Barack and the bear

Barack and the bear

Jim Mahoney


In 1984, Ronald Reagan ran a brilliant 30 second spot
about “the bear”.
While the adversary then was the USSR, one of the responses to the threat
portrayed in the ad is identical to our current President’s reaction to Islamic
murderers.  First, we had his response to Major Hasan’s wanton murder of
fourteen Americans, and now to the murder of the two airmen in

Despite help from outlets like CNN that presumably took their
cue from the Oval Office and reported the German attack without mentioning
Islam, or the too familiar battle cry preceding the “heroic” attack on unarmed
people, the word is leaking out to anyone paying attention.  Unfortunately, too
many Americans will be taken in again, accepting the assault as mysterious,
spontaneous, isolated case of “gun violence”.

The White House has
developed a clear pattern when responding to Islamic attacks on Americans.  We
now see them and the rest of the left extending to Islam the same delusional
cover traditionally granted ghetto violence.  As Reagan’s ad says, “…for some
people the bear is easy to see; others don’t see it at all…”

Reagan never conducted a foreign policy based on see no evil, hear no evil,
speak no evil.  He had no trouble seeing the bear, calling it evil and going on
to defeat it.

Mr. President, we knew Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan is an
inspiration to us.

You sir are no Ronald Reagan.

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