Why I Became A Republican On 9/11

Why I Became A Republican On 9/11


Some of my friends disappeared into a mushroom cloud
on 9/11. Many more who I wish were my friends also died.

The fallen left me here among the apologist Democrats.
I felt that the best of us died on that day.  I was forced to listen to the
Democrats blaming our three thousand deaths on Americans, tsk-tsk, building air
force bases in Saudi Arabia. They got this idea from paranoid schizophrenic
Osama bin Laden’s ramblings in his Afghan cave.

The Democrats said we weren’t multi-cultural enough
and that if we accepted Sharia Law the Moslems wouldn’t be so antagonistic
towards us. It didn’t bother them that Sharia Law allowed no separation of
church and state, despite liberal insistence on separation of church and

Nor did it bother the Democrats that Jews and
Christians weren’t allowed in Mecca. Still, they felt the Moslems had the right
to build a mosque on every street corner in America.

The Democrats accused us of protecting Israel from
suicide bombers with cruel fences. They wasted our money on clean energy which
doesn’t exist and they refused to drill in Anwar or the Gulf yet they pretended
they wanted to wean us off foreign oil.

So what could I do?

I had to become a Republican. Nothing else made sense.
It was the only position that didn’t smell of treason.


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