GOP has momentum as November election nears

GOP has momentum as
November election nears
By JOSH LINTEREUR • Sheboygan Press staff •
October 4, 2010
A fired-up GOP base could have Republican voters
turning out in droves during next month’s general e
lection, though political experts say it won’t
necessarily give conservatives the upper hand in
local races in Sheboygan County.

Numerous national polls released in the past two
weeks suggest Republican voters are more
interested in getting their party’s candidates elected
this fall than Democrats are in electing theirs — part
of the so-called “enthusiasm gap” party leaders
believe could lead to a sizable voter turnout
advantage for Republicans.

Experts say even a scant edge in motivated
supporters could make a big difference in statewide
races, especially in a midterm election, when fewer
voters traditionally cast ballots. But it remains to be
seen whether conservative fervor at the national
level will provide a decisive edge for Republican
candidates running in local races.

Richard Wixon, an associate professor of history
and political science at Lakeland College, said local
politics are just that — local.

“I think that enthusiasm difference dissipates as you
go further and further toward local races,” Wixon

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