Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, a Saudi National, He is charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction

Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, a Saudi National, was
arrested today in Texas.   He is charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass
destruction in a terrorist act.   Aldawsari is a student here in the United
States.    According to some reports, his preferred target for attack was former
President George W. Bush.
Aldawsari came here in 2008 on a student visa (didn’t
we learn anything from 9/11?).  According to diaries that he kept and were
seized by federal law enforcement, his purpose in coming here was to achieve
violent jihad and martyrdom.
Missing from all of the media accounts so far is the
fact that Aldawsari is a Muslim.   Fox News, using the Associated Press
describes him as a “Saudi Arabian citizen.”  A longer media report on KDAF-TV’s
website describes his desire for Jihad against the “infidel Americans.”  Why
would he want to do that?  Perhaps it is because he is a Muslim, but the
politically correct reporting dare not mention that.    The closed reference to
the “M” word is the statement he made in one of the diaries about “operations in
the land of the infidels against occupying forces in the land of the
Muslims.”  Of course, his religion is never mentioned.
USA Today and even the conservative Daily Caller did
not make mention of his religion.
Let’s start asking the basic questions.  First, why
was this guy even in the country?  Didn’t we go through this about ten years
ago? Does the name Mohammad Atta not ring any bells?  Fifteen of the nineteen
9/11 hijackers were from; you guessed it, Saudi Arabia, just like
Aldawsari.   Many of them were here on student visas, just like, you guessed it,
Aldawsari.  And do you know what else ties them all together?  They were
Not all Muslims are jihadists.   Every once in a
while, a few Muslims even speak out against the terrorists.  But those who speak
out against the Muslims are a small minority.
First, we need to cut off Visas for anyone from
Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia.  Is it unfair to Abdul, Ahmed and
Mohammad?  Sure.  Unless of course, Mohammad happens to be Mohammad Atta who
wants to commit mass murder against Americans.  The problem we have is we do not
know if Mohammad who comes over here from Saudi Arabia is simply some guy who
wants to learn at an American University or if he is Mohammad who wants to go
out in a blaze of jihadist glory, taking a few thousand Americans with
In the terrorist war, all Muslims may not be our
enemy but all of our terrorist enemies are Muslim.  There is no way to
distinguish between those who are and those who aren’t, and American lives are
too valuable to gamble with.
Unfortunately for us, we have a regime that will not
even associate Islam with terror, even though that has been a fifteen hundred
year pattern with Islam.   Since 9/11, we have been lucky.  Either the
terrorists have misfired, like the Christmas day underwear bomber, or we have
caught them, as with Aldawsari.   We cannot keep counting on getting
lucky.  They only have to get lucky once and we have another 9/11.
We need to be vigilant.  We need to be able to
identify those who are against us, instead of hiding behind political
correctness and we need leadership in this country that believes in protecting
America, not apologizing for it.

Obama lied, transparency died, Part 989

Obama lied, transparency died, Part 989

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 24, 2011 09:47 AM

Darkness falls.

In Culture of Corruption, I exposed Team Obama’s big lie about its commitment to public disclosure and openness in government.

Liberals balked. “How can you possibly make such a judgment so early on in the presidency?” they squawked.

After the book was published, the White House’s selective transparency and subversion of disclosure rules and regs continued apace.

Democrats played hide-and-seek on the Hill.

President Obama cut endless backroom deals and cut C-SPAN out.

The White House carved out a Coffee House loophole to keep lobbyist meetings off the books.

And, finally, the White House press corps started complaining about lack of access.

Now, this today from Politico:

Caught between their boss’s anti-lobbyist rhetoric and the reality of governing, President Barack Obama’s aides often steer meetings with lobbyists to a complex just off the White House grounds – and several of the lobbyists involved say they believe the choice of venue is no accident.

It allows the Obama administration to keep these lobbyist meetings shielded from public view — and out of Secret Service logs collected on visitors to the White House and later released to the public.

…Obama’s administration has touted its release of White House visitors logs as a breakthrough in transparency, as the first White House team ever to reveal the comings and goings around the West Wing and the Old Executive Office Building.

The Jackson Place townhouses are a different story.

There are no records of meetings at the row houses just off Lafayette Square that house the White House Conference Center and the Council on Environmental Quality, home to two of the busiest meeting spaces. The White House can’t say who attended meetings there, or how often. The Secret Service doesn’t log in visitors or require a background check the way it does at the main gates of the White House.

