We can’t shut this president down fast enough

Rep. Bachmann blasts Obama, Democrats during GOP dinner in Helena

By CHARLES S. JOHNSON Missoulian State Bureau |  Posted: Saturday, February 5, 2011 11:45 pm

HELENA -U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., drew prolonged,loud cheers and laughs in her speech Saturday night at a Republicandinner as she praised Rep. Denny Rehberg and tore into DemocraticPresident Barack Obama and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Bachmann, a leading speaker on the Republican banquet circuitand founder of the House Tea Party Caucus, said the federal debtwas “a heart-palpitating $8 trillion” when Pelosi, a CaliforniaDemocrat, became speaker of the House. It grew to $14 trillion infour years.

“There was a reason why we had to take the House ofRepresentatives back,” she said of the 2010 election. “We had to.We had to. And we did.”

With Obama in the midst of his “reign of error,” she said, theCongressional Budget Office projects that if the president isre-elected – “and by the way, that will not happen” – by the end ofhis term, the United States will be $20 trillion in debt.

Bachmann said she’s confident that Republicans will changethings, taking control of the Senate in 2012 with victories bycandidates such as Rehberg and win back the presidency thatyear.

“Montana, I am telling you this: You have to elect Denny Rehbergyour senator,” she said. “You have to, because we have to have aconservative Senate in 2012.

A top priority for Republicans is to repeal the federal healthcare overhaul passed in 2010 by Congress and signed into law byObama, she said.

“I take my first political breath every morning with one thoughtin mind – repeal Obamacare,” Bachmann said. “That’s my motivationin life. … This bill is something else. It is the crown jewel ofsocialism. President Obama, and I’m willing to say it, ushered insocialism under his watch.”

She criticized federal bailouts that began under RepublicanPresident George W. Bush and continued at a far greater level underObama.

“So now we the federal government still own Chrysler and GM,”she said. “We own the largest banks in America. We own the largestinsurance company in America …

“Then after that we bought lock, stock and barrel Fannie Mae andFreddie Mac. These aren’t just crazy aunts and uncles that you putup in your attic somewhere. These are largest secondary mortageinsurance companies in America, which means the federal governmenttoday owns over 50 percent of all private mortgages in thiscountry.”

She also blasted Obama’s environmental, national security andforeign policies

“My opinion is we can’t shut this president down fast enough,”Bachmann said to loud cheers.




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