It’s Holocaust Day, and Another Holocaust Is Looming

It’s Holocaust Day, and Another Holocaust Is Looming

by Pamela Geller

Holocaust Day (Yom HaShoah in Hebrew) is today. I, for one, am sick and tired of the fetishism of dead Jews and the endless memorials to Holocaust victims, while the world rubs its hands in gleeful anticipation of “Holocaust — the Sequel.” I am sick of the false narrative. The role of and that of the Muslim leader of the ummah, the Mufti of Jerusalem, was pivotal to the extermination of the Jews during World War II, and yet his role and that of jihad was scrubbed from the history books.


And here we are 60 years later, and Islam is back in full bloom, with Muslims sharpening their machetes for the beheading of the Jewish state — much the way Muhammad annihilated the Qurayzah tribe, beheading all the men of the last Jewish tribe of Arabia (after he exiled the other two). Sixty years after the Mufti Hajj Amin al Husseini sent 400,000 Jews to their deaths in Poland, we have Ahmadinejad and every Islamic leader, imam, and cleric calling for the death of the Jews.

Now a new survey shows that 2009 was the worst year for anti-Semitism in at least two decades. Anti-Semitic attacks and events around the world more than doubled in 2009. The European Jewish Congress (EJC) and The Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism at Tel Aviv University say that part of this increase came from an “orchestrated and concerted attempt to delegitimize the Jewish People and Israel” in Western Europe. There were “mass demonstrations and verbal and visual expressions against Israel and the Jews, with “the worst offenders” appearing in “Western Europe, particularly in the UK and France, followed by Canada.”

And many of these are Muslim immigrants who have come to those countries and brought their Islamic anti-Semitism with them. They’re following in the footsteps of the Mufti: in 1941, Haj Amin al-Husseini fled to Germany and met with Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Joachim Von Ribbentrop and other Nazi leaders. He wanted to persuade them to extend the Nazis’ anti-Jewish pogrom to the Arab world. He lived in the lap of luxury in Berlin from 1941 to 1945, making weekly broadcasts to the Muslim world from Berlin, inciting the ummah to exterminate the Jews and fight the allied forces.

Himmler recalled: “Muslims responded to the call of Muslim leaders and joined our side because of their hatred of our joint Jewish-English-Bolshevik enemies, and because of their belief and respect for, above all — Our Fuehrer.” And when the Jewish Rescue and Relief Committee in Budapest, tried to get the Germans authorities to allow 1,861 Hungarian Jews to emigrate to Palestine, Adolf Eichmann himself turned down the request: “I am a personal friend of the Grand Mufti. We have promised him that no European Jew would enter Palestine anymore.”

And Eichmann’s assistant Dieter Wisliczeny, said:

The Grand Mufti, who has been in Berlin since 1941, played a role in the decision of the German Government to exterminate the European Jews, the importance of which must not be disregarded. He had repeatedly suggested to the various authorities with whom he has been in contact, above all before Hitler, Ribbentrop and Himmler, the extermination of European Jewry. He considered this as a comfortable solution of the Palestine problem. In his messages broadcast from Berlin, he surpassed us in anti-Jewish attacks. He was one of Eichmann’s best friends and has constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures. I heard say that, accompanied by Eichmann, he has visited incognito the gas chamber at Auschwitz.

The Islamic world never apologized, never expressed remorse, never made restoration or reparation to the Jewish people and the victorious allied forces. Their unspeakable war crimes go unpunished to this very day. Their vile Islamic texts inciting to Jew-hatred and violence remain revered and part of their vicious teachings.

And so today anti-Semitism rises again in Europe, courtesy the Muslims. Same jihad, different day.

Did six million die for nothing? Could it be possible they died in vain? And once again will the American Jewish diaspora fail their brethren, in a horrible repeat of history?

I’m sick of it. And sick of the liberal American Jews who sell their souls and their children just so that they can get on with the barbarians.

With Barack Obama in the White House, things will go from bad to terrible in short order.

Let’s not forget—

We need this reminder more today than ever before, since there are so many saying it never happened. Please, send this on to everyone on your mailing list.

Let’s not forget—




It is a matter of history that when Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, General Dwight Eisenhower, found the victims of the death camps, he ordered all possible photographs to be taken, and for the German people from surrounding villages to be ushered through the camps and even made to bury the dead. 

He did this because he said in words to this effect: ‘Get it all on record now – get the films – get the witnesses – because somewhere down the track of history some b*stard will get up and say that this never happened’

‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’
Edmund Burke


This week, the UK removed The Holocaust from its school curriculum because it ‘offended’ the Muslim population which claims it never occurred.


These photos were taken in Germany by James Emison Chanslor, an Army Master Sergeant who served in World War II from 1942 until 1945.


This week, the UK removed The Holocaust from its school curriculum because it ‘offended’ the Muslim population which claims it never occurred.


These photos were taken in Germany by James Emison Chanslor, an Army Master Sergeant who served in World War II from 1942 until 1945.


Source: Photos courtesy of John Michael Chanslor.

