Obama and Arab Imperialism

Obama and Arab Imperialism

By Amil


Have you ever asked yourself why Barack Hussein Obama
began his presidency by shocking America with his grandiose trip of apology and appeasement to
“the Muslim world”? Did you ever ask yourselves where on earth he derived the
notion that America is ‘one of the largest Muslim countries in the
world’? How in the world did he come up with the notion that Islam
has been part of America
since its foundation?

Have you wondered why President
Obama refused to say a word on behalf of millions of Iranians
flooding the
streets of their major cities in the summer of 2009 as they voiced their
opposition to the illegitimate mullahcracy that has been enslaving Iranian
people for more than three decades? Or why Obama allowed his National Security
advisor John
to henceforth refer to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel for
millennia “Al Quds” — the Arabic Muslim name for the city? “Such a signal from
an American Arab working
in the White House
could not be accidental, and instead comes off as a clear
sign of an Arab tilt, a slight not lost on the Israelis. Underlining the
anti-Israeli spin, the President just completed a trip to Indonesia, another
visit to another major Muslim capital. Obama has yet to visit Israel.”
Do you recall how Obama
snubbed Benjamin Netanyahu
, the Prime Minster of Israel, at the White House
during his visit? And how he is funding Hamas
openly via Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the State Department — sending
hundreds of millions of our tax-dollars to our sworn enemies, Islamist
terrorists who are dedicated upon the destruction of Israel, a goal that Obama
is brazenly fostering, despite what he reads from his duo of
In the Washington Post’s editorial “Mr. Mubarak vs. Mr. Obama,” the paper clearly
reveals Obama’s weakness vis-à-vis Arab imperialism.
“He should end the State Department’s practice of allowing Egypt to
exercise a veto over which civil society groups receive U.S. aid, and he should
encourage Congress to link military funds to human rights, as it has for several
democracies that are U.S. allies. Most of all, Mr. Obama should make it clear
that he will not be dismissed or pushed around by Arab strongmen. If Mr. Mubarak
gets away with it, others will be quick to follow his
Now, Obama has mandated the United States Navy that the Persian Gulf shall
no longer be referred to as such (which is how it has been defined for thousands
of years), but from now on must be named the “Arabian Gulf?”
It is highly illogical and grossly irresponsible for the Obama
administration to arbitrarily order our men and women in the Department of U.S.
to use the name “Arabian Gulf” in place of its historical name, the
Persian Gulf. This is completely in contradiction with Obama’s Persian
New Year Message
to the Iranian people more than a year ago in which he
called Iran “a great civilization.”
One wonders what motivated this blatant action by the Obama Administration
— perhaps a simple arrogant exercise of power or capitulation to the financial
rewards offered by recently created Sheikdoms and Arab-lords in the Persian Gulf
region who aim to further their world standing at the expense of others. In
1974, in an interview with the late shah of Iran, Mike Wallace asked his majesty
why the Arabs call it the Arabian Gulf; here is an excellent response
by his majesty
, regarding this issue.

Appeasing the Arab countries
(the same Arab countries who brought down the world Trade Center in New York
City) will neither change the historical name of Jerusalem nor the body of water
called the Persian Gulf. It is one thing for the Obama administration to depict
the map of the world as is and another thing to manipulate it. It is one thing
for any business to market its product and it is another thing to peddle
something it does not own.

It did not take long for the Iranians
around the world
to take their frustration into the U.S.
Navy Facebook website
which resulted in a lame response from the
administrator of the site:

“The reason why the Navy chooses to use “Arabian Gulf” and not the
historically used “Persian Gulf” is that “Arabian Gulf” is the naming convention
recognized by our regional Arab partner nations and used by the U.S. Navy in the
5th Fleet area of operations”
Iranians were quick to respond with their own sense of humor: based on the
Facebook response and according to Arab partners in all fleet areas this is what
the United States would look like, the United
States of Arabia
. Also, in a petition,
Iranians have requested “respectfully that the U.S. Navy revert back this recent
gross oversight that may result in unimaginable and irreversible consequences in
fostering good relations with the people of Iran at a critical time in history.
The U.S. foreign policy should support secular, freedom loving forces to gain
long-term benefits.”
Demanding that the name of the Persian Gulf be retained goes beyond the
fact that the Persians are rightfully proud of their heritage and strive to
preserve the integrity of the historical documents that reference it as such.
Iranians wish to retain their non-Arab heritage and strongly resent any attempt
at denigrating or changing any aspect of their Iranian identity. Even inside
Iran, the Iranian people have been constantly fighting and opposing similar
attempts by the brutal dictatorship of the ruling
IRI regime
. The Persian Gulf occupies a pivotal place in the Iranian history
and culture.
The Iranians worldwide, as well as all people interested in preserving the
integrity of historical and cultural records, are deeply affronted by this
arrogant action of the Obama administration. Acquiescing to practices of this
sort is tantamount to appeasement, which only serves to whet the appetite of
aggressors and violators. Precedence may pave the way for a torrent of
infringements on every aspect of every people’s cultural and historical

