Obama abandons American interests

Obama abandons American interests

Ethel C.

As so many people have realized, in Thursday’s blunt
speech on the Middle East, President Barack Obama (D) threw America’s only
reliable mid east ally, and the only country in the world subject to continued
and promised annihilation under enemy tanks.

But as Jerusalem Post editor
points out, amazingly Obama did the same with his own country, the
United States of America, the country he leads, the country he solemnly swore
before millions of people to protect.

Obama abandoned his own country!

Quite simply, Obama’s speech represents the effective renunciation of the
US’s right to have and to pursue national interests. Consequently, his speech
imperils the real interests that the US has in the region – first and foremost,
the US’s interest in securing its national security. Obama’s renunciation of the
US national interests unfolded as follows:

First, Obama mentioned a number of core US interests in the region. In his
view these are: “Countering terrorism and stopping the spread of nuclear
weapons; securing the free flow of commerce, and safe-guarding the security of
the region; standing up for Israel’s security and pursuing Arab-Israeli

Then he said, “Yet we must acknowledge that a strategy based solely upon the
narrow pursuit of these interests will not fill an empty stomach or allow
someone to speak their mind.”

While this is true enough, Obama went on to say
that the Arabs have good reason to hate the US and that it is up to the US to
put its national interests aside in the interest of making them like America. As
he put it, “a failure to change our approach threatens a deepening spiral of
division between the United States and Muslim communities.”

And that means?

If the US doesn’t end the “spiral of division,” (sounds sort of like “spiral
of violence” doesn’t it?), then the Muslims will come after America. So the US
better straighten up and fly right.

And how does it do that? Well, by courting the Muslim Brotherhood which
spawned Al Qaeda, Hamas, Jamma Islamiya and a number of other terror groups and
is allies with Hezbollah.

How do we know this is Obama’s plan? Because right after he said that the US
needs to end the “spiral of division,” he recalled his speech in Egypt in June
2009 when he spoke at the Brotherhood controlled Al Azhar University and made
sure that Brotherhood members were in the audience in a direct diplomatic
assault on US ally Hosni Mubarak.

And of course, intimations of Obama’s plan to woo and appease the jihadists
appear throughout the speech. For instance:

“There will be times when our short term interests do not align perfectly
with our long term vision of the region.”

So US short term interests, like for instance preventing terrorist attacks
against itself or its interests, will have to be sacrificed for the greater good
of bringing the Muslim Brotherhood to power in democratic elections.

And he also said that the US will “support the governments that will be
elected later this year” in Egypt and Tunisia. But why would the US support
governments controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood? They are poised to control the
elected government in Egypt and are the ticket to beat in Tunisia as

In addition to abandoning his own country Obama also abandoned other allies
in the mid east besides Israel; he left nominal allies Yemen and Bahrain
swinging in the dangerous desert wind.

Then there is the way Obama abandoned US allies Yemen and Bahrain in
order to show the US’s lack of hypocrisy. As he presented it, the US will not
demand from its enemies Syria and Iran that which it doesn’t demand from its
friends.While this sounds fair, it is anything but fair. The fact is that if you don’t distinguish between your allies and your enemies then you betray your allies and side with your enemies. Bahrain and Yemen need US support to survive. Iran and Syria do not. So when he removes US support from the former, his action redounds to the direct benefit of the latter.

I hope the US Navy’s 5th Fleet has found alternate digs because Obama just
opened the door for Iran to take over Bahrain. He also invited al Qaeda – which
he falsely claimed is a spent force – to take over Yemen.

Beyond his abandonment of Bahrain and Yemen, in claiming that the US mustn’t
distinguish between its allies and its foes, Obama made clear that he has
renounced the US’s right to have and pursue national interests. If you can’t
favor your allies against your enemies then you cannot defend your national
interests. And if you cannot defend your national interests then you renounce
your right to have them.

As for Iran, in his speech, Obama effectively
abandoned the pursuit of the US’s core interest of preventing nuclear
proliferation. All he had to say about Iran’s openly genocidal nuclear program
is, “Our opposition to Iran’s intolerance – as well as its illicit nuclear
program, and its sponsorship of terror – is well known.”

Well yeah!

Well so is my opposition to all of that, and so is yours. But unlike us,
Obama is supposed to do something about it. And by putting the gravest threat
the US presently faces from the Middle East in the passive voice, he made clear
that actually, the US isn’t going to do anything about it.

In short, every American who is concerned about the security of the United
States should be livid. The US President just abandoned his responsibility to
defend the country and its interests in the interest of coddling the US’s worst