It is now more than 60 years after the Second World War in Europe ended.



This e-mail is being sent as a memorial chain, in memory of the 6 million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians and 1,900 Catholic priests who were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and humiliated with the German and Russian peoples looking the other way!
Now, more than ever, with Iran, among others, claiming the Holocaust to be ‘a myth,’ it is imperative to make sure the world never forgets.

This e-mail is intended to reach 40 million people worldwide!

Be a link in the memorial chain and help distribute this around the world.

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Let’s cover the world and remember because we cannot let it ever happen again.


This is a frightening portent of the fear that is gripping the world and how easily each country is giving in to it.













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British Schools Drop Holocaust and Crusades

British Schools Drop Holocaust and Crusades

A quote from the Daily Mail, 2 April 2007

Schools are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils, a Governmentbacked study has revealed.

It found some teachers are reluctant to cover the atrocity for fear of upsetting students whose beliefs include Holocaust denial. There is also resistance to tackling the 11th century Crusades – where Christians fought Muslim armies for control of Jerusalem – because lessons often contradict what is taught in local mosques.

The Blood Libel Returns

The Blood Libel Returns

By Rachel Neuwirth

With the revival of anti-Semitism as a global phenomenon, everything old is new again. A new Holocaust is threatened in Iran, a former top military leader and presidential candidate speaks in code of the dark power of New York money circles, and now, shockingly, the ancient blood libel against the Jews is revived in seemingly respectable quarters.  After all the terrible things that have been done because of this lie, who could be so reckless as to give it new life?

Two Jewish professors, one an Israeli of Italian origin who teaches at a prestigious religious Jewish university in Israel, Bar-Illan, and is the son of a former chief rabbi of Rome, the other an Italian Jewish historian, have just revived the notorious “blood libel” that has caused the cruel murder of thousands of their co-religionists since medieval times. Professor Ariel Toaff has just this past week published a book in Italy called Pasque di Sangue, or “Bloody Passovers,” reasserting that the long-discredited medieval Christian legend that Jews ritually murder Christian children, drain their bodies of blood, mingle the blood in their matzah during the Passover festival and ritually consume it, has some truth in it.
In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Toaff asserted,

“My research has shown that in the Middle Ages, a group of fundamentalist Jews did not respect the biblical prohibition [against the consumption of blood]. . . It is just one group of Jews, who belonged to the communities that suffered the severest persecutions during the crusades. From this trauma came a passion for revenge that in some cases led to responses, among them ritual murder of Christian children.” 

According to Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, Toaff’s book alleges,

“… some blood libels – accusations that Jews killed Christians in ritual murders to add their blood to matzah and wine on Passover – may be based on real ceremonies in which the blood of Christians was actually used.”

Italy’s most influential newspaper, left-leanig Corriere della Serra, has published extracts from Toaff’s book, together with an article praising it by Italian Jewish historian Sergio Luzzato. Luzzato describes Toaff’s book as a

“magnificent work of history. . .Toaff holds that from 1100 to about 1500. . .several crucifixions of Christian children really happened, bringing about retaliations against entire Jewish communities-punitive massacres of Jewish men, women and children. Neither in Trent in 1475 nor in other areas of Europe in the late Middle Ages were the Jews always innocent. A minority of fundamentalist Ashkenazis . . .carried out human sacrifices.”

According to Luzzato’s summary of Toaff’s purported research, the fifteenth-century accusation made against the Jews of the Italian city of Trent, where 16 Jews were tortured and hanged on charges of murdering a two-year-old Christian boy and using his blood to make matzot, “might have been true.” According to Luzzato, Toaff also alleges,

“a black market flourished on both sides of the Alps, with Jewish merchants selling human blood, complete with rabbinic certification of the product–kosher blood.” 

To substantiate the charges of ritual murder against the Jews, Toaff relies not on any new evidence, but on the original confessions extracted through torture from the accused Jews in Trent and elsewhere.
How has Toaff’s employer, the religious Jewish Bar-Illan University in Tel-Aviv, responded to this outrage by one of its professors? By closing ranks behind him.
According to Haaretz, Toaff actually offered to resign in response to the controversy stirred by his book, but Bar-Illan’s president, Moshe Kaveh, refused to accept it. A spokesman for Bar-Illan, Yerah Tal, says,

“people who are not academics as well as lecturers at other universities, came to us and demanded that we fire Prof. Toaff, but we are not considering such a step. There are some who want to sacrifice him to Molech,[a pagan god of human sacrifices mentioned in the Bible] but the man hasn’t committed any crime.” 

The response of Bar-Illan University has been little short of despicable. Another Bar-Illan spokesman, Shmulik Algrabli, said,

“Professor Toaff is one of the greatest scholars in his field, and we have confidence in his scientific method.”

Another press release from “Bar-Illan’s management” on behalf of President Kaveh said,

“we should refrain from relying on baseless reports that have been denied by Prof. Toaff himself and which, apparently, lack any connection to the research itself”

“Academic freedom must not be restricted under any circumstances,” averred Prof. Rimon Kasher, a colleague of Toaff’s at Bar-Illan.”The job of the researcher is to ask questions and expose what he finds.”

