Obama’s Governance is Right out of the Communists’ Plan to Destroy America

Obama’s Governance is Right out of the Communists’ Plan to Destroy America

November 29th, 2010

Susan Eovaldi, CoachIsRight.com

The  Communist plan of 45 declared goals for taking  over America  without waging a messy war contains several items that are  eerily  similar to Barack Obama’s criticism of our U.S. Constitution.  Obama has  said our sacred Constitution is “fundamentally flawed” because it lacks a mechanism for redistribution of wealth from those who create it to those who merely consume it.

“The Constitution is a charter of negative  liberties,” Obama told a  Black radio station audience about seven years  before he ran for president.  Perhaps our president isn’t familiar with  the words of  William Bradford, the leader of Pilgrims.

Bradford characterized redistribution of wealth as a total failure because “men didn’t like having to share the fruits of their hard labor with other men who wouldn’t work.”

The plan for taking over America was read into our Congressional record in   1963 by Florida Democrat  A.S.  Herlong, Jr. It contains the following   point:  “Discredit the American Constitution by calling it  inadequate,  old fashioned, out of step with modern needs.”  This  chilling goal is so  similar to the stated criticism Obama made of our  founding document  that we need to constantly be aware of how he and his  crew are trying  to, in his own words, “fundamentally transform  America.”

Did he have these Communist goals at the ready when he framed his speech just five days before his victory?

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