FBI’s Mueller: Bin Laden Wants to Strike U.S. Cities With Nuclear Weapons

FBI’s Mueller: Bin Laden Wants to Strike U.S. Cities With Nuclear Weapons

Not that this is news.

By Ronald Kessler for Newsmax, with thanks to GS:

Osama bin Laden and his terrorist group desperately want to obtain nuclear devices and explode them in American cities, especially New York and Washington, D.C., FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III tells NewsMax.In an exclusive interview, Mueller also acknowledged that bin Laden is still active, though isolated. The director revealed that the Bureau believes the terrorist leader continues to communicate with al-Qaida cells, some of which remain in the U.S.

Mueller declined to say how often bin Laden communicates or to elaborate on the substance of his communications.

Other intelligence sources tell NewsMax that U.S. security efforts have forced bin Laden to return to “horse-and-buggy days” — avoiding electronic communications in favor of using trusted couriers.

But Mueller says though hemmed in, al-Qaida’s paramount goal is clear: to detonate a nuclear device that would kill hundreds of thousands of Americans.

In contrast to homegrown terrorists, al-Qaida is far more likely to be able to pull off such an attack.

Mueller admits the nuclear threat is so real he sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night worrying about that possibility.

“I think it would be very difficult to wipe out the United States, but you’d have hundreds of thousands of casualties from a nuclear device, depending on the size of that nuclear device,” Mueller tells NewsMax.

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The CIA’s Former Expert on Bin Laden

The CIA’s Former Expert on Bin Laden

By James Lewis

The CIA’s former Bin Laden specialist, Michael Scheuer, has written a revealing article about KSM — Khalil Sheikh Mohammed, the operational chief of Al Qaeda, who has now been convicted by a military tribunal. KSM’s elaborate confession was published by the Defense Department, giving Scheuer a chance to show us how well he understands Al Qaida. Unfortunately he doesn’t say anything new about that, while being amazingly candid about his own biases and that of his cohort at the CIA. It’s not a pretty picture.
Like Valerie Plame, Scheuer is an unabashed Leftist, as he showed in his first CIA-approved book. He openly admires Al Qaida — remember, this is the guy who was in charge of protecting us before 9/11 (!!!) And he sides with the justice of their cause. According to Publisher’s Weekly’s review of Scheuer’s first book, he believes that

“Arab antagonism to the West … has its root in real grievances that have gone unaddressed by U.S. measures. The actions of the Saudis, and their U.S. supporters, come in for some hard criticism, as does the elevation of Northern Alliance warlords to de facto governors of Afghanistan. The author makes some challenging remarks regarding Israel … while playing down the extent to which the Taliban itself was a corrupt theocratic regime…”

Indeed, Scheuer despises Israel, calling it a “theocracy-in-all-but-name.” But that is bizarre and ignorant. Israel was founded by secular, democratic Left-wingers like David Ben Gurion and Golda Meir, who had seen their families and friends murdered in Europe because they were Jews. Nobody asked if they were religious Jews or not. In fact, most of them were militantly secular; some early kibbutzim went so far Left as to add a blessing for Jozef Stalin to the Passover ceremony. Israel has exactly the same debates between religious and secular people that we have in the United States, and those debates are decided democratically and by rule of law. Michael Scheuer is purported to be a “Middle East expert,” but how can any expert make such a basic mistake?
Scheuer’s bottom line: We deserved 9/11. 
Oddly enough, the CIA’s top Bin Laden’s specialist has an utterly immoral view of war, contrary to the entire Western “Just War” tradition, which ranges from Cicero to Aquinas and well into the 20th century. In a Just War context, the Geneva Conventions mean something; targeting innocents means something; wearing uniforms that visibly identify soldiers and protect civilians means something. None of those major, life-saving civilizational constraints mean anything to Scheuer.
He approvingly quotes KSM:

“Knowing history better than his interlocutors, KSM told the tribunal: ‘But you are military men. I did it [the list of attacks] but this is the language of any war … Military [men] throughout history know very well. They know war will never stop. War start from Adam when Cain he killed Abel until now. It’s never gonna stop killing people. This [killing and victims] is the way of the language [of war] … You know never stopping war. This is life.'”

But that is the barbarians’ view of warfare. And if you hold that view, there is no difference between the fire and the fire brigade. The fire consumes innocent lives, while the fire brigade risks life and limb to save them. But the Scheuers of this world are so morally lost and confused that they cannot tell the difference.
Scheuer certainly doesn’t seem like a very bright or well-informed guy, but much worse, it is his moral worldview that is corrupted: That is the real problem. If our CIA promoted him up the ranks in utter disregard of his nihilistic view of the American cause, there must be something profoundly wrong at Langley.
Finally, Scheuer is convinced there were never any WMDs in Iraq. Oddly enough, Saddam’s own generals were convinced they did have WMDs, and as any historian can tell Mr. Scheuer, the truth about such things is rarely known until long afterwards. Historians are still trying to figure out Nazi Germany’s nuclear program today. 
So our top CIA analyst on Bin Laden has just decided there was no WMD rationale to go to war, even while the WMD question is still open to rational doubt. (See this article, for example). In other words, Mr. Scheuer has adopted the views of the militant Left on an issue that is at best debatable. That is an elementary analytic error. 
Forget Michael Scheuer, the person — but what is the matter at the CIA? Here is our top Bin Laden analyst, who shows lamentable ignorance about the Middle East; who has a nihilistic view of warfare, and therefore of American history; who is happy to rush into print with a shoddy and biased take on the war, approved by the CIA itself; and who allows his political biases to distort his judgments of events.
Like Valerie Plame, Scheuer is a symbol of incompetence, ignorance and moral corruption among the top guardians of our national security.
James Lewis blogs at http://www.dangeroustimes.wordpress.com/

