Liberals cheat… again.

Judson Phillips

The election is behind us now, but some parts of it will not go away.  One of the brighter moments of the 2010 election was seeing liberal Nevada Congressman Dina Titus get voted out of office.   Seeing a liberal lose is always a source of joy.

However, the back-story here gets more interesting.

Titus, for almost thirty years, was a professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV).    As a part of the liberal-political complex, she has always relied on the government for her living.   Now she is going back to UNLV as a tenured professor.  But it is her actions during the campaign that have raised an issue and the response of the Nevada Democratic Party shows the NDP’s true colors.

On October 14th, 2010, Titus was engaged in a televised debate against her opponent, Joe Heck.  The agreed rules were that neither side would be able to use notes.  What does a good liberal do?  Ignore the rules and cheat.  We know liberals cannot stand competition.  They hate it because in the free market of ideas, they lose.  They try to kill competition every chance they get.  When they cannot kill the competition, they avoid it.  When they cannot avoid it, they cheat. 

During the debate, Titus repeatedly referred to her notes, even after being advised by the moderator that she was breaking the rules. She even read much of her closing statement, even though that was against the rules.

The College Republicans of UNLV took exception to that and have exercised their First Amendment rights and created a website that shows Titus’ actions.

They have also filed complaints with the University, citing the University’s academic dishonesty policy.   UNLV’s President has basically weaseled out of the complaint by saying UNLV had nothing to do with the debate. 

Now, the Nevada Democratic Party, thought its Chairman Sam Lieberman has issued a threat to the UNLV College Republicans. Lieberman said, “If I were the College Republicans, I would not be messing with Dina Titus, who is returning to their turf.”

Typical of the Democrats, instead of debating a legitimate issue (Did Titus cheat and if she did, how is she going to enforce an academic honesty policy against cheating), the NDP instead wants to threaten the College Republicans.   As is typical of the party of treason, they do not believe in free speech, unless it is free speech for liberals.   The UNLV College Republicans are not backing down from this fight.  Good for them.

Just be warned, when you fight the Democrats, they will cheat.  Of course, the College Republicans have seen Dina Titus in action, so they know that first hand.

For more details on this story, visit the website they have set up,  You can also send a message of encouragement to these students at their email,

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