D.L. Hammack

For every human being, life, along with its joys and
pleasures, is also full of fears and phobias.  For me, standing on a tall rock
outcropping, peering between my toes at the cavernous abyss below, causes
immediate panic with weak kneed, spine tingling, wet-your-pants fear.  They call
it acrophobia.

Others have fears of spiders or snakes, or perhaps tight spaces.  The world
has recognized these fears by giving those names like arachnophobia,
ophidiophobia, or claustrophobia.
As the world evolves and new fears arise, it is only natural for us to
recognize these fears and continue to grant them the names they deserve in an
attempt to better label the fear, and then deal with that fear and the resultant
As 2012 nears I have a recurring fear that is so powerful that it finds me
praying for soiled pants via a cliff dive or an enclosed coffin teeming with
spiders.  The dominant fear is such that I have found need to name it; to give
it a label: Baracknaphobia.  Each time the man who leads what used to be the
most powerful nation in the world goes on television, my stomach turns.  When he
speaks, I convulse at the sound of his conceited, self motivated, lies.  When he
travels abroad, I cower in embarrassment.  When his arrogant, condescending tone
reverberates in the halls where true leaders like Reagan stood, I cringe.
Baracknaphobia is the inescapable fear that this country will be subjected
to another four years of ideological, radical, in-your-face narcissistic
control.  Baracknaphobia is also the reluctance to call the man out for his
lies, because of the color of his skin.  Baracknaphobia is fear of the demon
that could destroy America.
God instilled in man an innate ability to experience “gut feel” and
recognize danger.  The “gut” instinct is given so man can avert that danger and
carry him to safer locales.  If one is afraid of snakes, then one simply avoids
traipsing in areas that are known for snakes.  But what if the snake is in the
White House and there’s no way to avoid dealing with it each and every day of
your life?  My God-given “gut” feel tells me that the reality that shadows this
fear will be far worse than a tumble in a snake pit.  The lasting effects of
evil will forever scar a nation that out of political correctness voted a
monster into the White House.
We have labeled the fear.  Now let us recognize that the resultant
anxieties associated with this fear will be forever lasting and forever
inescapable.  The only way to eliminate the fear is to vote with your gut and
send this man and his minions packing (czars and all).
2012 will, by our choice and, regardless of the outcome, be a year in the
history of the world that will forever be remembered.  Shall we be remembered as
those who stood and faced fear or those who cowered on our knees overwhelmed by

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