Obama snubs 9/11 families at Ground Zero today

Obama snubs 9/11 families at Ground Zero today

Elise Cooper

Today President Obama is traveling to Ground Zero to
commemorate the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  What is President Obama’s purpose
in going to Ground Zero if he could not be bothered to meet or invite all the
9/11 families who lost loved ones there? Many families are devastated and
saddened about being left out and do not understand why that occurred.    I was
at Ground Zero on September 11th, 2009 and can emphatically state
that not one family member is ever denied access to that sacred area.  Numbers
or space is not an excuse for turning away family members that have sacrificed
and endured the loss of their loved ones this past ten years.

The Obama representative responded that “In consultation with the National
9/11 Memorial staff, we invited a group of 9/11 family members who we believe
represents a cross section of family members from various 9/11 organizations.
The President looks forward to spending time visiting with the families of those
who were tragically killed on 9/11.”  Well, Mr. President, not all the families
just the ones handpicked.  At least the family members should be allowed to come
to Ground Zero to be recognized, especially if the President is going to say a
few words.
Those left out include the mom of a ten year old boy who was invited as
well as the husband of an elderly couple that have gone to every 9/11 event
together.  The Obama representative was contacted by Americanthinker.com and he
responded that if given the names he would correct the mistake.  A few hours
later the couple called me to inform me they were allowed to come.
Debra Burlingame who lost her brother, the pilot of Flight77, was invited
to a separate Pentagon ceremony but declined to go since she sees this as “all
about photographs.  Our presence there is just a prop.  If they really wanted to
do something for the families they would make sure they were respectful to ALL
the families.” Another family member said she did not think she was invited
because she was “not part of the ‘in crowd.'” Gary and Judy Reiss are extremely
upset that they were never notified.  They are dumbfounded over how the choices
were made and feel that “it is a horrific slap in the face that every family
member who lost a loved was invited. I am livid over this.”
President George W. Bush’s representative commented that the former
President declined the invitation to attend Thursday’s ceremony because he “has
chosen in his post-presidency to remain largely out of the spotlight. He
continues to celebrate with all Americans this important victory in the war on
Maybe President Obama should be sensitive to the 9/11 families instead of
worrying about how the Muslim community views the killing of Osama Bin

Obama Faith Adviser, and Ayers’ Friend: American Freedom and Justice are “Myths”

Obama Faith Adviser, and Ayers’ Friend: American Freedom and
Justice are “Myths”

May 5th, 2011

Aaron Klein, WND.com

Obama’s faith adviser, Eboo Patel

President Obama’s faith adviser, Eboo Patel, blasted what he called the
“myths” of America – describing them as beliefs that the country is “a land of
freedom and equality and justice.”

Patel explained how he used the “faith-based movement” to channel his rage at
America “in a direction far more compassionate and far more merciful.”

Patel, a Muslim activist from Chicago, further implied that had he grown up
in the 1960s, he may have joined the Weather Underground terrorist group led by
William Ayers.

Like Obama, Patel is deeply tied to Ayers, WND has learned.

In February 2010, Obama named Patel to his Advisory Council on Faith-Based
and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Patel is the founder and executive director of Chicago-based Interfaith Youth
Core, which says it promotes pluralism by teaming people of different faiths on
service projects.

In a 2007
interview with NPR
to promote a book he wrote that year, Patel was asked
about his “affinity” toward the radicalism of Ayers, as described in the

Patel replied that his own life story “is much closer to Bill Ayers,”
explaining he “grew up in the same hometown” that Ayers did.

Continued Patel: “I was kind of taught the same myths about America, a land
of freedom and equality and justice, et cetera, et cetera.”

“And then, when I got to college, I saw people eating out of garbage cans for
dinner, and I saw Vietnam vets drinking mouthwash for the alcohol, and I thought
to myself, this is not the myth that I grew up with. And, in a way, I was so, I
think, immature at that time politically, that all I could do was rage.”

Patel explained how he used religion to channel his rage toward America:

“And it was a faith-based movement that came into my life that kind of
directed that rage in a direction far more compassionate and far more

Obama’s faith adviser went on to say how he may have joined Ayers’ terrorist
group if he was around as an activist in the 1960s.

“One of the things that I write about in this book is, you know, had it been
one of the people involved in the Weather Underground, who were sitting at my
kitchen table when I was 18 years old and raging, my life could have been very
different,” he said.

“That I really thank God that it was a set of people who came into my life
with a very clear vision of justice. But a sense of justice emanating from
Divine Mercy.”

Patel has a much deeper relationship with Ayers than he admitted in the NPR

In 2005, he co-authored a book with Ayers’ adopted son, Chesa Boudin.

The book, Letters from Young Activists: Today’s Rebels Speak Out,
was co-written by several young radicals, including Ismail Khalidi, the son of
Columbia University Professor Rashid Khalidi.