…It’s not only Jackson Place. Another favorite off-campus meeting spot is a nearby Caribou Coffee, which, according to the New York Times, has hosted hundreds of meetings among lobbyists and White House staffers since Obama took office.

And administration officials recently asked some lobbyists and others who met with them to sign confidentiality agreements barring them from disclosing what was discussed at meetings with administration officials, in that case a rental policy working group.

Obama lied, transparency died, Part 989.

See, I told you so.

Obama’s mystery links to Gadhafi uncovered

Obama’s mystery links to Gadhafi uncovered

Prez fails to call for dictator’s removal despite reports of attacks on

Posted: February 23, 2011
8:22 pm Eastern

By Aaron

© 2011 WorldNetDaily


Sen. Barack
Obama with Rev. Jeremiah Wright

JERUSALEM – As pressure mounts on the White House to intervene to stop
Moammar Gadhafi’s bloody crackdown in Libya, many commentators have been
wondering why Barack Obama has been cautious in his criticism of the dictator
after the U.S. president so fervently supported the removal from office of U.S.
ally Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.
But Gadhafi has been tied to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s spiritual adviser
for more than 23 years.
The Libyan dictator also has financed and strongly supported the Nation of
Islam and its leader, Louis Farrakhan. Obama has ties to Farrakhan and his
controversial group.
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So far, White House officials have called for an end to the violence but have
seemingly ruled out any unilateral action in Libya. Despite Gadhafi’s reported
ordering of massacres that reportedly have killed hundreds of civilians in
recent days, Obama hasn’t called on Gadhafi to leave office.
Pressure has been mounting on Obama to take a tougher stand, with the
chairmen of the House and Senate foreign relations committees calling on the
White House to re-impose economic sanctions on Libya that were lifted in 2004.
But Obama has multiple close ties to activists who have had relationships
with Gadhafi.
Jeremiah Wright, former pastor of Obama’s longtime Chicago church, went with
Farrakhan to visit Gadhafi in 1984.
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During the 2008 presidential campaign, Wright himself noted the trip could
cause problems for Obama.
“When [Obama’s] enemies find out that in 1984 I went to Tripoli to visit
[Gadhafi] with Farrakhan, a lot of his Jewish support will dry up quicker than a
snowball in hell.”
Farrakhan, a close friend and associate of Wright, has been financed by
Gadhafi, including with a $5 million interest-free loan in 1985.
Later that year, Gadhafi spoke by satellite to Farrakhan’s Saviour’s Day
Convention in Chicago, and reportedly told Farrakhan supporters he was prepared
to provide weapons to a black army in the U.S. to destroy “white America.”
In October 1995, Gadhafi reportedly called Farrakhan with congratulations on
the success of the Million Man March. Gadhafi was said to have assured Farrakhan
that together “we will unite our capabilities and efforts to achieve this.”


According to reports in 1996 from Libya’s news agency, JANA, Farrakhan and
Gadhafi agreed to work together to mobilize “oppressed blacks, Arabs, Muslims
and Red Indians” to help reshape U.S. foreign policy.
Gadhafi said that until his alliance with the Nation of Islam, “our
confrontation with America was like a fight against a fortress from outside.”
He asserted his alliance with Farrakhan provides him with “a breach to enter
into this fortress and confront it.”
Farrakhan went to Libya for multiple other events. He was the recipient in
1996 of the Gadhafi Human Rights Award, which came with a $250,000 prize.
Farrakhan accepted the prize despite U.S. sanctions on Libya.
Obama tied to Nation of Islam
Wright and Obama reportedly attended the Million Man March on Washington,
which was led by Farrakhan and other prominent black leaders such as Al
Rev. Willie Barrow, a member of the Obama campaign’s official Faith Outreach
Team and an Obama superdelegate, is a close friend of Farrakhan’s and a staunch
Nation of Islam supporter.
Farrakhan stated in a 2002 interview he met with Barrow to devise his Nation
of Islam platforms.
Marxist activist Cornel West, an adviser to Farrakhan, also had been an
adviser to Obama’s 2008 campaign and is a close Obama associate and personal
During the period of Obama’s attendance at Wright’s Trinity United Church,
which practices controversial Black Liberation Theology ideology, the Chicago
church was openly allied with Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.
Wright gave Farrakhan his 2007 Empowerment Award. Farrakhan delivered
multiple guest lectures at the church.
Wright has been involved in Farrakhan initiatives and labeled him “one of the
most important voices in the 20th and 21st century” during a national address to
the media in April at which Nation of Islam officials were invited guests.
Obama has appeared at least three times on the cover of Trumpet magazine,
founded by Wright. The magazine, to which Obama last year granted a lengthy,
exclusive interview, regularly hails Farrakhan.
face was featured on the cover
of a 2006 issue of Trumpet alongside
Farrakhan’s image.
During the 2008 presidential campaign, a 2004 photo emerged of Obama’s wife,
Michelle, posing with Farrakhan and Obama adviser Barrow at a woman’s luncheon
for the Rainbow/Push Coalition for which Barrow serves as chairman emeritus.
In the picture with Michelle Obama is Khadijah Farrakhan, Louis Farrakhan’s
Another Obama connection to supporters of Farrakhan comes from David Axelrod,
Obama’s chief political strategist.
Although he is Jewish, Axelrod sits on the finance committee of St. Sabina,
the Chicago Catholic parish that was led by controversial pastor Michael
Pfleger, an outspoken Farrakhan supporter who hosted the Nation of Islam chief
at his parish several times.
The Archdiocese of Chicago temporarily removed Pfleger from his duties at St.
Sabina in 2008 following a well-publicized guest sermon at Trinity church in
which Pfleger claimed Hillary Clinton cried in public because she thought being
white entitled her to the Democratic presidential nomination.
Pfleger hosted Farrakhan at his church several times, including one May 2007
sermon that was Farrakhan’s first public appearance since he announced in 2006
he had been suffering from prostate cancer and was seriously ill.
According to reports, Pfleger spent hours with the Nation of Islam chief
during his illness. Pfleger previously enlisted Farrakhan’s support for several
of his initiatives, including an anti-gun protest in 2007.
With research by Brenda J. Elliott

