Eric Holder Promotes UN Redistribution of Wealth to “Fight Terrorism”

Ben Johnson,The White House Watch

In the film The
Assassination of Richard Nixon
,Sean Penn’s boss advises him that Nixon
was the greatest salesman of all time,because in two successive elections he
hoodwinked the American people with the same promise:that he would end the war
in Vietnam. [1] Eric Holder must have been Penn’s understudy.

The Huffington Post reports
that the attorney general and supreme
representative of his people
told the UN
Secretary-General’s Symposium on International Counter-Terrorism Conference

“Tuesday that the Obama administration will do its utmost to close the U.S.
prison at Guantanamo Bay before next year’s presidential elections.”Bloggers on
the Left
and the Right
have noted Holder’s hypocrisy. None has yet reported that this recycled 2008
campaign promise came as part of a speech that invited the UN to create an
“international legal and policy framework”for waging the War on Terror in
“civilian courts,”and which pledged to redistribute taxpayer dollars to fight
such “root causes”of terrorism as global income “inequality.”Eric Holder vowed
to bring terrorists to the mainland,diminishing U.S. wealth to the Third
World,and UN norms to the halls of power.

As the centerpiece of this feckless conference,UN Secretary-General Ban
Ki-moon announced the creation of a new
UN anti-terrorism center —financed by Saudi Arabia

On Monday,Holder addressed
the United Nations Secretary-General’s Symposium on International
Counter-Terrorism Cooperation. Holder asserted on 9/11 world leaders agreed “to
respond to national challenges with international action,with global
solutions,and with a renewed commitment to collaboration.”

In this work,the United Nations has led the way – by developing an
international legal and policy framework to foster collaboration and information
sharing,to promote the rule of law,to protect civil liberties and – ultimately –
to enhance our capacity to identify and combat terror threats. Let me be very
clear:The United States is firmly committed to the rule of law approach
enshrined in this framework and to strengthening the capacity of civilian courts
around the world,which have time and again shown their effectiveness at bringing
terrorists to justice.

Holder added,in addition to trying the perpetrators of international
terrorism,the United States must “just as importantly,endeavor to eliminate its
causes as well.”

The UN cannot even agree on a definition of
,slightly complicating efforts to eradicate it. If it could,vast
segments of its membership believe in systematically targeting civilian
populations for political ends,rendering nominal opposition to terrorism

Yet they vigorously and sincerely approve of redistributing U.S. taxpayer
dollars under UN auspices,whether in the guise of stopping environmental
or ending terrorism.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon himself stated:“Effective
counter-terrorism requires a combination of social,educational,economic and
political tools that target those factors that make the terrorist option appear
attractive. The strategy also recognizes that human rights are an intrinsic part
of the fight against terror,not an acceptable casualty of war.”

The globalist socialist agenda is described in greater detail in the
documents promoted at the conference:the UN Global Counter-Terrorism
Strategy,adopted five years ago,and the Comprehensive Convention against
Terrorism,which Ban Ki-moon urged members to complete then ratify.

The Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and its lengthy Annex focus
on expanding UN authority into virtually every aspect of human endeavor. The
Strategy instructs nations to….



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