Census hands big advantage to GOP

Census hands big advantage to GOP



The just-released official Census data means that
Democrat-leaning states will lose congressional representation, while
Republican-leaning states will gain. Sean Trende of Real Clear Politics:

The apportionment winners were: Texas (4 seats), Florida (2 seats), Arizona
(1 seat), Georgia (1 seat), Nevada (1 seat), South Carolina (1 seat), Utah (1
seat), Washington (1 seat). The losers were: New York (2 seats), Ohio (2 seats),
Illinois (1 seat), Iowa (1 seat), Louisiana (1 seat), Massachusetts (1 seat),
Michigan (1 seat), Missouri (1 seat), New Jersey (1 seat), Pennsylvania (1

Overall, this represents a continued shift in the Electoral
College from blue-leaning states to red-leaning states. If the 2008 election had
been held under these census numbers, President Obama’s 365-173 victory over
John McCain would have become a 359-179 win. For 2004, the numbers are starker
still: Bush’s 286-251 victory would become a 292-246 win, meaning that even if
Kerry had won Ohio, he still would have lost (in 2004, flipping Ohio would have
been sufficient to give Kerry the win).

Americans are voting with their feet — abandoning the high tax and
regulation states run by Democrats in favor of the freedom offered by
GOP-dominated states in the Sun Belt. The sight of East Germans felling to West
Germany during the Cold War comes to mind. Luckily, New York, Illionois, and
California are unable to build fences to keep their citizens from leaving, the
way the German commies did. But I bet they’d rather build that kind of fence
than fences along our Mexican border keeping illegal immigrants

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