Young Muslims’ Secret Camp — read this in detail – follow the links – Frightening

Young Muslims’ Secret Camp
By Joe Kaufman
FrontPageMagazine.com | August 1, 2006

The Young Muslims are in hiding.  They are hiding the location of their August 2nd youth camp, and the public has a right to know why.The Young Muslims (YM) was founded well over a decade ago, as a subsidiary of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), an organization that was created specifically to emulate the violent Muslim Brotherhood of Pakistan, Jamaat-e-Islami.  Through ICNA, YM holds events that feature as speakers some of the most radical individuals in the Islamic community.  These events include youth camps, which, prior to the attacks on 9/11, were referred to as “jihad camps.”

The latest YM camp, themed ‘Deen and Dunya: Finding the Balance,’ will be held tomorrow, August 2nd through August 6th.  The organization has worked hard to keep the location of the destination under wraps.  On the YM website, people are explicitly told not to discuss the matter.

Originally, the event was to be held in
Villanova, Pennsylvania, at the 23-acre Foundation for Islamic Education (FIE), where many YM events are held throughout the year.  [This includes one last April featuring
UK Imam Sheik Riyadh ul-Haq, who, just two months later, was banned from entering
Canada, “because his views could incite terror and hatred.”]  However, the camp was to be a five-day affair – a violation of local zoning regulations – and  after years of infractions perpetrated by FIE, the residents complained and got the Township of Lower Merion, where FIE is located, to threaten an injunction against the group.

YM had previously held its August 2004 camp at FIE, the theme of which was ‘A Few Good Men.’  Controversy erupted over it, when, shortly before the camp was to begin, one of the invited speakers, Mazen Mokhtar, had his house raided and his computers confiscated by the FBI.  Mokhtar, currently the Youth Director for the
New Jersey chapter of the Muslim American Society (MAS), prior to 9/11, created a mirror (replica) website of a site that raised funds and recruited terror fighters for Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.  The site was also used as a portal to the official website of Hamas, a group that Mokhtar has called “heroic.”  He has also said he supports suicide bombings.

Mokhtar was an invitee to lecture at this year’s camp, as well.  The “confirmed” list of speakers are as follows: 

  • Siraj Wahhaj, the Imam of the Masjid At-Taqwa mosque in
    Brooklyn and an individual listed as a potential co-conspirator to the 1993 bombing of the World
    Center, who has stated about the
    United States in a taped sermon, “In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing.  And the only thing that will remain will be Islam.”
  • Abdul Malik, the chaplain of the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority and former Office Manager of CAIR-New York, who likened President George W. Bush to a “slave master” and, in a speech entitled ‘Service to Society: The Key to Reformation,’ stated, “Assalam alaikum [crowd responds: ‘wa alaikum assalam’].  I look forward to hearing that one day in the White House, and then paint it black.”  And “…we don’t want to democratize Islam, we want to Islamize democracy.”
  • Faisal Hamouda, who is a leading volunteer for Islamic Relief, a charity that
    Israel has named a front for Hamas.
  • Nouman Ali Khan, a former representative of the Muslim Students Association (MSA), who, in February of 2005, gave a speech sponsored by the MSA of Hofstra University, entitled ‘Preparation for Death.’
  • Shamsi Ali, the Deputy Imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of New York and Director of the Jamaica Muslim Center, who was the moderator at a February 2006 demonstration against Danish cartoons of Muhammad held outside the Danish Consulate in Manhattan, where a poster was seen being waived which read, “Insult the Prophet, you will pay, Allah’s wrath is on the way.
  • Amin Abdul Latif, the President (Ameer) of Majlis Ashura of NYC in
    Brooklyn, who signed his name to an open letter to President Bush in support of
    Algeria’s Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), the Islamist organization responsible for the creation of the terror group, the Armed Islamic Group (GIA).

The speakers are not the only problem with the YM camp.  There is also a problem with the campers.  Numerous pictures from previous camps depict the children fighting each other, as their fellow camp-mates stand around watching.  It is not apparent whether or not there is any supervision while this is occurring, but given who their guest speakers are, that probably doesn’t make much of a difference.

One reason why the members of Young Muslims don’t want the location of tomorrow’s camp divulged is because there may be more impediments – zoning or otherwise – with the new locale, which could cause a cancellation.  A further explanation could be because they don’t want what is being said by their guest speakers known to the public.  Yet another reason could be far far worse.  But we won’t know, because they’re not telling.

Law enforcement needs to find out — now.

Beila Rabinowitz, Director of Militant Islam Monitor, contributed to this report.