Read more: Obama’s mystery links to
Gadhafi uncovered

Are We Facing ‘The West’s Last Chance’?

Are We Facing ‘The West’s Last Chance’?

By Janet


In the first chapter of The West’s Last Chance
(2005), Washington Times Editor Tony Blankley presents a fictional account
of a neck-and-neck political race in 2007 America.  Entitled “The Nightmare
Scenario,” the chapter portrays a presidential candidate, facing polls that
indicate an even race and rationalizing to seize an opportunity and secure his
dreams for high office.  In the heat of a political rally with a Muslim American
audience clamoring for shariah law, he capitulates to their demands.

In 2005, when the book was published, U.S. political pandering to American
Muslims was already an established reality.  Since 9/11 and continuing today,
our government bends over backward to avoid even a hint of negativity toward the
purveyors of Islamic doctrine whose very mission is to destroy us.  Pandering to
Islam has reached epidemic proportions and threatens our very existence as a
free society.
This dangerous trend began immediately after 9/11 when President George W.
Bush reached out to Muslims, repeating the hollow-sounding mantra that Islam is
a religion of peace.  This occurred despite prima facie and doctrinal evidence
to the contrary.  Given that Muslims following the revered Koranic path of jihad
had perpetrated (and continue now) the vast majority of worldwide terrorist
attacks, the president’s message was incongruous with reality.  Of course, the
silence was deafening from the Allah hu-Akbar (“Allah is Great”) corner, which
instead focused on fears of burgeoning Islamophobia rather than shared anguish
over the loss of life and destruction or condemnation of the hijackers’
martyrdom operation.
In 2001, following the deadliest attack on American civilians in history
and with Muslims worldwide engaging in victory celebrations (including even
inside the FBI translators office, per former FBI agent Sibel Edmonds), Bush
visited a local mosque with hijabed female government officials and began the
American “tradition” of Iftar, or, participation in the meal ending Ramadan
fasting.  Further, he retained close, visible ties to Saudi leaders despite
common knowledge of their funding of radical American mosques, their training of
the majority of American imams in extremist ideology and the reality that 17 of
19 9/11 hijackers were Saudi nationals.
Beginning with the Bush administration and zealously expanded under Obama,
descriptive language identifying the enemy by name was expunged from the
official government lexicon.  Bush repeatedly emphasized, “America is not and
never will be at war with Islam.”
With his global war on terror (GWOT) nomenclature, Bush began the practice
of referring to a strategy — terrorism — as the United States’ archenemy as if
it were unrelated to Islam and Muslims.  In 2009, Homeland Security Secretary
Janet Napolitano went beyond this camouflage attempt to infamously coin the term
“man-caused disasters” as a euphemism for “terrorism,” foregoing all descriptors
that referenced Islam.  This further muddled the threat by conflating criminal
acts by the mentally disturbed to acts of terrorism.
Immediately upon taking office, Obama displayed unusual deference to the
Muslim world by giving a speech at Cairo University to which the Muslim
Brotherhood was invited, phoning Fatah leader Abu Abbas and granting an
interview to the Arab network Al-Arabiya. Especially noteworthy, was Obama’s
unprecedented bow to Saudi King Abdullah and his directive to NASA to improve
relations with the Muslim world and boost their self esteem regarding Muslim
scientific achievements.  Obama conducted a policy of “engagement” with the
Iranian regime while Iran pursued nuclear weapons and suppressed true democratic
protests over a rigged election.  While visiting Turkey, Obama praised a
fundamentalist Islamic regime that had endorsed a terrorist operation to supply
weapons to Hamas in Gaza.  Recently, it was announced that the 2 million-member
Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which spent $60 million to elect
Obama and whose then president was the most frequent White House visitor in
2009, is being investigated for ties to Hamas.  Obama reportedly has a close
relationship with SEIU founder Wayne Rathke of ACORN fame and even appointed a
former SEIU attorney, Craig Becker, to the National Labor Relations
Despite the fact that Islam is in a permanent state of war with all
