We Must Unite As a Party We must not let Obama or Hillary Win



My Friends,

I am writing to you because we must begin to unite as party and prepare for the upcoming election in November. If I am so fortunate as to be the Republican nominee for president, I will stand on my conservative convictions and offer Americans a clearly conservative approach to governing. But my friends, I cannot succeed in this endeavor without the support of dedicated conservatives like you. And today, I write to ask for your support.

Will you join my campaign today by making a generous contribution? We will have a hard-fought battle against either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, and I know that by joining together, our party will prevail on Election Day.

Earlier this month, Senators Clinton and Obama raised over $10 million online for their respective campaigns in just a few short days. I know that I must take the time now to replenish my campaign’s funds to prepare for what will undoubtedly be the most expensive campaign for president in our history. That is why I ask you to make an urgent contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more today.

This election is going to be about big things, not small things. And I intend to fight as hard as I can to ensure that our shared conservative principles prevail.

Senators Clinton and Obama want to increase the size of the federal government, raise your taxes, and withdraw our forces from Iraq based on an arbitrary timetable designed for political expediency. I intend to reduce the size of the federal government, cut your taxes and win this war. I have had the distinct honor of serving our great country for many decades and with your support, I will be able to serve her for a little while longer.

I am proud to have come to public office as a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution. My friends, twenty-five years later, I am still proud to be a conservative and it is my greatest hope that you will join me in this campaign today. Thank you.


John McCain

P.S. If I am so fortunate as to be the Republican nominee for president, I intend to lead our party to victory in November guided by our shared conservative principles. The upcoming battle for the White House will be the most expensive ever and your immediate contribution of $50 or more will help our campaign raise the funds necessary to wage a spirited and competitive campaign. Your generous support is always appreciated and I look forward to working with you as we campaign through Election Day. Thank you.

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Young Muslims’ Secret Camp — read this in detail – follow the links – Frightening

Young Muslims’ Secret Camp
By Joe Kaufman
FrontPageMagazine.com | August 1, 2006

The Young Muslims are in hiding.  They are hiding the location of their August 2nd youth camp, and the public has a right to know why.The Young Muslims (YM) was founded well over a decade ago, as a subsidiary of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), an organization that was created specifically to emulate the violent Muslim Brotherhood of Pakistan, Jamaat-e-Islami.  Through ICNA, YM holds events that feature as speakers some of the most radical individuals in the Islamic community.  These events include youth camps, which, prior to the attacks on 9/11, were referred to as “jihad camps.”

The latest YM camp, themed ‘Deen and Dunya: Finding the Balance,’ will be held tomorrow, August 2nd through August 6th.  The organization has worked hard to keep the location of the destination under wraps.  On the YM website, people are explicitly told not to discuss the matter.

Originally, the event was to be held in
Villanova, Pennsylvania, at the 23-acre Foundation for Islamic Education (FIE), where many YM events are held throughout the year.  [This includes one last April featuring
UK Imam Sheik Riyadh ul-Haq, who, just two months later, was banned from entering
Canada, “because his views could incite terror and hatred.”]  However, the camp was to be a five-day affair – a violation of local zoning regulations – and  after years of infractions perpetrated by FIE, the residents complained and got the Township of Lower Merion, where FIE is located, to threaten an injunction against the group.

YM had previously held its August 2004 camp at FIE, the theme of which was ‘A Few Good Men.’  Controversy erupted over it, when, shortly before the camp was to begin, one of the invited speakers, Mazen Mokhtar, had his house raided and his computers confiscated by the FBI.  Mokhtar, currently the Youth Director for the
New Jersey chapter of the Muslim American Society (MAS), prior to 9/11, created a mirror (replica) website of a site that raised funds and recruited terror fighters for Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.  The site was also used as a portal to the official website of Hamas, a group that Mokhtar has called “heroic.”  He has also said he supports suicide bombings.

Mokhtar was an invitee to lecture at this year’s camp, as well.  The “confirmed” list of speakers are as follows: 

  • Siraj Wahhaj, the Imam of the Masjid At-Taqwa mosque in
    Brooklyn and an individual listed as a potential co-conspirator to the 1993 bombing of the World
    Center, who has stated about the
    United States in a taped sermon, “In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing.  And the only thing that will remain will be Islam.”
  • Abdul Malik, the chaplain of the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority and former Office Manager of CAIR-New York, who likened President George W. Bush to a “slave master” and, in a speech entitled ‘Service to Society: The Key to Reformation,’ stated, “Assalam alaikum [crowd responds: ‘wa alaikum assalam’].  I look forward to hearing that one day in the White House, and then paint it black.”  And “…we don’t want to democratize Islam, we want to Islamize democracy.”
  • Faisal Hamouda, who is a leading volunteer for Islamic Relief, a charity that
    Israel has named a front for Hamas.
  • Nouman Ali Khan, a former representative of the Muslim Students Association (MSA), who, in February of 2005, gave a speech sponsored by the MSA of Hofstra University, entitled ‘Preparation for Death.’
  • Shamsi Ali, the Deputy Imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of New York and Director of the Jamaica Muslim Center, who was the moderator at a February 2006 demonstration against Danish cartoons of Muhammad held outside the Danish Consulate in Manhattan, where a poster was seen being waived which read, “Insult the Prophet, you will pay, Allah’s wrath is on the way.
  • Amin Abdul Latif, the President (Ameer) of Majlis Ashura of NYC in
    Brooklyn, who signed his name to an open letter to President Bush in support of
    Algeria’s Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), the Islamist organization responsible for the creation of the terror group, the Armed Islamic Group (GIA).

