Ex-mentor: Sharpton is Obama’s link to the streets that tells us a lot

Ex-mentor: Sharpton is Obama’s link to the streets

By VERENA DOBNIK, Associated Press Writer Verena Dobnik, Associated Press Writer Sat Apr 17, 8:33 pm ET

NEW YORK – The Rev. Al Sharpton is a “lightning rod” for President Barack Obama on inner city streets, Obama’s former Harvard mentor and friend said Saturday at a forum in Harlem.

But Sharpton, who led the event, told The Associated Press that America’s first black president “has to work both for us and for others,” and that if Obama were to push a race-based agenda, “that would only organize the right against him.”

Sharpton spoke on the last day of an annual conference organized by his National Action Network. Speakers included three members of Obama’s Cabinet and Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, as well as Charles Ogletree, the president’s Harvard Law School professor, now a friend.

“Al Sharpton has become the lightning rod in moving Obama’s agenda forward,” Ogletree told the AP, describing Sharpton as a conduit between the disadvantaged and powerful leaders. “And he has access to both the streets and the suites, to make sure that the people who are voiceless, faceless and powerless finally have some say.”

Standing at the back of a balcony overlooking Harlem’s ornate First Corinthian Baptist Church, the 57-year-old lawyer said that some black Americans may be disappointed the president they helped elect isn’t doing more for them.

“And President Obama expected to do a lot more,” said Ogletree, referring to the challenges Obama faces in two wars and the struggling economy. Still, he predicted, the new health care law would affect uninsured black Americans more than any other segment of the population.

But clearly, Sharpton was at the center of this forum. Saturday, the front page of The Washington Post featured a photo of him with a headline that read: “Activist Al Sharpton takes on new role as administration ally.”

Sharpton chuckled at the notion.

“I’ve been as much in this White House as I was in George (W.) Bush’s — it’s only when Bush invited me to the White House, it was him reaching out; when Obama invites me, all of a sudden, we’re allies,” Sharpton joked during a break, sitting in a pew on the altar that served as a high-tech stage.

Amid a heated national debate over whether black leaders should align themselves with the president, Sharpton has defended Obama against criticism from television host Tavis Smiley that “black folk are catching hell” and Obama should do more to help them.

Black Americans, Sharpton said, “need to solve our own problems.”

Sharpton told the AP that he is working to expand his Harlem-based organization to 100 cities from the current 42, with about 200,000 members, “and to really deliver against unemployment that is disproportionate in the black community, and for health care and education reform.”

The four-day conference, focusing on a 12-month plan of action for black leadership, brought together prominent figures from dozens of fields, tackling topics as diverse as finding jobs for men leaving prison and federal subsidies for black farmers.

Sharpton’s “12-month action plan” to better life for black Americans measures its success by individual goal-setting — “every day, every week, every month,” said Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia.

Nutter has a big goal: to reach and teach a half million adults in his city who are considered “low-literate,” which means they can read, technically, but have difficulty understanding a newspaper article or even a utility bill.

“It is impossible for parents to help their children if they can’t read,” said Nutter, who leads the largest American city with a black mayor. “It is almost impossible to lift yourself out of poverty if you can’t function at a high enough level.”

Al Sharpton on “Jewing the Numbers”

Al Sharpton on “Jewing the Numbers”

by Bill Levinson

We previously reported how Barack Obama stood arm in arm with the prominent racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton at a meeting of Sharpton’s hate organization, the National Action Network. We would like to share the “response” we received from the Obama campaign regarding our complaints about his open association with a prominent hatemonger and a hate group that has been directly involved in at least one fatal incident of racist and anti-Semitic violence (the arson of Freddy’s Fashion Mart).

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Senator Barack Obama and his candidacy for President. Senator Obama welcomes an open dialogue about America’s future, and hopes for the widest possible participation in a great nationwide discussion.

Hearing and exploring different positions and ways of thinking furthers this discussion. It challenges our reasoning, sharpens our analysis of issues, and leads to new solutions. We appreciate having the benefit of your perspective.

One of Senator Obama’s mentors was the late Senator Paul Simon, a man of great ability and integrity. He believed that people could disagree without being disagreeable, and Senator Obama has taken that guiding principle as his own.

Thank you again for contacting Senator Obama.

“He believed that people could disagree without being disagreeable, and Senator Obama has taken that guiding principle as his own.” We don’t think Obama has gotten off to a very good start, since he doubtlessly knew how offensive the following image would be to white people (especially Jews) and also to every single decent Afro-American. The way Al Sharpton’s tongue is hanging out, he must be fantasizing about something like burning a store that is owned by a Caucasian (preferably a Jew, e.g. Freddy’s Fashion Mart) or reenacting the Night of the Broken Glass in a place like Crown Heights.

Why should this image offend decent Afro-Americans, even though Sharpton rarely directs hate speech against members of his own race? (”Never” is not accurate, since Sharpton called fellow African-American David Dinkins a “Negro whore turning tricks in City Hall,” and “Negro” was not exactly the word he used.) Racist demagogues appeal universally to the absolute dregs of their respective socities. By standing arm in arm with Al Sharpton, Barack Obama (and Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, who also accepted his hate group’s invitation) are effectively equating Black voters to the class of white people whose votes the Klan’s David Duke or the White Aryan Resistance’s Tom Metzger can deliver: the class commonly known as “white trash.” The only Black people whose votes Sharpton can deliver are the kind who, if they were white, would be wearing sheets and hoods while firebombing Black churches, murdering civil rights workers, and lynching Negroes.