What? “Scientific method” in a blood libel? “Research” that spreads such libels? Is the reiteration of an ancient malicious fantasy, solely on the basis of alleged confessions extracted by torture, really “research” or a “finding?” Can an interview with Toaff published in La Stampa, a leading Italian Journal, and extracts from his work, together with Prof. Luzzato’s comments on it, published in Corriere della Serra, both leading Italian newspapers, be dismissed as “baseless” sources for Toaff’s views? Should blood libels be protected by “academic freedom?” Would firing Toaff really be like “sacrificing” him to a pagan god? This language that resembles the blood accusation itself-as does Toaff’s own melodramatic claim that his critics are trying to “crucify” him.  It sounds like Bar-Illan is in deep denial and has fallen in with Toaff’s way of thinking, with all of its anti-Semitic implications.
What has been the response of the Jewish world to Toaff and Luzzato’s outrage? So far, extremely muted. Twelve senior rabbis representing Italy’s Jewish community, including Toaff’s father, Elio Toaff, who once welcome Pope John Paul II to the chief synagogue in Rome, did issue a strong denial of Toaff’s allegations. But world Jewish organizations, including those in the United States and Israel, have been almost completely silent.
It has been left mainly to Catholic priests and scholars to show a touch of sanity and decency in response to this revival of anti-Jewish medieval superstition by Jewish “scholars.”  Monsignor Iginio Rogger, a church historian who in the 1960s led a new investigation into the fifteenth-century Trent case that now forms the centerpiece of Toaff’s book, said many scholars have concurred that the confessions of the accused Jews of Trent, on which both the medieval court and now Toaff have relied exclusively for “evidence,” were completely unreliable.

“I wouldn’t want to be in [Toaff’s] shoes, answering for this to historians who have seriously documented this case,” he said. “The judges used horrible tortures, to the point where the accused pleaded: ‘Tell us what you want us to say.’ “