The speakers are not the only problem with the YM camp.  There is also a problem with the campers.  Numerous pictures from previous camps depict the children fighting each other, as their fellow camp-mates stand around watching.  It is not apparent whether or not there is any supervision while this is occurring, but given who their guest speakers are, that probably doesn’t make much of a difference.

One reason why the members of Young Muslims don’t want the location of tomorrow’s camp divulged is because there may be more impediments – zoning or otherwise – with the new locale, which could cause a cancellation.  A further explanation could be because they don’t want what is being said by their guest speakers known to the public.  Yet another reason could be far far worse.  But we won’t know, because they’re not telling.

Law enforcement needs to find out — now.

Beila Rabinowitz, Director of Militant Islam Monitor, contributed to this report.

AIR’s Ibrahim Hooper slippin’ and slidin’

CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper slippin’ and slidin’

Hot and bothered

In the course of a recent interview on MSNBC, Tucker Carlson asked Hooper three pointed questions:

“Would you say that most American Muslims are horrified by the thought that Iran might possess nuclear weapons, or not?”

No clear answer from Hooper.

Do American Muslims believe that this is a “war against Islam”?

A slippery answer from Hooper, suggesting that he himself believes that America is waging a war against Islam.

“Are Muslims more likely to commit acts of terror than members of other faiths?”

A flat no from Hooper, in the face of mountains of evidence. Click on that link. 6,276 Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11. And then, just try to compile a similar list of violent acts committed recently by members of any other faith, in the name of that faith and justified by its core texts, and see how far you get. I’m glad Carlson asked the question, and wish there had been time for an extended discussion of this, and the introduction of some distinctions. Human nature is everywhere the same, but is Islamic teaching inspiring violence today? That is plain to all but those who do not wish to see. Instead of bland denials from Hooper, it would be refreshing to see him offer some constructive way to counter this phenomenon. But apparently that must be left up to the “Islamophobes.”

U.S. tries to cut off terrorists’ cash flow

U.S. tries to cut off terrorists’ cash flow

“The Middle East is the center of graft and corruption in the universe.” Financial Jihad Update from Rowan Scarborough in the Washington Times, with thanks to Jeffrey Imm:

The U.S. military is not only trying to stop terrorists and arms from leaking into Iraq from Syria and Iran but also another just as dangerous commodity — cash.It’s the lifeblood of the enemy — whether they be al Qaeda terrorists, death squads or Sunnis trying to evict American forces and bring back dictator Saddam Hussein — and U.S. raiders have seized millions of dollars in cash during the conflict.

Military officials point to Syria and its secretive banking system as the main source of Sunni walking-around money, while Iran’s Revolutionary Guard funnels money to Shi’ite militias, such as cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army.

The enemy’s money began flowing into Iraq with the start of the insurgency in the summer of 2003, and the shipments are still coming in.

“There are billions coming in,” said Daniel Gallington, a former aide to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld. “The Middle East is the center of graft and corruption in the universe. It really always has been. The fight in Iraq is about who controls what area is really all about who controls the money.”

You run from police…You accidentally get electrocuted while hiding from police at an electrical substation…You get a monument built in your honor!

You run from police…You accidentally get electrocuted while hiding from police at an electrical substation…You get a monument built in your honor!


A breathtaking apex of French dhimmitude. No wonder the French “youths” are growing bolder and more assertive: they see that the French have no will to resist whatsoever, and rewards those who engage in criminal activity. “Peace Gesture: French Unveil Monument to Boys Who Fled Police,” from Gateway Pundit, with thanks to LGF:

You run from police… You accidentally get electrocuted while hiding from police at an electrical substation… You get a monument built in your honor!monument.jpg

A monument is unveiled to honor Zyed Benna and Bouna Traore who died on Oct. 27, 2005 by accidental electrocution while fleeing a police identification check.

