The Geraldo Rivera of Presidents

The Geraldo Rivera of Presidents

By Betsy M.


I’m bitter.  No two ways about it.  Without Robert Glib in the press room
there’s just no comic relief in the fundamental transformation anymore.  So
often Leftists are, themselves, the best illustration of their ironic world of
absurdity — even those Leftists who sometimes masquerade as conservatives.
Before Late Night hosts, White House press secretaries, and Saturday Night
Live casts found such pleasure in giving conservatism a bad name, there was
Geraldo Rivera.
Remember the unending build-up to Rivera’s live television special, “The
Mystery of Al Capone’s Vault”?   Its marketing created a palpable curiosity,
sparking conversations around water coolers for weeks.  For all the anticipation
— all the promise of treasure — we were left with thirty seconds of watching
dust settle on an empty room.  Nothing like naked humiliation to jumpstart a
If Kennedy was the “King of Camelot,” and Reagan, ‘the Teflon President,’
Barack Obama is the “Geraldo Rivera President.”
Rivera was born to a Puerto Rican father, and a Caucasian mother.  He was
raised in his mother’s Jewish faith, later rejecting it, and is now purportedly
an atheist.  He evokes other religions as they suit his purpose.  He is
respectful, for example, with the Leftist organizing, Muslim Brotherhood, and
their offshoot, CAIR.
He grew up in “ethnic confusion” in Long Island where he lead a double
life; an ethnic ‘pastiche’ at home, and a boy with white, protestant friends at
He was born “Gerald,” eventually adopting the Latino pronunciation,
After graduating from Law School, he devoted himself to the cause of
“poverty law.”
With the help of another writer, he penned his autobiography; Exposing
, [not to be confused with any of Obama’s books] at the age of 48,
wherein he chronicled the discrimination he faced in his youth, and his fight to
champion the ‘little guy.’
He is the author of several other books. The books, HisPANIC Why
Americans Fear Hispanics in the U.S
., and The Great Progression How
Hispanics Will Lead America To A New Era Of Prosperity
, are progressive
manuals which inject accusations of racism in what should be real discussions;
blurring legal and illegal immigration, for example, and calling virtually any
and all opposition racist.
He is vocal in his disagreement with George W. Bush; Bush’s handling of
war, his response to 9/11, his hurricane Katrina response, his ‘stolen’ 2004
election, and the arrogance of his foreign policy.
He postures with our troops, championing their bravery while showcasing his
own risk, and inadvertently undermining troop movements and tactical
maneuvers.   He questioned whether 9/11 was an ‘inside job.’
He is, perhaps, most famous for his personal exploits.  The mystery of his
many affairs, his affinity for the high life, and his desire to befriend the
powerful, the criminal,  Hollywood celebrities, and the most provocative world
He supports ObamaCare.
He blames talk radio for making Latinos feel unwelcome as
He decries racism, but projects race into every possible situation.  When
Joe Wilson shouted, “you lie” to President Obama, it was racist.  When anyone
questions illegal immigration, it’s racist.  The police response to “these
missing white girl cases,” is racist.  Before Sonia Sotomayor is a wise
American, she is a wise Latino.
He treats conservatives with disdain.  He once called FNC co-worker
Michelle Malkin’s opposition to illegal immigration, “anti-immigrant hysteria.”
He followed that with, “I’d spit on her if I saw her.”  The Tea Party incites
violent rhetoric, even shootings in Arizona.  He has “never seen any people of
color” at a Tea Party rally.
He calls himself a Zionist but shamelessly attacks Israel, including
propagating the narrative that it is Netanyahu who refuses to make peace with
He has a knack for inserting himself in every story; championing the
downtrodden, while he somehow makes their plight about himself.
He has a very healthy opinion of himself, evidenced by numerous magazine
covers, books, self-congratulatory speeches, and a love of the limelight that,
sadly, tends to undermine the good he has done.  He once called himself, “one of
America’s few one-name celebrities.”
He has extensive experience in using Teleprompters.
If not for the famous moustache, you might confuse Geraldo for another
‘one-name celebrity,’ except Obama very openly deplores FOX News, and Geraldo
collects a paycheck from them.
Any lack of substance is disguised with Geraldo’s grandiose style:  the
broken nose in 1988 when he pitted volatile racist groups against one another,
weeping with Katrina victims, putting himself in harm’s way with soldiers, and
humanizing the Charles Mansons and Castros of the world.  Above all, Geraldo
reads the world through the progressive’s race-colored glasses.  As countless
citizens, even liberals, are now realizing, falling for style over substance is
exactly how we get a narcissistic, appeasing, race-obsessed Gerry Rivera to the
White House.
If you want to see the victim narrative come to life, look no further than
Madison, Wisconsin where bloated teachers unions wage class warfare, and their
elected mouthpieces flee the State; supposedly unaware, if the flotilla isn’t
righted, the Democrat and union ships go down together.
All the while, of course, Rome continues to burn, and the Obamas host a
timely celebration of Detroit’s Motown History and its role in the civil rights
movement, complete with a day of workshops, and a lavish, star-studded
sing-a-long.  Because, in the words of Michelle Obama, “the Motown story is a
metaphor for life,” which I’m sure means a lot to Americans in the crosshairs of
a civil war in Libya, the families of the four Americans killed by Somali
pirates last week, and our brave soldiers risking their lives around the
If unions are to expect another bailout, it makes sense they posture as the
new civil rights’ movement.  Surprisingly, Geraldo hasn’t yet stood weeping with
union members on the steps of the Madison State House.  It would certainly fit
the narrative.  Forget that public employee unions are paid at twice the rate of
their private sector counterparts; forget the $200 billion in stimulus dollars
from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 that largely went to
fund — save — public employee pensions in already bankrupt States, forget
their union collects dues that are used to support one — and only one —
political party, forget they can ‘skip’ (cough, cough) school for a week and
still have a job, and forget the many good and honorable public school teachers
the union disparages by association.
This is what the narrative buys.  Empathy for the cause; distraction from
the facts.  Geraldo knows it well.  Obama community-organizes on its
What’s most remarkable, is the fact Obama is now ostensibly the organizing
arm of all public sector unions from within the White House, even if only by
proxy.   A President organizing against State Governors, and private taxpayers,
is nothing less than un-presidential.
The truth is we know the song.  We get it.  And, frankly, it’s been playing
in our heads like a bad record for far too long.  Many of us manage to work and
prosper despite some adversity — in many cases, it’s what compels us.  And we
do so without calling in the union or the government to babysit every bump in
the road, or evoking racial inequality or other misnomers when we fail.  The
narrative is simply lost on those of us who refuse to see life through the prism
of race, or class, or a long-held grudge.  We refuse to let the narrative trump
the reality of the truly oppressed — the taxpayer.
The White House says it’s not taking sides in the union fight in Wisconsin,
but Obama’s actions say otherwise; no matter how covert.  In 2012 taxpayers will
take a real seat at the collective bargaining table, and vote Big Labor out of
the White House.  FOX News could take the same lead, but if fair and balanced is
your mantra, Rivera isn’t the worst of token progressives.  At the very least,
Rivera continues to prove conservatism is the right path, often times better
than conservatives themselves can convey.

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