“These days it sometimes feels really hard to be a Muslim in America”

“These days it sometimes feels really hard to be a Muslim in America”

Here, in the wake of the Fort Dix jihad arrests and ongoing jihad violence around the world, is another Muslim in America claiming victim status.

For it is so hard, you see, to be a Muslim in America. So very, very hard. You see, Ayesha Malik Nasson has to “explain or defend Islam” again and again to people “who are set on believing the worst, no matter what” she says or does. Ah, I see. People like Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, Naveed Haq, John Walker Lindh, and Adam Gadahn, who seem as Muslims to “cherry-pick” the worst and most violent aspects of Islam?

No, of course she doesn’t mean them. She means non-Muslims who have trouble believing claims that Islam is a religion of peace in light of ongoing jihad violence and the justification of that violence by reference to the Qur’an and Muhammad’s example. Why should we believe our lyin’ eyes instead of Ayesha Malik Nasson. We’re just making her “tired and irritated,” and overwhelmed with how hard it is to be a Muslim in the United States today.

How hard is it to be a Muslim in America today? Well, if your son is arrested for plotting a jihad attack at an American military base in which he hoped to kill as many Americans as possible, business at your restaurant might suffer. And if you trump up hate crimes to enhance your protected victim status, people might find out. But you don’t have to worry about your mosque being torched, or being killed for something you say or someone else said, or even for something you draw or someone else drew.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to face all the deprivations and human rights abuses of Muslim-majority countries. In fact, Muslims in the U.S. are as free to practice their religion in peace than they are anywhere in the world, and freer than they would be anywhere else from violence, instability, repression.

But they might have to explain their Religion of Peace to skeptical infidels. It’s too bad that Ayesha Malik Nasson doesn’t direct her efforts to eradicating jihadist sympathies from the American Muslim community. But of course that would make her even more tired and irritated than she is now.

“And surely after hardship there is ease,” by Ayesha Malik Nasson at ReligionAndSpirituality.com, with thanks to Neil:

These days it sometimes feels really hard to be a Muslim in America. Occasionally it leaves me feeling disheartened, overwhelmed, despised, feared or pessimistic. I want to retreat, tired and irritated from having to explain or defend Islam yet again to those who are set on believing the worst, no matter what I say or do as a practicing Muslim.

Left Works to Change Image of Fort Dix Six

Left Works to Change Image of Fort Dix Six

by Sher Zieve

Although I still have difficulty fathoming why the secular Left seems bent upon suicide-by-proxy, at least it has told us who (if not what) comprise the members of its substitution group. They are the Islamists. However, in the case of Islam’s most recent failed attempt to cause an act of barbarism on US soil, many on the Left seem furious with their adopted protégés. In statements that appear designed to spur them on toward accomplishing their terroristic missions, the Left has called the Islamists “idiots” and “morons” for not actually completing their massacre mission at Fort Dix, NJ. The popular anarchistic left-wing site Daily Kos reflects this disdain for the jihadists’ failed plan to slaughter soldiers stationed at Fort Dix. One of its writers/bloggers states: “It’s a bit like the Shriners planning to win the Daytona 500 with a clownmobile.” The writer then goes on to compare this recent Islamist attempt to one planned by the 1970’s militant group the Weather Underground. In an attempted attack on Fort Dix, members of this group blew themselves up prematurely. Perhaps the Daily Kos is not aware of the current myriad Islamist attack attempts, worldwide, in which the terrorists not infrequently blow themselves up prematurely. But, the Left has seldom-to-never been accused of basing its opinions or even news articles on any discernable coherent facts.


Then, there is the ABC News article titled “The Fort Dix Six Allegedly Had Bomb Recipes, Made Fun of U.S.”, in which the usual friend of one of the terrorists is interviewed and says “He was an easy going guy, someone you enjoyed working with.”—the indication being ‘terrorists can be great guys, too’! The Courier-Post Online quotes George Strong, a retired William and Mary University professor, as saying the Fort Dix Six are “romanticists.” Do we now have a politically-correct new word to use for avowed terrorists? Are they no longer to be called what they truly are but, to be referred to as “romantics?” I predict that there will soon be a new ACLU-and-CAIR-fought-for-law that bans the usage of the word “terrorist” and replaces it with “romanticist.” Following this same leftist-inspired thought pattern, will the term ‘terrorism’ soon be replaced with ‘love’? The Courier-Post goes on to extensively quote Chicago Muslim leader Huseyin Abiva as strongly indicating that the United States is to blame for the Fort Dix mass murder attempt. Huseyin said that the 1999 American intervention in Serbia is to blame, when he stated: “A lot of these foreign missionaries [presumably he believes Christian missionaries] and soldiers started propagating this alien interpretation of Islam.” Huh? First of all, I don’t recall any Christian clerics being sent to Serbia to “convert” the Muslim population. Second—to what “alien interpretation of Islam” is Huseyin referring? With all of the ongoing worldwide terrorist attacks perpetrated by the followers of Islam, it appears that this political system and religion (neither of which can be separated from the other) speak for themselves.

In his “style” of continuing to play down any and all Islamist threats, we have MSNBC’s Uber-leftist Keith Olbermann telling his handful of viewers on the same day the on-our-soil Islamists were arrested: “The FBI arrested six morons.” As other leftists, Olbermann seems genuinely angry that the would-be terrorism plotters did not accomplish their goal. And, tragically, it’s no surprise that NBC would allow (and most likely fully support) the seemingly anti-US and pro-terrorist ideology that Olbermann appears to embrace. The inherent insanity of this sort of support for enemies of the United States is that should the Islamics accomplish their stated goal of world domination, leftists will also either be killed or forced to convert to Islam. Do these leftists hold even one coherent and rational thought in their collective mind? From their comments and actions, I think it’s doubtful. However, as they are a suicidal bunch, perhaps being “offed” is their hope.


The left-wing Democrat propagandists and their media continue to blame the United States of America for everything that is wrong with the world. And, of course, President Bush is responsible for all of the problems—even those that did not occur on or during his watch. But, even though he’s often the wrong target, President Bush is the easy one to scapegoat—as he seldom fights them back. However, if the voting, reading and viewing public continues to allow this never-ending “blame America first, in the middle and last” mentality—we will very soon be destroyed from both within and without. It appears that this is what both the Left and the Islamists are hoping for and working toward.


Do you have any plans to repeat the 2006 midterm results by also sitting out the 2008 elections?


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Sher Zieve is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. (www.thenma.org). The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.

Jersey Jihadists: We’re the victims!

Fort Dix Jihad: The Media Misses the Point

Fort Dix Jihad: The Media Misses the Point
It’s not about the organization, it’s the ideology.