A silent march ended in a mostly immigrant Paris suburb on Friday where French officials unveiled a monument to two youths who died while fleeing from police:

Relatives and friends of two French teenagers who were electrocuted as they fled from police a year ago have gathered in Clichy-sous-Bois near Paris. A plaque was unveiled in front of their school, and a wreath-laying ceremony was held at the power sub-station where the teenagers tried to hide.The deaths of Zyed Benna and Bouna Traore sparked three weeks of violent riots in France’s poor suburbs as the young and unemployed vented their anger over what they saw as lack of opportunity and racial discrimination. The crowd gathered in silent prayer wearing t-shirts with the slogan “Dead for nothing”.

They also laid wreaths at the electrical sub-station.

Why more Islamic violence during the sacred fasting month?

Why more Islamic violence during the sacred fasting month?

Alamgir Hussain

The Islamic sacred fasting month of Ramadan ended on 23rd October ushering in the celebration of Eid on 24th October, which is a day of great feast and fun. In the midst of Eid celebration, a heart-breaking estimate of Ramadan month violence in a website caught my attention: “The holy month of Ramadan saw 291 deadly terror attacks in 17 countries across the globe racking up over 1600 dead bodies”. A few recent news-headlines also drew a grim picture of Islamist violence during the Ramadan month around the world. An Associated Press news headline on violence in Iraq read:

“Four days of sectarian slaughter killed at least 91 people by Monday in Balad, a town near a major U.S. air base an hour’s drive north of the capital. Elsewhere, 60 Iraqis died in attacks and 16 tortured bodies were found… During the same month is also projected to experience heaviest-ever coalition casualties surpassing 107 U.S. and 10 British soldiers died in January 2005.”

A few days ago, an Los Angeles Times report (Violence Up During Ramadan) read: “Insurgent and sectarian attacks in the Iraqi capital have shot up during Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting and atonement, according to U.S. military statistics released Thursday.” In the US military press-briefing on 19th October, spokesman said that violence was 22% higher in the period of Ramadan and this spike in violence was consistent with the previous increases.

Over in Thailand South, Islamist terrorist groups launched a wave of shootings resulting in 9 deaths on 16th October. Also Al-Qaeda, the dreadest Islamist terrorist group in the world, urged America Muslims to leave the US, for second time during this holy month, showing their intent to launch an attack before the end of Ramadan.

Against this holy-month upsurge in violence by the Islamist groups, there is a general notion amongst Muslims that violence and blood-bath is forbidden in Islam during the holy months. Recently, newspapers in Bangladesh were awash with news and commentaries about Government’s dilemma over carrying out the execution during Ramadan of a number of deadly Islamic terrorists, who were sentenced to death for launching a decade-long campaign of terror resulting in nearly 200 deaths.

Another case requires mentioning here. Before the arrival of the first Ramadan after US coalition’s misadventure in Iraq in 2003, the insurgency was taking an increasingly violent turn. As the Ramadan was approaching, the foreign troops and the interim Government pinned high hope for a respite in violence during the holy month of fasting and atonement. Yet, the leaders of the terrorists group had disputed the alleged prohibition of violence during Ramadan in Islam and vowed to continue their violent acts. And surprising all expectations and speculations of the pundits, the media and all others, the campaign of terror took an upward surge during Ramadan overtaking that of any previous period. During every subsequent Ramadan, violence in Iraq has shown consistent upsurge. This is true in case of other hot-spots of Islamic violence around the world.

Why is this upsurge in Islamist violence during the Ramadan defying the alleged prohibition? It is said that the Islamist terrorists follow the rituals and edicts of their religion seriously. An investigation of the Koran and events during the days of Prophet Muhammad, which determines the body of divinely-inspired Islamic ideals and laws for eternal times of Muslims, is essential to reach a conclusion regarding this riddle. My recent research into how Ramadan became a divine ritual in Islam gave me clue as to why there is increased violence by militant Muslim groups at various hot-spots across the world.

The Prophet of Islam was born in the Arabian city of Mecca in 570 AD in a community of Koreish, who were mainly pagan and devoted to the worshipping idols. Mecca also housed the most sacred temple of Arabia, called the Ka’ba, which allegedly housed 360 idols and was the center for worship and pilgrimage for people of many beliefs in the entire Arabian Peninsula. Muhammad had lost his both parents by the age of five and grew up as an orphan under the care of his grandfather Abd al-Muttalib and later his uncle Abu Taleb. Like all people of the city, young Muhammad followed the religious customs prevalent there until adulthood.

Muhammad got married to a merchant lady, named Khadija, a Christian, at the age of 25. Soon after his marriage; he stopped worshipping idols and started retiring in a nearby cave in the mount of Hira for meditation. At the age of about 40 in 609 AD, he claimed to have received revelation from God and started preaching his new religion in Mecca rather freely. His messages were denigrating to the centuries-old indigenous religion of idol-worship. He called himself and followers of his creed the righteous and those who rejected it were liars, wrong-doers, inventor of falsehood and he consigned the idolaters to the eternal fire of hell [Quran 90: 17-20; 16.104-105].