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Clinton Takes Charge; Obama Takes a Powder

Clinton Takes Charge; Obama Takes a Powder — Update: Clinton Stance on ‘Bush Tax Cuts’ Changed From 2004

By Doug Powers  •  December 10, 2010 10:19 PM
**Written by Doug Powers
President Obama met with Bill Clinton on Friday. Clinton agreed to publicly back Obama on the tax/unemployment extension agreement with Republicans. Obama then brought Slick out before a hastily assembled press corps, and then left Clinton alone with them to work his Bubba magic:
In terms of Washington political drama, Friday was an instant classic.
President Obama ushered former President Bill Clinton to the White House briefing room late Friday for an impromptu press session, then abruptly left the wonky and winsome Arkansan at the podium by himself to defend the Obama administration’s tax deal.
“I’ve been keeping the first lady waiting for about half an hour, so I’m going to take off,” Obama said.
Clinton chuckled, joking, “I don’t want to make her mad. Please go,” and then quickly turned back to the microphone and began taking questions from the White House press corps, which had been given no advance notice of the two presidents’ trip to the briefing room.
The press corps will now report back to Obama’s very disenchanted left-wing base and the rest of those who are contributing to Obama’s perpetually foundering poll numbers of how it reminded everybody in the room of a happier, more competent time — and somebody on Team Obama thought this was good idea?
A few minutes in, President Obama excused himself because he had to “get to a Christmas party.” Clinton barely batted an eye while continuing to take questions for another half-hour under the “White House” backdrop, leaving onlookers with a palpable “let the adults take over now, Barry” feeling:
After the 2008 media deification of Barack Obama, that was like watching somebody who was billed as Zeus getting into a fight and responding by hiding behind his dad.
Why would Obama leave Clinton alone with the press corps under these conditions? A bigger mistake hasn’t been made since Eddie Fisher agreed to let Elizabeth Taylor share a makeup trailer with Richard Burton on the set of Cleopatra.
I always thought a “Hillary 2012″ challenge was a real possibility — I just didn’t think Obama would help usher it in so agreeably.
Update: Bill Clinton was against the Bush tax cuts before he was for them.
From Clinton’s speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention:
At home, the president and the Republican Congress have made equally fateful choices, which they also deeply believe in.
For the first time when America was in a war footing in our whole history, they gave two huge tax cuts, nearly half of which went to the top 1 percent of us.
Now, I’m in that group for the first time in my life.
And you might remember that when I was in office, on occasion, the Republicans were kind of mean to me.
But as soon as I got out and made money, I became part of the most important group in the world to them. It was amazing. I never thought I’d be so well cared for by the president and the Republicans in Congress. I almost sent them a thank you note for my tax cuts until I realized that the rest of you were paying the bill for it. And then I thought better of it.
Until yesterday.
Update II: This 2008 piece from Iowahawk still holds up:
WASHINGTON DC – Ending weeks of speculation and rumors, President-Elect Barack Obama today named Bill Clinton to join his incoming administration as President of the United States, where he will head the federal government’s executive branch.
The rest here.
**Written by Doug Powers

12 Key Findings on Shariah’s Threat to America

12 Key Findings on Shariah’s Threat to America

Posted By Team B II On December 9, 2010 @ 1:00 pm In Email,Feature,Radical Islam | 4 Comments

NewsReal Blog will be featuring excerpts from the Center For Security Policy‘s new report Shariah: The Threat to America which can be purchased here or downloaded in full here.

Excerpt 1: The report’s introduction can be read here.