By Andrew C. McCarthy

The mainstream media is atwitter this morning over the six Muslim men arrested in south Jersey for conspiring “to kill as many soldiers as possible” at the Fort Dix U.S. army base. The case, they tell us, reflects the new terrorism: inept, atomized cells, disconnected from al Qaeda or any other regimented international terrorist organization.
Here’s the template setter, the New York Times: “The authorities described the suspects as Islamic extremists and said they represented the newest breed of threat: loosely organized domestic militants unconnected to — but inspired by — al Qaeda or other international terror groups.”

The Washington Post echoes:

[The group] … was portrayed as a leaderless, homegrown cell of immigrants from Jordan, Turkey and the former Yugoslavia who came together because of a shared infatuation with Internet images of jihad, or holy war. Authorities said the group has no apparent connection to al-Qaeda or other international terrorist organizations aside from ideology, but appears to be an example of the kind of self-directed sympathizers widely predicted — and feared — by counterterrorism specialists. The defendants allegedly passed around and copied images of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and the martyrdom videos of two of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers.

Meet the new terrorism. Same as the old terrorism.

In 1993, Mohammed Salameh, a Palestinian immigrant who was a member of no known foreign terrorist organization, helped bomb the World Trade Center. The attack was carried out by a homegrown jihadist cell that was formed in the late 1980s. The group was inspired by the fiery cleric, Omar Abdel Rahman (the Blind Sheikh). Though Sheikh Abdel Rahman was the head of an Egyptian terrorist organization, Gama’at al Islamia (the Islamic Group), the American cell was not a Gama’at operation. It was a motley crew of Egyptians, Palestinians, Pakistanis, Iraqis, Sudanese, and others. What bound them together was ideology — not connection to a particular organization.

That ideologically inspired cell had already claimed some victims. In 1990, Salameh’s cohort, a naturalized American citizen from Egypt named El Sayyid Nosair, murdered Rabbi Meir Kahane (founder of the Jewish Defense League) at a hotel in New York City, shooting and wounding a 70-year-old man and a postal police officer as he attempted to flee. Nosair, who had helped organize the paramilitary training, was a ne’er-do-well who kept recordings and notes of jihadist preaching in his home.

Salameh, meanwhile, turned out not to be the sharpest tool in the shed — reminiscent of this morning’s media depiction of the Fort Dix plotters. He was arrested largely because, after using a rental van to house and transport the bomb into the bowels of the Twin Towers, he figured — even as his co-conspirators fled the country — that it would be a good idea to try to get his deposit back. Investigators, furthermore, found that Salameh and his confederates seemed, at times, to be Keystone terrorists, storing nitroglycerine in a refrigerator, amateurishly mixing chemicals, getting involved in traffic mishaps. None of the ineptitude, however, left the World Trade Center any less bombed or the victims any less dead.

It is often assumed, incorrectly, that the ’93 bombing was an al Qaeda initiative because its prime-mover, Ramzi Yousef, had trained in al Qaeda camps. But thousands of young Muslim men have been through the rigors of those camps; the vast majority never formally joins al Qaeda. The issue is not, and has never been, membership in an organization. The point is that those who attend the camps are in a process of being catalyzed by jihadist ideology. In any event, it is far from certain that Yousef was ever a formal member of al Qaeda. Even if he had been, the al Qaeda that existed in 1993 was a different and much less capable entity than the organization that carried out the 1998 embassy bombings, and, as noted above, the other conspirators were not al Qaeda operatives.

The bombing was almost immediately followed by a second, more ambitious (and thankfully unsuccessful) plot for simultaneous strikes against New York City landmarks — the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels, the UN complex, and the FBI’s lower Manhattan headquarters. Again, few if any of the rag-tag would-be bombers were members of any formal foreign terrorist organization; they were mostly Sudanese immigrants (one of whom had ties to Sudan’s government), a Palestinian with possible Hamas ties, and a pair of Americans. At trial, the evidence showed one of the latter (a Puerto Rican named Victor Alvarez, aka “Mohammed the Spanish”) to be so dim-witted his defense became that he lacked the necessary sophistication to grasp that his associates were at war with America. The jury, exercising the sort of common sense absent from much of today’s coverage, decided that neither a Ph.D. nor the key to al Qaeda’s executive men’s room was a prerequisite for ideologically motivated mass murder.

Al Qaeda is a powerful force. It is a sprawling, atomized, international network of cells. It has proved quite adept at orchestrating savage attacks. But the main danger it poses has never been the orders its generals give to its colonels and on down some regimented chain-of-command. If we had only to worry about members of al Qaeda carrying out orders of al Qaeda, the war on terror would be neither as uphill nor as infinite as it seems to be. The principal challenge posed by al Qaeda is that it spearheads the spread of a strong, though noxious, ideology.

Indeed, al Qaeda does not purport to give direction only to its own members, or even that the directions it does impart are al Qaeda’s own directions. The network presumes to be guiding all Muslims toward what Islam compels. This is abundantly clear from Osama bin Laden’s infamous 1998 fatwa — “infamous” in the sense that it is often mentioned in press, although, to judge from today’s coverage and “expert” commentary, not much attention has been given to what it actually says. Here’s bin Laden (italics mine):

The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies — civilians and military — is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it[.] … This is in accordance with the words of Almighty God, “and fight the pagans all together as they fight you all together,” and “fight them until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in God.”

The direction is to everyone. And he is not ordering that it be done because Osama says so, like the mafia does something because the don says so, or the army does something because the commanding officer says so. In bin Laden’s mind, he is merely the medium; the direction, he insists, comes from Allah. In fact, bin Laden plainly knows he is not enough of an authority figure to command terrorist attacks. He needs to cite scripture to convince Muslims that it is the ideology itself which announces these commands. Commands which this ideology compels every Muslim, not just every al Qaeda operative, to perform.

Nothing new here. Bin Laden is not a religious scholar. He does not have the status in Islam to issue fatwas. After the 9/11 attacks, he claimed the authority for the operation came from the scriptures. To the extent a fatwa was necessary, he pointed to Sheikh Abdel Rahman, a Koranic scholar who does have the required status. Here’s what the Blind Sheikh said in 1996 of Americans (again, the italics are mine):

Muslims everywhere [should] dismember their nation, tear them apart, ruin their economy, provoke their corporations, destroy their embassies, attack their interests, sink their ships, . . . shoot down their planes, [and] kill them on land, at sea, and in the air. Kill them wherever you find them.

For the government and the media, it has long been an article of faith that we needn’t trouble ourselves with articles of faith … if the faith in question is Islam. The problem, we’re told — in defiance of reason and experience — is only these terrorist organizations, not their ideology. The organizations, of course, have never seen it that way. And they’re quite right: it has never been that way.

