Romney believes: ie Mormonism

Erickson says Romney believes:

  • He will become a “god” in the afterlife and be given his own planet
  • Satan is Jesus’ literal brother
  • He will be given his own afterlife kingdom where he will have sexual
    relations with his wife, Ann, to populate his kingdom with spirit children as
    God the Father Himself has a wife on His own planet.

“Mormonism teaches we pre-existed on God the Father’s planet as spirit
children before we were planted in our mother’s wombs,” Erickson told WND. “And
the reason why we’re here according to Mormonism, is so that we can work out our
own progression to godhood and our own planets themselves.”

The author, who herself was married in a Mormon temple at age 19 but now considers herself a
non-denominational Christian, says there’s a secret agenda  Mormon officials
don’t like to talk about publicly.

“A complete takeover of the government,” she said. “They have more people in
the CIA, the FBI. They have an employment office for Mormons in D.C. to be able
to infiltrate them into the government.”

“They’ve been trying since the beginning to get someone in the presidency,
because they believe they have to establish their authority so when Jesus comes
to Earth, the Mormon Church will take control of the government and the Mormons will be the government of God on Earth,”
she continued.

Erickson says her main concern is that the leader of the free world have the
ability to discern fact from fiction.

“It may be crucial to our survival,” she said. “If his beliefs are distorted,
which they unequivocally are, why would it not be be critical to our existence
to protect our country from being placed in the hands of such a person?”

When asked for specific rituals she considers bizarre, Erickson claims Romney
and other Mormons take part in clandestine marriage ceremonies involving
“outrageous” customs. Explaining her own Mormon wedding, she says she was forced
to completely disrobe against her will.

“It was horrific,” she told WND. “There I was standing naked. They brought
this bowl of water, and started washing my body down and whispering prayers over
my body. They stopped over the right and left breast, the navel and knees and
prayed specific prayers.”

To help ensure the general public did not learn details of the rituals, she
says believers took a symbolic knife to feign their own murder if members
spilled the beans of what really goes on behind closed doors.

actually had us slashing our guts open and our guts falling to the ground if we
told people of the secret dogma of the ceremonies,” Erickson said.

“Mitt is not a casual Mormon,” she told online interviewer Thom Hartmann,
noting Romney has reached the upper echelons of the faith. “There is no way that
he will be able to not listen to the [Mormon] prophet. His eternal salvation
depends on it. He has to put the church first over country.”

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Election Fraud Watch:Did Obama Submit Phony Ballot Petitions in 2008?

Ben Johnson,The White House Watch

A former Democratic governor of Indiana says a petition to place Barack Obama
on the state ballot during the 2008 Democratic presidential primary is not
his,raising the question of voter
. Former Governor Joe Kernan,a
at all,”when the South Bend (Indiana) Tribune asked if the
signature,which helped qualify Obama for the ballot,belonged to him.

The newspaper reports it has spoken to at least 40 other people in St. Joseph
County,Indiana,whose names erroneously appear on petitions for either Obama or
his primary opponent,Hillary Clinton.

Indiana requires
those running for statewide office to collect 4,500 signatures from registered
voters,500 from each congressional district,before their names may appear on the
ballot for voters’consideration.

Local newspapers have reported the names appear to be copied from signatures
submitted for another statewide candidate that year.

Eric Holcomb,the Republican Party chairman for the state of Indiana,has
demanded a federal investigation,asking,“How deep does this problem go?”Indiana
Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker said he wholeheartedly concurs. “Even an
isolated instance of misconduct,by one individual among the hundreds of
volunteers working to collect signatures for the candidates,should be thoroughly
investigated,and we support such an inquiry,”he insisted.

Allegations of voter fraud continue to dog Democrats in general and Barack
Obama,in particular. Catherine Engelbrecht,a founder of the Texas-based “True
the Vote,”investigated the Texas Democratic presidential primaries in 2008 and

There was no one checking IDs,judges would vote for people that asked for
help. It was fraud,and we watched like deer in the headlights…

The first thing we started to do was look at houses with more than six voters
in them [a common red flag for voter fraud]…Vacant lots had several voters
registered on them. An eight-bed halfway house had more than 40 voters
registered at its address.

Andrea “Andi”Pringle,a former aide to D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray,resigned from
her post after admitting
she fraudulently voted in the Washington,D.C.,primary,although she is registered
to vote in Montgomery County,Maryland.

Lessadolla Sowers,a member of the executive board of the Tunica
County,Mississippi,NAACP,received five years in prison for voting 10 times in
other people’s names.

But these cases are the exception. The vast majority of fraud goes unchecked.

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler revealed
in March that 12,000 non-citizens were registered to vote in the state,and 5,000
had non-citizens voted in the 2010 election.

Election fraud has consequences. The conservative group Minnesota Majority discovered last summer that….

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Obama’s Fundraising Fail

Obama’s Fundraising Fail


The media will not hype it, but the Obama re-election
effort is on track to fail at raising the promised billion dollars for his
re-election campaign.  After it’s hard to raise money when you look like a loser
and part of your base is alienated. Although news reports credit him with $70
million in the most recent quarter, that includes money raised by the DNC. His
own campaign only got $42 million, nowhere what he needs to hit a billion.
William Jacobson
examines the latest data and makes some shrewd observations.

Obama raised $42
his campaign in the third quarter, plus another $27.3 million for the DNC.
Naturally, the top line $70 million joint number is being hyped.

  • Obama is nowhere near on
    track to raise the $1
    wants for his campaign.
  • Obama’s $42 million haul is less than
    the $50
    George W. Bush raised in the third quarter of 2003,
    the comparable time period.
  • The high campaign number of donors and low average
    donation numbers does not reflect wide support, but gimmicks like
    the $3 dinner