And Allessandro Martinelli, the Catholic Church’s Delegate for Interreligious Dialogue in the Diocese of Trent, referred reporters to a “well-documented DVD and historical monograph by historian Diego Quaglioni disproving Jewish responsibility for [the deceased child] Simonino’s death” (from a summary of Father Matinelli’s remarks  in the Jerusalem Post, Feb. 11, 2007).
Some historical background is needed to understand just how injurious and incendiary Professors Toaff and Luzzato’s words truly are. The “blood libel,” as it has come to be called, first appeared in the 12th century of the Common Era. In a series of spectacular trials between roughly 1200 and 1500 throughout Europe, hundreds of Jews were tortured into confessing to this charge and then hanged or burned alive by Christian courts. Whenever a Christian child, usually a male child, was found dead under unknown or mysterious circumstances, Jews were arrested and charged with having ritually murdered the boy. No evidence was ever produced to support these charges except confessions extorted under torture. Nonetheless the allegation thrived among medieval Christians, at around the same time that women of both faiths and all conditions of life were regularly accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. Both accusations clearly originated from the same medieval mentality, when people were haunted by the supernatural. But whatever its psychological roots, the blood libel forced thousands of Jews to live in terror for centuries. In addition to those put to death by “judicial” process in formal trials, thousands of Jews were massacred in pogroms in which the blood libel was used to incite Christian mobs into a frenzy of hatred.
Criminal trials based on the blood accusation more or less died out in Western Europe as the Middle Ages drew to a close around 1500.  But it continued to flourish as a part of popular anti-Semitic literature and folklore, and was given some limited sanction and encouragement by the Catholic Church, which declared some of the children who had supposedly been murdered by Jews “blessed,” and allowed them to be venerated by the faithful. In Eastern Europe, however, the allegation underwent a big revival in the eighteenth century, when numerous trials of Jews on ritual murder charges took place in Poland. Such trials continued to occur sporadically throughout Eastern Europe in the nineteenth century, and there was also one in Damascus, Syria, in 1840, in which over twenty local Jews were tortured and put to death in response to blood accusations from a Catholic priest.
Finally, there was at least one more blood libel trial in the twentieth century. In 1911 a young and respected Jewish businessman, Mendel Beilis, was charged with ritual murder in Kiev by the  Russian Tsar’s Ministry of “Justice.” After two years in prison, Beilis was finally acquitted in a widely publicized trial that helped to discredit the Tsarist regime in Russia in the eyes of all enlightened, educated Russian opinion. Surely now the ancient lie had been put to rest!
Yet the poison resurfaced once more with deadly results in the Polish town of Kielce in July 1946, after the Holocaust had supposedly ended. A mob that included Polish policemen and soldiers, incited by false rumors of Jewish ritual murders of Polish children, massacred over forty of the pathetic remnant of 200 Kielce Jews who had somehow survived the German extermination campaign. This was the last time, as far as I have been able to learn, that the blood libel led to Jewish deaths in Europe. But a documentary film about the Kielce massacre made in the 1990’s by American researchers contains interviews with several contemporary Poles, including a priest, who admitted that they still believed in the ritual murder myth.
The publication by the Second Vatican Council of the Catholic Church of a policy statement called Notre Aetate in 1965, which repudiated many of the anti-Jewish attitudes that had flourished in the church for centuries, has gone a long way towards putting the blood libel to rest in the Western world. And Catholic scholars have followed up this new policy of reconciliation with Jews by reexamining some of the medieval blood libel trials and concluding that the charges had been false.
As we have already noted, these reexaminations by Catholic scholars have included the same Trent blood libel case that Toaff has now made the centerpiece of his attempt to once again blacken the names of Jews martyred more than five hundred years ago. Following the publication of these scholarly vindications of Trent’s medieval Jewish community, the Bishop of Trent signed a decree “proclaiming that the blood libel against the city’s Jews was unfounded.” (The Jerusalem Post, Feb. 11, 2007). And the city of Trent erected a memorial plaque commemorating the Jewish victims, expressing remorse for the terrible injustice that was done to them and hopes for Christian-Jewish reconciliation in the future.
While the blood accusation has lost legitimacy in the Christian West-at least it had, before Toaff and Luzzato have now given it new life-in the Arab and Muslim worlds  it has been revived as a part of the massive propaganda war against Israel by the government of Syria and the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezb’allah, In the 1970s the Syrian Minister of Defense, Mustapha Tlas, published a book called The Matzah of Zion, which has since gone through numerous editions and is peddled by the Syrian authorities at international book fairs.  Tlas’s screed reasserts the claim that Jews had committed ritual murder and cannibalism of Arab children in Damascus in the 1840s.  Within the past few years, both the Syrian national television and the Hezb’allah television station, Al-Ansar, have broadcast a purportedly fact-based serial drama showing actors dressed as Orthodox Jews murdering and ritually drinking the blood of Gentile children, in addition to other disgusting crimes. In this manner the war against Israel has been given this old lie of Christian origin a new life and potency among the world’s billion-plus Muslims.
Toaff and Luzzato’s revival of this medieval lie could not have come at a worse time for besieged Jewry, in the present environment of revived anti-Semitism throughout the Islamic world and in Europe itself. It may undo decades of painful progress in discrediting the libel in Europe and in improving Catholic attitudes toward Jews.It will give it even more impetus to anti-Semitic hate propaganda in the Middle East.  Now every anti-Semitic website, newspaper and book published anywhere in the world will legitimate the ancient blood libel by citing the authority of two learned scholars, both Jewish, and one a professor at one of the world’s leading Jewish universities, and the son of a distinguished rabbi to boot. What more “proof” could the anti-Semites and Israel-haters require to substantiate their vicious lies? The damage to Jewish security and acceptance, and the threat to Jewish lives, is incalculable.
What could possibly have prompted such learned and prestigious Jews to such cruel, reckless and irresponsible behavior towards their own people? Was it the strong likelihood that Toaff’s book will become a best seller in Italy, where anti-Semitism is undergoing a revival, and conspiracy theories are perennially popular? In fact, the first edition of the libelous book has already sold out. Has its author done so as well? Or was Toaff’s motive connected somehow with his reputed “leftist” views (mentioned by Ha’aretz). After all, leftist Israel-bashers, including the Israel-based ones, now seem prepared to say anything that inflicts damage on “Zionism.”
Whatever their motives, may eternal and unending shame fall on the heads of Ariel Toaff and Sergio Luzatto.  The heart weeps.
John Landu contributed to this article
Historical background can be found in the books Christian anti-Semitism: A History of Hate, by William Nicholls (Published by Jason Aronson, 1993), and The Anguish of the Jews: Twenty-three Centuries of Anti-Semitism, by Father Edward Flannery, Revised and Updated. Published by the Paulist Press, 1985. See also

Never Again?

Never Again?
By Aaron Hanscom | January 30, 2007

On the eve of this year’s International Day of Commemoration for Holocaust victims, the UN passed a resolution condemning any denial of the Holocaust. Specifically, the resolution “urges all member states unreservedly to reject any denial of the Holocaust as a historical event, either in full or in part, or any activities to this end.”  The US-introduced resolution did not specifically name Iran, even though Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sponsored a conference in December at which 67 Holocaust deniers questioned whether six million Jews were really exterminated by the Nazis.   
German Ambassador Thomas Matussek commended the UN Resolution, saying distortions of historical facts “are a shameful failure of the responsibility we all share to ensure a world free from such atrocities.”  Matussek was speaking on behalf of the European Union, whose nations have failed to live up to such a responsibility.  

If the Holocaust is not yet being denied all across Europe, it is well on its way to becoming forgotten.  Consider the case of the British town of Bolton in Manchester.  Responding to Muslim pressure, last week the Bolton Council canceled its Holocaust Memorial Event. A Genocide Memorial Day in June will now take its place. While Bolton’s Interfaith Council was consulted before the decision was made, Rabbi Joseph Lever of the United Synagogue – a participant in the last three Holocaust Memorial Events in Bolton – was not. 