The majority of Muslims is not beholden to the various strains of jihadist ideology, especially at the juncture where word becomes deed. But the ideology indisputably springs from Islam. For that reason it has cachet and it has not been rejected out of hand even by the many faithful who regard it as an outdated, hyper-literal radicalism. And for that reason, a certain percentage of Muslims — hopefully at some point, an increasingly small percentage — will embrace it.

With modern weaponry, it doesn’t take a lot of terrorists or a lot of attacks to do a lot of damage. That was demonstrated on 9/11, but it has been true for a very long time. In a 1990 lecture in Denmark, the Blind Sheikh urged his followers that they could drive the mighty United States armed forces out of the Persian Gulf if ad hoc “Muslim battalions” would just “do five or six operations to the Americans in surprise attacks like the one that was done against them in Lebanon [i.e., Hezbollah’s 1983 attack on the Beirut barracks, killing 241 marines].” And as one of those arrested yesterday, Dritan Duka, is alleged to have put it, “We can do a lot of damage with seven people.”

My friend Bill Bennett likes to quote Hannah Arendt’s aphorism, “Nothing so inoculates a person against reality than the hold of ideology.” If we want to understand why we are at risk from cells in places like Cherry Hill which have no ties to known foreign terror groups, and if we want to learn what authentic, moderate Muslim reformers are up against, we need to open our eyes to what motivates jihadists. It is powerful, enduring and frightening because it is a doctrine, not an organization.

Andrew C. McCarthy directs the Center for Law & Counterterrorism at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

The War on Terror Comes to Cherry Hill

The War on Terror Comes to Cherry Hill

By Jerry Gordon

Cherry Hill, New Jersey is an upper middle class Philadelphia suburb across the Delaware River bridges in Camden County.  Camden itself is ranked  the ‘most dangerous city’ in the U.S.  But Cherry Hill is ranked 47th by Money Magazine as one of the best places to live in America.  The township’s website trumpets this accolade: “you couldn’t pick a better place”.  

Mayor Bernie Platt, long time Mayor and South Jersey politician and scion of a Jewish funeral home family business in the area is one of Cherry Hill’s biggest boosters, attaching great stock to the city’s diversity, as embodied in its significant affluent Jewish community and successful immigrant communities.  “We are a diverse suburban municipality with representatives of many faiths and ethnic backgrounds,” Keashen, spokesman for Mayor Platt, said in a Courier Post article.  About 12.5 percent of Cherry Hill’s residents are foreign born.  
Last Sunday, John Adler, New Jersey State Senator (D. Camden) attended the groundbreaking ceremony for a Mosque being built by Indian Muslims who live in Cherry Hill.  He considers Cherry Hill a “a place of peace and tolerance.” Quresh Dahodwala, a leader of the India-based sect Dawoodi Bohra, which is building the Anjuman-E-Fakhri mosque, said his group has about 60 members.
He said, “he did not know the total number of Muslims in Cherry Hill. But he estimated the total number in South Jersey as between 8,000 and 10,000.”
On Monday that diversity boosterism by Mayor Platt and others in Cherry Hill was set back by the arrest of six Muslim suspects in an attempted al Qaeda-like plot to attack Fort Dix, New Jersey. The  Fort Dix Six also had plans to attack Dover, Delaware, Air Force Base, Coast Guard and Navy facilities, and the Federal office building in Philadelphia. The latter were targeted during the traditional Army Navy game held in the City of Brotherly Love.
Five of those suspects charged by the Federal prosecutors were residents of Cherry Hill.   Four were Albanian Kosavar Muslims, including brothers Dritan, Eljvir, and Shain Duka.  The Duka boys were apparently smuggled into the U.S. by their parents in 1984.  A Turkish Muslim, Derdar Tatar, a naturalized citizen is also a Cherry Hill resident as is Philadelphia cab driver Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer – whom the FBI considers the alleged ‘mastermind. ‘ Shnewer originated from Amman Jordan and has Palestinian relations in the West Bank village of al-Dhaheriyeh, near Hebron. 
Of special interest was a fourth Albanian Kosavar Muslim gun broker in the plot, Agron Abdullahu, who lived in Buena Vista Township, Atlantic County, New Jersey. He was a former sniper in Kosovo who trained with the Egyptian military; Abdullahu is a legal U.S. resident. Could he also have been a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) – a known terrorist group in the breakaway Serbian province?
The FBI had been alerted about this terrorist plot by a sharp eyed Mount Laurel, New Jersey Circuit  City store clerk in January, 2006  who was transferring a video tape to a DVD brought in by one of the suspects, when he spotted something in the video that didn’t sit right with him-training using AK-47’s and other semi-automatic weapons. 
We’d like to think that the Circuit City clerk and ‘local hero’ will get some protection under the pending ‘John Doe’ amendments to H.R. 1-the 9/11 legislation, currently before a joint U.S. Senate House conference committee. But, it’s unlikely that the tipster will get any indemnification for having alerted the FBI to ‘suspicious persons’ in case of a law suit brought by Muslim advocacy groups like CAIR.  The legislation only covers persons who report such information on federally regulated transportation systems, not mall video stores.
Secret recordings , made by an FBI informer revealed that the ‘South Jersey Six’ had become radical Jihadis.
“My intent is to a hit a heavy concentration of soldiers,” said the alleged mastermind, Philadelphia cabdriver Shnewer.
“It doesn’t matter to me whether I get locked up, arrested,” said Serdar Tatar, the 7-Eleven clerk who worked near Temple University in Philadelphia.
“We can do a lot of damage with seven people,” Dritan Duka, allegedly said on an FBI tape.
Eljvir Duka said “In the end, when it comes to defending your religion, when someone … attacks your religion, your way of life, then you go jihad.”
I have a special interest in Cherry Hill and environs because my sister and brother-in-law reside there when they are not snowbirding in Florida.  In a phone call with them Tuesday night, they wondered if the Jewish community in Cherry Hill would ‘be shocked’ to the point of realizing that their prized diversity came at a high price: welcoming Muslim terrorists into their midst. 
The only time that the Cherry Hill Jewish community was in ‘shock’ was the tawdry public trial and conviction of a Reform Rabbi  Fred Neulander , currently serving a life term  in a New Jersey prison for arranging  the contract murder of his wife Carol  in 1994.
The most prominent of the arraigned Fort Dix plotters are the three Duka brothers: Dritan, Eljvir, and Shain, whose family had settled in Cherry Hill, built a thriving roofing business, and whose friendly Jewish neighbors brought them fresh garden vegetables every summer.  One neighbor, a Michael Levine noted that the women wore head scarves, but he thought nothing of that. But now Levine commented: “They seemed like normal people – you’d have no idea,” he said. “It’s unsettling. You don’t know who your neighbors are.”
The other Cherry Hill resident plotter was Derdar Tatar  the son of Turkish resident aliens who have built a thriving pizzeria business in Cookstown not far from the giant McGuire Air Force base adjacent to Fort Dix in southern, New Jersey.   The family has recently sold the business and Derdar Tatar was seen tooling around in an expressive Cadillac Escalade SUV. Clearly neither he nor the other members of the ‘South Jersey Six’ were impoverished and desperate enough to strike back at fellow American neighbors and infidels. His father Muslim Tatar commented that his son was ‘not a terrorist’.
“Mainstream Muslim” community leaders, because of the eruption of profiling complaints against Muslims in the wake of 9/11 when hundreds of Muslim men were detained, are concerned about a repetition. “What we’re all afraid of is a new backlash,” said Hesham Mahmoud, a spokesman for the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee.
CAIR didn’t waste any time holding a news conference on Tuesday and issued a damage control statement: “It seems clear that a potentially deadly attack has been averted,” the group said. “We applaud the FBI for its efforts and repeat the American Muslim community’s condemnation and repudiation of all those who would plan or carry out acts of terror while falsely claiming their actions have religious justification.”
Yaser El-Menshawy, chairman of the Majlis Ash-Shura of New Jersey, the state’s council of mosques, while condemning the plot, noted that those who plot against the government “cannot be stopped simply by law enforcement or military means alone.” “It’s all about U.S. government in the Middle East”-meaning Iraq, Israel and the Palestinians. “We are going to have to take a look at it and see where we are right and where we are not right,” El-Menshawy said. “If that’s not the case, then I fear we are in for a very long and difficult period.”
Meanwhile the federal prosecutor, U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie in Camden, New Jersey – where the arraignment of the Fort Dix plotters had occurred – did everything possible to separate the actions from the Muslim Community. Christie did not want to injure the FBI and Homeland Security’s special relationship with the Muslim community, when he noted, “We would not want this to tar the reputation of the Muslim community in New Jersey and the work they do for law enforcement every day.”
Even White House spokesperson, Tony Snow, piled on this disclaimer in his statement on Tuesday by indicating that there was ‘no direct evidence’ that the men have ties to international terrorism.
“They are not charged with being members of an international terrorism organization,” Snow said. “At least at this point, there is no evidence that they received direction from international terror organizations.”
But there is a connection to international Islamic terrorism. The internet connected these plotters.  According to an MSNBC report, FBI affidavits noted that among the materials used in organizing, training and proselytizing the Jihadis were al-Qaeda training videos, the video wills of two 9-11 hijackers, and videos of U.S. soldiers being killed in Iraq.
“The leader of the group is described as smiling while watching the deaths of the U.S. soldiers.”
“You know the world has changed when videos shot in Iraq and Afghanistan can be an inspiration for a bunch of Albanians in Cherry Hill, N.J.,” said the official.
Neither the FBI, nor Department of Homeland Security want to ‘go there’, despite the compelling evidence to the contrary. After all they, along with Cherry Hill Mayor Bernie Platt, don’t want to be accused of being “racist” or “bigoted” do they?  Our humanitarian refugee laws instituted by President Clinton have opened us up since the late 1990’s for immigration from territories where terriism is a popular activity. They are an open running spigot through which terrorists like the Kosovar Albanian Muslim sniper in the ‘South Jersey Six’ or the tough Islamist Somalis I’ve written about in Nashville got into the heartland of the U.S.
Yes, we’d all like to believe that it’s only those extremists fringe Muslims behind the Fort Dix plot  So terror has jarred the peace and tolerance of Cherry Hill, New Jersey and my sister and brother-in-law who live there have every right to be concerned. So do we all.
Jerry Gordon is a Member of the Board of American Congress for Truth.