•    The United States is under attack by foes who are openly animated by what is known in Islam as shariah (Islamic law). According to shariah, every faithful Muslim is obligated to wage jihad (whether violent or not) against those who do not adhere to this comprehensive, totalitarian, political-military code. The en- emy’s explicit goal is to establish a global Islamic state, known as the caliphate, governed by shariah.

•    Shariah is based on the Quran (held by all Muslims to be the “uncreated” word of Allah as  dictated to Mohammed), hadiths (sayings of Mohammed) and agreed interpretations. It commands Muslims to carry out jihad (holy war) in- definitely until all of the Dar al-Harb (i.e., the House of War, where shariah is not enforced) is brought under the domination of Dar al-Islam (the House of Is- lam – or literally the House of Submission, where shariah is enforced). Read the rest of this entry »

How weak is President Barack Obama(D)? Calls in Clinton to explain taxes

December 11, 2010

Deja vu all over again — but worse

Ethel C.
How weak is President Barack Obama(D)? So weak that he
calls in his Democratic predecessor, former President Bill Clinton (D) to
explain Obama’s tax plan to the public in a bizarre joint White House press
conference. Adding to the sense of unreality Obama departed early–he didn’t
want to be late for a a Christmas party he was attending with his wife he lamely
explained–as his Clinton stand in continued with the presser.
Here’s a
link to
the video.
“Those that benefit the most should pay the most,” Clinton
ruled, continuing the redistributive Democratic philosophy of punishing those
who succeed by grandly taking their money and their right to spend it as they
Oh well, at least they didn’t blame President George W. Bush
(R). Much.
Tom Roberson sees this as the beginning of Bill Clinton’s
third term:
Bill Clinton’s appearance
at Obama’s Friday press conference signals his return to the White House as de
facto president and validates his election assessment that Obama was unprepared
to assume the presidency. With no love lost between Clinton and Obama, the fact
that Obama reached out to Clinton to push through his latest stimulus plan
masquerading as a continuation of the Bush tax cuts signals that he sees his
chances for reelection in serious trouble.
Clinton, of course, reveled in his return to the White House podium,
outlasting even the long-winded Obama. The problem Obama will soon discover is
how to get rid of Clinton since he’s comfortable in the White House and has
nothing to lose by sticking around. Sure, Obama benefits from Clinton’s ability
to schmooze Congress and get legislation passed, but it will become apparent
quite soon that Clinton is being effective while Obama is in the way. Looking
ineffective is not a good position to be in with an election coming
Think I’m reading too much into this? Perhaps, but there was plenty of
enmity built up between these two during the 2008 election campaign as they struggled over control of
the Democrat Party. Bill has to be feeling pretty good at being asked to ride to
the rescue as Obama twists in the wind under attack from his liberal base. Bill
wrote the book on triangulation, but Obama hasn’t got a clue and it shows. As
long as his base was intact, Obama could play the class warfare card, but he has
no experience placating his base as he tries to deal with the opposition to get
legislation moving.
Bill Clinton looked so natural that Sean Hannity even slipped on his
program Friday night referring to Clinton as president instead of Obama. The
desperation is apparent to all.
is an independent conservative blogging
As so often the case, Iowahawk’s
satirical take
on the matter illuminates what’s really going on. Even though
it was posted two years ago (!)
WASHINGTON DC – Ending weeks of speculation and rumors,
President-Elect Barack Obama today named Bill Clinton to join his incoming
administration as President of the United States, where he will head the federal
government’s executive branch.
“I am pleased that Bill Clinton has agreed to come out of retirement to
head up this crucial post in my administration,” said Obama. “He brings a
lifetime of previous executive experience as Governor of Arkansas and President
of the United States, and has worked closely with most of the members of my
Clinton said he was “excited and honored” by the appointment, and would
work “day and night” to defeat all the key policy objectives proposed by Mr.
Obama during the campaign.
“I am gratified that the President-Elect has entrusted me with this
important responsibility,” said Clinton. “I’m looking forward to getting back
behind, and under, the Oval Office desk again.  (snip)
“Let’s face it, it’s obvious I’m in way over my head here,” explained
Obama. “Anyone paying attention knows I am a disaster waiting to happen, and who
can blame them? I mean, just look at the stock market. That’s why I think it’s
in the best interest of the country that I hand over the reins to people who,
whatever their ethical shortcomings, at least have a faint clue about what
they’re doing. Come on, man. I’ve got a 401-k, too.”
There’s more, including some off-color language. But it is
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