This is not surprising. Bolton’s council members seem to be adopting the policy of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). The MCB has been boycotting the Holocaust Memorial Day for years as it seeks to replace it with a national Genocide Day, which will highlight the “ongoing genocide and human rights abuses of Palestinians” by Israelis. The fact that Bolton Council ignored the Jewish community when making its decision upset local Jewish leaders.  Louis Rapaport, president of the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester, explained: “There many not be many Jews in Bolton but the day is supposed to have an educational message to the whole community.  I can’t help feeling the decision was influenced by Bolton’s large Muslim community.” 

Indeed, Britain’s Muslim community can not tolerate the portrayal of Jews as victims because of the damage it would do to the “cult of Palestinianism,” which reigns supreme in European capitals.  By minimizing the horror of the Nazi genocide, it is much easier to get away with labeling Israel’s defensive tactics as genocidal.  “It is more than unfortunate that Bolton has seen fit to trivialize the remembrance of the Shoah,”said Holocaust educator David Arnold.  

The Holocaust is also being trivialized in other European cities, such as Ciempozuelos near Madrid.  Instead of celebrating Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27, the Spanish city chose to hold a “commemoration of the Palestinian genocide.” Israeli ambassador Victor Harel said, “This is an act of pure anti-Semitism, in which the memory of Jews and Israel are offended with monumental falsehoods.” 

Ciempozuelos is governed by Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), which is not known for being friendly to Israel.  In fact, the blog Iberian Notes reports that “the Asturias regional government, run by the PSOE, of course, financed and published a book called “Internationals in Israel” that calls Israel “a terrorist state” and calls for its “total defeat.”  Such rhetoric sounds like it could have come directly from the mouth of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called for Israel to be “wiped off the map.” 

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) condemned the decision of Mayor Susana León Gordillo to hold a “Palestinian Genocide Day” in Ciempozuelos.  In a letter to Gordiollo, the ADL stated: 

Your attempt to equate the industrialized mass murder of six million Jewish women, men and children, as well as millions of others, with the situation of the Palestinian people is shameful. It reflects an extremely disturbing tendency, which is particularly visible in Europe, to dishonor the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and de-legitimize the State of Israel by seeking to eradicate the clear moral difference between the Holocaust and the loss of Palestinian lives as a result of the Arab-Israeli conflict. 

Applying the term ‘genocide’ to the Arab-Israeli conflict encourages hatred toward the State of Israel and deliberately insults those of us, both Jews and non-Jews, who seek to solemnly commemorate the victims of the Nazi campaign of slaughter.

Israeli professor Benny Morris recently predicted in the Jerusalem Post (“This Holocaust will be different”) that a nuclear attack by Iran against Israel is likely. Though the gas chambers will be replaced with Shihab missiles this time, at least one thing will remain the same. Morris writes that both the first and second holocausts “will have been preceded by decades of preparation of hearts and minds.”  Westerners have been taught that “Israel, in this age of multiculturalism, is an anachronism and superfluous.” He might have added that the world can’t live up to its promise of “Never again” when a significant portion of the Western world wants to forget the Holocaust ever happened in the first place.

