By Michael Reagan
FrontPageMagazine.com | 7/7/2008

Americans are worried. Americans are angry. Soaring gas prices are seriously crippling our economy and hitting us where it hurts the most — in our pockets.

We have a right to be angry, but anger is no longer enough. It’s time for rage — good, old American rage aimed at those elitist Democrats who prefer to see the folks beggared by soaring fuel prices rather than take the action this very real economic crisis demands.


We know that the law of supply and demand is what’s causing gas prices to soar, but merely knowing the ultimate cause of the crisis is not enough. We need to know why the most obvious remedy — one that promises to increase supply — is being studiously avoided by the powers that be, the leadership in Congress.

Once Americans become aware of that reason, get out of the way because they will be at the gates of Capitol Hill armed with pitchforks and scythes like enraged villagers marching on Dracula’s castle, determined do wreak vengeance on the very people who refuse to act in the way current circumstances clearly demand.

The steady increase in gas prices can be stopped dead in its tracks, and rolled back to less onerous levels literally overnight. The Democrats in Congress have in their hands the magic wand they could easily wave, but they arrogantly refuse to use it. And so we continue to pay the price for their refusal to help their fellow Americans when they have the power to do so.

All they need to do is lift all moratoria and restrictions on domestic, offshore and Alaskan drilling for oil. That’s all. A quick wave of that magic wand is all that’s needed. But they will not act, and for that they must be made aware that they will pay a steep price at the polls for their refusal to act when action is desperately needed.

Make no mistake about it, the liberals in the House and Senate — in the pockets of the super-rich environmentalists who scarcely conceal their contempt for their fellow humans, activists who won’t be happy until every automobile is driven from America’s roads and highways — simply will not come to our aid.

As Marie Antoinette is said to have remarked about her starving subjects who were demanding bread, “Let then eat cake,” many of our elected Democratic members of Congress are in effect saying of Americans, “Let them ride bikes.”

In their contemptuous sophistry their spokesmen sneer that opening the gates to domestic and offshore drilling would not yield results for 10 years. That excuse for inaction is insultingly deceptive. While it will take years to see our domestic supply of petroleum begin to take up the slack, the very declaration that the floodgates will be opened and America is on he way to independence from foreign oil will strike fear into the hearts of OPEC and the speculators who have driven the price of oil skyward.

Their reaction would be instantaneous — they would increase production to the fullest extent possible, motivated by the knowledge that their stranglehold on supply faces its eventual demise, and gas prices at the pump would fall.

As economist Lawrence Kudlow wrote in his column, “An America First Energy Plan,” “As soon as you say, ‘End the drilling moratoriums,’ it is precisely those traders who will start selling oil contracts — long before the first offshore oil barrels are delivered to market. If they see presidential leadership on oil and shale drilling, they will rapidly turn a bull market into a bear market.”

A partial answer to our immediate problem is at hand. The steady increase in pump prices can be halted and prices somewhat rolled back to a more acceptable level. Yet those environmentalist-controlled Democrats are turning their backs on the voters who sent them to Washington and coldly refusing to lift a finger to help the American people, preferring instead to lay the blame for the problem on big oil, speculators, and every place but where it belongs: on themselves.

If that doesn’t enrage you, nothing will.

If this continues, the payback will come in November, when people drive them from office, unless they do what needs to be done: Drill, Drill, Drill!

Mike Reagan, the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Radio America Network.

The Great PC Train Robbery

The Great PC Train Robbery
By Lloyd Billingsley
FrontPageMagazine.com | May 18, 2007

On April 16, a Monday, passengers aboard the last Amtrak train of the day back from the Bay Area wondered why the engine ground to a stop as it approached the I Street bridge over the Sacramento River. They didn’t know that five people stood on the tracks, gang members among them, throwing rocks at the engineer, who stopped the train. The attackers dragged him out, demanded his wallet and cell phone, then beat him senseless with a bottle and a fire extinguisher. They also attacked the train’s conductor. The engineer, with head and internal injuries, was taken to hospital. The train finally crossed the river to the Sacramento station under the control of a student conductor.

Train robberies were common in the wild west but are now practically unknown. By any journalistic standard this one was Big News, page-one material, especially with the gang involvement. The attack happened at about 10:15 pm, plenty of time for next-day coverage in the Sacramento Bee, the only daily in California’s capital. A lot of people ride Amtrak too and would certainly want to know if gang members had robbed a train and nearly killed the engineer.

No story appeared on Tuesday. The next day, April 18, the Bee ran a 378-word story about the attack, not on the front page, and headlined “W. Sac’s focus on security in attack on train: Mayor wants report after  beating of engineer Monday.”

“This is lawless barbarism,” West Sacramento mayor Christopher Cabaldon told the Bee’s Tony Bizjak, but the attackers remained unidentified. An April 18 Associated Press story came headlined “Mob forces train to stop, assaults engineer in West Sacrament” but mentioned only a “group of people” on the tracks. That could have meant anybody, but on Thursday emerged the involvement of the Broderick Boys a criminal street gang under a court injunction by Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig, who calls the gang “domestic terrorists.”

Reisig’s 2005 injunction set up a 10 pm curfew for the Broderick Boys and a “safety zone,” which included the area where the train attack occurred. The lead attacker was 17 but would be tried on some 14 felony charges including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, mayhem, train robbery, vandalism and criminal street gang activity. Even though he will be tried as an adult, the Bee chose not to reveal the lead attacker’s name.

The paper’s brief April 18 editorial called for greater security on the train tracks and decried the “gang of hooligans,” along with “vandals” and “thugs.” All that fell short of the “lawless barbarism” decried by the major of West Sacramento. The editorial did not name the actual gang in involved in the attack. The Broderick Boys soon caught a bigger break. 

On April 24, an appeal court tossed Reisig’s injunction, under which violent crime had decreased eight percent in the safety zone. The next day, the Bee ran a prominently featured piece of nearly 1,000 words by veteran reporters Bill Lindelof and Stephen Managnini. It turned out to be a forum for Joe Castro, 76, who described himself as proud to be a Broderick Boy, even though, he said, “I’ve never been around them when they caused any trouble.” Castro’s wife Mary said the injunction was “the worst thing that could have happened here,” stigmatizing a Latino community. Activists of La Raza Network said likewise. Neither Castro mentioned the train attack.

Bee columnist Marcos Breton also failed to mention the train attack at all in his April 29 column, “West Sac’s Gang Law was Racially Unfair.” He conceded that crime was down in the areas covered by the injunction but charged that the measure was a kind of racial profiling of “brown people.” The piece included no opinion on the fairness of the injunction from the engineer whose head the Broderick Boys had bashed in, nor from the conductor who had been beaten. The “alternative” Sacramento News & Review likewise avoided any mention of the train attack in its piece on the gang injunction against the Broderick Boys.

All told, a successful injunction against a violent gang garnered more wrath than a savage attack which Eugene Skoropowski, executive director of the Capitol Corridor train service, told the Bee was “the most horrific incident” he had seen in 40 years on the railroad. Even before the train attack, Jeff Reisig had ample justification for calling the violent Broderick Boys domestic terrorists. The DA did his best but was up against a politically correct media ethos which construes anti-crime measures, whatever their success, as racial profiling of an accredited victim group.

Violent gangs victimize innocents but in the politically correct view, gangs are victims of capitalist, racist society. In this case the Broderick Boys came out well. The press keeps the attackers’ identity a secret and the gang avoids direct criticism. The courts provide the favor of lifting an effective injunction against them, followed by cheers from the press. That dynamic could well make train travel a more exciting experience in California.

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