Characterization of the National Action Network as a hate group is no exaggeration, noting its conduct at Freddy’s Fashion Mart. If the races of the participants were reversed, one would have a gang of Klansmen marching around a Black-owned business while calling a white security guard a “Negro lover” (”Negro” is not exactly the word they use), screaming about “Black interlopers” and “Negroes” (again, not the exact word), threatening to burn the building, and then having one of their participants follow through on the threat.

Here is the latest beauty from Al Sharpton: a YouTube video in which he says,

So are they going to keep Jewing numbers up and down until they can try to get two guys because they wanted school [unintelligible] they can do it…

“To Jew someone down” is a highly offensive anti-Semitic slur, which Jews like as much as Romany appreciate the phrase “gyp someone,” or as much as people from Wales like the term “welsh on a bet.” Nonetheless, Barack Obama’s people claim,

He believed that people could disagree without being disagreeable, and Senator Obama has taken that guiding principle as his own.

Then we and the Obama campaign must agree to disagree on this issue, because we find being called a “cracker,” “white interloper,” “bloodsucking Jew,” and “diamond merchant” by the individual with whom Obama seems to be having such a good time highly disagreeable, and the same applies to Obama’s association with an individual who talks about “Jewing numbers up and down.”

Sharpton: “White folks was in caves while we was building empires … We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”


After weeks of increasingly violent rhetoric, one of the protesters, Roland Smith, took Mr. Sharpton’s words about ousting the “white interloper” to heart. He ran into the store shouting, “It’s on!” He shot and wounded three whites and a Pakistani, whom he apparently mistook for a Jew. Then he set the fire, which killed five Hispanics, one Guyanese and one African-American–a security guard whom protesters had taunted as a “cracker lover.” Smith then fatally shot himself.

Barack Hussein, how does your friend’s commentary on “white folks in caves” and “Greek homos” tie in with “He believed that people could disagree without being disagreeable, and Senator Obama has taken that guiding principle as his own?”

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Reverend In The House

Reverend In The House

by The Reverend Bob Parks


As we all know, the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been anointed the arbiters of taste and decency in the media. Sharpton has destroyed the career of Don Imus and has threatened others who stray and violate the code of good taste in words and deeds.


I asked myself who am I to criticize these men? They are men of the cloth. They are assumed by the mainstream media to have the virtue and title to look over all of us and judge those who must be judged for the betterment of society, and young black female basketball players.


I also asked who am I to provide commentary on social, military, and political issues? I thought a common citizen could have a voice like anyone else, but apparently, the mainstream media only listens to Black Democrat politicians and the Black clergy, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’ve just decided to even the playing field.


So I went online, paid $29.00 plus $5.00 for shipping and within a few days, I will officially hold the title “Reverend” and a certificate I can proudly mount on my living room wall.

“Illustrating absurdity by being absurd….”

– Rush Limbaugh


Now before some of you get all bent, rest assured I’m not going to cross the line into blasphemy. I’m not going to marry anyone… even though I can. I’m not going to baptize babies… even though I can. I won’t sermonize from the pulpit… even though I can.


But as a Reverend, I can criticize the words and motives of the Reverend Al Sharpton and the Reverend Jesse Jackson with a lot more credibility than as a private citizen. When they next attempt to boycott, and have fired, anyone for using stupid, and even vile, First Amendment protected speech, I can put the spotlight back on men who are morally in no position to judge anyone’s free speech.


Whatever works.

Democrats Embrace Al Sharpton’s Racist National Action Network

Democrats Embrace Al Sharpton’s Racist National Action Network

by Bill Levinson

While it might be refreshing to pull the D lever after eight years of “Not Gore” and “Not Kerry,” it is now totally impossible for us to do so. It is in fact triply impossible for a “white interloper ” and “[Jewish] diamond merchant” (to use Al Sharpton’s own terms for us) who lived in Wappingers Falls NY in 1988 to even bother looking at the platforms of anyone who appears in public with an infamous racist whose anti-Semitic hate speech helped incite two incidents of fatal violence.

While it is obvious that no “cracker” or “bloodsucking Jew” (terminology used by National Action Network people while they were killing a Jew in Crown Heights and burning down a Jewish-owned store in Harlem) who knows anything about Sharpton could possibly vote for anyone who consorts with him, neither can any self-respecting African-American. Racists and anti-Semites appeal universally to the absolute dregs of the societies for which they claim to speak. If former Ku Klux Klansman David Duke appeals to the lowest class of white person, the kind of Black whose vote Al Sharpton can actually deliver is self-evident. By acting as though Al Sharpton can “deliver the Black vote,” Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Howard Dean, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, and Joe Biden (the one who effectively called Obama a credit to his race) have effectively equated all African-Americans to the class of white people who regard David Duke as a leader.

