‘Obama’s War on Democracy’

‘Obama’s War on Democracy’

Rick Moran


Washington Times
cuts through the verbiage and tells it like it is:

The public educators engaged in the demonstrations, many of whom
earn more than $100,000 in salary and benefits, seem to think the normal rules
of professional conduct do not apply to them. Many falsely called in sick to
engage in self-serving political activism, apparently without fear of being
disciplined. A group of Madison East High School students engaged in what a
union organizer called an “unplanned walkoff” of the school grounds, but that
the students said was organized truancy instigated by their teachers.
These demonstrations may be dramatic and TV-friendly, but White House
operatives and their union cronies are on the wrong side of history. The
American people are fed up with a sense of entitlement, waste and abuse in
government service. Americans in the private sector have lost jobs, been forced
to take pay cuts to continue working and have reduced spending just to make ends
meet. Government workers face no such jeopardy and instead enjoy automatic
raises, regardless of performance. The measures causing all the ruckus in
Wisconsin would require public-sector employees (excluding police and
firefighters) to contribute half of their pension costs and at least 12 percent
of their health care costs, which is a better deal than most Americans get. The
public sector employees also would lose collective bargaining rights for
anything other than pay. These are reasonable sacrifices to make in a time of
fiscal crisis, and by resisting them, the demonstrators expose themselves as
selfish and unreasonable.
The White House and its allies have backed similar demonstrations in Ohio and
Indiana, and more may be planned for other states. One can reasonably ask why
Mr. Obama is spending his time seeking to undermine democratic processes in U.S.
state legislatures and ignoring the pleas of Iranians trying to throw off the
shackles of Islamic rule.

The president has been more forceful in backing unions in Wisconsin than
freedom seekers in Iran. The difference is the Iranian protestors are useless to
his re-election effort. Obama can’t win without the lock-step support of the
teachers unions, so intervening in this ginned up demonstration against some
extremely modest proposals by Governor Walker – even though it is monumentally
unseemly for a president to take sides in this matter – makes perfect sense from
a partisan political perspective.


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