White al-Qaeda at the Gates of the West

White al-Qaeda at the Gates of  the West

By Miroljub Jevtic, Ph.D.Recent statement by the departing Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge that a profile of a terrorist must be described in a different way is an encouraging sign. Ridge said that al-Qaeda is actively recruiting terrorists among the white race: Bosnians, Chechens and among the Muslims integrated in the Western society, in particular, women. The new profile of a terrorist – the white al-Qaeda – removes another constraint in the battle against the islamic terrorism that has become a world struggle.

The bad part of the Ridge’s statement, however, is that it has come relatively late, and that it is partially true.

The proof that Ridge’s statement is true could have been herd immediately after 9/11. For example, immediately after the hit on the World Trade Center, I was summoned by a Belgrade TV Politika where I alluded that the central threat to the West may not come from al-Qaeda members recruited from Arab countries or Asia, but from the members and sympathizers of these terrorists mingling among the white races of Europe. The rationale is simple: since the al-Qaeda attacks on US will not end, and all Middle Eastern visitors to the US will immediately become suspects, terrorists need killers that will go unnoticed by the authorities and, increasingly, the suspecting public.

Since the middle eastern racial type is unique, and despite all efforts by the US government to respect all racial types, whether they like it or not, this racial type will be profiled. Precisely because of this, al-Qaeda has decided to recruit its terrorist killers among muslims that have a racial blend in a western society and a large pool of this racial type is found in the Balkans among Albanians and Bosnian Muslims.

Also important is that the 9/11 attack should be understood as the Islamists do: that it was a prelude designed to test al-Qaeda’s possibilities and explore American vulnerabilities that are to be used in the final assault. Al-Qaeda wants the final assault to inflict a mortal blow to America or inflict sufficiently large damage so that US would become a desert that will never be able to recover into an oasis of freedom.

David Hicks aka Muhamed al-Australia

A typical example of the “white al-Qaeda” bred in Kosovo is David Hicks now renamed into Mohammed al-Australia (photo above taken in Kosovo). The commander of this mujahadeen seeking to kill Christian Serbs in Kosovo was today’s Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj. Hicks, 29, is facing charges of conspiracy to commit war crimes, aiding the enemy, and attempted murder for allegedly helping the al-Qaeda terrorist network fight US and coalition forces in Afghanistan. David Hicks is now in Guantanamo.

If the aim is a mortal attack on the US, then acts of the 9/11 type seem to be important to the terrorists only as morale boosters for their allegiance. But to achieve destruction of America, islamic terrorists want to hit targets such as nuclear facilities or the stockpiles of the atomic weapons, or use the weapons of mass destruction that will kill all alive but keep the material wealth of the US which islamic terrorists covet.In December 2003 I’ve also alluded to this nuclear and WMD threat on a Belgrade TV show, and unfortunately it seems not early enough: soon thereafter, the news came that at least 10 top secret disks pertaining to the US nuclear program have been stolen from the Nuclear Laboratory in Los Alamos. The more bizarre is that this was the second time that top secret nuclear files have been stolen from that laboratory.

