What illegal aliens are not

What illegal aliens are not



Those illegally in a country are not immigrants. Technically, there is no
such thing as an “illegal immigrant”. An immigrant is involved with an
established and orderly procedure of immigration (entering a country to which
one is not native in order to settle there by legal process).
They are not immigrants (the liberal media’s favorite), not undocumented
immigrants (the PC fan favorite), not undocumented
(Gloria Allred’s favorite), not undocumented
(Harry Reid’s favorite), not economic immigrants (Big Business
favorite), not immigrants without work papers, not people who are working (open
borders activist favorite), not migrant workers, not entrants, not day laborers,
not the “unbanked
(Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite), not irregular
(the U.N.’s favorite) and certainly not “new Americans” the latest term applied
by the persistent amnesty zealots.
The federal government has defined them as “illegal
” since the 1980’s and explicitly uses that term in its laws and

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