Despite, expressing his divine messages in such offensive, uncouth and derogatory language, the idolater of Mecca never protested or molested him. The citizens converted to his religion freely except in cases of a few slave converts, belonging to the pagan masters, who faced certain persecution. However, the Prophet’s insult to the Mecca citizens, their Gods and ancestors became intolerable and the citizens of the city imposed social blockade against Muhammad and his community in 617 AD before lifting it 2 years later.

The propagation of Muhammad’s religion over 13 years in Mecca became stagnant with about 100 converts in all. The idolaters of Mecca remained steadfast in their rejection of his faith. About this time, his new creed was getting popular in Medina and the Prophet immigrated there with all the Muslim converts in June 622 CE.

After arriving at Medina, a Jewish strong-hold, the Prophet adopted fasting of Ashor and a number of other Jewish rituals as part of his creed. Prophet’s new messages from heaven started affirming the Jewish and Christian scriptures during the first 1.5 years in Medina and urged the Jews and Christians to accept Muhammad, as their new Prophet. Although the polytheists of Medina accepted his creed in greater number, the Jews stubbornly rejected and even criticized various inconsistencies, inaccuracies and logical fallacies in Islamic revelations in their gossips and poetry. Angered by this, the Prophet now started proscribing the Jewish customs he had adopted and ordered assassinations of those critics and poets who mocked his creed. Allah also revealed a verse acknowledging the stubbornness of the Jews and Christians and promised not to exhort them any more to His religion [Quran 2:120].

In late 623 AD, the Prophet proscribed the Jewish fasting of Ashor and replaced it with the month-long fasting of Ramadan. This is how fasting during Ramadan became part of Islamic rituals.

Not long after arrival in Medina, the Prophet turned his attention to avenge the Meccan’s rejection of his new faith by attacking and looting the life-sustaining Mecca trade caravans passing through nearby routes to Syria . Muslim converts of both Mecca (whose parents and families lived there) and Medina expressed unwillingness to his violent intention. He soon received a verse from God to force the unwilling Muslim cohorts into fighting:

“Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not”. [Quran 2.216]

After several failed attempts, the first success of attack on the Mecca caravan came during Nov/Dec in 623 at Nakhla, in which one Mecca caravan attendee was killed; two were captured while another was able to flee. It was the last day of month of Rajab – a sacred period in the Arabian custom on which fighting and violence were prohibited which was religiously followed by the inhabitants for centuries. This caused great dissatisfaction amongst the citizens of Medina including the Muslim converts. His God quickly revealed a verse to justify this blood-shed during prohibited month:

“They ask thee concerning fighting in the Prohibited Month. Say: “Fighting therein is a grave (offence); but graver is it in the sight of Allah to prevent access to the path of Allah, to deny Him, to prevent access to the Sacred Mosque, and drive out its members.” Tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter…” [Quran 2:217].

It should be noted that the fault of Mecca citizens was simple rejection of Muhammad new religion and advising others not to accept it; not allowing him access to their sacred temple of Ka’ba on which he had laid claim of belonging to his own God and applying the civilized measure of social blockade on his community after his 10 years’ of continued insult and degradation of Meccans’ religion, customs and ancestors. These circumstances ultimately lead the Muslims to emigrate to Medina seeing a greener pasture there. This is exactly what Allah has noted about the reactions of the Mecca idolaters to Muhammad and his new creed in this verse: “but graver is it in the sight of Allah to prevent access to the path of Allah, to deny Him, to prevent access to the Sacred Mosque, and drive out its members .” Interestingly, this so-called tumult and persecution became worse than slaughter in the judgment of Islam’s God and fighting and attacking them became a religious duty.

With this command, the fighting, killing and the capture of booty during the traditionally forbidden month were made lawful for the Muslims. The Prophet also ordained Abdullah with the title, ‘Amir-ul-Muminin’ (Commander of the Faithful). This blood-bath was also very meaningful for the Islamic faith in that this was the first raid which brought them booty (wealth) of which the Prophet kept a fifth as his share and the remainder was distributed amongst the raiders. The two prisoners were exchanged for ransoms.