The repeat of the theft would not have happened unless some serious security holes exist and not just as absence of sufficient security personnel but, more importantly, as a political refusal to look into the eyes of the truth. Because of this, there is a real possibility that the institutions such as the one in Los Alamos will become infiltration centers that will lead the terrorist activities in the US and the peoples best suited to infiltrate these institutions and destroy America from the inside are the “white al-Qaeda” found among the Muslims of the Balkans – most notably the Muslim Albanians and Bosnians. That is why al-Qaeda is actively recruiting among them.

Ridge has made a similar mistake by not including into the new terrorist profile the islamic Albanians, or more precisely, their organized political-criminal hybrid that dominates Europe and has recently dethroned the Italian Mafia in the US as the leading criminal enterprise. This failure may be a tragic result of the Balkan policies that US has had in the Balkans and it compounds the political and security mistakes that the ex-Yugoslav and now Serbian authorities are making.

In treatment of the islamic problem in the Balkans the accent of the problem was always shifted onto the Bosnian Muslims while, in the case of Albanians, the phenomena of islamic fanaticism was downplayed.

Redzep Boya

Kosovo Albanian Wahabi Myphtiu dr. Rexhep Boya. Boya was recently removed because his association with the Wahabi sect may cause damage to the Albanian image as lovers of peace.

When analyzing the Albanian society, for example, the typical depiction is of a conglomeration of 3 religious groups, and that the Islamic one is made up of Sunnis and many other dervish sects among whom the Becktesh was the largest. The cliché was that Albanians have overcome all of their religious differences and achieved national unity so, the cliché goes, religion does not matter to the Albanians. Therefore, the impact of Islam on the politics of Albanians was neglected and with that the potential influence of the al-Qaeda type organizations was also neglected.Many superficial elements did give this clinched impression. Albania was ruled by an atheistic regime for 50 years and it was removed only recently with the fall of communism; all Albanian separatist groups that operated in the Balkans had a distinctly marxist outlook and were nostalgic of Albania that was stalinist at the time.

The clinched political profile of Albanians in the Balkans suggested that the Albanians are secularized society with a negligible Islamic influence. Along with the neglect of the force of Islam among Albanians, whether deliberate or not but nevertheless a false religious picture was also portrayed of the Albanian population. For example, the much touted “Balkan expert” Stephen Schwartz recently made a claim that 15% of Albanians in Macedonia are Christian while a more realistic picture is a negligible decimal. Similarly, in Kosovo, claims are made that hundreds of thousands are Catholic when in fact the Kosovo Albanian Catholic congregation led by Bishop Mark Sopi is at 20,000 – just below two percent.

In addition to the overwhelming numbers and behind the surface of clichés attempting to whitewash the Islamic influence among Albanians are cultural practices that suggest a much more “islamic” character of Albanians then Bosnian Muslims.

For example, even during the years of hyper-atheism of the communist Yugoslavia, Albanian recruits in the ex-Yugoslav army refused pork products at an overwhelmingly larger rate then did the Bosnian Muslims; Albanian soldiers demanded that the toilets be outfitted not with paper but water hoses; belief in djenet and huria (islamic heaven’s virgins) that are waiting for the devout ones is much more widespread among the Albanians then the Bosnian muslims. What’s more alarming is the spread of the Wahabism among the Albanians across Balkans. In fact, the most prominent Kosovo Albanian clergyman, Redzxep Boya, is a Wahabi schooled cleric and exerts tremendous influence on the political landscape of this province. In Albania itself, furthermore, Muslims are increasingly renouncing moderate Henif-Islam and flocking to the militant Wahabism.

Chief of the Becktesh sect in Albania, Resat Bardi, recently testified that Wahhabists are increasingly physically attacking his members.

The Wahabi Redzxep Boya was recently removed from the leadership position and along with these traditional Islamic practices of takhiyah that require a Muslim to deceive the infidel in order to bring victory to Islam; the upsurge in Islamic fanaticism among Albanians; sheer scale of population numbers; general cultural predisposition to the extreme Islamic practices, as well as the vast and brutal criminal network that stretches across the world… all represent a terrorist profile that should alarm the West and in particular, the US.The profile should be even more alarming because the al-Qaeda has already established a good terrorist network among the Albanians in the Balkans. During the mandate of the post-communist President of Albania, Sali Berisha, al-Qaeda infiltrated that country with great deal of help from Berisha’s chief of security (SHIK) Baskim Gazidede who may have organized bin-Laden’s visit to Albania. Gazidede also organized the secret training camps for the Albanian gunmen, KLA, in Albania itself, Kosovo and Macedonia, and some of the financing for the camps came from al-Qaeda.

The prefix “Gazi” in Gazideda’s name means Hero of Jihad and is given to an Albanian Muslim who’s ancestor participated in a violence in the name of Allah and was successful at it.

After the fall of the Berisha government, Gazidede allegedly flew to safety to Syria. Despite his departure and presence of the NATO troops in Albania and Kosovo, the goal of Islamic terrorists is unchanged for this region: to create a large, majority Albanian and Muslim state in the Balkans by annexing territories from Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece to Albania and to use that islamic state as a launching pad for destruction of the West.With its support for the extreme islamic forces in the Balkans, the US has contributed greatly to the spread of terrorism and insecurity in the region. Extremists used this support very well and now are ready to repay it back to America and the payment may be too dangerous to collect.

Balkan Muslim Gratitude

Balkan Muslim Gratitude
By Julia Gorin
FrontPageMagazine.com | May 9, 2007

On Monday, the FBI arrested six Muslims who were planning a commando-style attack on Fort Dix in New Jersey, to “kill as many soldiers as possible,” authorities said.

Four of the six men are Albanians, a fact that Fox News — which apparently thinks that “Yugoslavia” and “Albanians” are the same, and isn’t sure what those two things might have to do with “the Balkans” — reported thus:

The Associated Press reported that those captured were nationals of the former Yugoslavia, but the law enforcement source told FOX News that not all of them are of Albanian ethnicity. Federal sources also said the group is from the “Balkans.”

The only clue we get from other news sources that the four “Yugoslavs” are Albanian, and from Kosovo, is in sentences like these, which appeared in an earlier version of an AP report:

In 1999, [Fort Dix] sheltered more than 4,000 ethnic Albanian refugees during the NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia…After that war, refugees were allowed to return to the U.N.-run province of Kosovo in Serbia or to seek permanent residency in the United States.

Pat ourselves on the back for resettling those “rescuees” here. Terrorism aside, the Albanian mafia has already overtaken both the Russian and Italian ones. There was also that Kosovo Albanian whose al-Qaeda application was discovered in Afghanistan, to name just one of many such collaborators.

This is Balkan blowback, and it’s been happening since we stuck our nose where it didn’t belong throughout the 1990s and, for good measure, bombed the wrong side. Maybe one day we’ll finally start talking about it. This morning, Balkan experts Jim Jatras, director of the American Council for Kosovo, and Dr. Serge Trifkovic alerted all major on-air media of their availability to discuss this development and were told, “We have our usual terror experts.”

