We Don’t Need a “Great Victory”; We Need to Save Our Country

We Don’t Need a “Great Victory”; We Need to Save Our Country

October 19th, 2010

Kevin “Coach” Collins, Coach Is Right

The Political Class is our enemy. It wants a “Great day,” but  that’s not what we want. We can’t be satisfied with a “great day.”   “Great days” are the victories the Political Class craves because to  them elections are a series of games – “Sometimes you win sometimes, I  win. Let’s go get a beer now that this is over.” To us this is saving  the very life of our country, the life or death of America. To the  Political Class this is a muscle flexing contest. All of them see us as  “true believer suckers.”

We have to stay focused and make certain we  leave nothing undone. We are fighting the Second American Revolution.  Winning this one is even more important than winning the first one.  Losing the first Revolution, would not have put us in anywhere near the  sorry condition we are in today.

What each of us must do

To win this fight and save our country we have to take a number of steps.

We have to give as much money as we  possibly can to a conservative candidate.  As bad as things are now  we’ll be in worse shape if we fail to rid ourselves of these Marxists.  It will embolden them to more Statism.

Volunteer at a campaign headquarters.   You’ll find friendly people eager to welcome you and ask you to pitch in  on a number of tasks.

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