ObamaCare: FDA to Cut Off 17,000 Women from Lifesaving Drug

ObamaCare: FDA to Cut Off 17,000 Women from Lifesaving Drug

December 9th, 2010


Obama’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is due to take up the case   of Avastin, a cancer drug that successfully treats some 17,000 women   annually. With a coming December 17 decision, the FDA seems poised to   take this drug away from these patients quite despite the fact that   their doctors find the drug effective.

The most dangerous period of time in Washington D.C. is that time we   call the lame duck session (I call it the zombie congress; dead men   walking). It is that time when those elected officials that are about to   be ingloriously shipped off home for the last time due to losing   election results make a mad scramble to grab for as much as they can   get.

In the case of regulatory agencies like the FDA the lame duck session   is not treated in exactly the same manner, but it is sure that when   congress is about to have its majority party change over with the   president’s party on the losing side of the switch, regulatory agencies   often try to push through favored policies before the new congress is   seated and before that new congress is in a position to put any pressure   on those agencies to prevent them from pushing the president’s agenda.

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