non-believers as outlined in the Koran and confirmed by 67% of its contents, our
government’s pandering to the purveyors of Islamic doctrine has reached epidemic
proportions.  Contrary to the popular mythology advanced by many politicians,
there is no “hijacking” of a great religion by a small group of radicals taking
place across the globe.  As Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogen said in
2007 while disparaging the Western-manufactured term “moderate Islam,” “These
descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion.
There is no moderate or immoderate Islam.  Islam is Islam and that’s
Reminiscent of Tony Blankley’s fictional account, flagrant increases have
occurred in the number of questionable Muslims holding positions of power in the
U.S. government as well as the number of alliances between American politicians
and Muslims with ties to terrorist entities and organizations endeavoring to
Islamicize the West.  This is particularly concerning in light of recent
Muslim-Brotherhood’s major participation in inspired uprisings in Egypt, Jordan,
Yemen, Tunisia and Sudan, plus the recent Hezb’allah coup in Lebanon.  Further,
a newly published report by the Center for Security Policy (CSP) in Washington
D.C. (“Shariah:  The Threat to America”) found that “nearly every major Muslim
organization in the United States is actually controlled by the MB or a
derivative organization.”
The CSP report further states that the Muslim Brotherhood is the most
important entity promoting Islamic supremacy, Shariah law and the caliphate.
Its mission in the West is sedition or dismantling the constitutional republic,
“not peaceful assimilation and co-existence with non-Muslim populations,” the
report said.
Yet instances of dangerous alliances abound.  In 2004, then-New Jersey
Senator Jon Corzine and Representative Bill Pascrell, both Democrats, spoke at
an annual meeting of the American Muslim Union (AMU).  Co-sponsors included
unindicted co-conspirators in the Hamas terrorist financing trial, such as the
Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR); the Islamic Center of Passaic
County (ICPC), whose co-founder and former imam, Mohammad El-Mezain, defended
Hamas and admitted raising funds for the terrorist group; and the Dar-ul-Islah
Islamic Center, co-founded by Waheed Khalid, who had defended the activities of
Hamas.  The link between AMU, these organizations and the elected
representatives extends beyond the 2004 meeting.  Several of AMU’s current and
former directors held leadership positions at the ICPC and AMU’s president,
Mohamed Younes, serves on the ICPC Board.  Younes has held fundraisers for
Representative Pascrell and personally contributed to his political campaigns.
At the 2007 annual AMU meeting, guest of honor Senator Robert Menendez
(D-NJ) was introduced by a leader from CAIR’s New Jersey chapter.  Menendez
praised AMU’s work and offered “the power of his office” as well as his “hand in
friendship” to the organization.  Representative Pascrell and Governor Corzine
were also in attendance as guests of honor.  At the same 2007 meeting, Rep.
Pascrell recounted with pride his recent trip to Ramallah to visit Yasser
Arafat, the father of modern terrorism, who endeavored to destroy the state of
In 2007, then-Virginia Governor Tim Kaine appointed Esam Omeish, former
Muslim American Society (MAS) president, to the Virginia Commission on
Immigration.  This appointment occurred even though in 2000, Omeish, who
acknowledged Muslim Brotherhood influence in the MAS, had been caught on tape by
terrorism expert Steven Emerson’s Investigative Project for Terrorism,
proclaiming his support for Hamas and Hezbollah and calling for jihad against
Israel.  The investigative project also revealed that Omeish had ties to the Dar
Al-Hijrah Mosque that harbored 9/11 terrorists.  When this information was made
public, Omeish was forced to resign from the post.
In 2010, when the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque held its annual fundraising dinner,
special guests listed on the program included Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA),
Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA), Senator James Webb (D-VA) and Virginia Governor
Tim Kaine.  After receiving a briefing paper about the mosque’s ties to
terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda, and its connection to several terrorist
acts from the Center for Security Policy, all but Congressman Connolly declined
the invitation to attend.  The Dar Al-Hijrah mosque had harbored at least three
