a smattering of approving reviews from respectably torpid publications: “The most comprehensive look at the web of Islamic charities that have financed conflicts all around the world,” according to Canada’s Globe And Mail, which is like the New York Times but without the jokes.

Unfortunately, if you then try to buy “Alms for Jihad,” you discover that the book is “Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.” Hang on, it was only published last year. At Amazon, items are either shipped within 24 hours or, if a little more specialized, within four to six weeks, but not many books from 2006 are entirely unavailable with no restock in sight.

Well, let us cross the ocean, thousands of miles from the Amazon warehouse, to the High Court in London. Last week, the Cambridge University Press agreed to recall all unsold copies of “Alms for Jihad” and pulp them. In addition, it has asked hundreds of libraries around the world to remove the volume from their shelves. This highly unusual action was accompanied by a letter to Sheikh Khalid bin Mahfouz, in care of his English lawyers, explaining their reasons:

“Throughout the book there are serious and defamatory allegations about yourself and your family, alleging support for terrorism through your businesses, family and charities, and directly.

“As a result of what we now know, we accept and acknowledge that all of those allegations about you and your family, businesses and charities are entirely and manifestly false.”

Who is Sheikh Khalid bin Mahfouz? Well, he’s a very wealthy and influential Saudi. Big deal, you say. Is there any other kind? Yes, but even by the standards of very wealthy and influential Saudis, this guy is plugged in: He was the personal banker to the Saudi royal family and head of the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia, until he sold it to the Saudi government. He has a swanky pad in London and an Irish passport and multiple U.S. business connections, including to Thomas Kean, the chairman of the 9/11 Commission.

I’m not saying the 9/11 Commission is a Saudi shell operation, merely making the observation that, whenever you come across a big-shot Saudi, it’s considerably less than six degrees of separation between him and the most respectable pillars of the American establishment.

As to whether allegations about support for terrorism by the sheikh and his “family, businesses and charities” are “entirely and manifestly false,” the Cambridge University Press is going way further than the United States or most foreign governments would. Of his bank’s funding of terrorism, Sheikh Mahfouz’s lawyer has said: “Like upper management at any other major banking institution, Khalid Bin Mahfouz was not, of course, aware of every wire transfer moving through the bank. Had he known of any transfers that were going to fund al-Qaida or terrorism, he would not have permitted them.” Sounds reasonable enough. Except that in this instance the Mahfouz bank was wiring money to the principal Mahfouz charity, the Muwafaq (or “Blessed Relief”) Foundation, which in turn transferred them to Osama bin Laden.

In October 2001, the Treasury Department named Muwafaq as “an al-Qaida front that receives funding from wealthy Saudi businessmen” and its chairman as a “specially designated global terrorist.” As the Treasury concluded, “Saudi businessmen have been transferring millions of dollars to bin Laden through Blessed Relief.”

Indeed, this “charity” seems to have no other purpose than to fund jihad. It seeds Islamism wherever it operates. In Chechnya, it helped transform a reasonably conventional nationalist struggle into an outpost of the jihad. In the Balkans, it played a key role in replacing a traditionally moderate Islam with a form of Mitteleuropean Wahhabism. Pick a Muwafaq branch office almost anywhere on the planet and you get an interesting glimpse of the typical Saudi charity worker. The former head of its mission in Zagreb, Croatia, for example, is a guy called Ayadi Chafiq bin Muhammad. Well, he’s called that most of the time. But he has at least four aliases and residences in at least three nations (Germany, Austria and Belgium). He was named as a bin Laden financier by the U.S. government and disappeared from the United Kingdom shortly after 9/11.

So why would the Cambridge University Press, one of the most respected publishers on the planet, absolve Khalid bin Mahfouz, his family, his businesses and his charities to a degree that neither (to pluck at random) the U.S., French, Albanian, Swiss and Pakistani governments would be prepared to do?

Because English libel law overwhelmingly favors the plaintiff. And like many other big-shot Saudis, Sheikh Mahfouz has become very adept at using foreign courts to silence American authors – in effect, using distant jurisdictions to nullify the First Amendment. He may be a wronged man, but his use of what the British call “libel chill” is designed not to vindicate his good name but to shut down the discussion, which is why Cambridge University Press made no serious attempt to mount a defense. He’s one of the richest men on the planet, and they’re an academic publisher with very small profit margins. But, even if you’ve got a bestseller, your pockets are unlikely to be deep enough: “House Of Saud, House Of Bush” did boffo biz with the anti-Bush crowd in America, but there’s no British edition – because Sheikh Mahfouz had indicated he was prepared to spend what it takes to challenge it in court, and Random House decided it wasn’t worth it.

We’ve gotten used to one-way multiculturalism: The world accepts that you can’t open an Episcopal or Congregational church in Jeddah or Riyadh, but every week the Saudis can open radical mosques and madrassahs and pro-Saudi think-tanks in London and Toronto and Dearborn, Mich., and Falls Church, Va. And their global reach extends a little further day by day, inch by inch, in the lengthening shadows, as the lights go out one by one around the world.

Suppose you’ve got a manuscript about the Saudis. Where are you going to shop it? Think Cambridge University Press will be publishing anything anytime soon?


The Muslim Brotherhood “Project”

The Muslim Brotherhood “Project”

By Patrick Poole

One might be led to think that if international law enforcement authorities and Western intelligence agencies had discovered a twenty-year old document revealing a top-secret plan developed by the oldest Islamist organization with one of the most extensive terror networks in the world to launch a program of “cultural invasion” and eventual conquest of the West that virtually mirrors the tactics used by Islamists for more than two decades, that such news would scream from headlines published on the front pages and above the fold of the New York Times, Washington Post, London Times, Le Monde, Bild, and La Repubblica.

If that’s what you might think, you would be wrong.