Open letter to Sen John McCain

Senator McCain,

My husband
worked and paid into Social Security from 1952 to 1998. That’s 46 years. I paid
into it from 1953, on and off for 8 years. My job was to stay home and raise
two sons.

Tell me why
it’s called entitlement. Because of reckless decisions and spending in
Washington we have not had a cost of living raise since 2009. Our cost have
gone up like everybody else’s, but you voted to give these benefits to illegals
who have not put in one penny. WHY?

Please, be the
Conservative Representative we hoped you were when we voted for you. Perhaps
you’ve been in Washington too long and made too many friends across the aisle.
Is that it?

Our Country and
our National Reputation are being stolen out from under us. I’m 78 years old
and have seen a lot of different people come to represent me, but at this time
I do not have a voice in Washington.

Spencer, my Great Granddad, removed nine times, was one of the Founders of
Jamestown. He came here in 1607 on the Susan Constant. The people on the three
ships met at Cape Henry, Virginia and raised a 7 foot wooden cross and
consecrated the land to God. I mention this because our [present] President
says we are not a Christian nation. He didn’t even come here until he was grown
and I am not that sure that he was ever an American. I’ve read his wife’s
thesis and certainly she’s not proud to be an American.

We are in need
of Proud, Conservative, Fearless, Patriotic and Godly people to save our country.
Please, stand up and be that person. Never before do I remember a voice in
Washington from the Oval Office being so ready to criticize our USA.

Bettye Simmons

Tempe, AZ

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