Stay Strong, My Brother and Sister Patriots

Stay Strong, My Brother & Sister Patriots

Lloyd Marcus

I’ve gotten defeatist emails from patriots who basically
say, “It is hopeless. America’s system of government is totally corrupt,
broken beyond repair. Both sides, Republican and Democrat, suck. We are no
longer a Christian nation. Mr. Marcus you are wasting your time naively thinking
your “tea partying” across America will make a difference.”
Quoting one of my dad’s favorite idioms from when I was a kid, I say,
“Good grief”. Patriots lighten up. Yes, we are fighting deep rooted
corruption, an extremely well funded socialist/progressive agenda, a relentless
liberal bias media and a powerful, lawless and evil Obama administration.
Do we simply give up? Do we surrender America? Do we turn off America’s
lights and move elsewhere? Heck No! Our country, your country and my country is
worth fighting for!
Call me a Christian nut, but I believe right and God are on our side. The
Bible talks about evil appearing strong spreading itself like a huge oak tree.
Think of the Left as a huge evil tree. While its branches appear massive and
powerful with thick foliage, its roots are shallowly buried in hatred and lies.
The Left’s anti-American mission is to repeal our God given freedoms and
liberty. The divine call of the Tea Party movement is to restore and preserve
our God given freedoms and liberty. Thus, we’re the Good
Righteousness and truth are much more powerful than evil. Ultimately the
weight of the Left’s evil will cause them to fail. “They stumbled and
, says the Bible referring to evil men attempting to implement their
Still, we must remain positive, strong and vigilant in our battle for
America. Support our tea party candidates as they fight for our values and
principles. DC is a cold and lonely place for “true conservatives”. So, our
newly elected tea party officials truly need our support.
Back at home, it is extremely critical that every patriot continues to use
their passion, gifts and talents in this war to save America as we know and love
The Tea Party movement is also about no longer kowtowing to political
correctness. For some of us, this also includes repealing the Left’s banning of
God in the public square.
As I stated, we’re the good guys. You doom and gloom defeatists, STOP IT!
We’re gonna win! Smile! Now, get out there and continue politically kicking
liberal butt.
God bless, Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Spokesperson &
Entertainer of Tea Party Movement &
Party Express
American Tea  Party Anthem
Confessions of a Black
, written by Lloyd Marcus & foreword
by Michelle Malkin
NAACPC (National Association for the
Advancement of Conservative People of ALL Colors)
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