The Obamas plan one more day in Hawaii

The Obamas plan one more day in Hawaii

Phil Boehmke

Why not squeeze in just one more day of golf and tropical fun before returning to the J-O-B? The New York Times reports that the future former president, his family and extensive security detail will be extending their taxpayer funded vacation one additional day.
Mr. Obama and his family – Michelle Obama, the first lady, and daughters Malia and Sasha – who are vacationing in the quiet town of Kailua on the windward side of the island of Oahu, initially planned to return of Washington on New Year’s Day. Then, when Mr. Obama arrived, the White House announced he would leave Jan 2. Now their departure has been pushed back yet again, to Jan 3, which means the Obama girls may miss the first day or two back at school after their holiday break.
“After the extended lame duck and five-day delay of his trip here, he’s just trying to squeeze in more time with his family before returning to Washington,” the White House deputy press secretary, Bill Burton, told reporters here. The Obamas now plan to leave late in the evening on Jan 3, arriving in Washington on January 4.
The extended vacation time show how serious Mr. Obama is about working with the 112th Congress which will be sworn into office while Barry is soaking up a few more tax dollars on vacation. Not that there is any question about the future former president’s intentions as he continues to push his leftist agenda by side-stepping congress and attacking prosperity with onerous new regulations.
December 30, 2010

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