Save Money: Deport All Illegal Aliens

Save Money: Deport All Illegal Aliens

December 10th, 2010

Ben Johnson,

The next time President Obama feigns concern over the national  deficit, Americans should ask him why he does not take a simple step  that would free up $1 trillion a decade, assure his social spending went  to his fellow countrymen, and allow one of our allies to rebuild its  traditional way of life: He could deport every illegal immigrant in the United  States.

The facts are out: deportation would be  considerably less expensive than the unsustainable influx of illegal  aliens who all-too-readily enroll in our entitlement programs. On  December 3, the Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs of the Department of Homeland Security, Nelson Peacock, responded to a letter from a number of senators about the costs of deporting all illegal  aliens. “Our conservative estimate suggests that ICE would require a  budget of more than $135 billion to apprehend, detain and remove the  nation’s entire illegal immigrant population,” he wrote.

The  Center for American Progress (CAP) – the most influential “progressive”  think tank in Washington, which was founded with seed money from George  Soros – released a report in March that provided a slightly higher  estimate. CAP forecast it would cost taxpayers $285 billion over five years to “snare the 10.8 million undocumented immigrants in the United  States.” The report assumed “20 percent of the current population [of  illegals], or 2.16 million people, would depart before any contact with  authorities,” that is, they would voluntarily self-deport. The residue  would cost $200 billion to deport. The Center padded the total with  another $85 billion to hold the line for five years.

Given  the Center’s political orientation, we may safely assume theirs is the  upper ceiling. But how would these estimates compare with the status  quo?

In July, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) released a study, The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on U.S. Taxpayers, stating illegal immigrants cost U.S. taxpayers $113 billion every year in benefits at the local, state, and federal levels combined.

Under  the most liberal estimate, the five-year cost of deporting every  illegal immigrant in the United States would pay for itself in 2.5  years. It would be just 14 months according to ICE.

Over  ten years, the United States would save $1.13 trillion, or $845 billion  in the first decade minus CAP’s estimated deportation costs.

These  estimates, of course, only tally economic savings to the government.  They do not reflect the substantial economic and personal well-being  each American will experience from lower rates of drug trafficking, murders, gang activity, kidnappings, sexual assaults, crime, home invasions, overcrowded schools, hospital closures caused by soaring medical costs, job losses, prison detentions, bilingual status, property damage, environmental degradation, and overburdened infrastructure.  The more educated children of illegals, whom Obama hopes to reward with  the DREAM Act, would squeeze native-born citizens out of competitive  slots in universities and careers; deporting them, as I have suggested,  would open up educational and employment opportunities for our own  citizens. These benefits are truly incalculable, yet they are never  mentioned as part of the immigration debate.

Some may  object that deporting 11-13 million illegal immigrants is impossible.  History proves not only that it can be done but that it has been done.

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