Democrats Scramble to Court Sharpton
Presidential Candidates Scramble to Pursue Black Voters in the ‘Al Sharpton Primary’
NEW YORK Apr 18, 2007 (AP)— Democratic presidential contenders are scrambling for support in what’s being dubbed the Al Sharpton primary. The civil rights leader livened up the 2004 Democratic primary with his pompadour hairdo and sharp, witty oratory. This election, the high-profile Sharpton, fresh from the fight over Don Imus’ derogatory remarks, is attracting all the party’s major candidates this week for his annual National Action Network convention.

There we have it: all six Democratic candidates have agreed to appear at, and thus give credibility to, the African-American equivalent of a Ku Klux Klan meeting. This should automatically disqualify all six of them from even being considered by any decent American. For those who do not remember exactly what Al Sharpton is and what he has done, Fred Siegel’s outstanding Democrats Embrace ‘Impresario of Hatred’

It would have taken no great effort for the reporters covering the Apollo debate to have walked across 125th Street from the theater to visit Freddy’s Fashion Mart, where in 1995 eight people died in a murderous rampage inspired by Mr. Sharpton.

Mr. Sharpton is best-known for the Tawana Brawley hoax, in which he insisted that a 15-year-old black girl had been abducted and raped by a band of white men practicing Irish Republican Army rituals. In fact she had made up the story to protect herself from her violent stepfather.

But at Freddy’s, Mr. Sharpton was even more malevolent. He turned a landlord-tenant dispute between the Jewish owner of Freddy’s and a black subtenant into a theater of hatred. Picketers from Mr. Sharpton’s National Action Network, sometimes joined by “the Rev.” himself, marched daily outside the store, screaming about “bloodsucking Jews” and “Jew bastards” and threatening to burn the building down.

After weeks of increasingly violent rhetoric, one of the protesters, Roland Smith, took Mr. Sharpton’s words about ousting the “white interloper” to heart. He ran into the store shouting, “It’s on!” He shot and wounded three whites and a Pakistani, whom he apparently mistook for a Jew. Then he set the fire, which killed five Hispanics, one Guyanese and one African-American–a security guard whom protesters had taunted as a “cracker lover.” Smith then fatally shot himself.

http://www.nationalreview.com/20Mar00/nordlinger032000.html adds,

There was more, of course-always more. In the spring of 1989, the Central Park “wilding” occurred. That was the monstrous rape and beating of a young white woman, known to most of the world as “the jogger.” The hatred heaped on her by Sharpton and his claque is almost impossible to fathom, and wrenching to review. …Outside the courthouse, they [Sharpton and his entourage] chanted, “The boyfriend did it! The boyfriend did it!” They denounced the victim as “Whore!” They screamed her name, over and over (because most publications refused to print it, though several black-owned ones did). Sharpton brought Tawana Brawley to the trial one day, to show her, he said, the difference between white justice and black justice. He arranged for her to meet the jogger’s attackers, whom she greeted with comradely warmth. In another of his publicity stunts, he appealed for a psychiatrist to examine the victim. “It doesn’t even have to be a black psychiatrist,” he said, generously. He added: “We’re not endorsing the damage to the girl — if there was this damage.”

…But the torching, so to speak, continued. In 1995-four years into the putative New Sharpton-there was another, fatal case in which Sharpton had a guilty hand: Freddy’s Fashion Mart. In Harlem, a white store owner — no, worse: a Jewish one — was accused of driving a black store owner out of business. At one of the many rallies meant to scare the Jewish owner away [can anyone say, “burning crosses meant to scare the Negro owner away?”], Sharpton charged that “there is a systemic and methodical strategy to eliminate our people from doing business off 125th Street. I want to make it clear . . . that we will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business.” Sharpton’s colleague, Morris Powell, said of the Jewish owner — Sharpton’s “white interloper” — “We’re going to see that this cracker suffers. Reverend Sharpton is on it.”

This pretty much puts Al Sharpton in the same class of white supremacists who incite, at least indirectly, the actual lynching of African-Americans: in other words, the worst and most violent elements of the Ku Klux Klan and Tom Metzger’s White Aryan Resistance (WAR).

he attracted nationwide publicity in 1990, when an Oregon jury rendered a $12.5 million judgment against him and his son, John, for inciting the murder of an Ethiopian immigrant by skinheads.

Compare this to what was said above:

After weeks of increasingly violent rhetoric, one of the protesters, Roland Smith, took Mr. Sharpton’s words about ousting the “white interloper” to heart. He ran into the store shouting, “It’s on!” He shot and wounded three whites and a Pakistani, whom he apparently mistook for a Jew. Then he set the fire, which killed five Hispanics, one Guyanese and one African-American–a security guard whom protesters had taunted as a “cracker lover.” Smith then fatally shot himself.

Al Sharpton is therefore the African-American equivalent of Tom Metzger, and that is the kind of individual with whom the six Democratic candidates have chosen to appear. Note that the above excerpt shows that Sharpton himself, as opposed to a rogue follower, was responsible for the “white interloper” remark. He was essentially saying that a Caucasian did not belong in Harlem (and, by implication, should be driven out) just as white supremacists say, “We don’t want any Negroes in our neighborhood.” “Negroes” is, of course, not exactly the word they use. Sharpton was also personally responsible for statements about “[Jewish] diamond merchants,” “Greek homos,” and even “N***er,” the latter being applied to a Black person he didn’t like. http://www.nationalreview.com/20Mar00/nordlinger032000.html “Once he [Sharpton] had referred to [David] Dinkins as “that nigger whore turning tricks in City Hall.”