Those would be the same terror experts who, in their daily opining on the War on Terror, haven’t touched the Balkans — a key region in the War on Terror, as it was the site of al-Qaeda’s proliferation into a truly global network and now serves as the organization’s European base and entryway for attacks on that continent and others. (Note to Fox News: “Balkans” includes Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania and others.)

So, we’re in for yet another round of terror “experts” painting terrorism in and from the Balkans as a unique thing, suspended in a vacuum of context, lest Americans start piecing things together and surmising that perhaps what happened to the Serbs is in some way related to what’s happening everywhere else on the globe.

Just so no one has to look too far, here’s an excerpt from a New York Times article that was written before we decided that, in the Balkans, the terrorists are the good guys:

A young Army conscript of ethnic Albanian origin shot up his barracks, killing four sleeping Slavic bunkmates and wounding six others.

The army says it has uncovered hundreds of subversive ethnic Albanian cells in its ranks. Some arsenals have been raided.

But watch the Fort Dix story go away faster than the one about the Bosnian Muslim who killed five Americans and injured another four in Salt Lake City for Valentine’s Day three months ago. Who even knows that at least two of the 9/11 hijackers were veterans of the Bosnian jihad, as Muslim sources now openly call it?

Reports NBC: “The alleged terror cell is described by investigators as disciples of Osama Bin Laden. Among the evidence seized was the downloaded will and testament of two Sept. 11 hijackers…On the videotape there is significant discussion of martyrdom.”

As I always say, Damn those Serbs! Good thing we were busy deporting those and not these ones who are trying to kill us — such as the killer Bosnian Sulejman Talovic in Salt Lake City or, for example, Agron Abdullahu (one of the six arrested on Monday), who was a sniper in Kosovo and residing here legally. Speaking of Serbs, one wonders how soon the arrested parties will think of pinning this one on the Serbs the way the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret Morning News managed to do in reporting on Talovic (eventually coaxing his family to follow suit).

But those Balkan people were supposed to be only nominal Muslims! Secular, we were told. Europeans, they said. Non-practicing, too. They may have been such under Communism, but soon enough they found themselves and their faith. That we threw our support behind the region’s radicals, with whom the “nominal” Muslims also cast their secessionist lot — in Bosnia as well as in Kosovo — didn’t help either. And, of course, you don’t have to be a practicing Muslim to feel that universal Muslim sense of grievance against the non-Muslim world.

From an AP report: “Asked if those arrested had any ties to al-Qaida, Snow referred questions to the FBI and the U.S. attorney, but said those officials ‘seem to indicate that there is no direct evidence of a foreign terrorist tie.’”

As we know, Sudden Jihad Syndrome doesn’t require any foreign terrorist ties. But since it’s being brought up, let’s not forget that the Albanians of Kosovo received material assistance from Osama bin Laden during the “liberation” leg of the movement, which we were simultaneously helping them with. Here’s how these things work — courtesy of Jim Jatras:

Typically these begin as what are represented as “national liberation movements,” the desire of a group of people described in national or ethnic terms — Algerians, Afghanis, Kosovo Albanians, Pakistanis, Palestinians, Iraqis, etc. — to have their own independent national state. But at some point — either after achieving that goal (Afghanistan, Pakistan) or in the process of the “national liberation” struggle (”Palestine,” “Kosovo,” Iraq) — the movement shifts to a primarily Islamic jihad orientation, in which the national element is downplayed and the jihad element is emphasized. This transition coincides with the marginalization or elimination of the non-Muslim social elements (Christian Arabs, Albanian Catholics, etc.), some of whom may have been militant supporters of the first, national phase but who will have no future in the Islamic new order.

Jatras also points out that “as usual, the FBI is focusing on the worm’s-eye view of who did what, rather than the big picture of how these creeps got entrenched in the U.S. through our pro-KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) policy [which] helped create a haven for their operations. Even worse, KLA supporters in the United States have operated with virtual impunity, collecting money and weapons to support KLA operations not only in Kosovo, but in neighboring areas of southern Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and northern Greece.”

Therefore, says Chronicles Magazine foreign editor Trifkovic, “Hastily denying the group’s link to al-Qaeda and other global networks is a political necessity for the proponents of Kosovo’s independence, not necessarily the reality.” (Trifkovic can be reached for interviews at Trifkovic@netzero.net, and Jatras at JJatras@ssd.com.)

As an aside, the two suspects who were not Albanian come from Jordan and Turkey. Here are two heartwarming posts about Turkish troops in Kosovo. And let’s remember the even more heartwarming story of the Jordanian “peacekeepers” who opened fire on female American peacekeepers in Kosovo in 2004.

Meanwhile, our lawmakers continue to support an independent Kosovo, no longer as the multi-ethnic experiment it was originally sold as, but as an example of America using its “military might to create a Muslim country” in Europe, as Congressman Robert Wexler, D-FL, said recently. It appears that the jihadists whom Messrs. Wexler and Lantos had hoped would take note of our kind gesture, have done so.

What we’ve wrought in the Balkans truly is poetry in motion. The timing on these arrests, on the heels of the STATE-DEPARTMENT-SPONSORED tour of the Kosovo mufti couldn’t have been better. But no doubt the damage control machine is kicking into gear from the mufti-led State Dept. and our Albanian-bought politicians such as Tom Lantos, Eliot Engel, Joe Lieberman, John McCain, Wesley Clark and — what the heck — let’s dig up the earliest Albanian purchase: Bob Dole, after whom a street is named in Kosovo. The imperiled soldiers of Fort Dix and the other military bases that were being considered for the attack thank you all!

So, let’s continue pushing for Kosovo independence, giving the Albanian Muslims massive monetary support and covert assistance while they continue cleansing the remaining non-Albanian-Muslim population. This Fort Dix plot is just another tiny bump on the road to burying this hot potato. Of course, it may get a little harder next month to wash our hands of all this business, since that’s when John R. Schindler’s book Unholy Terror: Bosnia, Al-Qa’ida, and the Rise of Global Jihad comes out.

