Fast and Furious cover-up shifts into second gear

Fast and Furious cover-up shifts into second gear

Thomas Lifson

Decoding the recent bureaucratic moves at the Bureau
of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, it looks a lot as if people are
being given incentives to keep their mouths shut, and stick with the party line
that higher-ups in the Department of Justice knew nothing about the program
supplying drug gangs in Mexico with American firearms.

Patrick Richardson of Pajamas Media
analyzes the news yesterday that Acting Director Kenneth Melson is being
shuffled off to become a senior advisor on forensic science in the DOJ’s Office
of Legal Programs. They might  just as well rename the post Director of
collecting salary and benefits while taking responsibility for

The move is suspect at best, given that Melson gave
secret testimony about who knew what and when within DOJ, and included Assistant
Attorney General Lanny Breuer.

ATF Special Agent Vince Cefalu, one of the
original whistleblowers on
the case, believes it’s motivated by a “cover your ass” attitude on the part of
Holder. Cefalu notes Melson is a “lab rat” and believes he should never have
been put in charge of ATF in the first place:

I think everything we said all along has been proven
to be true. It’s no secret that they’re cleaning house.

Cefalu thinks Holder asked Melson what job he wanted
in return for his silence:

You don’t think they gave him that for his stellar
performance at ATF, do you?

Melson reportedly watched some of the straw purchases in Arizona live via
webcam in his office.

I take this as a sign of deep worry.  If nothing else,
the crew at DoJ is going to try to delay disclosure of documents and records
that might contain Eric Holder’s fingerprints until after the