Sharpton was quoted as saying to an audience at Kean College in 1994 that, “White folks was in caves while we was building empires … We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.” Sharpton defended his comments by noting that the term “homo” was not homophobic but added that he no longer uses the term.

As far as we know, “homo” is indeed a derogatory term for a gay person, just as “cracker” is a derogatory term for a Caucasian and “bloodsucking Jew” is a derogatory term for a Jew. Sharpton apparently thinks he is Humpty Dumpty, who proclaimed that, when he used a word, it meant exactly what he wanted it to mean: no more and no less.

A visiting rabbinical student from Australia by the name of Yankel Rosenbaum, 29, was killed during the rioting by a mob shouting “Kill the Jew.” Sharpton has been seen by some commentators as inflaming tensions with remarks such as “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house” and referring to Jews as “diamond merchants.”

Sharpton (we will not address you as “Mister” or “Reverend” or with any other title of respect), we have wanted to get it on with you ever since you brought your lying face to Wappingers Falls in 1988. Now we are going to wrap you around the Democrats’ necks like the stinking-to-high-heaven racist and anti-Semitic bigot you are, and it is going to cost them next year’s election–unless the party finds someone else between now and then.

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Factor highlights–and the real Al Sharpton

Sharpton and Jackson have crossed the line

Sharpton and Jackson have crossed the line

To the Editor:

The brazenness of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson is amazing. Radio talk-show host Don Imus has been suspended for two weeks for his remarks regarding the Rutgers University women’s basketball team.

The remarks were ridiculous, and even if that is the way he really feels, he should have had sense enough not to say it on the air. That being noted, he still has the constitutional right to say it.

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What is equally galling is that the most strident voices in the aftermath of Imus’ remarks are those of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Yes, the same Al Sharpton who took to the streets and the airwaves trying to railroad six white men for allegedly attacking Tawana Brawley, a young black woman who was unequivocally proven to be a liar.

Yes, the same Jesse Jackson who once called New York City “Hymietown,” which is a derogatory term for Jews. These two extortionists have no credibility whatsoever for the thinking man, and yet the media continues to champion their public shams.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are an affront to legitimate debate regarding race relations, free speech, or any other discussion of value in America. Any time there is a chance for shameless self-promotion, race-baiting and the bully pulpit, these two shysters come running.

Don Imus’ comments were irresponsible. Legitimizing phonies like Sharpton and Jackson in the rhetoric that follows is no less reckless.

Michael Savage: Sharpton’s a ‘Bum,’ Keep Imus

Michael Savage: Sharpton’s a ‘Bum,’ Keep Imus

April 11, 2007 2:27 P.M.

Calling Rev. Al Sharpton a “street bum,” megatalk show host Michael Savage said Sharpton is guilty of his own racism and shouldn’t judge radio and TV host Don Imus.

In a statement given exclusively to NewsMax.com, Savage asked if the so-called “reverend” was really serious in “calling the kettle black.”

“Which Sharpton is it calling for Imus’s firing?” he asked. “The “reverend’ Sharpton [we cannot locate the church where he holds regular services, nor find out where he was ordained] or the talk-show host Sharpton calling for the firing of a competitor to his zero-rated radio ‘show’?”

“Does nobody in the media remember the Al Sharpton-Tawana Brawley hoax?” Savage asked. “Or the Crown Heights [New York] riots where rabbinical student Yankel Rosenblum was stabbed to death by a black mob? Or, the Freddie’s Fashion Mart mob in Harlem that was told to ‘boycott that Jew store’ by activists, resulting in four innocent people being shot to death (all Hispanic workers) and the building set on fire.”

“Why” asked Savage, “is the media asking this street bum, Sharpton about racism?”

Turning to Don Imus, Sharpton’s target, Savage said that Imus, “has no ratings, is a has been, and to me, is an ancient cracker whose veneer has worn off.”

Recalling that he himself had been fired by what he called “the MSNBC empty suits without any chance of redemption,” he said that the only reason Imus is being given a second chance “by the empty suit Phil Griffin [NBC corporate executive] is because he is a dyed-in-the-wool liberal.”

In spite of his expressed contempt for Imus, however, Savage said Imus should be kept on.

“Do I think he should be fired?” he said. “Absolutely not. Let the audience decide.”

Savage added: “Last word, don’t liberals believe in redemption? They oppose the death penalty, and tell us even murderers can be reformed. Yet, when it came to Michael Savage, they gave me the ‘death penalty’ by demanding MSNBC execute me from their geography – television.”

