Mr. Obama, if we’re gonna start quoting The Beatles…

Mr. Obama, if we’re gonna start quoting The Beatles…

Stu Tarlowe

President Obama, in his remarks following the
announcement of the death of Muammar Gaddafi, said, “Libya will travel a long
and winding road to democracy.”

To many of us “of a certain age”, that phrase evokes
the Beatles tune “The Long and Winding Road.”

And, for me at least, hearing President Obama employ
the title of a Beatles tune put me in mind of any number of other Beatles tunes
that I can relate to Barack Obama and his presidency.

Mr. President, I’m Looking Through You, and
I’m seeing The Fool on the Hill.

When I think of what you’ve done, and what you’re
doing, to this great nation, I think Isn’t It a Pity.

Tell Me Why your wife Michelle acts
like Her Majesty, jetting Here, There and Everywhere with her
entourage and telling us to eat carrot sticks while she dines on Savoy

You have vilified some of our most productive citizens
by calling them Piggies and making Baby, You’re a Rich Man a
term of opprobrium. You Can’t Do That.

The Free Market system works, if you just Let It
. But you want to turn Wall Street into Penny

Your economic policies make me want to yell
Help! and Run For Your Life. I’m afraid that When I’m
I’ll still be working Eight Days a Week just to pay the

Plenty of folks who voted for you are already saying
I Should Have Known Better.

I hope that by the next election enough Americans wise
up and say Not a Second Time. They might even tell you to Get Back
(To Where You Once Belonged)
, whether that’s Indonesia or Back in the

It Won’t Be Long before election time, and I
hope you’ll be singing I’m a Loser. Otherwise, I’ll Cry

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