Egypt in flames; Obama takes it easy

Egypt in flames; Obama takes it easy



Barack Obama has mastered the fine art of leaving work
at the office and is committed to not falling into the proverbial: “All
and no play … dull boy” trap.

President Obama is the type of
leader who doesn’t let anything get in the way of a well-deserved day off.
Let’s face it; Barack is first and foremost a government employee.  The
President’s breaks are on schedule, work hours tightly defined, vacations well
spaced, and if it’s the weekend, listen closely as you may hear the titular
leader of the free world whispering: “TGIF.”

Over the weekend, “Islamic
radicals escaped
from prison
, the Muslim Brotherhood joined
on the street, and socialists continued
to mobilize protests
in Cairo.” And where was Obama?  Now, careful don’t
judge the guy – he was sitting in the bleachers watching his daughter play

That’s right – Barack Obama’s leisurely winter weekend
included cheering Sasha on at the Jane E. Lawton Community Recreation Center in
Chevy Chase, MD.  Not
to worry
. While Obama was courtside, “Vice President Joe
, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other top administration
officials took part in a two-hour meeting about the situation in Egypt.”

Although absent in the flesh, America’s otherwise occupied President
attended the Egypt summit in spirit.  Obama received a scheduled “update from
his national security team later in the day,” but hopefully not while trying to
squeeze in a cat nap.

If a long night of partying lies ahead, despite
Mideast unrest, even a president deserves a siesta now and then.  After a
morning recreating at the community center while Egypt teetered on the brink
Islamic rule and looters destroyed ancient
, Obama, with his priorities in order, slipped into party duds and
spent two hours at an evening soiree for outgoing top political advisor David

All the DC big shots were there. Instead of questioning
Obama on how the administration can support both Egyptian protestors and a
dictator at the same
, press pool reporters chose to clink
with Barry at former campaign/health care spokesperson and current
VP of Atlantic Media Linda
Douglas’s house. The impartial group included:  “ABC’s Jake Tapper, NBC’s Chuck
Todd, National Journal’s Major Garrett, and John Harwood of CNBC and the New
York Times.”

Also bidding adieu to Spin Doctor Axelrod were three
notable secretaries. Tim Geithner represented the Treasury Department, Arne
Duncan the Department of Education, and Steven Chu the Department of Energy.
Mrs. Obama was missing from the festivities, but if history is any predictor of
future behavior, in solidarity with the oppressed Egyptian people the First Lady
could have been canvassing a potential designer to whip up a Nefertiti-style
ensemble similar to the red-themed
she wore to the recent Chinese State Dinner.

Either way,
Barack Obama was careful to slowly ease himself back into the
workweek.  As he did, a reporter in Beirut
: “Mubarak seems to be surrounding himself with hard-line security
officials, possibly to protect himself from a military coup but more likely to
lay the groundwork to use force to crush the protests, which appear to be
gathering momentum.” In addition, the possibility remains that Egypt could fall
into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, which means Israel would be one
country shy of being surrounded on all
sides by enemies.

Hate to ruin the party, but either one of those two
scenarios could happen, and if they do, despite the President’s pre-planned
schedule it looks like he may have to ditch basketball games, catnaps, and tony
cocktail parties and spend a few weekends at the office.


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