Also about this time, the Prophet had disbanded the fasting of Jewish Ashor and introduced Ramadan as the Fasting month for the Muslims. About two month later in January 624, during the first fasting month of Ramadan, Mecca leader Abu Sufian was returning from Syria with another huge caravan. The Prophet assembled an army of Muslim fighters under his own command and set forth for attacking the caravan. News of this plan of attack reached Mecca and nearly 1000 men set off to rescue the caravan in which majority of the Mecca families had their shares. [Prophet’s biography by At-Tabari, i. 1281; Ibn Hisham, p427]

The caravan had escaped taking a safe-route. Unaware of this, the Prophet arrived at Bedr and took position at a vantage location occupying the water-wells. A tired and thirsty Meccan army arrived after 7-8 days’ journey through the desert and found all the water-wells occupied by the Muslims. The battle finally ensued on Friday, the 17th of Ramadan. The Muslim army of 305 fighting men routed the 1000-strong Mecca army killing 49 and capturing similar number as prisoners and lost only 14 fighters on their side

As the dead-bodies of the slain Koreish were being unceremoniously thrown into a mass-grave, a madly indignant Prophet yelled over them: “Have ye now found true that which your Lord did promise to you. What my Lord promised to me, that have I verily found to be true. Woe unto these people! Ye have rejected me, your Prophet! Ye cast me forth, and others gave me refuge; ye fought against me, and others came to my help!”

One particular incidence of bravery in the battle-field of Bedr requires special mention. In the midst of the battle, the Prophet was loudly spelling encouragement to his soldiers: “Allah had promised paradise to those who die fighting in His cause”. At this time, Omeir Ibn Hubab, a lad of only 16 years, was wondering around eating dates on the side of the battle. Hearing this exhortation from the Prophet’s mouth, he threw away the handful of dates? “Is it these (the dates) that hold me back from paradise?” cried Omeir. “Verily, I will taste no more of them until I meet my Lord (in paradise)!” Whereupon, he picked up a sword and rushed on to the enemies only to be slain. Prophet’s biographies endow glowing tribute and praise on his bravery and list him as the first martyr in Islam.

A number of prisoners were cruelly put to death immediately afterwards at the battlefield and others were carried to Medina to be exchanged for ransom. However, disputes broke out over the distribution of the booty (horses, camel, weapons and other stuffs left behind by the Mecca enemies), to which Allah from heaven quickly responded by revealing the rules for distribution of spoils of war:

“And know that out of all the booty that ye may acquire (in war), a fifth share is assigned to Allah and his Messenger, and to near relatives… [Quran 8.41]

Thereupon, the booty was distributed accordingly. The Prophet, on top of his normal one-fifth share, took possession of the camel of his sworn enemy, Abu Jahl, and his famous sword, known as the ‘Dhu’l-Fikar’ which the Prophet used in all subsequent battles. After the distribution of the booty, Muslims headed back to Medina . In a few days, the month of Ramadan ended and Muslims celebrated the first-ever Eid (Eid-ul-Fitr). The booty captured in Bedr must have had added to the feast and festive mood of Muslim’s first-ever celebration of Eid.

In the light of the Koran and Biographies of the Prophet by pious historians, it is evident that the first Ramadan in Islam was the most violent month the nascent Muslim community had yet seen. They launched this violent encounter proactively to plunder the enemy’s trade caravan. The Prophet’s attitude and expressions on the battlefield was one of unstinted zeal and of evident joy at the victorious outcome, instead of regret and sorrow over blood-bath during the maiden holy month. Muslim God also quickly revealed a verse on how to distribute the spoils of war in the field of battle showing His agreement to this aggressive blood-bath instead of admonishing the Prophet. Just two months earlier, Muslims had launched a blood-letting attack on the Mecca caravan during a forbidden period and Allah had disbanded that existing civilized tradition [Quran 2:217].

These holy-month successes in battle and the blood-bath not only brought spoils of war but also gave Muslims confidence that God was on their side to bring them success even if the enemies were much stronger. Indeed, the Prophet had proclaimed on the battlefield of Bedr to prop up his fighters that ’20 angels of God were fighting the enemy with each Muslim soldier.’ These events and circumstances must have inspired the unfurling numerous future raids, expeditions and battles of immense violence and blood-bath such that Muslims were poised to take over the entire world within about a century, had they not been defeated by the French army under the command of Martel at the battlefields of Tours in 732 AD. Indeed, many major subsequent campaigns were launched by the Muslims during the month of Ramadan.

The bottom-line is that there is no true prohibition against violence during Ramadan in Islam. During the first Ramadan, Muslims had launched a blood-letting and successful war with unstinted pious zeal. The holy month of Ramadan is, thus, inspirational, not prohibitive, towards violence in the Islamic creed. And that’s exactly what we consistently witness today in the increased violence by militant Islamist groups in Iraq and other violent hot-spots. Any talk of prohibition during sacred month/time, emanates from the pre-Islamic Jahiliya (age of ignorance) tradition, which is, thus, un-Islamic and has been disbanded in Islam.

