Obama’s Offshore Drilling Ban Flip-Flop

Obama’s Offshore Drilling Ban Flip-Flop

The Obama administration is reversing
its March decision to open up the eastern Gulf and certain Atlantic and Pacific
offshore areas to oil drilling. This means, of course, fewer jobs and more
reliance on foreign oil.
This is good news for Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and the Chinese oil company
currently drilling in the eastern Gulf. But bad news for Americans.
Lasky adds:
Do you think that the drilling ban lifting in October
may have been designed to help Democrats on Election Day? Do you think the fact
that the Dems got wiped out in the southern rim played  into the decision to
re-impose the ban-especially because some of the few remaining southern
Democrats are becoming Republicans?
And what evidence does Obama have now that he did not have a few weeks ago
that justifies the re-imposition of the
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