Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, a Saudi National, He is charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction

Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, a Saudi National, was
arrested today in Texas.   He is charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass
destruction in a terrorist act.   Aldawsari is a student here in the United
States.    According to some reports, his preferred target for attack was former
President George W. Bush.
Aldawsari came here in 2008 on a student visa (didn’t
we learn anything from 9/11?).  According to diaries that he kept and were
seized by federal law enforcement, his purpose in coming here was to achieve
violent jihad and martyrdom.
Missing from all of the media accounts so far is the
fact that Aldawsari is a Muslim.   Fox News, using the Associated Press
describes him as a “Saudi Arabian citizen.”  A longer media report on KDAF-TV’s
website describes his desire for Jihad against the “infidel Americans.”  Why
would he want to do that?  Perhaps it is because he is a Muslim, but the
politically correct reporting dare not mention that.    The closed reference to
the “M” word is the statement he made in one of the diaries about “operations in
the land of the infidels against occupying forces in the land of the
Muslims.”  Of course, his religion is never mentioned.
USA Today and even the conservative Daily Caller did
not make mention of his religion.
Let’s start asking the basic questions.  First, why
was this guy even in the country?  Didn’t we go through this about ten years
ago? Does the name Mohammad Atta not ring any bells?  Fifteen of the nineteen
9/11 hijackers were from; you guessed it, Saudi Arabia, just like
Aldawsari.   Many of them were here on student visas, just like, you guessed it,
Aldawsari.  And do you know what else ties them all together?  They were
Not all Muslims are jihadists.   Every once in a
while, a few Muslims even speak out against the terrorists.  But those who speak
out against the Muslims are a small minority.
First, we need to cut off Visas for anyone from
Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia.  Is it unfair to Abdul, Ahmed and
Mohammad?  Sure.  Unless of course, Mohammad happens to be Mohammad Atta who
wants to commit mass murder against Americans.  The problem we have is we do not
know if Mohammad who comes over here from Saudi Arabia is simply some guy who
wants to learn at an American University or if he is Mohammad who wants to go
out in a blaze of jihadist glory, taking a few thousand Americans with
In the terrorist war, all Muslims may not be our
enemy but all of our terrorist enemies are Muslim.  There is no way to
distinguish between those who are and those who aren’t, and American lives are
too valuable to gamble with.
Unfortunately for us, we have a regime that will not
even associate Islam with terror, even though that has been a fifteen hundred
year pattern with Islam.   Since 9/11, we have been lucky.  Either the
terrorists have misfired, like the Christmas day underwear bomber, or we have
caught them, as with Aldawsari.   We cannot keep counting on getting
lucky.  They only have to get lucky once and we have another 9/11.
We need to be vigilant.  We need to be able to
identify those who are against us, instead of hiding behind political
correctness and we need leadership in this country that believes in protecting
America, not apologizing for it.

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