Holocaust Deniers and Their Supporters

Holocaust Deniers and Their Supporters
By Ariel Cohen | January 29, 2007

January 27th was the anniversary of the liberation of
Auschwitz (1944).  It was also U.N.-sponsored International Holocaust Commemoration Day. Many countries joined in support of a UN resolution, initiated by the
United States, which “condemns without reservation any denial of the Holocaust” and urges UN member states “unreservedly to reject any denial of the Holocaust as an historical event.”
The U.S. Acting Ambassador to the UN Alejandro D. Wolff said that “those who would deny the Holocaust – and, sadly, there are some who do – reveal not only their ignorance, but their moral failure as well.” In a recent lecture, the newly elected Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon said, in a veiled reference to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, “Denying historical facts, especially on such an important subject as the Holocaust, is just not acceptable. Nor is it acceptable to call for the elimination of any State or people… We must apply the lessons of the Holocaust to today’s world.”Heeding his call, 103 countries co-sponsored the resolution, which passed by consensus and without a vote. The Holocaust was one of the defining events of the past century. It should be one of its most important lessons. But who is refusing to learn from the mass slaughter? Who voiced objections to the UN resolution and who opposed it?  Those who do not wish to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Unsurprisingly, Iran made a strong statement against the resolution, focusing instead on Hiroshima and
Nagasaki, and the treatment of the Palestinians. None of the Arab nations, and most Muslim countries refused to co-sponsor. 
This is a chilling fact. It says a great deal not just about the Iranian state of mind, but of its intentions. By supporting Holocaust denial Teheran is legitimizing it – and paving the way to a new Holocaust. The deafening silence of the Arab states, even though some, like Egypt and Jordan, are formally at peace with Israel, as well as the stance of nuclear-armed
Pakistan, makes one wonder how deep both denial of history and hatred of the Jews go.
Even Kofi Anan, hardly a friend of Israel, stated at the end of his tenure that “… the [Iranian] rhetoric implies a refusal to concede the very legitimacy of
Israel’s existence, let alone the validity of its security concerns... Today Israelis are often confronted with words and action that seem to confirm their fear that the goal of their adversaries is to extinguish their existence as a state and as a people.”
The U.S. and Israel have warned that Iran‘s stance on the Holocaust—and its president’s assertions that
Israel should be wiped off the map—аre in direct violation of the UN Charter and should be viewed with extreme concern in light of its defiant development of nuclear capabilities.
“While the nations of the world gather here… with the intent of never again allowing genocide, a member of this assembly is acquiring the capabilities of carrying out its own,” said
Israel‘s Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman.
Ahmadinejad’s nuclear arms race and calls to destroy
Israel are connected by an umbilical cord to hatred. The nexus between the Holocaust and anti-Western and anti-Semitic Islamist ideology are well known and well documented. Twentieth century Muslim radicals were Hitler’s willing accomplices.  Leading among them was the Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin Al Housseini, Yasser Arafat’s relative and mentor.
At the Nurenberg trials of the Nazi leadership, Adolf Eichmann’s deputy Dieter Wisliceny testified that “The Mufti was one of the initiators of the systematic extermination of European Jewry and had been a collaborator and adviser of Eichmann and (SS Chief Heinrich) Himmler in the execution of this plan… He was one of Eichmann’s best friends and had constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures. I heard him to say, accompanied by Eichmann, he had visited incognito the gas chambers of
After the war, the Mufti was the guest of the Muslim Brotherhood in
Egypt, the founder of which, Hassan al-Banna was an admirer of Hitler. Egypt gave refuge to Nazi propaganda experts and missile scientists, while
Syria harbored SS brass.

The chief ideologist of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sayyid Qutb, though an exchange student in Colorado, came to passionately hate the
United States, primarily because of the freedoms American women enjoy. He refined the anti-Western and anti-American trajectory of the Brotherhood, which later spawned even more extremist offshoots, such as Ayman al Zawahiri’s Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the constituent part of Al Qaeda. Hamas, which is bent on destroying
Israel, is also an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. Qutb is still a guiding light among Islamist radicals.
Iran, Nazi sympathies ran deep even before World War Two, fuelled by hatred of the
British Empire. Reza Pahlavi, the father of the last Shah, renamed Persia Iran (meaning “Aryan” in Farsi) to signal his political sympathy to the Nazi “Arian” ideology.
Iran is a worldwide center of Holocaust denial. This did not start with Ahmadinejad’s December 2006 conference for Holocaust deniers, nor did it begin with
Iran’s macabre Holocaust cartoon competition, which has now been declared an annual event. Since 2000,
Iran has embraced Holocaust deniers  Jürgen Graf, Wolfgang Fröhlich, David Duke, and Roger Garaudy who claim that the Holocaust was a myth.
The refusal of
Iran and Arab countries to co-sponsor the UN Holocaust commemoration resolution, their rejection of Holocaust education, and the Iranian nuclear arms and ballistic missile program are signs of an approaching danger.
The implied embrace of the ideology and politics of hatred which brought about the Holocaust does not threaten
Israel alone. Radical Islamism, which embraces Holocaust denial, Jew hatred, and the denial of
Israel’s right to exist, also vehemently denies Western civilization its right to exist. It is a clear and present danger to world peace. It is laudable that the Holocaust is being commemorated at the UN But to preserve peace, the UN’s members need to do much more than adopt non-binding resolutions.

Hamas and Holocaust Talk

Hamas and Holocaust Talk
By Joe Kaufman | January 5, 2007

Hate radio is alive and well in
Tampa Bay, Florida.  The station is 88.5 WMNF.  The show is ‘True Talk’ with Ahmed Bedier and Samar Jarrah, two supporters of and apologists for radical Islam.  The themes of the show usually center around denouncement of American foreign and domestic policy, with regard to the issue of terrorism.  The last show, airing Friday, December 22, 2006, featured the CEO of a Palestinian propaganda organization and a pro-Iranian blogger.  The target of both guests was the state of

Bedier and Jarrah, the two hosts of ‘True Talk,’ have a history of animosity towards
Israel.  Bedier, who is also the Communications Director for the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Florida), in September of 2003, openly complained that the post 9/11 climate has been “
an effective tool to silence anti-Israeli views” in the United States.  Jarrah, a self-described “Palestinian” that was born in
Kuwait, in December of 2001, in an open letter to the cable television news network CNN, stated, “
No wonder more and more people label you as the ZNN. (z=Zionist).”


The guests that pervade the show epitomize this animosity.  They include such individuals as the head of CAIR and Hamas supporter Nihad Awad and Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives Ghassan Ballut and Sameeh Hammoudeh.  On December 22, 2006, the show continued the trend with invitees Leila Sansour, the CEO of Open
Bethlehem, and Chris Voidis, the director of the blog ‘The Reign of Terror.’


