The Ass Obama Should Kick Is His Own

The Ass Obama Should Kick Is His Own

Posted By Pamela Geller On June 9, 2010 @ 8:21 am In Environment, News, Obama, Politics | 87 Comments

The President of the United States is looking for an ass to kick.

“I don’t sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar,” he said Monday, “we talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick.”

He is so embarrassing. What president talks with such false braggadocio? Would a Republican dog catcher get away with such vulgar invective? He is a disaster, and he lashes out when he is called out on any of his too-numerous-to-recount-here failures.

Bush was eviscerated, crucified for showing more competence in his pinky toenail during Katrina than Obama has demonstrated in the whole of this short, painful presidency. The media’s silence on his fumbling and stumbling is absolutely corrupt. If anyone should be impeached, it ought to be those useful idiots and fellow travelers. It is now a 24-hour bash BP news cycle.

Sarah Palin said:

50 days in, and we’ve just learned another shocking revelation concerning the Obama administration’s response to the Gulf oil spill. In an interview aired this morning, President Obama admitted that he hasn’t met with or spoken directly to BP’s CEO Tony Hayward. His reasoning [1]: “Because my experience is, when you talk to a guy like a BP CEO, he’s gonna say all the right things to me. I’m not interested in words. I’m interested in actions.”

Sounds as if Obama doesn’t have much confidence in BP. He is right about that, since BP has been responsible for a large number of accidents in the last few years. The Washington Post reports this [2]: “BP has had more high-profile accidents than any other company in recent years. And now, with the disaster in the gulf, independent experts say the pervasiveness of the company’s problems, in multiple locales and different types of facilities, is striking.”

But Obama’s suspicion of the company is newly minted. Palin points this out:

And yet just 10 days prior to the explosion, the Obama administration’s regulators gave the oil rig a pass [3], and last year the Obama administration granted BP [4] a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) exemption for its drilling operation.

And it was not Tony Hayward, it was Obama who did nothing for days, weeks, while whole swaths of coast were destroyed. He used the opportunity to kill all offshore drilling. So many bright, creative ideas were tossed aside, much the way Obama has tossed aside all things redolent of capitalism, American exceptionalism and American sovereignty. Such incompetence is indicative of complete stupidity and head-in-posterior paralysis, or something more sinister and destructive. Either way, it ain’t good.

I think it’s the former … he’s a dolt. But he is also a true believer in hard-left socialism. And in any crisis, the policies of the left always fail, without exception because you need the producers, the object of the left’s destruction.

Predictably, Obama is going after the producers: not even an hour after the media went into vacation mode for the Memorial Day weekend, so that what would be done would be largely out of sight, the House of Representatives votes 215 to 204 to increase the tax on every oil barrel from 8 cents to 34 cents.

This will cause across-the-board inflation, as everyone tries to make everyone else absorb the cost of the increase. It is a new impossible burden placed on American businesses.

Where is all the money they have already sucked out of the guts of this great nation? Where the hell is all our dough?

They are robbing us blind. And Obama is blaming George W. Bush for the spill. Got that?

Obama has also seized the opportunity of this disaster to say no to new oil drilling. Nothing like using a crisis to aid and abet the global jihad, which is financed by our oil revenue, and to hold America hostage to jihad oil-producing countries.

He also sent SWAT teams to the Gulf “to inspect all platforms and rigs.” SWAT teams? Was the oil leak a terrorist attack? Or is this just more sabotage to kill any oil drilling and exploration in the United States?

The ass that Barack Obama should be kicking is his own.


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