of the 9/11 hijackers.  Its former imam, Anwar Al-Awlaki, is credited with being
the mentor for Major Nidel Hasan who murdered 13 Americans at Fort Hood in Texas
in 2009, as well as the spiritual coach for Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the
attempted Christmas Day bomber on Northwest Flight 253.
U.S. Representative Keith Hakim Ellison (D-MN), the first Muslim elected to
Congress, caused quite a stir in 2007 when he departed from congressional custom
and took his oath of office on the Koran instead of the Bible.  The use of the
Koran, a scripture that calls for worldwide Muslim conquest and proclaims the
inferiority of non-Muslims, caused Representative Virgil Goode (R-VA) to issue a
statement that the action represented a threat to “the values and beliefs
traditional to the United States of America….” Ellison  attended the Hajj in
Mecca, which according to his office was funded by the Muslim American Society
of Minnesota.  As part of the $13,350 trip, the Minnesota Congressman  listened
to a Saudi cleric call on participants to renounce capitalism in favor of
shariah law.  According to Islamic terrorism expert Steven Emerson, Ellison, who
regularly attends CAIR functions, has received contributions from donors with
Muslim Brotherhood connections, as well as a North Virginia think tank suspected
of being part of a terrorist financing network.  Recently, Ellison raised
objections when Peter King, the new chairman of the House Committee on Homeland
Security, stated he would hold investigations into the “radicalization” of
American Muslims.
Recently, the nomination by New Jersey’s Republican Governor Chris Christie
of AMU general counsel Sohail Mohammed for a Superior Court judgeship shed light
on the extent of Islamist ties in that state’s government and the special
interest pandering for political support and campaign contributions.
Previously, as the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, Christie, along with other
prominent New Jersey officials, had thwarted U.S. government attempts to deport
Mohammed Qatanani, the imam at the largest mosque in New Jersey.  This was after
Qatanani had admitted a Hamas member and was charged with raising money for the
terrorist group.  Christie’s nominee, Sohail Mohammed, who has defended
suspected terrorist detainees, had been Qatanani’s attorney.  Christie went so
far as to attend a Ramadan dinner at the mosque where the terrorist financing
took place.  He has also been a vocal supporter of what has been referred to as
the “victory mosque” at Ground Zero.
Many other examples exist that illustrate the connection between Islam and
U.S. politicians, all of grave concern.  For example, Rep. Chris Van Hollen
(D-MD) — a past assistant to former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi,
Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) and former State Senator Larry Shaw (D-NC) —
pledged support for CAIR.  According to David Gaubatz and Paul Sperrry, authors
of “Muslim Mafia,” internal notes from CAIR meetings referred to Van Hollen’s
promise to support CAIR’s agenda, including promoting Islamic curricula in
public schools.  Further, Gaubatz and Sperry contend that Congressman John
Conyers, whose district contains active Hamas, Hezb’allah and Muslim Brotherhood
operatives, worked with CAIR to stop FBI counterterrorism measures and pushed
the “End Racial Profiling Act” to ban all profiling of Muslims.  In 2009, CAIR
elected then-North Carolina State Senator Shaw as their Board Chairman.  A year
earlier, Shaw had accompanied CAIR officials on a trip to Saudi Arabia to meet
with King Abdullah.  At the meeting, the King praised Islam as the world’s
greatest religion and decried those with concerns about Islamic violence.
These examples of Islamist or Muslim Brotherhood influence and infiltration
in Washington are by no means exhaustive.  Unfortunately, they represent the tip
of the iceberg and are far from an innocuous-appearing brush of
multi-culturalism.  It is just a small leap from the current situation to the
scenario described by Tony Blankley in “The West’s Last Chance” wherein
political and financial support is traded for concessions to replace our
constitutional republic by a caliphate under shariah law.  As more and more
politicians and government officials are seduced by the influence peddling of
Muslims seeking to Islamicize the United States, shariah law could very well be
used as leverage for attaining political office and the caliphate could become a
tragic reality in America.