Schindler is professor of strategy at the Naval War College and a former National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence officer. In an e-mail to me, he said this book should finally blow the lid off the aggressively ignored Balkans mess. His book deals mainly with Bosnia, but that serves as a good reference point for Kosovo as well. From Amazon.com:

This book provides the missing piece in the puzzle of al-Qa’ida’s transformation from an isolated fighting force into a lethal global threat: the Bosnian war of 1992 to 1995. John R. Schindler reveals the unexamined role that radical Islam played in that terrible conflict — and the ill-considered contributions of American policy to al-Qa’ida’s growth.…

Schindler exposes how Osama bin Laden exploited the Bosnian conflict for his own ends and the disturbing level of support the U.S. government gave to the Bosnian mujahidin…[which] contributed to blowback of epic proportions: Khalid Sheikh Muhammad (the mastermind of 9/11) and two of the 9/11 hijacker pilots were veterans of the Bosnian jihad.…

John R. Schindler served for nearly a decade with the National Security Agency — work which took him to many countries in support of U.S. and allied forces operating in the Balkans — and was NSA’s top Balkans expert. He is uniquely qualified to demonstrate

  • how the Bosnian conflict has been misrepresented by the mainstream media, covering up the large role played by radical Islam and al-Qa’ida;
  • how Osama bin Laden used Bosnia as a base for terrorist operations worldwide—including attacks on the United States from the Millennium Plot to 9/11;
  • how veterans of the Bosnian jihad have murdered thousands of Americans and conducted terrorist attacks around the world;
  • how the Clinton administration, in collaboration with Iran, secretly supplied Bosnia’s mujahidin, including al-Qa’ida, with millions of dollars of weapons and supplies;
  • how America’s Bosnian allies have been in covert alliances with radical anti-American regimes in several countries; 
  • why Bosnia and its secret jihad matter to America and our War on Terrorism today.

Since 1999, I have been screaming from the rooftops both about the injustice and hoax of our Balkans intervention, and about the security risk posed to us by it — warning that it would come back to bite us. Because when you don’t stop to figure out the historical context of a conflict that will tell you who the actual aggressor is; when you don’t corroborate horror stories by the complainant; when you don’t try to figure out which belligerent happens to also be hostile to your own society; and you instead go full throttle for a cheap moral victory and a Pulitzer, the bad guys will get you next.

But, again, let’s don’t put two and two together. To help us move along-nothing-to-see-here are the authorities:

While authorities are glad to have arrested them, the individuals are “hardly hard core terrorists,” one law enforcement source said.Another source said that while the allegations are “troubling,” they are “not the type that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up.”

Heck, they were just going after expendable military personnel. Besides, targeting Yugoslavia’s police and military installations was a favorite Albanian hobby throughout 1980s and ’90s Kosovo.

US Foils Attack on New Jersey Army Base

US Foils Attack on New Jersey Army Base

The foiled Islamist plot to attack an Army installation in New Jersey may represent the tip of a terrorist iceberg heading toward the United States.

While analysts have understandably been focused on preventing another, 9/11-like, Al Qaeda mega-attack on the US, it is possible that armed Islamist terror cells have been preparing a series of smaller-scale assaults against a wide range of hard and soft homeland targets–from military and police facilities to schools and suburban shopping malls.

The fact that these kinds of attacks have not happened (except for a few incidents that have been largely ignored by mainstream media) does not mean that they won’t happen.

In New Jersey, meanwhile, six nationals from the former Yuogoslavia were arrested. Investigators said the men, described as “Islamic radicals,” planned to use automatic weapons to enter Fort Dix and kill as many soldiers as possible.

The suspects reportedly trained in the Pocono mountains area in northeastern Pennsylvania, where they practiced firing their weapons.

The Jersey Jihadists–and more on the John Doe hero; another John Doe tipped off authorities separately; Gaffney: Congress must protect John Does

Several articles on the Fort Dix jihad plot

Timeline of events in Fort Dix jihad plot

Note how cannily Tatar tried to play both sides of the street, telling a Philadelphia Police Sergeant “that he had been approached by an individual who asked him to provide maps of Fort Dix and that he thought the incident was terrorist-related.” This was just to try to find out if that individual was an FBI informant (as indeed he was). Did the Sergeant (or his superiors) think that the Department had found a good moderate Muslim to work with?

“Timeline of events in Fort Dix attack plot,” from Newsday:

A timeline of events leading up to the arrest Monday night of six Islamic militants who allegedly planned to attack Fort Dix:_ Jan. 31, 2006: A shopkeeper alerted the FBI about a “disturbing” video he had been asked to copy onto a DVD. The video showed 10 young men in their early 20s shooting assault weapons at a firing range earlier that month. The group called for jihad (a holy war) and shouted in Arabic ‘Allah Akbar’ (God is great).

_ March: An FBI informant infiltrated the group by developing a relationship with Mohamad Shnewer.

_ May 26: Shnewer told the informant to look at particular DVD files on his laptop. One file contained what appeared to be the last will and testament of at least two of the hijackers involved in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks; another contained images of Osama bin Laden and other Islamic extremists calling on the viewer to join the jihadist movement.

_ July 7: A second informant was approached by six men, one of whom, later identified as Eljvir Duka, invited the informant to his home.

_ July 29: In a meeting recorded by the second informant, Shnewer showed several videos on his laptop computer that depicted armed attacks on U.S. military personnel.

_ Aug. 1, 2 and 5: Shnewer told the first informant that he, Serdar Tatar, Dritan Duka, Eljvir Duka, Shain Duka and others were planning to attack a U.S. military base, and Shnewer specifically named Fort Dix, explaining that they could kill at least 100 soldiers by using rocket-propelled grenades.

_ Aug. 5: Shnewer told the first informant they need to conduct surveillance of military bases to decide which one to attack.

_ Aug. 11: Shnewer and the first informant traveled to Fort Dix to conduct surveillance. During the trip, Shnewer told the informant the plan was to “hit four, five, six Humvees and light the whole place (up) and retreat completely without any losses.” The two also drove to Lakehurst Naval Air Station. Law enforcement officers also observed Shnewer drive by himself to Fort Monmouth later that day.


_ Nov. 12: Tatar told the first informant he would acquire a map of Fort Dix from his father’s restaurant and described an area of the post which they could attack and cause a power outage, making it easier to mount the attack on military personnel. At the end of the meeting, Tatar asked if the informant was a federal agent. (It was unclear how the informant responded.)

_ Nov. 15: In an attempt to find out if the informant was a federal agent, Tatar told a sergeant with the Philadelphia Police Department that he had been approached by an individual who asked him to provide maps of Fort Dix and that he thought the incident was terrorist-related.

_ Nov. 28: Tatar told the first informant that he would provide a map of Fort Dix even though it could lead to his being deported. He expressed his continuing suspicions about the informant, saying, “I’m gonna do it. Whether you are or not (FBI), I’m gonna do it. Know why? … It doesn’t matter to me, whether I get locked up, arrested, or get taken away, it doesn’t matter. Or I die, doesn’t matter, I’m doing it in the name of Allah.” Later that evening, Tatar left a map of Fort Dix in an area near the informant’s residence.


_ Dec. 8: Shnewer told the first informant that the group had missed an opportunity to attack military personnel at the Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia the previous weekend….

