President Obama’s Trivial Pursuits

President Obama’s Trivial Pursuits

by Keith Koffler on March 15, 2011, 12:10 pm

The Middle East is afire with rebellion, Japan is imploding from an earthquake, and the battle of the budget is on in the United States, but none of this seems to be deterring President Obama from a heavy schedule of childish distractions.

The newly installed tandem of White House Chief of Staff William Daley and Senior Adviser David Plouffe were supposed to impart a new sense of discipline and purpose to the White House. Instead, they are permitting him to showcase himself as a poorly focused leader who has his priorities backward.

This morning, as Japan’s nuclear crisis enters a potentially catastrophic phase, we are told that Obama is videotaping his NCAA tournament picks and that we’ll be able to tune into ESPN Wednesday to find out who he likes.

Saturday, he made his 61st outing to the golf course as president, and got back to the White House with just enough time for a quick shower before heading out to party with Washington’s elite journalists at the annual Gridiron Dinner.

With various urgencies swirling about him, Saturday’s weekly videotaped presidential address focusing on “Women’s History Month” seemed bizarrely out of touch.

Obama Friday took time out to honor the 2009-10 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks. Thursday was a White House conference on bullying – not a bad idea perhaps, but not quite Leader of the Free World stuff either.

Obama appeared a little sleepy as he weighed in against the bullies, perhaps because he’d spent the night before partying with lawmakers as they took in a Chicago Bulls vs. Charlotte Bobcats game.

Meanwhile, the president has been studying for weeks whether to establish a No Fly Zone over Libya, delaying action while the point becomes increasingly moot as Qaddafi begins to defeat and slaughter his opponents. And lawmakers from both Parties are wondering why he seems to be AWOL in the deficit reduction debate.

The Libya indecision follows an inconsistent response to the protests that ousted former Egyptian President Mubarak and seemed to catch the White House off guard. The perfunctory response from the White House Monday to Saudi Arabia’s dispatch of troops to Bahrain suggested the administration wasn’t prepared for that one either.

But the fun stuff won’t end anytime soon. On Thursday, the Taoiseach of Ireland will be in town to help the president celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And then Friday it’s off to Brazil for the start of a three-country Latin American tour.

Oddly, he’ll be missing Carnival, which went down last week.

A liberal comes to terms with Obama’s failure

A liberal comes to terms with Obama’s failure

Cliff Thier


Richard Cohen is a left-leaning columnist for the
Washington Post and other newspapers. Mr. Cohen’s daughter and 258 other
daughters and son and parents and children were murdered by Moammar Gadhafi, who
ordered the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.

Only now, when it is possible for the United States to assist in toppling
Gadhafi and in bringing about a well-deserved hangman’s justice for the
thousands of his murder victims, does Cohen discover
that Barak Obama is a “muddle puddle” of weakness.
Disgusted as he is with Obama, Mr. Cohen, a journalist and commentator who
urged America to make the feeble and indecisive Obama Commander-in-Chief, cannot
come to grips with his own culpability. Justice will be denied his daughter and
Gadhafi’s other victims because Obama is president. The moment Cohen has been
years waiting for will not come.
Reading this,
aside from my sorrow at learning of a man’s loss of a child, something else
struck me.
A liberal will only say “kill the son-of-a-bitch” when his own child is the
victim of murder.
A conservative will say “kill the son-of-a-bitch” when anyone’s child is
the victim of murder.