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The Culture of ‘Bitches, Hos, and Niggas’

The Culture of ‘Bitches, Hos, and Niggas’

By Michelle Malkin
http://www.JewishWorldReview.com | Let’s stipulate: I have no love for Don Imus, Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. A pox on all their race-baiting houses.
Let’s also stipulate: The Rutgers women’s basketball team didn’t deserve to be disrespected as “nappy-headed hos.” No woman deserves that. I agree with the athletes that Imus’s misogynist mockery was “deplorable, despicable and unconscionable.” And as I noted on Fox News’s “O’Reilly Factor” this week, I believe top public officials and journalists who have appeared on Imus’s show should take responsibility for enabling Imus — and should disavow his longstanding invective.
But let’s take a breath now and look around. Is the Sharpton & Jackson Circus truly committed to cleaning up cultural pollution that demeans women and perpetuates racial epithets? Have you seen the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks chart this week?
The No. 1 rap track is by a new sensation who goes by the name of “Mims.” The “song” is “This Is Why I’m Hot.” It has topped the charts for the last 15 weeks. Here’s a taste of the lyrics that young men and women are cranking up in their cars:

This is why I’m hot
Catch me on the block
Every other day
Another bitch another drop
16 bars, 24 pop
44 songs, nigga gimme what you got . . .
. . . We into big spinners
See my pimping never dragged
Find me wit’ different women that you niggas never had
For those who say they know me know I’m focused on ma cream
Player you come between you’d better focus on the beam
I keep it so mean the way you see me lean
And when I say I’m hot my nigga dis is what I mean

Let’s move down the Billboard list, shall we? The No. 2 rap track in the nation this week is by rappers Bow Wow and R. Kelly (yes, the same R. Kelly who was indicted five years ago on a raft of child-porn charges and is still awaiting trial). The “song” is called “I’m a Flirt,” and it’s been on the charts for 12 weeks:

Ima b pimpin
I don’t be slippin
When it come down to these hos
I don’t love em
We don’t cuff em
Man that’s just the way it goes
I pull up in the Phantom
All the ladies think handsome
Jewelry shining, I stay stuntin’
That’s why these niggas can’t stand em
Ima chick mag-a-net
And anything fine I’m bag-gin it
And if she got a man, I don’t care
10 toes and I wanna be, cause I gotta have it

The final line:

Now the moral of the story is cuff yo chick, ’cause hey,
I’m black, fresh, and I rap, plus I’m rich, and I’m a flirt.

Al Sharpton, I am sure, is ready to call a press conference with the National Organization for Women to jointly protest this garbage and the radio stations and big pimpin’ music companies behind it.

Or perhaps the New Civility Squad is not convinced yet that the Billboard chart toppers I’ve highlighted are representative? Let’s proceed to No. 3 on the Billboard rap charts this week (and on the charts for the past 13 weeks): “Go Getta” by a rapper named “Young Jeezy” with a special appearance by R. Kelly (again!). Here’s the “chorus”:

You know we trap all day
Play all night
Dis Is Da Life Of A Go Getta (Ey) Go Getta (Ey) Go Getta (Yea)
U In Da Club
U C A Bad Bitch
Point Her Out (Oh)
Yea U Damn Right Ima (Ey)
You Damn Right Ima Go Getta (Ey) Go Getta (Ey) Go Getta (Yea)

The No. 4 song on the Billboard Rap Tracks charts is “Throw Some D’s” by “Rich Boy featuring Polow Da Don.” (It’s been on the charts for 18 weeks.) Here’s the chorus:

Rich Boy sellin’ crack
F—k niggas wanna jack
Sh-t tight no slack
Just bought a Cadillac (Throw some D’s on that bitch!)
Just bought a Cadillac (Throw some D’s on that bitch!)
Just bought a Cadillac

The lyrical rap poet known as “Unk” has the No. 5 spot with “2 Step.” On the charts for nine weeks, here’s a taste of his dope rhyme:

I See You Got It Right
Beat My Wrist Ice
Colder Than A Bud Light
Now I’m a Take My Time
Where The Gangsters At
And You Can Still Post The Wall Nigga Holla Back
Grey Goose And Yak
Blunt Filled With Kush
I’m Getting Jiggy With It
Smoking On That George Bush

And at No. 6 is “Rock Your Hips” by “Crime Mob.” Here’s the non-obscene part:

She rock her hips
She rock her hips
I like that way
She rock her hips
She rock her hips
I like the way
She rock her hips

But you can’t have a hit without the n-word, of course:

Now I got 32 flavors of that bootylicious bubblegum
Raspberry, grape, cherry,
Come and get this honey bun
Yummy-yum baby, not your ordinary lady
Known to drive the niggas crazy

One dumb radio/television shock jock’s insult is a drop in the ocean of barbaric filth and anti-female hatred on the radio.

Imus gets a two-week suspension. What kind of relief do we get from this deadening, coarsening, dehumanizing barrage from young, black rappers and their music industry enablers who have helped turn America into Tourette’s Nation?

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The Nine Lives of Al Sharpton

The Nine Lives of Al Sharpton
By John Perazzo
FrontPageMagazine.com | April 12, 2007

By now everyone knows about the recent idiotic remarks that longtime broadcaster Don Imus made last week about some black members of the

University women’s basketball team, to whom he referred as “nappy-headed hos.” Imus’ words require no comment; their stupidity is clear to all.

What is not at all clear, however, is why Al Sharpton has become Imus’ de facto confessor in this case. On Monday, the shock jock contritely appeared on Sharpton’s radio program and apologized for his stupid statements. Sharpton, for his part, slid into his customary moral preening routine and denounced Imus’ comments of last week as “racist” and “abominable,” adding that the broadcaster “should be fired” for what he had said. “I accept his apology,” Sharpton later elaborated, “just as I want his bosses to accept his resignation.” Moreover, Sharpton vowed to picket Imus’
New York
radio home, WFAN-AM, unless the broadcaster was fired within a week for having “use[d] the airwaves for sexist and racist remarks.”