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Fort Dix jihadists had video of bin Laden calling people “to join the jihadist movement”

Fort Dix Jihad Update. “Document links Fort Dix suspects to radical terrorism,” from Gannett News Service:

WASHINGTON – The plot to attack Fort Dix in south central New Jersey began to unravel on Jan. 31, 2006, when a retail store employee called the FBI about a “disturbing” video a customer had dropped off to be converted into a DVD.The video showed 10 men who appeared to be in their early 20s “shooting assault weapons at a firing range in a militia-like style while calling for jihad and shouting in Arabic … God is Great,'” according to a 27-page federal criminal complaint the U.S. Department of Justice released Tuesday.

Six of the 10 men identified in that video were arrested on charges of trying to attack Fort Dix, an installation whose layout one of the men – Serdar Tatar – purportedly knew “like the palm of his hand,” according to an affidavit submitted by FBI Special Agent John J. Ryan.

And no doubt no one would have dared to ask him what he thought of jihad and Islamic supremacism before letting him roam free around Fort Dix. To have done so would have been “Islamophobic.”

Left unexplained was why only six of the 10 were arrested and whether more arrests were forthcoming. The employee who alerted the FBI wasn’t identified; the store’s name wasn’t disclosed.The complaint said Tatar and five other men arrested – Dritan Duka, Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer, Eljvir Duka, Shain Duka and Agron Abdullahu – amassed firearms, sought illegal Russian-made AK-47 assault rifles, viewed terrorist-training videos on their computers and trained in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains.

One of the videos appeared to be the “last will and testament” of two of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers, and another contained “images of Osama bin Laden and other Islamic extremists making various speeches in which the speakers call the viewer to join the jihadist movement,” according to the complaint. Jihad is an Arabic word that means holy war.

Dritan Duka, Eljvir Duka and Shain Duka are illegal aliens, according to the complaint.

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The jihadists who couldn’t shoot straight

Another Fort Dix Jihad Update. “Terror suspects were ‘bad shots,’ says local marksman,” from the Pocono Record:

Suspicious activity at a public shooting range in Monroe County led an official from the state game commission to tip authorities on what turned out to be an alleged terror plot to attack Fort Dix in New Jersey.”(The men arrested Monday) allegedly used our rifle range in the Gouldsboro area to train in some tactics,” said Tim Conway of the game commission in a phone interview at 12:20 p.m. today. “We did recognize a few things awhile back and reported that to the appropriate authorities.”

Randy Swiden of Blakeslee, a regular at the shooting range near Gouldsboro, said he remembers three to five guys shooting AK-47s there last fall. Swiden was interviewed at the range this morning.

Swiden said he heard the guys speaking in what sounded like Russian to each other and in broken English with a Russian accent to others. The six suspects arrested are nationals of the former Yugoslavia….

Swiden, 59, said he remembers the guys were shooting with 20-round clips rather than the typical three-round clips. He described them as “bad shots.”

They were shooting at 50-yard targets, packs of paper plates and milk jugs, and were missing.

Between them they had three AK-47s, Swiden said.

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Storekeeper Tipped Feds to Jihad Video

Fort Dix Jihad Update. Watch for Omar Mohammedi and CAIR to get a suit going against this man forthwith. From AP:

CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) – May 8, 2007 – Officials say a shopkeeper alerted the FBI to a plot to attack soldiers at Fort Dix.According to the complaint, he told the FBI about a “disturbing” video he had been asked to copy onto a DVD.

The complaint says the video showed ten men in their early 20s “shooting assault weapons at a firing range … while calling for jihad and shouting in Arabic “God is Great.”

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More on the Fort Dix jihad plot

Four of the jihadist plotters were Kosovar Albanians.

Michelle Malkin has details: “Terrorist plot in Cherry Hill, NJ; illegal aliens among alleged plotters; a John Doe turned them in; press conference at 2:30pm Eastern; Fort Dix has been a refuge for ethnic Albanians; update: details from the complaint.”

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FBI Arrests 6 In Alleged Terror Plot Against N.J. Soldiers

From WNBC, NewsChannel 4, New York:

Six men from New Jersey have been arrested in an alleged terror plot against soldiers at Fort Dix, according to law enforcement sources.Investigators said the men planned to use automatic rifles to enter Fort Dix and kill as many soldiers as they could at the New Jersey military base. Fort Dix was just one of several military and security locations allegedly scouted by this group, authorities said.

Investigators told NewsChannel 4’s Jonathan Dienst that these arrests are the result of a tip to the FBI and use of an informant to track the suspects. Authorities were alerted in January 2006 after the terror suspects traveled to the Poconos for a training exercise where they practiced firing weapons, investigators said.

Sources have told NewsChannel 4’s Brian Thompson that the suspects tried to have a training videotape converted to DVD at a store in Cherry Hill, N.J., but the store owner alerted authorities.
Authorities then inserted a cooperating witness into the alleged terror cell to be a go-between in their attempt to purchase M16 and AK-47 rifles. Arrests were made Monday night after the informant delivered dummy weapons paid for by the alleged terror cell suspects, authorities said.

Investigators said the group discussed targeting numerous locations like Dover Air base, Fort Monmouth, a Coast Guard building in Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia Federal building before deciding on Fort Dix as their intended target. Fort Dix is run in part by the Army and is a reserve-training center, but active units take part in training, including some which focuses on counter-terrorism.

Sources told NewsChannel 4’s Brian Thompson that the family of one of the suspects owns a pizzeria near Fort Dix and claimed to know the base “like the back of his hand.” The same suspect told the alleged terror group it would be easy to penetrate to “get the most soldiers killed,” sources said.
Investigators said the group of suspects have been discussing and planning for much of the last year. They allegedly pooled their savings to pay for the operation targeted at soldiers stationed here at home, according to investigators.

The six suspects arrested Monday night will face terror conspiracy charges. Three of the men are brothers, all believed to be Islamic radicals.

The U.S. Attorney’s office has told NewsChannel 4 that one of the suspects was born in Jordan, one in Turkey and four in the former Yugoslavia. Investigators said most of the suspects have spent several years here in the United States.

Some of the group’s alleged planning was caught on videotape, investigators said. On the videotape there is significant discussion of martyrdom.

“Who is going to take care of my wife and kids?” one suspect asks on the tape, according to investigators. Another responds, “Allah will take care of your wife and kids.”

The alleged terror cell is described by investigators as disciples of Osama Bin Laden. Among the evidence seized was the downloaded will and testament of two Sept. 11 hijackers.

Spokesmen for U.S. Attorney Chris Christie and the FBI in New Jersey and Philadelphia could not be reached for a comment.

The suspects will be arraigned this afternoon in front of a federal magistrate at 1 p.m.

It was good of WNBC to mention the Islamic nature of the plot. One expects other news sources may overlook that fact.