Nancy Pelosi calls for investigation into opponents of Ground Zero Mosque

Nancy Pelosi calls for investigation into opponents of Ground Zero Mosque

Thomas Lifson

The most powerful woman in government “join[s] those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded.” KCBS radio in San Francisco interviewed the Speaker. Listen here.

Pelosi made a fool of herself calling the tea parties “Astroturf,” and this remark is, if anything, even stupider. On Planet Pelosi, the only way a political movement happens is with funding and direction from above — as in the case of the vast network of Soros-funded organizations, and the Axelrod-sponsored Astroturf groups. The concept that ordinary people stand up and protest because of their convictions is alien to her.
So much for her respect for the will of the people. They are but sheep on Planet Peloisi, objects to be manipulated.
Hat tip: iOwnTheWorld

Ed Lasky adds:

The Speaker of the House has no respect for the Constitutional right to free speech; all partisan politics all the time. Third in line to the Presidency.  Isn’t the House dedicated to open debate; aren’t members supposed to respect the principle of free speech and the value of open debate? I guess that is only true when those speaking agree with the speaker and are liberal Democrats. Is Pelosi paranoid? And why did we have to wait for ObamaCare to pass before we found out what was in it? How about that agenda-to hide provisions so as not to allow people to debate its provisions? How about Pelosi’s views towards town halls?

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