When one considers the multitude of hurtful, malicious, deceitful things Al Sharpton himself has said and done over the years—chiefly for the purpose of justifying his own existence as a proverbial shepherd dutifully shielding black Americans from the white racist wolves that supposedly surround them all times—it is beyond incredible not only that he hosts his own radio program, but that anyone on earth should take seriously anything he has to say.

Sharpton’s career as a public liar and racial arsonist began in earnest two decades ago when he injected himself into the case of 16-year-old Tawana Brawley, who in November 1987 claimed that she had been repeatedly raped and sodomized for four days by six white kidnappers, at least one of whom was wearing a police badge. She further alleged that her assailants had chopped off some of her hair, forced her to perform oral sex on them, urinated into her mouth, smeared her clothing with feces, and covered her chest with racial slurs before finally depositing her in a wooded area of

Falls, a town in
Dutchess County, New York
. It was among the most disturbing tales in living memory.

Al Sharpton quickly assumed the role of special adviser to Miss Brawley and thereafter worked closely with the girl’s attorneys, C. Vernon Mason (who, later in his career, would be convicted of 66 counts of professional misconduct and disbarred from the legal profession) and Alton Maddox (who has publicly expressed his profound hatred for white people). Lamenting that their client had fallen prey to “certain elements that have constantly antagonized the black community, including the Ku Klux Klan and law-enforcement personnel,” Sharpton and the Brawley lawyers demanded that New York Governor Mario Cuomo appoint a special prosecutor to the case and publicly charged that “high-level” local law enforcement officials were involved in the crime—an allegation that led to numerous death threats against members of the Dutchess County police department. Sharpton further demanded that New York Attorney General Robert Abrams be removed from the case because of an alleged “relationship” between Abrams and the Dutchess County sheriff who was, according to Sharpton, “a suspect in this case.”  Sharpton insisted that there was “absolutely no way” that his client would talk to Abrams. “That’s like asking someone who watched someone killed in the gas chamber to sit down with Mr. Hitler,” he said.

So the case dragged on, week after week, with Brawley refusing to speak to even a single investigator—ostensibly because she feared that as an African American she would be unable to get a fair hearing.  

Then at a March 1988 news conference, Sharpton and the attorneys fingered Stephen Pagones,

’s assistant district attorney, as one of their client’s attackers. Further accusing district attorney William Grady of trying to cover up Pagones’ involvement in the crime, they demanded that Governor Cuomo immediately arrest the two “suspects.” When asked what evidence they could provide to substantiate their charges, Sharpton and his cohorts were evasive, saying only that they would reveal the facts when the time was right. 

Three months later something very important happened: a Sharpton aide named Perry McKinnon stepped forward to make a remarkable series of disclosures. A former police officer, private investigator, and director of security at a

, McKinnon revealed that “Sharpton acknowledged to me early on that ‘The [Brawley] story do sound like bull—t, but it don’t matter. We’re building a movement. This is the perfect issue. Because you’ve got whites on blacks. That’s an easy way to stir up all the deprived people, who would want to believe and who would believe—and all [you’ve] got to do is convince them—that all white people are bad.  Then you’ve got a movement.” Explaining that Sharpton was methodically “building an atmosphere” for a race war, McKinnon continued: “Sharpton told me it don’t matter whether any whites did it or not. Something happened to her…even if Tawana done it to herself.” To prove his truthfulness, McKinnon submitted to a lie detector test administered on camera and passed all questions. 

In the autumn of 1988, after conducting an exhaustive review of the facts, a grand jury released its report showing beyond any doubt that the entire Tawana Brawley story had been fabricated, and that at least $1 million of
New York
taxpayers’ money had been spent to investigate a colossal hoax.

Sharpton, however, would concede nothing. He continued to reiterate his claim that Brawley had been brutalized by a gang of whites. In February 1989, he told a Spin magazine interviewer, without the barest shred of proof, that Stephen Pagones had privately confessed to the crime. Sharpton further asserted, falsely, that Brawley’s gang-rape allegations had been confirmed by medical tests whose results were—conveniently—in C. Vernon Mason’s exclusive possession. And finally, for good measure, he lamented that Miss Brawley had tragically fallen prey to a barbaric “white supremist [sic] cult ritual.”

When Pagones sued Sharpton for defamation of character in 1997, the latter portrayed himself as a wrongly persecuted man of honor who, mysteriously, could “no longer recall” having made a number of his slanderous accusations against Pagones and other law-enforcement officials years earlier. When asked whether he had made even the slightest attempt to verify Brawley’s allegations about Pagones before going public with them, Sharpton self-righteously retorted, “I would not engage in sex talk with a 15-year-old girl.”

Pagones won a court judgment against Sharpton for $345,000, which Sharpton never paid. Moreover, during the decade prior to Pagones’ long-awaited vindication in court, the former prosecutor had suffered constant stress and anxiety (exacerbated by numerous death threats from Sharpton’s credulous followers) that contributed heavily to the devastating dissolution of Pagones’ marriage and the virtual ruin of his life.

In comparison to what Sharpton did, Don Imus’ recent transgression seems rather minor, doesn’t it? And unlike Imus, Sharpton has never—in twenty yearshad the courage or the decency to acknowledge what he did and to apologize for it. Never.

