At UN, US sides with Israel’s enemies on settlement issue

At UN, US sides with Israel’s enemies on settlement issue

Rick Moran


It’s being billed by the administration as a
“compromise” – a move to forestall a Palestinian motion that would almost
certainly force the US to use a veto to block it.

In reality, it is just
another demonstration of the Obama administration’s hostility to


Susan E. Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, outlined
the new U.S. offer in a closed door meeting on Tuesday with the Arab Group, a
bloc of Arab countries from North Africa and the Middle East. In exchange for
scuttling the Palestinian resolution, the United States would support the
council statement, consider supporting a U.N. Security Council visit to the
Middle East, the first since 1979, and commit to supporting strong language
criticizing Israel’s settlement policies in a future statement by the Middle
East Quartet.
The U.S.-backed draft statement — which was first reported by Al Hurra —
was obtained by Turtle Bay. In it, the Security Council “expresses its strong
opposition to any unilateral actions by any party, which cannot prejudge the
outcome of negotiations and will not be recognized by the international
community, and reaffirms, that it does not accept the legitimacy of continued
Israeli settlement activity, which is a serious obstacle to the peace process.”
The statement also condemns “all forms of violence, including rocket fire from
Gaza, and stresses the need for calm and security for both peoples.”
U.S. officials argue that the only way to resolve the Middle East conflict is
through direct negotiations involving Israel and the Palestinians. For weeks,
the Obama administration has refused to negotiate with the Palestinians on a
resolution condemning the settlements as illegal, signaling that they would
likely veto it if it were put to a vote. The Palestinians were planning to put
the resolution to a vote later this week. But Security Council statements of the
sort currently under consideration are voted on the bases of consensus in the
15-nation council.

Why seek a compromise in the first place? Either Israel is within its rights
to build settlements in some areas of their territory or we oppose them. This
“middle ground” baloney is being considered only to appease the Arabs who know
full well that Israel’s settlement policy is legal, but choose to make an issue
of it because the Palestinians are.
If the compromise fails, will the Obama administration use a veto at the UN?
Given their attitude toward our ally to date, anything is possible but it would
be political suicide not to stand by Israel on such a sensitive issue.
That may be the only thing that Obama considers more important than
supporting the Palestinians in their efforts to stop Israel from building
legitimate settlements.

Alfred E President

Alfred E President

By Bruce


Barack Obama resembles, more and more, the hapless,
clueless, sappily cheerful mascot of MAD Magazine, Alfred E.
.  Given the intellectual vacuity of his life so far, attending
schools and working in “jobs” that did not require a single original thought, or
even exercise in critical thinking, it is increasingly hard to determine whether
our illustrious leader actually grasps the profound seriousness of civilized
life today.

Our national debt is exploding.  Right now it is only a measly $45,000 per person, but it is growing
fast.  This does not just mean the federal government faces political problems
with gigantic deficit “investment” appropriations, but it also means that no one
wants to buy our government debt instruments any longer.  Simply paying the
interest on that federal debt is becoming harder.  The value of the dollar and
the credit of the government are both dropping precipitously.  States cannot pay
their “bills” (i.e. lawful obligations).  When high unemployment rates are the
way to control our porous borders and illegal immigration problem, then the long
term prognosis for our nation is much grimmer than the calm demeanor of Alfred E
President would suggest.
Europe, the other half of our bastion of Western Civilization, faces a
comparable unraveling.  Public pensions in nations like Greece are simply
unsustainable.  Ireland, the once thriving Celtic Tiger, not only needs a Euro
bailout, but the Bank of Ireland, on its own, simply
began printing Euros
.  Belgium has lesser but serious economic problems, but
the longest European nation unable
to form a government
must also deal with ethnic schisms in an artificial
nation half Walloon and half Flemish.  What does one call a bank that
essentially begins counterfeiting money and a democracy that cannot form a
government?  Well, to everyone outside the world of Alfred E President, one
calls that “a clue.”
Angry young Moslem men continue their thuggish conquest of the European
street.  The docile, graying population of homegrown Europeans no longer cares
to defend its Judeo-Christian heritage or its continental culture.  The economic
disintegration, which seems so near the edge in much of Europe, will not inspire
these Moslems to pick up the heavy burden of pensions caused by a declining
indigenous European population.  The bitter young men of Islam will, instead,
compete with white haired Frenchmen for the shrinking pie of social welfare
benefits.  Does Alfred E. President seem concerned?  He is concerned only in the
vague, rhetorical sense that concern can be traded in for modest bumps in
personal approval ratings.
Egypt, a friendly government on peaceful terms with Israel, will soon be
run by those less friendly to us and more threatening to Israel.  China builds
more modern weapons that have only one possible use.  Russia cozies up to anyone
who does not like us.  NATO resembles a vestigial organ which does not protect
our nation and which “talks” with Russia
about a missile defense system which will not threaten Russia’s national
security — how a missile defense shield or a bulletproof vest threatens anyone
remains a grand mystery of life.  Iran, meanwhile, moves closer to the day that
it can turn Tel Aviv into radioactive dust.  What will regional terrorism mean
to us?  The semi-official attitude over the last decade has been that our nation
faces another massive terrorist attack not “if,” but “when.”  But it has not
happened yet, so Alfred E. President smiles at the television monitor and likes
what he sees.
All over the simmering mess we call our world, the persecution of Christians continues.
Every “victory” — Christian massacres in Egypt or Pakistan or Nigeria, bigoted
federal court rulings against crosses at military cemeteries or smug, mendacious
defamations of Christianity — kicks the can farther down the road to
perdition.  Anti-Semitism, the other canary in the mineshaft, surrounds Israel,
inspires militant Moslems everywhere, and encourages an increasingly miserable
world to blame its oldest official scapegoat.  Those two nations lovingly called
the “Great Satan” and the “Little Satan” needs no defense from Alfred E
President, even though a spirited argument supporting America and Israel might
defang the lust for their destruction.  The plight of Jews and Christians is not
helped in these lands by skyrocketing food costs produced, at least in part, by
undue interest in the Iowa caucus and ethanol.
What could Alfred E. President do?  He could ask for a repeal of ObamaCare
so that a truly bipartisan healthcare reform could be adopted.  He could propose
entitlement reforms, rather than waiting to counter-punch any Republican
proposals.  He could insist that missile defense be the heart of our defense
budget.  He could ask for a comprehensive reduction of all federal requirements
on states and all existing federal roadblocks to growth, so that drilling for
oil and construction of nuclear power plants could start oh, say, yesterday.  He
could call ethanol a no longer so funny joke.  He could issue a spirited
re-affirmation of the faith of Christians and Jews and express the opinion that
holding fast to that heritage is the only true hope of world peace.
Or Alfred E President can watch the world unravel on his watch.  He can
fiddle while Rome burns.  He can say nothing risky, do nothing real, and wait to
be re-elected.  What are our prospects for having a real president when we need
him?  So far, so bad.