We should now be aware of how accurately the violent Islamist groups follow the fundamentals of Islam. They are as correct as they claim.
Note: For more elaborate historical details, read my recent article “How Ramadan and Eid Became Noble Rituals in Islam?” (http://www.islam-watch.org/AlamgirHussain/Ramadan&Eid.htm)

Fitzgerald: The jig is up — or it will be

October 29, 2006

Fitzgerald: The jig is up — or it will be

In a statement regarding the Minneapolis Shari’a taxicab dispute that recently came to Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs from the Muslim Brotherhood, “Dr. Habib described the cabbies’ position as ‘absurd’ and added ‘Muslims must respect and comply with the laws and regulations of the countries they live in and be a good example for their fellow citizens.'”

This is akin to the about-face of the imam Hilali in Australia who, having been secretly taped at his mosque making his now-famous remarks about women dressed in non-Muslim fashion as “meat” who deserved whatever they got from inflamed Muslim men (apparently likened, in the somewhat clumsy metaphor, to the beasts that are attracted to that “meat”), and after indignation had been expressed too loudly and consistently to be ignored, pretended he had meant no such thing and apologized for any malentendu. He did the same thing a few years ago after praising the 9.11 attacks as “God’s work.”

And now we have the Muslim Brotherhood telling us the usual nonsense about Muslims who “must respect and comply with the laws and regulations of the countries they live in.” But that is not what Muslim websites say. What Muslim websites tell those who ask if they must obey the Infidel laws of Infidel nation-states is that they need do so only now, when Muslims do not yet rule, and only to the extent that those laws do not conflict with the laws of Islam.

Go to any of a hundred Muslim websites. Check out the various Ask Mr. Fatwas and Ask the Imam. Go to http://www.islamonline.net. Have fun. Find out what Muslims are told to do, and why, and why it is all, in the end, utterly phony. It is phony because they must do whatever they have to do only temporarily, so as to avoid arousing Infidel counter-measures. They must behave this way only until such time as it is too late for those Infidels and their countries (countries carefully left unspecified by Muslims — for who cares if it is the United States, or Canada, or France or England — they’re all just part of the Lands of the Infidels, part of Dar al-Harb) to awaken to what is happening and defend themselves and their societies.

How much nonsense do Muslim spokesmen and apologists of every kind think that they can continue to get away with, when any Infidel, at a click, can go to any number of Muslim websites and see exactly what is being dispensed as advice to Muslim Believers? How much of this stuff do they think they can permanently hide from the view of Infidels, when at the same time they keep disseminating it far and wide to Muslims?

The jig is up. Or will be. It’s a race — will Infidels rouse themselves from a deep dream of pseudo-peace and “understanding” in time to save not merely themselves but the legacy of the past that they hold in trust — the legacy that creates, and was created by, that civilization we call “Western”? Or will Muslims practicing taqiyya, and their non-Muslim collaborators win out in the end? Those collaborators, by the way, are an assortment of the bought-and-paid for, the antisemites who, but only because they can do damage to Jews and to Israel, end up making excuses for Islam. Then there is the largest group of all, the merely weak-minded or the merely uninformed, who are too lazy to inform themselves. Of those there are a great many.

Who will win the race? Some Muslims are worried about this, and some are not. Some understand the problem of trying at the same time to disseminate to Muslims in the West the true, the real doctrine, and at the very same time trying to hide that same true, real doctrine from Infidels who might have the gall to eavesdrop upon Muslim-Muslim communications, even when those communications are easily retrieved on Internet sites (even if often in Arabic or Urdu or other relevant languages) or delivered in mosques — where agents of the Infidel nation-state now dare to observe, and even secretly record, these sinister khutbas.

They worry only about insuring that a sufficient number of Infidels are kept for a sufficient period sufficiently in the dark. So far they are doing fairly well. The Infidels have not yet disappointed them.

But many of those Infidels, and for the same reasons, disappoint us. Stamina, thick skins, self-assurance required.

Why Muslim Immigration is a Threat to Western Democracy

Why Muslim Immigration is a Threat to Western Democracy

Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?
(Bertold Brecht)

I have warned earlier, especially (in the essay Electing a New People: The Leftist-Islamic Alliance), against Islamic infiltration of Leftist parties in the West, most recently demonstrated in Belgium, and the threat this poses to Western democracy. This is part of the reason why I advocate containment of the Islamic world and an end to Muslim immigration. Pundit Ohmyrus makes some of the same observations. But there is also another way in which Muslim immigration threatens our Western society.

In Policy Review, Lee Harris reviews Andrew G. Bostom’s excellent book The Legacy of Jihad. In his acknowledgments, Bostom expresses the wish that his own children and their children may “thrive in a world where the devastating institution of jihad has been acknowledged, renounced, dismantled, and relegated forever to the dustbin of history by Muslims themselves.”

But, as Harris asks,

“Why should Muslims renounce and dismantle an institution that, while it may have been devastating to those who have been its victims, has nevertheless been the historical agent by which Islamic culture has come to dominate such a vast expanse of our planet? […] Indeed, what is most striking about the collective project of jihad has been its immense and, with few exceptions, permanent success. Once Islamic culture sank in, it became virtually impossible for any foreign cultural influence to make any headway against it.”