But the Brawley hoax was merely one of the early chapters in Sharpton’s long career as a peddler of racial grievance. Consider his response to the 1989 case of a white female jogger who was raped and beaten nearly to death in
New York’s
Central Park by a gang of at least 30 black and Hispanic teenagers who later acknowledged that they had specifically set out to target a white woman. Fracturing her skull with a lead pipe and mutilating her face with a brick, the assailants left the woman for dead. She lost three quarters of her blood in the attack and was so badly mangled that even her boyfriend was able to recognize her only by a familiar ring on her finger. When investigators later asked one of the attackers why he had tried to smash the victim skull, he candidly replied, “It was fun.” A multiracial jury convicted several of the defendants on the basis of their own confessions. But Sharpton, who served as an adviser to the boys’ families, said the defendants had been framed by a racist justice system. At one point during the trial, he escorted Tawana Brawley into the courtroom in an attempt to illustrate the alleged inequities of that system. “Those boys aren’t guilty for what happened to the jogger,” Sharpton said. “This is just like the old Scottsboro Boys case.”


Sharpton smelled more blood in 1991, when anti-Semitic riots in

Heights section erupted after a seven-year old black child named Gavin Cato was accidentally killed by a car driven by a Hasidic Jew. Neighborhood residents were enraged by the boy’s death, and within three hours a black mob had murdered an innocent rabbinical student, Yankel Rosenbaum, in retribution. At Gavin Cato’s funeral, Sharpton criticized the Jewish community and thereafter organized a series of massive, angry demonstrations. He declared that Cato’s death was not merely the result of a car accident, but rather “the social accident of apartheid.” The contentious activist then challenged local Jews
who he derisively characterized as “diamond merchants”to “pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house” to settle the score. Finally he claimed, without proof, that the Jewish driver had run over the Cato child while in a drunken stupor.

Stirred in part by such rhetoric and false accusations, hundreds of

Heights blacks took violently to the streets, pelting Jewish homes with rocks, setting vehicles on fire, and shouting “Jew! Jew!” The riots continued for three days and nights. Sharpton’s response: “We must not reprimand our children for outrage, when it is the outrage that was put in them by an oppressive system.” Five days after the original car accident that had triggered the violence, Sharpton led 400 shouting protesters through the heart of the Crown Heights Jewish community, shouting “No justice, no peace!” The relentless Sharpton even traveled to
to search for the driver who had run over Gavin Cato. When angry Israeli onlookers taunted Sharpton with shouts of “Go to hell,” he replied: “I am in hell!”

In 1995, Sharpton led his National Action Network in an ugly boycott against Freddy’s Fashion Mart, a Jewish-owned business in
Harlem, New York.
The boycott started when Freddy’s owners announced that because they wanted to expand their own business, they would no longer sublet part of their store to a black-owned record shop. The street leader of the boycott, Morris Powell, was the head of Sharpton’s “Buy Black” Committee. Repeatedly referring to the Jewish proprietors of Freddy’s as “crackers,” Powell and his fellow protesters menacingly told passersby, “Keep [going] right on past Freddy’s, he’s one of the greedy Jew bastards killing our [black] people. Don’t give the Jew a dime.”

All of this occurred under the watchful, approving eye of Sharpton, who provided some additional sound bites for the media: “We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so some white interloper can expand his business on 125th Street…There is a systematic and methodical strategy to eliminate our people from doing business on 125th Street….[O]ne of our brothers…is now being threatened.” Sharpton exhorted blacks to join “the struggle brother Powell and I are engaged in.” The subsequent picketing became increasingly violent in tone until one of the protesters eventually shot four whites inside the store and then set the building on firekilling seven employees, most of whom were Hispanics.

One wonders why Al Sharpton’s apparently delicate sensibilities—as evidenced by his current snit over Imus’ comments—were undisturbed by the incessant, ugly rhetoric that accompanied the Freddy’s boycott. Equally inexplicable is how someone with Sharpton’s professed abhorrence for racial insensitivity could have spent so many years as a strong supporter of the late Khalid Abdul Muhammad, whose vulgar diatribes against whites were too incendiary for even Louis Farrakhan to condone.


Perhaps you remember Mr. Muhammad, who publicly referred to Jews as “slumlords in the black community” who are busy “sucking our [black’] blood on a daily and consistent basis”; who said that Jews had provoked Adolf Hitler when they “went in there, in Germany, the way they do everywhere they go, and they supplanted, they usurped”; who said that blacks, in retribution against South African whites of the apartheid era, should “kill the women,…kill the children,…kill the babies,…kill the blind,…kill the crippled,…kill the faggot,…kill the lesbian,…kill them all”; who praised Colin Ferguson, a black man who had shot some twenty white and Asian commuters (killing six of them) in a racially motivated 1993 shooting spree aboard a New York commuter train, as a hero who possessed the courage to “just kill every goddamn cracker that he saw”; who advised blacks that “[t]here are no good crackers, and if you find one, kill him before he changes”; who told a Donahue television audience in May 1994 that “[t]here is a little bit of Hitler in all white people”; and who characterized black conservatives as “boot-licking, butt-licking, bamboozled, half-baked, half-fried, sissified, punkified, pasteurized, homogenized Nigger[s].”  

