Obama and Our 9/11 Trauma

Obama and Our 9/11 Trauma

By Stella

Where did the idea of Obama come from?  Let’s examine
an obvious, yet overlooked source: the rubble of the Twin Towers.  9/11 was the
most traumatic day in American history, and its horrors left deep gashes in our
national soul.  We stumbled around in pain and confusion for years, groping for
a magical salve to heal our wounds — and there, suddenly, was Barack Hussein

As we turn our gaze from our current Obama-induced
agonies to remember the terror attacks ten years ago, let’s do ourselves the
favor of honesty and admit how tightly the two are connected.

On that fatal Tuesday, as the World Trade Center and
Pentagon lay in ruins, President George Bush spoke to the American people, with
simple words that pierced the heart of our new situation: “Freedom itself
was attacked this morning… And freedom will be


But as it turned out, millions of Americans were not
ready to defend freedom. Despite the “United We Stand” posters plastered
everywhere, Americans almost immediately divided into two irreconcilable camps:
those willing to understand the nature of our enemy and those who wanted to deny
it, at all cost.

Within days of the attacks, a friend coolly informed
me, “the people in the Twin Towers deserved it.”  Still reeling from that shock,
I almost lost it when another friend admiringly compared bin Laden to George
Washington.  Soon thereafter, a well-known academic in my circle complained that
the sudden outpouring of patriotism made her sick.

This utter madness, which I thought would be confined
to the fringe, rapidly spread to every corner of elite society.  The more we
learned about the savagery of the Islamist world, the more our moral and
cultural superiors turned their wrath on us, instead of the

As headlines blared the almost surrealistic brutality
of Al Qaeda, Senator Patty Murray told a group of high school honor students
that Osama bin Laden was popular in poor countries because he paid for day care
centers.  “We haven’t done that,” Murray said.
“How would they look at us today if we had been there helping them with some of
that rather than just being the people who are going to bomb in Iraq and go
to Afghanistan?”

While patriotic Americans were learning that Saddam
Hussein used poison gas on his own people and gave his psychotic sons “rape
rooms,” American college students were learning enemy propaganda.  On the eve of
the Iraq war, Professor Nicholas de Genova of
Columbia University convened an anti-war teach-in and proclaimed to the
students, “The only true heroes are those who find ways that help defeat the
U.S. military. I personally would like to see a million Mogadishus.”
Despite his public yearning for the mutilation of the American soldiers who’d
volunteered to defend his worthless derriere, de Genova went on to a
distinguished career at Columbia and the University of

And so it went: The more evil the enemy committed, the
more hysterical grew the attacks on us by our own elites.  Wall Street reporter
Daniel Pearl was beheaded by Al Qaeda operatives, who filmed the procedure and
proudly put it online.  Al Qaeda agent Richard Reid tried to blow up a plane
headed to Miami with explosives hidden in his shoe.   Jihadis in Spain blew up
the morning commuter trains in Madrid, killing 191 people.

Meanwhile, Majority Leader Tom Daschle brought every
Democratic Senator to the premiere of Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore’s
viciously dishonest smear job of America and its president, and led the standing
ovation.  The Democrats then honored Moore with a seat next to Jimmy Carter at
the Democratic National Convention, serenely untroubled by Moore’s gushing
comparison of Saddam’s armies to America’s Minutemen.

The yellow brick road to Obama was paved with febrile
insanity, a self-induced blindness that staunchly refused to see the massacres
unfolding before our eyes.   In 2005, the same year that homegrown Islamic
terrorists blew up London’s busses and subways, Democratic presidential
candidate John Kerry went on Sunday morning television and
said, “And there is no reason, Bob, that young American soldiers need to be
going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and
children, you know, women.”

A little-known incident in New York crystallized for
me the obnoxious lunacy of our times. To the world, New York symbolizes the
Ground Zero of pain, sacrifice and loss.  Yet, New York almost immediately
succumbed to self-hating delirium, desperate for vengeance against its greatest
enemy: America’s Commander-in-Chief.  In 2006, New York State Comptroller Alan
Hevesi spoke at the graduation ceremony of Queens College, a public university.
Here’s how he introduced New
York’s Senator Charles Schumer to the fresh-faced graduates: “The man who, how
do I phrase this diplomatically, who will put a bullet between the president’s
eyes if he could get away with it.”

And thus, from the ashes of the World Trade Center
arose Barack Hussein Obama — the One who would redeem us, floating above the
world like a multicultural Messiah.  He bore a miraculous name, redolent of our
two worst enemies, which seemed to promise some sort of divine intervention.  He
offered us the Muslim heritage of his father as a magical shield, deflecting the
homicidal rage of seething hordes in scary, far-off places, and preserving our
peace with no price to pay.   His jutting jaw, tilted upwards a la Mussolini,
would be our amulet, as all the world marveled at the Lightworker, the brilliant
new god America had made.

The hysteria that accompanied Obama’s campaign — the
fainting at his rallies, the Il Duce-like graphics, the Styrofoam Greek columns,
the singing of his praises by glassy-eyed students led by enraptured cadres of
apparatchik teachers — bore no resemblance to anything that had ever happened
in mainstream American politics.  We tried to create a god to defend our
freedom, because it was easier than the hard work needed to defend it

Alas, the destruction that Obama wrought may
ultimately dwarf the wreckage of 9/11.  As we are now relearning, there are no
man-made gods; only the All Mighty who never tires of teaching us that the road
to freedom has no shortcuts.

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