He warns against those who dismiss the idea that Jihad constitutes a serious Islamic threat to the West because we are technologically superior to the Islamic world:

“Jihad has demonstrated an astonishing adaptability to different historical and material conditions. Yet the secret of the success of the Arab bands lay less in their own warlike qualities than in the weakness and decadence of the empires they overthrew. […] The jihadists are not interested in winning in our sense of the word. They can succeed simply by making the present world order unworkable, by creating conditions in which politics-as-usual is no longer an option, forcing upon the West the option either of giving in to their demands or descending into anarchy and chaos.
It is tempting to call this approach the crash of civilization.
It does not take a modern, sophisticated army to bring down a fragile and delicately balanced political order. Those who have no interest in preserving order, who are eager to destroy it, will welcome disorder for its own sake.”

Accordingly, says Harris, Muslims

“do not need to achieve the same degree of force that is the monopoly of the established order. In the crash-of-civilization paradigm – contrary to Clausewitzian warfare – the enemy of a particular established order does not need to match it in organizational strength and effectiveness. It needs only to make the established order reluctant to use its great strength out of the understandable fear that by plunging into civil war it will itself be jeopardized. This fear of anarchy – the ultimate fear for those who embrace the politics of reason – can be used to paralyze the political process to the point at which the established order is helpless to control events through normal political channels and power is no longer in the hands of the establishment but lies perilously in the streets. […] The jihadists do not need to ‘win’ in the battle against the West; it is enough if they can force the West to choose between a dreaded plunge back into the Law of the Jungle and acceding to their demands. This is a formula that has worked many times before and may work again.”

Muslims can thus undermine Western democracy in two ways: By massive immigration and infiltration of established, especially Socialist, parties until they can be turned to serve the Islamic agenda, or by simply creating a climate of fear and distrust that gradually makes the democratic system unworkable. In Western Europe right now, they are making significant headway on both accounts.

Hamas for Hipsters

Hamas for Hipsters
By Joe Kaufman
FrontPageMagazine.com | October 24, 2006

Today, in what can only be seen as a sinister farce, Ahmed Rehab, the Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago, will be addressing the student body of Minnesota State University Moorhead as its fall keynote speaker for 2006.  According to CAIR-Chicago’s website, the speech will include a discussion about 9/11, an event which CAIR is currently being sued over.


When viewing the CAIR-Chicago site, one comes away with the impression that the group is nothing more than a hip, modern youth movement.  The colorful animated pages, the fancy three-piece suits, the corporate images, the happy smiling faces – all of this lends to this false image.  But the reality is something entirely different.


CAIR or the Council on American-Islamic Relations was created by three leaders of a front for Hamas called the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP).  One of those leaders, CAIR’s current National Executive Director Nihad Awad, has, in the past, publicly stated his support for Hamas.  As well, CAIR has solicited money for two Hamas-related charities that were shut down by the
U.S. government in December of 2001, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) and the Global Relief Foundation (GRF).  Both groups had leaders that were also CAIR officials.  One of those leaders, Ghassan Elashi, earlier this month, was sentenced to seven years in prison.

In addition to this, CAIR is currently the defendant in a class action lawsuit put forward by the family of the former Chief of the FBI’s Counter-Terrorism Section, John P. O’Neill, naming CAIR as a party to the 9/11 conspiracy to attack America.  As stated in Estate of John P. O’Neill, Sr. et al. vs. Al Baraka Investment and Development Corporation,CAIR and CAIR-Canada have, since their inception, been part of the criminal conspiracy of radical Islamic terrorism.  These organizations play a unique role in the terrorist network.  They emanate from the notorious HAMAS terrorist organization, and like so many of the terrorism facilitating charities named and indicted by the United States government, they are engaged in fund raising under the guise of assisting humanitarian causes; they are, in reality, a key player in international terrorism.” 

Ahmed Rehab has his own “reality.”  Born in
Cairo, Egypt, Rehab has been inspired greatly by the violent Muslim Brotherhood organization that was established in his birthplace in 1928.  He stated as much, when he described – on his now-defunct personal website – the founder of the Brotherhood, Hassan Al Banna, as a “Contemporary Muslim Individual who influenced me” and when he labeled Brotherhood author and philosopher, Sayyid Qutb, his “Favorite Modern Personality.”  This was, of course, the same Muslim Brotherhood that spawned Hamas 60 years later, in 1987.


In keeping with the anti-Semitic attitudes of the Brotherhood and its offspring, Rehab has attacked Jews with standard Jewish hate libels.  Concerning such subjects as the Holocaust, he has written that he believes there is a “Jewish control over the media” and that “the history of the Jewish film producers in particular have shown that they predate on weak minorities by default.”