Leila Sansour, an anti-Israel film producer, began her organization, Open Bethlehem, in November of 2005.  The focus of the group – with offices in Washington and London – is to bring attention to the wall that Israel has built separating
Bethlehem from Rachel’s Tomb.  Rachel’s Tomb, one of Judaism’s holiest sites, has been the target of constant terrorist attacks, most recently a
pipe bomb attack on December 27th.  On Open Bethlehem’s website, the security barrior has been reduced to nothing more than a “prison wall.”


Sansour continued her group’s misleading and hateful rhetoric, thanks to Bedier, Jarrah and their station, on
Tampa’s airwaves.  On the show, Sansour recited a litany of anti-Israel propaganda.  She stated that
Israel “is about abusing another people, about colonizing another people, about stealing other people’s property.”


Sansour, without protest, blamed all on
Israel, made excuses for terrorists, and threatened continued violence.  She stated, “History, here, did not start with suicide bombings… The angry response from these people – who sometimes – which sometimes gets extreme, is also driven by very very extreme circumstances in which they live… So it’s very important for all of us to understand the reason behind the problem, and we clearly see the reason as Israeli intransigence. 
Israel does not want to achieve an agreement by which it gives justice to the people – to the Palestinian people –living here, and that is the problem… Unless this is achieved, it’s impossible to talk about peace here.”


Sansour, totally discounting the role of terrorism against the Jewish state, wildly claimed that the Oslo Accords failed, because
Israel “did not respect the conditions” or “the spirit” of the agreement.  She then minimized suicide bombings as acts that do “not look particularly nice”


Later, Sansour avowed her misguided opinion of Hamas, starting with Hamas, the “political party.”  She said, “First of all, Hamas as a political party – a political force – came about after so many political parties, who were very peaceful, who were very keen on building serious bridges and the proper peace agreement and were recognizing international – all international law – constantly failed.  So when we have a whole people, for decades, subjected to being losers all the time… you are likely to get political parties, who will get stronger and stronger and, if you wish, more bound on ‘the resistance,’ on a larger scale, in a more determined way, and in a stronger form.”


Finally, Sansour discussed the issue of Hamas’s (and her) non-recognition of
Israel’s existence.  She stated, “[T]he problem is not that Hamas doesn’t recognize
Israel.  The problem – the major problem – is that Israel never [sic] recognize
Palestine.  So we live in a place where we’ve never been recognized by Israel, so why is it that now
Israel wants to claim a unique right for recognition, when it doesn’t recognize us?”


The other guest on the show was Chris Voidis, who, according to Bedier, is an independent blogger and a journalist from
Canada.  Voidis runs a blog titled ‘The Reign of Terror’ from his website,  On his blog, one can find the following:


  • “When fanatical radicals slammed those hijacked airplanes into their targets back in September of 2001, their greatest ‘achievement’ was not the damage to life and property that resulted. Rather, their greatest achievement was to force the hand of the US and to lure it out into the open where the people of the world could see what really lurks in
    Washington.” (‘The President That Threw Away The Empire…’ December 5, 2006)
  • President Bush can rest assured that he will not be tried like a common war criminal. After all, he is an uncommon one.” (‘Of Presidential Ladders…” December 3, 2006)
  • The only other powers that compare to the amount of death and suffering that the US has caused on this planet are Nazi Germany, the USSR and the
    British Empire…” (‘Of Presidential Ladders…” December 3, 2006)
  • So, what could have
    Syria gained from such a planned assassination? My guess is that
    Syria would have gained nothing but troubles from it, just as it did. On the other hand, who could have gained the most from Hariri’s assassination? My guess is Israel.” (‘Who Stands To Gain From This Latest Assassination?’ November 21, 2006)


Chris Voidis, like Leila Sansour, is living in a made up world of conspiracy theories, enhanced by engrained prejudice.  For Voidis that prejudice includes an unhindered belief that the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, can do no wrong.  On ‘True Talk,’ speaking about the recent Holocaust conference held in
Iran, attended by such hatemongers as David Duke, Voidis acted the role of Ahmadinejad’s media spokesman.  And Voidis’s target, of course, was


Voidis stated, “Well, one of the things that I’ve noticed, as far as this whole ‘Holocaust Denial Conference’ is concerned, is there is a lot of misinformation about what exactly the conference is about.  Now, I don’t think this conference was necessarily a Holocaust Denial Conference.  I think this conference was more a move on President Ahmadinejad’s part to sort of poke fun at the West for its inability to understand Muslim sensitivities…”


And “…the fact remains that the whole concept of the Holocaust – the whole history, rather, of the Holocaust – has been used, to a large extent, by Western media and by Western governments in order to justify what has happened in the Middle East, in terms of the partition of Palestine and the building up of the state of Israel and a denial of the right of Palestinians to their own state… [T]his is how I understood what President Ahmadinejad called ‘the myth of the Holocaust’ or ‘the myth surrounding the Holocaust.’”


