WH: Biden finds China one-child policy ‘repugnant’

WH: Biden finds China one-child policy ‘repugnant’

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The White House today addressed Vice President Biden’s controversial comments concerning China’s one-child policy.

From a spokesman:

“The Obama Administration strongly opposes all aspects of China’s coercive birth limitation policies, including forced abortion and sterilization.”

The spokesman added that Biden found the policy ‘repugnant’ and was trying to point out to the Chinese that the one-child policy was economically unsustainable.

GOP presidential candidates Rick Perry and Mitt Romney together with Speaker of the House John Boehner previously issued statements criticizing the Vice-President remarks.

Jon Huntsman also released a statement prior to the Vice President’s remarks:

“As an adoptive father, whose daughter was abandoned by her parents in China, Gov. Huntsman is intimately familiar with the impact of China’s ‘one-child’ policy. As someone who is firmly pro-life, he feels the policy runs counter to the fundamental value of human life and is heartbroken by the destructive nature of the policy that has cost millions of lives.”

Obama’s Alias,Harrison J. Bounel,Disappears from the Internet

Jerome R. Corsi,WND.com

WASHINGTON – “Harrison
J. Bounel,”an alias identified for Barack Obama by debt collection and skip
trace expert Albert Hendershot
,currently is being scrubbed from professional
databases,the investigator reports.

“I believe Obama supporters are trying to eliminate any and
all evidence of Obama’s shady past from all public databases,”Hendershot told
WND. “It’s the only explanation for why the alias ‘Harrison J. Bounel’has
dropped from sight in database searches on public records done for Obama’s
Social Security number
and home address in

Hendershot documented his analysis in a report written for WND that can be
read in its entirety here.

As seen in Exhibit 1,Hendershot has put together a chart that documents how
he first found the Harrison J. Bounel name appearing in databases he was using
to search
properties in Chicago
,and how he has worked
with WND to make a series of previously unknown disclosures about the Obama home
in Chicago’s upscale Kenwood neighborhood at 5046 S. Greenwood Avenue.

Exhibit 1,Chart documenting discovery and disappearance of Obama
alias from databases

As Exhibit 1 points out,following the discovery last March that the alias
“Harrison J. Bounel”associated with Barack Obama’s Social Security number and
with his Hyde Park mansion,Hendershot published his research in
May,on his
Internet website.

White House pays Google to push Obamacare


White House pays Google to push Obamacare


Posted: August 22, 2011
2:21 pm Eastern

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In the “Why are we not surprised?” department, Surfin’ Safari has learned
that the government watchdog group Judicial
can prove the Obama administration used our taxpayer dollars to
orchestrate a campaign to manipulate search engines to promote Obamacare.

Under a Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, lawsuit, Judicial Watch learned
through Department of Health and Human Services documents that the Obama White
House “helped coordinate a multimillion dollar taxpayer-funded campaign to use
Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo to drive web traffic to a
government website promoting the Affordable Health Care Act (also known as

According to Judicial Watch, the campaign, which included PR firm The Ogilvy
Group, was designed “to increase public support for the president’s health-care
overhaul among key Obama campaign demographics, specifically Hispanics, blacks
and women.”

“The 2,328 pages of records, obtained by Judicial Watch pursuant to a March
23, 2011, FOIA lawsuit (Judicial
Watch v. Department of Health and Human Services
(No. 11-608)), include
internal correspondence between officials at the HHS office of the Assistant
Secretary for Public Affairs, as well as communications with representatives
from The Ogilvy Group, the public relations firm hired by the Obama
administration to manage the Obamacare campaign,” Judicial Watch reports.

this link
to read how Obama and company did it.

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