CAIR-Chicago’s website states that Rehab was an “activist in the field of interfaith collaboration” and that he “is a firm believer in the need to reach out and build bridges.”  Rehab pulled his website from the internet this year.  Are we to believe that Mr. Rehab has changed his views so dramatically over the course of the last few months?

Ahmed Rehab was also the one to break the story – through this author – that CAIR’s parent organization, the IAP, was no longer in existence.  The group had been found liable for the murder of an American boy, David Boim, during a Hamas terror operation is
Israel.  The group was also based in
Chicago, Rehab’s hometown.  Furthermore, Rehab interviewed IAP President (and co-founder of CAIR) Rafiq Jaber, shortly before the IAP’s dissolution.  Question:  How close was Rehab to the IAP – one of three American organizations to be founded by the number two leader in Hamas today, Mousa Abu Marzook – that he knew of the group’s closure before anyone else?


All of the above are reasons why students and faculty at Minnesota State University Moorhead should have major concerns about allowing this individual to speak at its institution.  Given CAIR’s terrorist ties, this event should never have been conceived in the first place.  No matter what the CAIR-Chicago website looks like or what Rehab says – no matter how they dress up their words and imagery – Hamas masquerading in trendy garb is still Hamas.

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French police face ‘permanent intifada’

French police face ‘permanent intifada’

More on the jihad in France from Jamey Keaten for Associated Press (thanks to Drew):

EPINAY-SUR-SEINE, France – On a routine call, three unwitting police officers fell into a trap. A car darted out to block their path, and dozens of hooded youths surged out of the darkness to attack them with stones, bats and tear gas before fleeing. One officer was hospitalized, and no arrests made.The recent ambush was emblematic of what some officers say has become a near-perpetual and increasingly violent conflict between police and gangs in tough, largely immigrant French neighborhoods that were the scene of a three-week paroxysm of rioting last year.

One small police union claims officers are facing a “permanent intifada.” Police injuries have risen in the year since the wave of violence.

National police reported 2,458 cases of violence against officers in the first six months of the year, on pace to top the 4,246 cases recorded for all of 2005 and the 3,842 in 2004. Firefighters and rescue workers have also been targeted — and some now receive police escorts in such areas.

On Sunday, a band of about 30 youths, some wearing masks, forced passengers out of a bus in a southern Paris suburb in broad daylight Sunday, set it on fire, then stoned firefighters who came to the rescue, police said. No one was injured. Two people were arrested, one of them a 13-year-old, according to LCI television….

Michel Thooris, head of the small Action Police union, claims that the new violence is taking on an Islamic fundamentalist tinge.

Taking on an Islamic fundamentalist tinge? When did it not have this? They were shouting “Allahu akbar” last year.

“Many youths, many arsonists, many vandals behind the violence do it to cries of ‘Allah Akbar’ (God is Great) when our police cars are stoned,” he said in an interview.Larger, more mainstream police unions sharply disagree that the suburban unrest has any religious basis. However, they do say that some youth gangs no longer seem content to throw stones or torch cars and instead appear determined to hurt police officers — or worse.

“First, it was a rock here or there. Then it was rocks by the dozen. Now, they’re leading operations of an almost military sort to trap us,” said Loic Lecouplier, a police union official in the Seine-Saint-Denis region north of Paris. “These are acts of war.”

Sadio Sylla, an unemployed mother of three, watched the Oct. 13 ambush of the police patrol in Epinay-sur-Seine from her second-floor window. She, other witnesses and police union officials said up to 50 masked youths surged out from behind trees.

One of the three officers needed 30 stitches to his face after being struck by a rock.

The attack was one of at least four gang beatings of police in Parisian suburbs since Sept. 19. Early Friday, a dozen hooded people hurled stones, iron bars and bottles filled with gasoline at two police vehicles in Aulnay-sous-Bois, a flashpoint of last year’s riots, said Guillaume Godet, a city hall spokesman. One officer required three stitches to his head.

Minority youths have long complained that police are more heavy-handed in their dealings with them than with whites, demanding their papers and frisking them for no apparent reason.

Such perceived ill-treatment fuels feelings of injustice, as do the difficulties that many youths from immigrant families have finding work.

Distrust and tension thrive. Rumors have flown around some housing projects that police are hoping to use the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which ends this week, to round up known troublemakers, on the basis that fasting all day will have made the youths weaker and easier to catch.

Police say that suggestion is ludicrous. However, they are on guard ahead of the first anniversary this week of last year’s riots. That violence began after two youths who thought police were chasing them hid in a power substation and were electrocuted to death.

Police unions suspect that the recent attacks may be an attempt to spark new riots.

“We are getting the impression these youths want a ‘remake’ of what happened last year,” said Fred Lagache, national secretary of the Alliance police union. “The youths are trying to cause a police error to justify chaos.”

Of course they are.