Voidis ends his series of rants with his idea of how
Israel will come to make “peace” – through force.  He states, “…the only way to deal with Israel is through power – is to be able to project power and to be able to make Israel feel that it must negotiate – it must reach a peace agreement – because it has no other choice…
Israel must be dealt with power, in order to negotiate… And I think that Iran wants to show the Arab world – the Muslim world – that it is willing to bring this kind of power to the
Middle East.”


Just like with the case of Sansour, every charge made by Voidis went unchallenged.  The guests were given carte blanch to make any claim, no matter how absurd or outrageous.  And to make matters worse, Bedier and Jarrah jumped in and piled on the anti-Israel attacks.  From both their mouths, the terms “occupied territories” and “apartheid wall” were heard seven times and two times, respectively – proving the deep obsession of the subject of
Israel with the hosts.


Through all the hateful and fictitious statements being spewed forth on this show, an uninformed listener could easily get confused and think that America and
Israel are the enemy.  The Holocaust proved that such talk could have grave consequences.


And this was all made possible by WMNF.

KKK’s David Duke Tells Iran Holocaust Conference That Gas Chambers Not Used to Kill Jews

Israel, EU condemn Iran’s Holocaust conference

Israel, EU condemn Iran’s Holocaust conference

Last Updated: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 | 10:46 AM ET

Israel’s prime minister, German leaders and the European Union’s top justice official are among those who condemned Iran on Tuesday for hosting a controversial conference questioning the Nazi genocide of Jews.

‘We have learned and memorized the lesson [of the Holocaust]; the weak and defenceless are doomed. Doomed are they who do not believe those who threaten to eradicate them.’-Israeli PM Ehud Olmert

The two-day conference that began Monday in Tehran has brought 67 participants from 30 countries, including the former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke, a well-known French academic who lost tenure over his anti-Holocaust opinions, several Orthodox Jews and other prominent Holocaust skeptics.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called the event “a sick phenomenon” Tuesday as he met with German leaders in Berlin, urging them to sever economic ties with Iran.

During a visit to Berlin’s Grunewald train station, where thousands of Jews were shipped to death camps during the Holocaust, Olmert referred to Iran’s attempts to deny the events of the Holocaust.

“We have learned and memorized the lesson [of the Holocaust]; the weak and defenceless are doomed. Doomed are they who do not believe those who threaten to eradicate them. Doomed are the complacent. Doomed are they who entertain the false illusion that they could escape harm and that they could rely on the mercy of strangers,” Olmert said.

The German parliament’s president, Norbert Lammert, protested the conference in a letter to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and dismissed it as anti-Semitic propaganda.

EU justice chief joins condemnation

Ahmadinejad, who has referred to the well-documented Nazi genocide as a “myth” and called for Israel to be “wiped off the map,” initiated the two-day conference.

Since the end of the Second World War, Germany has paid billions of dollars in reparations to Israel and relations between the two countries remain strong, with Israel’s security being a pillar of German foreign policy.

The European Union’s top justice official, Franco Frattini, also joined the chorus of condemnation.

// ‘); // ]]>

‘…utter disregard of historically established facts…’-Franco Frattini,the EU’s top justice official

Frattini issued a statement Tuesday that said the Iran conference showed an “utter disregard of historically established facts.”

The conference was “an unacceptable affront not only to the victims of that tragedy and their descendants, but also to the whole democratic world,” he said.

Conference defended as free-speech issue

Organizers have defended the conference as a free-speech issue. They said they wanted to create an environment where scholars can freely debate the Holocaust away from Western taboos or persecution.

It is illegal to deny aspects of the Holocaust in some countries, including France, Germany and Austria, and some of the speakers at the conference have been charged and even jailed for denying aspects of the Holocaust.

The conference organizers, like many of the attendees, also argue that the Holocaust is used to justify the existence of a Jewish state and Israeli oppression of Palestinians.

‘The Zionists have used the Holocaust as a weapon to deny the rights of the Palestinians and cover up the crimes of Israel.’-Former KKK leader David Duke

The organizers said the conference was not an explicit attempt to deny the Holocaust happened, but merely to call into question its scale and methods.

“The Zionists have used the Holocaust as a weapon to deny the rights of the Palestinians and cover up the crimes of Israel,” Duke, the former KKK leader, said in an address Monday.

Duke, who also ran unsuccessfully to be U.S. president and a member of Congress, also said the gas chambers in which millions perished did not actually exist.

The speakers also included Robert Faurisson, who was a literature professor at a French university until being stripped of his tenure for repeated public denials that the Holocaust took place.

He was the subject of great controversy in France, especially after renowned American scholar Noam Chomsky defended his right to free speech.

In Faurisson’s speech at the conference, he said the Holocaust was “no more than a belief” created to justify the creation of Israel.

Members of a group of radical rabbis, Jews United Against Israel, also attended the conference. They don’t doubt the existence of the Holocaust but object to the state of Israel on religious grounds.