Perhaps you think that an individual who could utter such filth must be a hollow-headed racist. Well, Al Sharpton did not think so, not by any means. In fact, Sharpton actually lauded Muhammad for being nothing less than “a very articulate and courageous brother.”

 But such an evaluation makes perfect sense for someone who, like Sharpton, loathes white people and considers them the scourge of humanity. In December 1998, for instance, Sharpton hosted an AIDS forum in
which featured a dozen guest speakers, all but one of whom professed to believe that the disease had actually been engineered by white racists as a tool for genocide against blacks.

At another public event, Sharpton declared: “White folks was in caves while we was building empires…We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”

Yet today Al Sharpton casts himself as a moral arbiter qualified to pass judgment on the words and actions of an aging broadcaster who recently uttered some stupid remarks that are no more offensive or insipid than a thousand other things he has said during his long radio career. Sharpton contends that Imus no longer has a moral right to hold a job in the industry where he has worked for more than four decades. But if Imus is unfit to be a broadcaster, by what calculus could anyone conclude that Sharpton himself merits a job behind a microphone? The episodes discussed in this article barely scratch the surface of what Sharpton has done to poison race relations for more than 20 years.

If Imus deserves to be fired, clearly, so does Sharpton. 

Will the biggest racist please stand up?

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Will the biggest racist please stand up?

Posted by Bobby Eberle
April 11, 2007 at 6:01 am

America’s racial “crusaders,” Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, are at it again. If there’s a racial injustice to right, they are on the scene to save the day. But… who is doing the saving, and who is doing the self-promoting? If Jackson and Sharpton really cared about ridding America of words and actions which are degrading to women, they would realize that Don Imus’s idiotic comments are small potatoes.

The other day on his radio program, talk show host Don Imus referred to the women of Rutgers University’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hos.” The comments set off a fire storm of reaction, which led Jackson and Sharpton to enter the scene.

The fact of the matter is that Imus’s comments are wrong and have no place on the airwaves. Racial slurs are not a “joke,” and Imus’s crude remarks should be rebuked. That’s why Jackson and Sharpton are stepping forward… to be the champions of racial and gender justice, right? Not so fast…

The good “reverend” Al Sharpton has a history of using racial attacks to further his cause. As noted in the 2003 column by Jeff Jacoby, in 1987 Sharpton spread a hoax that a 15-year-old black girl was “abducted, raped, and smeared with feces by a group of white men.” Sharpton singled out one particular white man, saying, “If we’re lying, sue us, so we can . . . prove you did it.” The man does sue and wins $345,000.

Jacoby also notes other incidents in his column, including:

1991: A Hasidic Jewish driver in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights section accidentally kills Gavin Cato, a 7-year-old black child, and antisemitic riots erupt. Sharpton races to pour gasoline on the fire. At Gavin’s funeral he rails against the “diamond merchants” — code for Jews — with “the blood of innocent babies” on their hands. He mobilizes hundreds of demonstrators to march through the Jewish neighborhood, chanting, “No justice, no peace.” A rabbinical student, Yankel Rosenbaum, is surrounded by a mob shouting “Kill the Jews!” and stabbed to death.

1995: When the United House of Prayer, a large black landlord in Harlem, raises the rent on Freddy’s Fashion Mart, Freddy’s white Jewish owner is forced to raise the rent on his subtenant, a black-owned music store. A landlord-tenant dispute ensues; Sharpton uses it to incite racial hatred. “We will not stand by,” he warns malignantly, “and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business.” Sharpton’s National Action Network sets up picket lines; customers going into Freddy’s are spat on and cursed as “traitors” and “Uncle Toms.” Some protesters shout, “Burn down the Jew store!” and simulate striking a match. “We’re going to see that this cracker suffers,” says Sharpton’s colleague Morris Powell. On Dec. 8, one of the protesters bursts into Freddy’s, shoots four employees point-blank, then sets the store on fire. Seven employees die in the inferno.

Jesse Jackson, the other “reverend,” has an equally infamous past when it comes to racial attacks, particularly against Jews. As noted in a Larry Sabato column, Jackson has had a tenuous relationship with America’s Jewish community dating back to his “Hymietown” comment:

Rev. Jesse Jackson referred to Jews as “Hymies” and to New York City as “Hymietown” in January 1984 during a conversation with a black Washington Post reporter, Milton Coleman. Jackson had assumed the references would not be printed because of his racial bond with Coleman, but several weeks later Coleman permitted the slurs to be included far down in an article by another Post reporter on Jackson’s rocky relations with American Jews.

And these two are now purporting to be the spokesmen for injustice against black women? If they truly cared about getting degrading words against women pulled off the airwaves, as they appear to want in going after Imus, they would shift their focus to the rap music industry.

As covered in Michelle Malkin’s latest column, the current rap songs at the top of the charts are littered with racial and gender slurs at least equal to Imus’s. These “songs” are played over and over and over again. They sink into the minds of young listeners everyday. What kind of culture does Sharpton and Jackson think it promotes? Treating women fairly? Treating women as equals? No… and yet Jackson and Sharpton will spend countless hours attacking a white man and ignore an entire industry that is doing so much damage to young blacks.

The media need to stop turning to the likes of Sharpton and Jackson as if they were the racial police. Stop giving them a platform, and maybe they will just go away. Their words have no meaning, and their credibility is less than zero.